The Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery

The Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery

In this article we will be taking a look at the Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery – a bronze monument to tragedy that apparently causes the death of anyone who decides to touch it…

The Black Angel in Oakland Cemetery

Iowa City’s Oakland Cemetery is located in a run-of-the-mill neighborhood near Hickory Hill – it is well known for it’s impressive collection of monuments to the dead.

One of these monuments stands out from the others – a bronze Black Angel that stands over the graves of Teresa Dolezal and her family, apparently put in place near the start of the 20th century.

The Dolezals

Teresa Dolezal arrived in Iowa City with her son Eddie back in the late 1800’s and was lucky enough to quickly land a job as a midwife. She worked at this career until 1891, when Eddie tragically died of meningitis.

He was buried in Oakland Cemetery below a strange carving of a tree stump, that acted as his headstone.

Full of grief, Teresa moved on to Oregon where she met and married Nicholas Feldevert. Maybe this new love could mend her broken heart?

Unfortunately, Feldevert died in 1911, leaving her carrying the pain of two family members she had tragically lost.

The Black Angel

Broken and in pain, Teresa returned to Iowa City and commissioned the construction of an eight-and-a-half foot tall bronze angel. The Chicago artist Mario Korbel took on the job and constructed a rather dark yet impressive piece.

The statue was placed in the cemetery in 1913 and her son’s monument was moved so it could stand right beside it.

Her late husband’s ashes were apparently spread throughout the concrete base of the angel. When Teresa eventually died in 1924, her ashes were also added to the base of the strange monument.

For some reason, there were no dates added to the names of the dead on the statue…and this got tongues wagging locally…

The Black Angel

On top of this, the statue lost it’s bronze color to it’s now dark hue by the time Teresa died. This led to rumors surfacing regarding Teresa’s actions when she was alive – was the statue warning the living about this (evil) woman?

Another account claims that there was a severe thunderstorm on the night of Teresa’s funeral. During this storm a stray bolt of lightening hit out and caught the bronze statue – turning it black.

Other versions blamed the blackening of the statue on infidelity – did Teresa really swear on her husband’s grave that she would lay with no other man?

Some locals even went as far as claiming that Teresa had killed her son, Eddie, and managed to cover it up with the sickness story. The monument blackened as a mark of her guilt.

The Angel of Death

The most famous legend to hang off this sinister monument goes something like this – any girl kissed in the shadow of the angel’s wings will die within six months, and anyone who touches the bronze skin of the angel on Halloween, will die within seven years.

But there’s more…

Apparently, if you decide to kiss the actual statue, your heart will stop instantly…but if you are a virgin, the kiss will have no effect on you!

The statue itself is also thought to be a paranormal entity – locals insist that it has been spotted numerous times over the years, walking silently through the graveyard at night.

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The Mystery of The Salyut 7 Angels

The Mystery of The Salyut 7 Angels

In this article we will be taking a look at the fascinating mystery of the Salyut 7 Angels. What really happened on the Salyut 7 space station in 1985?

The Orange Cloud

The six crew members on board the Soviet space station were worried – over the past week of their mission they had been experiencing numerous technological problems that never seemed to end.

Without warning, a strange orange gas-like cloud filled the entire space vessel – had the station finally caved in on them? Were they about to perish in space?

The crew desperately ran around the station looking for the source of this strange orange gas cloud.

At first they thought it was a fire that was linked to the computer problems – but they could not find the source of the cloud, no matter how hard they tried.

Suddenly the orange gas turned into a bright white light that left the astronauts blinded for several minutes.

Strange orange gas-like cloud filled the entire space vessel

They gradually regained their sight, and after the panic subsided, they noticed the light dim a little…but something was outside the space station…

The Space Angels 

The crew were amazed to find seven strange beings floating about outside the space station. There was instant panic among the astronauts…but that did not last…

These strange beings had wonderful smiling faces which seem to bring a calmness over the experience.

The crew claimed that the bodies of these ‘space angels’ were very humanoid in shape, although they stretched out well over 10 foot in length.

They had large wings spouting from their backs and it looked like they had halos floating above their heads.

The Space Angels 

The Salyut 7 team were convinced that they were in the presence of messengers from god – angels that had found them in space.

They contacted their Russian HQ and informed them about the experience.

The Russian authorities were not impressed one bit – they came to the conclusion that the crew were going nuts through isolation in space.

