The Lalaurie Haunted House

The Lalaurie Haunted House

We first covered the Lalaurie haunted house in an article named Louisiana Haunted Houses back in March, 2016. It’s such an interesting (and disturbing) subject, we thought it deserved an article all of it’s own…

The Lalaurie House Story

The house was built in the early 1830’s on the famous ‘Royal Street’, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s a strikingly beautiful property but it is often referred to as ‘the most haunted building in New Orleans’.

Over the years there have been numerous reports of ghostly cries of children, as if they are playing outside in the courtyard, and dark screams of pain from inside the house. There have also been incidents of visitors hearing the sound of chains been dragged down the upper stairway.

Numerous paranormal apparitions have also been spotted – the most famous being that of the house’s previous owner, Delphine LaLaurie

The Madame Delphine Lalaurie House

Born to Irish parents in 1775, Delphine Macarty grew up to be a prominent and extremely good looking woman. She ended up being married a total of three times – her last husband being a physician named Leonard LaLaurie (whom she married in 1825).

The Madame Delphine Lalaurie House

As soon as they got married they purchased a plot of land and a small building at 1140 Royal Street, which they quickly converted into an impressive three-leveled mansion.

Before long the married couple were looked upon as extremely fashionable and prominent citizens of the area – they were invited to all the ‘big cheese’ gatherings.

Like many other families with status back then – the LaLauries owned a handful of slaves…but locals noticed that these slaves seemed to be completely neglected most of the time.

Rumors started to circulate, but Delphine LaLaurie was good at covering her tracks in public.

Eventually a neighbor spotted her chasing an eleven-year-old slave girl around the back courtyard with a whip. She was apparently in a rage and the young girl had to climb up onto the building’s roof to escape a beating.

Unfortunately, she lost her footing and fell to her death.

The LaLauries were unable to escape punishment, even after they hastily buried the child’s body on their grounds – they were found guilty of cruelty, and had to forfeit nine slaves.

Murder and Mutiliation

The cruelty to the remaining slaves continued, but nobody realized how bad things had got…until a female slave set fire to the main property’s kitchen on April the 10th, 1834.

This slave had been informed she was going to be taken to the ‘uppermost room’ – a place where slaves seemed to disappear. In her fear she set the fire to attract the authorities…and it worked.

Murder and Mutiliation

When the fire was raging, locals ran into the house to see if they could help get everyone out. Delphine told them they were not to go in the locked slave quarters.

Of course, the locals ignored her orders – they didn’t want to have to hear the screams of slaves burning behind a locked door!

When they eventually managed to break through the locked door, they found themselves in a scene of pure horror.

Slaves were in various positions of torture, with hyper extended limbs and snapped joints, hung up in various positions…most were still alive.

Worse was to come…in the uppermost room…

Male slaves were chained to walls after having their eyes gouged out, some had been skinned, others had no fingernails…and a handful of female slaves were found with their mouths sewn shut.

It was a complete mess.

The newspapers at the time were instructed to ‘water down’ the findings within the house – authorities did not believe that the public could handle such a wicked and twisted scene.


The LaLauries managed to flee the local mobs in time, living out the remainder of their lives in Paris, were Delphine is believed to have died in December 1842.

The house was completely ransacked by the local law, who found several more bodies in the courtyard (two of which were children).

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Bostian Bridge Statesville NC – Phantom Train

Bostian Bridge Statesville NC - Phantom Train

Article that covers the phantom train of Bostian Bridge, Statesville, NC – thought to be the apparition of a steam train that crashed there in the early morning darkness of August 27th, 1891…

The Train Crash

On August the 27th, 1891, the Richmond and Danville engine 9 left Statesville at about half past two in the morning. It was apparently in a bit of a hurry because the list of passengers boarding was so long…so it traveled at speed to try and make up for the lost time.

Minutes later the train flew off the North side of the Bostian five span bridge at a speed of about 40 mph. Carriages landed on top of carriages, crushing passengers within as they landed.

A handful of survivors managed to stumble to a nearby town and alert the locals to the tragedy. It took the rest of the night and well into the next day for searchers to locate the survivors and the dead.

Historic reports also suggest that local prisoners were also drafted in to help with locating bodies.