They decided to sweep the report under the carpet and wait until the crew returned to Earth.

About a fortnight later a new group arrived at the space station to take over the astronaut tasks.

Within a day, this new group of astronauts claimed to have been visited by the exact same entities as the initial crew.

The Report Leaks…

The Russian authorities decided that enough was enough – they ordered both sets of astronauts to go through a full examination back on Earth.

They were both found to be in excellent mental and physical health.

They tried to keep the ‘space angels’ report from the media…but somehow it got leaked.

A engineer from the Hubble Project eventually came forward to back up the astronauts claims – he said that they had been witnessing these strange beings through the telescope for quite some time.

He described them as being about 20 meters in length with a huge wingspan – at times they reached the same size as a modern jetliner.

The Hubble engineer’s backup report seemed to open the floodgates – next the SOHO Observatory came forward and claimed they had spotted these angel-like beings around the outskirts of the Sun.

Contact With Angels

Many conspiracy theorists believe that our governments have known about these space creatures for years…but have decided to cover the issue up.

A retired NASA operative came forward on July the 29th, 2008, and claimed he had seen one of these ‘angels’ having a conversation with two American astronauts, in a space shuttle payload bay.

His claims were quickly rubbished, but conspiracy theorists took note that this was a respected NASA employee – who had 34 years of service under his belt…

Why would he lie?

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Where Are Vampires Found?

Where Are Vampires Found?

It’s a good question really – where are vampires found in this day and age?


The Kamien Pomorski Vampire Grave

Vampires haven’t exactly had a good time of things over the last decade or so – they were once pretty cool, full of Gothic romance…but Hollywood has really pissed all over that sentiment!

When you think about the great vampire films and legends over the years…you wonder why we ended up with complete gash like Twilight.

So enter Kamien Pomorski – from the northwestern area of Poland.

Kamien Pomorski
Kamien Pomorski

A couple of years ago a report surfaced covering a possible vampire grave in this area (a market located there) and the YouTube videos went up faster than a bush fire!

This marketplace has an ancient church placed on it’s outskirts, along with a cemetery that was in full use from the 13th to the 17th century.

The corpse that was uncovered there shows us how the polish used to handle the people they thought were vampires…

It has had certain teeth removed and then rammed into it’s skull – apparently this is a technique to stop them from rising from the dead, and feeding!

It has also had a stone fitted into the roof of it’s mouth.

They have also opted to use the traditional stake on this vampire…but not through the heart, like on most Hammer Horror films! No, this stake has been driven through the victims leg and into the ground – another way of making sure the body stays put.

Vampire Body


Why were so many Europeans scared of vampires back then?

Well, the bones of this corpse indicate that it’s probably from somewhere in the 16th century.

Experts think that the Black Death may have had something to do with the ‘vampire paranoia’ felt at the time.

Certain old reports claim that when bodies were exhumed during the Black Death period they were often found in really strange positions, with blood dripping out of their mouths.

Of course, these days we know a little more in regards to medical science, and something as horrible as the Black Death could well have caused this bloody mouth.

But back then…there was only one answer for this strange occurrence – vampires!

It’s safe to say that Vampirism became the whipping boy of the times – if a new disease came on the block, it had to come from our blood-sucking friends!

Now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts on this strange vampire grave discovered in Poland?

Do you think this poor soul was wrongly accused?

Or do you think that this is proof that vampires used to walk among us?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Ghost Moose of Maine

The Ghost Moose of Maine

In this article we will be covering the ghost moose of Maine – first reported back in the early 1900’s.

Is this giant white creature (nearly 10 feet in height) based on fact…or fiction?

Eyewitness Hunter Reports

This paranormal creature first came to light through hunter’s eyewitness accounts. They claimed it had a very strange glowing white hue to it’s coat and it’s antlers were completely over-sized (when compared to ‘normal’ moose breeds!).

Many of these reports also claim that the animal had a near supernatural sense of hearing and smell – whenever it was approached, no matter how quietly, it would suddenly disappear and materialize meters away.

A lot of these hunters actually set out to capture or kill this paranormal beast but were always thwarted when they took aim – the strange entity would simply disappear before they could pull the trigger!

One report that exists, involving hunters named Gilman Brown and Granville Gray, claims that both men managed to get the moose in their sights, from different vantage points…but the creature simply disappeared before they could shoot.

The First Sighting

The first sighting of the Ghost Moose of Maine was reported by a man named M.A. Cushing. He apparently came across this glowing animal in the Chairback Mountain area in the Katahdin region.

This first encounter seemed to be the catalyst for numerous other sightings, it was constantly spotted in the forests of the Chesuncook region up until about 1938.

Ghost Moose Filmed
A Rare White Moose Filmed in Sweden

The most famous of these ’38 sightings was from a witness listed simply as ‘Houston’. He claimed to be crossing a particularly tricky bog to get to a herd of moose.

Right next to this herd was a small gathering of larger bull moose…one of which glowed a pure brilliant white. He also claimed that this moose stood at least a meter taller than it’s surrounding counterparts.

Unfortunately, this Houston character was well known for liking a drink or two – so skeptics immediately jumped on the bandwagon and claimed he had mistaken a white horse for this moose.

Houston hit back at these claims pointing out that he was completely sober and he was an experienced hunter, besides, how could a white horse suddenly spout antlers?

The Ghost Moose

Was this spectral animal nothing more than an albino addition to the moose family or was it indeed a paranormal entity?

More recent reports have had this ‘white moose’ popping up in Canada – these incidents have led to a Canadian forest being nicknamed White Moose Forest.

Cryptozoology, paranormal entity or mistaken identity – what is the explanation behind this strange beast?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Kikiyaon – Terrifying Mythical Creatures

Kikiyaon - Terrifying Mythical Creatures

In this article we will be covering one of the most terrifying mythical creatures in African folklore – the Kikiyaon.

Is this cryptid animal based on a age-old bedtime story or is there some truth behind it’s existence?

The Kikiyaon

The Kikiyaon is a cryptozoology subject that has been reported numerous times in the Gambia, Africa.

Often referred to as ‘soul cannibal’ or ‘soul eater’, it is said to resemble a huge feathered owl with a 20 foot wingspan (approximately).

There are also other reports that label the creature as more of a humanoid gargoyle-looking entity that can transform into an owl-beast and take to the skies.

It is known to have deep red eyes with clawed feet – it also has long razor-like nails on each hand.

The Kikiyaon is a cryptozoology subject

The Undead Power

The Kikiyaon is often referred to as the ‘soul cannibal’ or ‘soul eater’ because of it’s magical abilities to transform it’s victims into zombies.

Numerous African tribes are convinced that this creature can capture a man’s soul and leave him an empty vessel – the walking dead!

The creature has vampire-like qualities that deliver this soul eating blow – it’s said to creep into people’s bedrooms at night to sink it’s long teeth into their neck. When it has finished with it’s bite – it has captured the victim’s soul.

The Undead Power

The zombie state that the Kikiyaon unleashes does not last forever. Once it’s teeth has broken your skin, and your soul is captured, an illness takes over the body…that claims it within days.

I recently read an article that claimed this ‘Kikiyaon illness’ was the inspiration behind the zombie disease used in the classic Night of The Living Dead – Although I’ve not been able to confirm this.

Eyewitness Reports

Over the years, African locals have reported seeing this cryptid dash across the Gambian plains at ridiculous speeds. They also claim that a strange rotting smell follows the creature, wherever it goes!

A well known cryptozoologist named Bernard Heuvelmans decided that it was about time someone looked into this African ‘myth’ – he was famous for certain reports that covered the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti.

After months of research in Africa, he came to the conclusion that this vampire-like creature was nothing but mistaken identity. He suspected that the locals had turned a ‘regular’ creature into something it was not – a legend brought to life by fear.

Local African tribes do not agree with his findings.

What are your thoughts on this creature – fact or fiction?

Do you believe this so-called myth actually exists or do feel it is nothing more than mistaken identity?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Scottish Banshees: The Baobhan Sith Vampire

Scottish Banshees: The Baobhan Sith Vampire

In this article we will be taking a look at the legendary Baobhan Sith Vampire, pronounced ‘baa’van see’.

These mystical creatures took the form of stunning young ladies and are also known as the White Women of the Scottish Highlands.

The Scottish Banshees 

The Baobhan Sith are thought to be related to the fairy family in Scotland – but they are not the friendliest version of this cryptid!

Legend has it that normal fairies enjoy the sun’s rays, and are often seen playing about in the Highlands – the Sith were generally withdrawn from society, with no interest in power…they only wanted to feed.