The Train Crash

A large majority of the passengers, that did not die in the crush, eventually drowned in the slowly rising waters.

The injured had nowhere ‘official’ to recover – there was no hospital in the area in those days, so locals had to take them back to their homes and care for them there. The dead bodies were taken to a local tobacco warehouse.

An eventual investigation into the crash found that railway spikes had been stolen from the tracks on the bridge. Two men were eventually arrested for this crime.

Paranormal Activity

Exactly one year following the train crash, a group of friends were walking near the bridge area when they heard some sort of mechanical crash – had another train come off the lines?

They ran to the bridge and stopped suddenly when they saw a man in a railway uniform asking what time it was. They found this a little creepy…because he was looking at his own pocket watch when he asked this question.

The group didn’t have time to mess about with this strange man, so they ran onto the bridge and peered over the side.

There was no crash below.

They turned back around to see that the man with the pocket watch had disappeared into thin air.

Survivors from the crash believe that this was the spirit of Hugh K. Linster – an elderly baggage master that had perished in the crash. He was apparently showing off his new gold watch the night of the tragedy.

following the train crash

Fifty years to the day of the crash, a woman’s car broke down near the bridge, leaving her wait for help at the side of the bridge.

Suddenly, she could hear a train approaching…but she couldn’t see it anywhere.

Without warning, a train suddenly appeared and flew off the rails in front of her, crashing into the ground below. She leaned over the bridge and saw the twisted carriages, and heard the screams of the trapped survivors…and ran to the road for help.

As luck would have it, her husband and his friend were just pulling up. She frantically told them what had just happened and they all ran to the side of the bridge…

The crashed train had disappeared.

People have since claimed to witness this strange event or at least pieces of it. More often than not the paranormal activity consists of scraping metallic sounds – a crash and screams…but nothing visual.

In 2010 tragedy struck when a group of ghost hunters were caught on the bridge on the anniversary of the accident. The Norfolk to Southern Train passed over the bridge with them on it…resulting in a 29 year old man being struck and killed.

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Wan Chai – The Haunting

Wan Chai - The Haunting

This article will be covering the Wan Chai House on Nam Koo Terrace, which is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in Hong Kong…

The Group

In November, 2003, a group of young teenage locals decided to go on a bit of a ‘ghost hunt’ around certain locations nearby – the Wan Chai Haunted House topped their list.

They had heard that even by simply stepping onto the property, was enough to drive some visitors mad with feelings of appalling loneliness.

The students got into the house without any problems, and set up a small party-like campsite inside one of the abandoned rooms. One of the teenagers had decided to bring a Ouija board

The young group set everything up, and decided to attempt to contact a few spirits. During this Ouija session, three of the young girls involved started to have visions of awful images that they couldn’t shake.

The group decided to quit the session but it was too late…one of the young girls had turned completely psychotic.

wan chai district

The group had experienced enough of the house, and all of them fled to the front gates…but the psychotic girl was unable to cross the gate line and leave the property. The other two girls that were effected by the Ouija session, suddenly started hearing the voice of a man, calling them back into the house, and up to the second floor!

The group of youngsters decided to phone the police for help. When they arrived they forcefully attempted to remove the ‘psychotic’ girl from the property, but she kept on attacking them like a savage animal.

They eventually managed to drag her into their car and she was sent off to a hospital for psychiatric assessment and treatment.

Her two female friends, who heard the male voice, also went with her.

The following day the media got hold of the story…and the Ouija session became nationwide news.

The Dark House

This house has a pretty bad history linked to it…

It was built in 1920 and purchased and leased by prominent Chinese businessman named To Chun-man. During the 1940’s, when the Japanese invaded and occupied Hong Kong, the house got turned into a military den of iniquity.

The Dark House

Over this period there were many reports of local women being snatched by Japanese soldiers and dragged into the building. They were then apparently raped, tortured and then killed.

There are also old reports that suggest the bodies of these unfortunate women were decapitated by the soldiers, and then left to rot on the streets outside.

Over the years the house has also been known as a bit of a popular suicide spot – several bodies have been recovered from the house (the most recent in 2010).

The Ghosts of Wan Chai

Most of the paranormal reports which come out of the house involve apparitions of headless blood-stained women. They are said to be screaming out in pain…but once you hear their screams…it takes hours to block them back out.

The ghost of a man in black has been seen wandering the building on occasion – many believe this male ghost to be the voice the two teenage girls heard, calling them back into the house.

These days nobody really ventures into the house at night – even ghost hunters arrange their investigations for the daylight hours.

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The Ghosts of The 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

The Ghosts of The 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

This article will be covering the paranormal activity that is linked to the tragic 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist fire that claimed the lives of 146 factory workers.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire New York City

On March the 25th, 1911, at about 5 o’ clock in the evening, terrified onlookers witnessed the 8th, 9th and 10th floor windows of the Asch Building burst into flames.

The public had been alerted to the flame-ridden disaster above them by a man slamming into the sidewalk…he had jumped 30 meters to his death.

In the end, 20,000 New York spectators watched in horror as the fire either burned people alive, or forced them to jump to their deaths.

The eldest fatality of this fire was a woman aged 43, and the youngest, was a child of just 11.

triangle shirtwaist fire date

The Fire

It is thought that the fire started up about 4:40 pm in a fabric scrap bin on the 8th floor. A message of warning was relayed to the 10th floor but there was no phone on the 9th floor.

The employees on the 9th floor continued to work until one of them noticed smoke bellowing past one of the windows.

Understandably, there was a huge panic amongst the workers who all ran for the elevators and emergency escape door…which were unfortunately locked!

reforms after triangle shirtwaist fire

The factory had seen an increase in the amount of fabric being stolen by the female workers, so they kept the emergency doors locked until all the employee’s handbags had been checked at the end of every work day.

The women were left petrified, slamming on the emergency doors, trying to get them opened. The foreman who held the keys, was one of the first to exit the building and run when the fire started…


The owners of the company, along with the foremen who held the keys, were the first out of the building – like rats on a sinking ship.

They were eventually held up on charges of manslaughter but the jury at the time, acquitted them.

New work safety reforms were created as a result of the fire and implemented across New York.

triangle shirtwaist fire history

The building managed to withstand the terrible fire, and ended up being converted and refurbished to accommodate study areas for the New York University. The students have renamed it ‘The Brown Building’.

Many of them have experienced paranormal activity at the location…

The Ghosts of The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Numerous students, lecturers and visitors to the building have reported having psychotic episodes as soon as they enter through the main doors. Something overcomes them – a feeling of wanting to immediately flee and get back outside…to some sort of safety.

There have also been a number of paranormal reports concerning disembodied screams in the afternoon…usually around the 4:30 to 5:00 pm time zone.

Several students have even witnessed a ghostly woman appearing out of nowhere and running, screaming, down the corridors. She has also appeared in a number of the bathrooms on the higher floors of the building.

On the ninth floor, just as you leave the elevator there is a tall rectangular mirror. Many students have reported looking into the mirror, only to be shocked to see someone else staring right back at them. They reflection is wearing the same clothing as the watcher…yet the face has changed into someone else’s…

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The Bushranger Hotel in Collector

The Bushranger Hotel in Collector

This article will be taking a look at the haunted Bushranger Hotel in Collector, and the history behind it’s paranormal activity…

The Bushranger Hotel

The Bushranger Hotel was built as part of five original inns that went up in Collector in 1860. It originally bore the title of ‘Kimberley’s Commercial Hotel’.

These inns were constructed with the sole purpose of serving the merchants and workers traveling to and from the Kiandra Goldfields.

On January the 26th, 1865, a gang led by Bushranger Ben Hall arrived on the outskirts of Collector…

The Gang

The group had been busy holding up travelers on a road south of Goulburn all morning, but the local troopers had caught wind of this and had managed to interrupt their criminal activities.

They pulled up outside Collector and planned their next move…

Kimberley's Commercial Hotel

When they entered the town they immediately rounded up several men and boys as hostages. One of the gang members held the captives on the street whilst the other two entered Kimberley’s Commercial Hotel. Once inside they began to steal firearms and items of clothing.

Judge Meymott had passed the gang when they were still outside the town, and had ordered two of his constables to search the outskirts for them. This meant that there was only one lawman remaining in the town itself – Samuel Nelson.