More traditional vampires are known for drawing blood from their victims with their teeth – this is not the case with the Baobhan Sith.

Instead, they use long claw-like fingernails to pierce the flesh and then use their blunted mouth to drink out the blood.

They were known to be settled around the forest and mountain areas of Scotland – their hunting ground!

They would be attracted to the kills that Scottish Highland huntsmen were leaving. They would then lure these hunters into the dark corners of the landscape with their beauty.


They are described as having hooves instead of feet – but these grotesque features are always hidden below their beautiful white dresses.

They are able to transform into animal form, but not a bat, like traditional vampires. Instead they opt to morph into wolf form.

There are no male versions of the Baobhan Sith, only female. If they feed off a female human she will eventually turn into a Sith herself. 

Legend has it that the hunters only had two weapons which worked against the Scottish vampire – they were terrified of horses and they could be killed off with weapons made out of iron.

The Young Hunters

The most common tale involving the Baobhan Sith centers around a group of young hunters who holed up for the night in a forest lodge. 

They got the fire going and sat around drinking whiskey – there was only one thing missing…

They all agreed that a few females would be the icing on the cake.

Without warning – there was a knock on the door!

They opened the lodge door to find four beautiful women who claimed to have got lost in the night, and were looking for shelter.

The Young Hunters

The men welcomed the women into the lodge and offered them food and drink. Before long, they were all merrily dancing around the lodge (a little drunk!).

The women moved in for the kill, slitting the throats of three of the hunters – one managed to escape with his life. He ran outside and stood next to the tethered horses – the Sith would not go near them!

He stood there, in the middle of the horses, all night long. When morning broke, the Baobhan Sith wandered back into the forest. 

The hunter re-entered the lodge to find his mates completely drained of blood, lying on the floor, with translucent skin.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Baobhan Sith, please leave them in the comment section below. 

The Philip Experiment 1972

The Philip Experiment 1972

During the 1970’s, a group of adventurous Canadian parapsychologists decided to take on a unique paranormal experiment – they believed they could create a ghost through expectation, imagination and visualization.

The human mind really is…a powerful tool…

The Experiment

The experiment took place in Toronto, Canada, back in 1972. The ‘big cheese’ in charge of proceedings was Dr A. R. G. Owen – a world famous scientist and expert on poltergeists.

The group of parapsychologists who were involved with the experiment came out with a plan of using extreme and prolonged concentration to ‘project’ a ghost or being from the mental or astral plane.

They realized that this ghost would have to be as real as possible – someone they all believed had lived at some point in time.

This meant that they had create a background and a life story – something the paranormal entity could relate to.

Philip Aylesford

They eventually settled on a name for the ghost – Philip Aylesford. They then went about creating a tragic back story that linked directly to his death.

Philip Aylesford

In September 1972, the group began their experiments but immediately ran into problems regarding the setting up of a ‘séance atmosphere’.

In the end, they all decided to simply dim down the lights and scatter pictures around the room linked directly to the idea of Philip. The drew out images of locations and castles he could have lived in, along with objects from that same time period.


Within a fortnight – the group of Canadian parapsychologists actually managed to make contact with the entity Philip.

He did not appear to them in an apparition, instead he opted to rap on the table during one of their classic spiritualist séances.

Through this noise on the table, Philip was able to answer a variety of questions based on his time line. He also managed to give other historically accurate information about real events and people.

The group of Canadian parapsychologists came to the conclusion that this ‘other’ information must have come from their own collective unconsciousness.

the group of Canadian parapsychologists

The more contact they managed to make with Philip – the more the entity could achieve.

Eventually he was able to move the table from side to side…and even cause the table to chase specific group members across the room!

The Conclusions

The group were never really able to explain or prove how all this had taken place – what was really behind Philip’s manifestation?

Most of the group members believed that Philip was a product of their collective subconscious…but others believed they may well of contacted another entity…that felt the need to latch onto the story they had drummed up for their Philip creation.

Some experts think that the group actually managed to prove that ghosts could not exist – that such things are in our minds only.

Could ghosts actually be a product of our unconscious mind?

Others believe that the group actually managed to PROVE the existence of ghosts – they had actually managed to contact a real demonic entity and it was responding to their questions for it’s own agenda.

What do you believe happened at the Philip Experiment of 1972?