Samuel Nelson

Constable Nelson was informed of the gang’s activities about the same time they entered the hotel. He was heavily outnumbered by the gang but he knew his duty was to protect the town – he grabbed his weapon and went to face the gang, he was joined by one of his sons.

Constable Nelson was ambushed by gang member John Dunn before he could reach the hotel. He was shot in the stomach then shot in the face, when he lay on the floor – the gang then proceeded to ransack his corpse.

The group of criminals then made their escape from the town.

They were eventually apprehended on boxing day in 1865. They were executed in Darlinghurst Gaol on the 19th of March, 1866.

Paranormal Activity

Many paranormal investigators believe that the Bushranger Hotel is now haunted by a former publican, who has no idea he is dead, and continues his bar work from day to day. 

Paranormal Activity at The Bushranger

Certain members of staff have reported leaving the bar area, and returning moments later to see a large ‘tower’ of glasses stacked in the center of the room. There have also been reports of glasses shattering on the shelves for no reason,

The body of Constable Samuel Nelson was laid on a couch in the hotel after he was slain in the street – many locals believe that his spirit is behind some of the poltergeist activity

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The Haunted Toys R Us in Sunnyvale

The Haunted Toys R us in Sunnyvale

In this article we will be taking a look at the haunted Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, California. Is the paranormal activity reported in this store linked to a character named ‘Crazy Johnny’?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Haunting of Toys R Us

Numerous members of staff have encountered some form of paranormal activity when working at this popular toy location…

Strange names whispered into worker’s ears, poltergeist activity and a handful of female workers complaining about an unseen force playing with their hair, to name but a few.

It’s the female side of the workforce that this ‘entity’ seems to target, although it is never violent activity.

The Haunting of Toys R Us

The phenomena first started up in the 1970’s and the staff at the time quickly became very scared of what they were experiencing. The local press picked up on the story and stayed with it – eventually a respected psychic/medium named Sylvia Browne read up on the story and decided to lend a hand…

She visited the store and actually managed to make contact with the ghost, who she claimed was a Scandinavian Immigrant named Johnny Johnson. He had lived and worked on the land when it was still a farm/plantation.

The Plantation

A man named Martin Murphy set up the plantation that was on the Toys R Us grounds in 1844. Johnny Johnson (real name ‘Johan Johnson’) was one of the first employees he hired, and he quickly fell in love with the boss’s daughter…who rejected him.

The Plantation

Johnny didn’t really appear to have been the luckiest of characters – not long after the boss’s daughter rejected him, he managed to get infected with encephalitis, and ended up slightly brain damaged as a result.

He somehow managed to retain his job at the plantation, but eventually picked up the title of ‘Crazy Johnny’.

In 1884 Crazy Johnny’s luck finally hit an all time low when he cut himself seriously with his own axe during work hours. He bled to death alone, near the orchard.

The plantation was run by the Murphy family until 1950 when it was handed over to the city of Sunnyvale. A freak fire managed to burn it to the ground in 1961 and the Toys R Us store was built on the location in 1970.

Sylvia Browne

Most of this information was discovered by the psychic Sylvia Browne’s seance that she held at the store. This seance was attended by numerous staff members and local press/photographers.

One of these cameras managed to snap a now famous photograph that paranormal experts believe is the image of Crazy Johnny, standing in the background of the seance, watching proceedings.

haunted toys r us sunnyvale ca

Only one of the cameras managed to capture the image of this strange character and nobody at the seance remembers anyone standing in that position in the room. It’s also worth noting that all of the cameras were facing the same way – why did only one of them pick up this ghostly figure?

haunted toys r us california

Sylvia ended the seance by telling Johnny that he could ‘move on’ to the next level – he was free to go. She then claims that Johnny replied to her and told her he was still waiting for his boss’s daughter, Beth.

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The Worstead Church Ghost

The Worstead Church Ghost

This article will be covering the fascinating image of the Worstead church ghost (The White Lady), taken by the Berthelot family back in August, 1975…

The White Lady of Worstead Church

Our story starts way back in 1830, when a traveler who was staying in the Kings Head Tavern in Worstead, North Norfolk…heard about the local legend of the White Lady of Worstead Church.

He was told that the specter of the White Lady would materialize every Christmas Eve in front of it’s victims – apparently, anyone who saw her would die soon afterwards.

This traveler had enjoyed a few beers, and was in no mood for stupid paranormal stories…so he informed the locals that he would spend the night at the church and even kiss the White Lady…if she appeared (it just so happened to be Christmas Eve!).

The White Lady of Worstead Church

Anyway, he grabbed a few extra flagons of beer and entered the church – he said he would return within a few hours.

Several hours later – he had not returned…and the locals became uneasy about his welfare.

They entered the church and found him in terribly poor health, huddled in the corner, shaking. His last words were – “I’ve seen her, I’ve seen her”

The White Lady Photograph

Diane Berthelot, and her husband and son were in the middle of their short holiday around North Norfolk in 1975. It was the middle of summer and a particularly hot day.

Diane’s husband suggested visiting Worstead church for a while to get out of the sun – Diane had been ill the previous week and she was still not 100%.

As soon as they entered the church, Diane spotted the pews towards the front of the church. She sat down, offered a quick prayer and decided to rest for a while.

Her husband was in the process of snapping as many photographs of the church’s interior as possible, and decided to take a couple of Diane mid-prayer.

It was not until they got home after their holiday that they realized something mysterious had taken place…

The White Lady Photograph

As the family skipped through the holiday images they were shocked to find that a mysterious white figure was sitting behind Diane as she prayed in the church.

The female ghostly figure seemed to be wearing really old-fashioned clothing along with a bonnet…and a strange white light seemed to be illuminating her.

They didn’t go public with the photo – instead they held onto it for a whole year before returning to the church the following summer. Once there, they showed the image to the vicar.

He informed the family about the legend of the White Lady and told them she was a caring, healing soul – she was NOT the sinister entity that the 1830’s report portrayed.

Diane then told the vicar that the sickness she had been carrying for quite some time, had vanished after that first visit to the church.

The Worstead Church Ghost

The photo is now on display at The White Lady pub in Worstead – a location that is also said to be haunted by the White Lady.

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The Ghost of Newby Church

The Ghost of Newby Church

In this article we will be taking a look at the famous image of the ghost of Newby Church which was snapped by Reverend K.F. Lords in 1963. A fascinating paranormal photograph that still divides opinion to this day…

The Phantom Monk

The image snapped by Reverend K.F. Lords in 1963 was supposed to be centering on the altar at the Skelton-cum-Newby Church of Christ the Consoler, located in North Yorkshire, England.

When he took the picture he only had eyes for the stunning altar – he saw nothing else in the hall with him.

He left the location and had the photographs developed a few days later…and to his amazement…there was a ‘visitor’ in one of them.

The Phantom Monk

The Reverend K.F. Lords could not understand who this terrifying hooded figure was or where it came from – he was not present when he took the shot?

The phantom figure’s arms seem to be folded together in a typical monk-like pose and its long robes clearly cover the feet and drape over the step it is standing on. The cloth face-mask is particularly disturbing…

Newby Church

The most interesting aspect of this incident is that there have never been any other paranormal occurrences at Newby Church – it is, in fact, a pretty new church (just over a century old at the time of writing this!).

The church was actually constructed out of money that was raised to save hostages back in April 1870…

Frederick Vyner, son in law to the 1st Marquess of Ripon, was among a group of important figures in Greece who were kidnapped on the 11th of April. A ransom was demanded for their safe release.

Newby Church

The money was eventually raised…but for some reason…a rescue mission was hatched instead…which failed miserably.

All of the hostages were murdered as a result.

Frederick’s mother decided that the ransom that had been gathered would be used to construct two churches in memory of her son. One of these churches was the Newby Church, which began construction in 1871.

The Real Deal?

Numerous skeptics have thrown their hat in the ring over this photo…but the hats just get thrown back out again – the photo is not faked in any way.

Many different experts have studied and tested the photograph over the years (including the BBC), and all of them have come to the same conclusion – the photo is not double exposure and is not tampered with in any way.

These same experts have spotted and proven famous frauds before but the ghost of Newby Church seems to have them stumped.