Do you believe they succeeded in creating their own ghost…or do you believe they actually managed to contact a much older entity…

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Recent Real Images of Ghosts (Dec 2017)

Recent Real Images of Ghosts (Dec 2017)

The coolest part of running a website in this genre, is the amount of private messages I get sent to me (not in a perverted way!).

No, most of these contact messages contain, or are directing me, to recent publications regarding proof of the paranormal

Real images of ghosts, videos, cryptozoology proof, UFO images – you name it – I get it!

Unfortunately, the workload of this site, and it’s brother site Real Unexplained Mysteries, makes it hard for me to cover a lot of this sent material…and it get’s lost in the mass of mail I receive on a daily basis!

So, today I decided to place a few of the more recent captured paranormal images up here, before they disappeared into the black hole of my email account…

Hope you enjoy them!

Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook Image

I thought I’d start with this one because it has a particular eerie feeling about it. It was published to the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page by an Aussie named Kim Davison (apparently from Queensland).

Research led them to believe that this was the image of a young girl that had drowned in the very same river over a century before the photo was taken.

What do you think…

Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook Image

Ghostly Figure By The Houses Of Parliament

This recent image was taken in front of the Houses of Parliament one evening and has been examined by numerous photographic experts…all of them have been left baffled by it’s results!

These same experts claimed that most so called ‘paranormal’ images can be explained away through photographic science…but this one could not.

A strange picture as the figure seems to be wearing some form of headphones – recently deceased perhaps?

What do you think…

Ghostly Figure By The Houses Of Parliament

The Norwegian Wedding Party

This is a strange one – very strange indeed!

It was a Norwegian wedding party that was held at an old farm, famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author).

It was apparently snapped on an iPhone camera and then posted to Reddit. If you look to the left you will see some of the professional photographer’s equipment – he didn’t manage to catch this image in his pictures.

The pro photographer claimed he had never come across a digital camera ‘glitch’ like this before and really couldn’t explain it.

Nobody at the party that day turned up wearing black…

The Norwegian Wedding Party

Three Legs & Three Arms

I actually came across this image myself when I was scanning the Irish Mirror for any new paranormal reports.

An extremely creepy effect that would probably take weeks to pull off in a Photoshop project…if it could be pulled off at all?

Laura Clarke, from Belfast, shared the image of her holding three-year-old Theo and smiling to the camera during a family ‘day of the dead’ party to honor their loved ones who had passed.

This image was backed up by a series of creepy incidents that had been happening to the family – Laura believes that it could be her deceased father, Terry, trying to show his presence.

What do you think…

Three Legs & Three Arms

Do YOU Have Any Real Images of Ghosts?

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If so, we would love to hear from you!

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The Beast of Bray Road Legend

The Beast of Bray Road Legend

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the Beast of Bray Road legend that originates from near Elkhorn, in Wisconsin…

What is the Beast of Bray Road?

Numerous people claimed to have encountered this beast around the Racine, Walworth and Jefferson counties in Wisconsin.

Some locals to these areas, refer to the creature as a ‘Manwolf’, whilst others firmly believe it is a descendant from the werewolf family. There have even been rumors floating about linking the strange creature to the Bigfoot legend.

There have never been any specimens found that relate to this animal – so it could well be a creature we are already well aware of…

Did these sightings originate from a large canine animal that simply scared the witnesses into believing it was something paranormal?

Skeptics to the subject believe these sightings are nothing more than simple encounters with local wolves and bears.

The Beast

So what does this creature look like?

Why does it strike fear into the hearts of those who come across it’s path?

It’s frequently been described as well over 6 foot in height and covered in a strange grayish and brown fur. Witnesses claim it bears a wolf’s face and has three long clawed digits on each hand.

It’s eyes are said to glow yellow.

The body is very similar to a muscle-bound Hollywood actor – witnesses claim that it is extremely lean and that it sits back on its haunches, and sometimes even appears to be kneeling.

What is the Beast of Bray Road?

It moves in two ways – some say it runs on all fours, whilst others claim it can run like a man (on two legs).

Many of the reported sightings have witnessed the animal feeding off the local wildlife.

It has never managed to hurt anyone but it has acted extremely aggressive at times – chasing onlookers and even jumping on the bonnets of approaching cars.

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

Sightings of the Beast of Bray Road may go back as far as the 1930’s…but the most famous sightings come from the 1989 to the 1992 range.

Most of these ‘more modern’ sightings have involved the creature feeding off the carcass of some dead animal.

These sightings have slowed down since the mid 90’s but there are still reports of it being spotted in the local forest or wood areas.

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

So what is this strange beast?

Is it a true cryptid that has no real fear of us humans? Has it evolved to the point where it sees us as no threat at all?

Or is this an animal (or pack of animals) simply a regular local creature that has scared onlookers into thinking it is something supernatural – something paranormal?

Whatever this famous creature is – we will not get to the truth of the matter until someone comes up with some conclusive evidence…or until we capture one…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Real Mothman Sightings – Recent Mothman Sightings

Real Mothman Sightings - Recent Mothman Sightings

In this article we will be taking a look at the real Mothman sightings that have occurred AFTER the famous Point Pleasant incident in West Virginia, in 1966.

Many visitors to this site end up looking for information on that famous report…but few of them realize that the Mothman sightings continued…all over the world!

The Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine

Back in 1986 a group of locals who lived (and worked) around a nuclear power plant in Ukraine reported incidents linked to a large winged humanoid creature with piercing red eyes.

These locals also complained about terrible nightmares and ‘silent’ phone calls after they had come face to face with the strange entity.

The sightings seemed to escalate until the 26th of April that year…when reactor number 4 at the plant suffered a catastrophic steam explosion.

This resulted in the worst nuclear accident in history – the Chernobyl disaster.

latest mothman sighting

At first the government, and the locals, thought that the internal fire was nothing more than a small electrical disturbance. They were ordered to help the rescue effort and they obliged willingly.

The locals and the authority workers had no idea that their rescue efforts were actually contributing to their own end – they were being poisoned by radiation as they worked…

Within a fortnight of this nuclear incident – most of the people involved in the cleanup were dead.

Numerous deathbed reports described a headless bird like creature with a 20 foot wingspan, flying above them as they tried to rescue the doomed nuclear plant. They firmly believed that this entity was trying to warn them of their fate – trying desperately to lead them away from the radiation.

The Freiburg Shrieker

On September the 10th, 1978, a team of miners were getting ready for work in an area of Germany. As they approached the mouth of the cave into the mine, their path was obstructed by a tall man in a dark trench coat.

They approached the dark character to ask why he was blocking their route to work…and realized he was not wearing a trench coat…and he was not a regular man!

The figure was an entity with large wings pinned to his sides.

The miners just stood their – rooted to the spot in fear.

Without warning, the winged entity let out a piercing shriek that tore at the ears of the mine workers. They dropped their equipment and ran terrified into the night.

The Freiburg Shrieker

About an hour after this incident was reported, the mine the group were due to work in, collapsed.

Was this dark stranger sent to warn the miners of the impending disaster in the mine?

Many believe this to be the case.

This dark figure later became known as the Freiburg Shrieker.

2006 – Wisconsin

One dark night in Wisconsin, 2006, a Cherokee man and his son were making a car journey home when they suddenly had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting a figure in the middle of the road.

But, this figure wasn’t actually standing on the road…it was hovering a couple of feet above the tarmac!

Both father and son were scared, very scared! They decided to make a break for it and floored the car off into the distance…

But the strange creature followed them…

recent mothman sighting

They couldn’t outrun it in the car – at one point it was able to hover backwards right in front of their windshield. They just kept on flooring the car, staring into the hovering creatures red eyes.

Eventually the creature broke off from it’s pursuit, and the father and son headed straight for the local police station.

In his report, the father stated that:

“The first thing I saw were the eyes and what I thought maybe were teeth. It had a 14 foot wingspan at least, it was huge, It almost covered half the road. It was close enough for me to reach out and touch it, it almost hit the windshield. It had a white mouth, the eyes were the size of reflectors. The body was attached to the wings. It had grey and brown hair, but not too much hair, it was more fleshy, kind of like a bat. That’s why I called it a man bat because it looked like a cross between a man and a bat.”

The Japanese Earthquake

Most of you will remember the 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan back in 2011, and the 15 meter tsunami that followed…

After this disaster, the internet was flooded with Japanese reports stating that a ‘winged creature’ had flown through the country in the hours leading up to this horrific natural disaster.

Was this yet another sighting of the Mothman?

Was he once again on a crusade to warn the Japanese people about the incoming disaster?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.