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The Pink Lady of Greencastle

The Pink Lady of Greencastle

This article will be covering the paranormal reports linked to the Pink Lady of Greencastle, Indiana. Did the now demolished O’Hare Mansion house an age-old spirit who refused to leave?

Let’s take a closer look…

Guy Winters – Amateur Paranormal Investigator

Winters was not exactly what you’d call a ‘believer’, when it came to matters of the paranormal. However, all that changed when a group of his mates convinced him to join them in a ghost hunt around the ruins of the O’Hare Mansion in Greencastle, Indiana.

This group of friends had actually visited the site earlier in the week, and were convinced that they witnessed some sort of paranormal activity…

Winters did not buy into this…at all!

But he was pretty much stuck for things to do that night – what was the worst that could happen?

He agreed to join them after they got permission off the land’s owner to visit the ruined spot.

That Evening…

It turned out to be quite an evening – all present had experiences of a potentially paranormal kind.

The ‘main event’ was when the group all witnessed an apparition pass through a room right in front of them – they also managed to record some sort of spectral mist on their video equipment.

But the group was in no mood for going upstairs…except for Guy, of course!

The paranormal kind

After the apparition, Guy’s friends seemed to lose their nerve somewhat – something he found quite amusing. So, he grabbed his camera and ventured upstairs by himself…

Guy later admitted that as soon as he started snapping photographs of the upstairs area, he began to feel extremely sick. He also developed a terrible headache which seemed to consistently pump through his mind.

He finished up snapping as many photographs as he could, then quickly left the building to get some air. As soon as he got back outside, the sickness and the headache disappeared!

The Photographs

When Guy eventually picked up the developed photographs he was blown away to find out that he had managed to capture several ghostly images in them.

The apparitions were not visible at the time the photos were taken, but they were completely visible once they were developed!

The most famous of these photos is the ‘The Pink Lady’ who was captured on three consecutive frames in one of the second floor bedroom windows. The most impressive aspect about these paranormal frames is that the lady has actually moved pose slightly in each one…

The Photographs

The images of this lady were also found on the negatives of the film roll – when tested, no tampering of any kind was found (they were certainly NOT fakes).

Who is the Pink Lady?

So who is this spirit in Pink?

Why is she hanging around an old Indiana ruin?

Well, Guy was desperate to find out who she was, so he eventually took the images into a local television studio. They were bowled over by the paranormal photographs, so they decided to run a news story on them to gather more information.

After the program, a lady named ‘Mary’, a descendant of the O’Hare family, contacted Guy through the station. They decided to meet and she brought in photographs from her family’s past.

As soon as Mary set eyes on the picture of the Pink Lady she recognized her – it was her mother, Irene O’Hare.

She also recognized another spirit caught in one of Guy’s snaps – her aunt Vera O’Hare.

The mansion is now completely removed from the land – the owner had to build something new on it to stop the influx of paranormal investigators after the photos went public.

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The Luna Park Ghost Train Fire

The Luna Park Ghost Train Fire

This article will be taking a look at the tragic Luna Park ghost train fire from 1979 – is there an occult undertone to this event that managed to trap the spirits within the confines of the popular family location?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Park

Opened on October 4th, 1935, Luna Park is considered to be one of the most popular family attractions in Sydney Harbour Foreshore. It was built as a sort of ‘homage’ to the original Luna Park that sits in New York (Coney Island).

It was built on an area of land that used to be a construction headquarters – used for the building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Once the bridge was finished, the area became open for bids…and the Luna Park setup won the deal!

The park actually hit on hard times during the 50’s when it’s attendance levels dropped significantly due to the birth of household TV etc. At one point, during the early 70’s, new owners tried to develop it into a multi-story trade center.

This application for development was firmly refused, so the park remained open to the public…

The Fire

Tragedy hit the park’s ghost train on June the 9th, 1979, when a sudden fire broke out at 10:15pm. Unfortunately, the ride itself was full to the brim with passengers.

The fire raged until about half past eleven, that same night, when the fire services finally managed to get a hold of it.

Firefighters taking on the fire

Seven victims were recovered from the ride: John Godson, his two children, Damien (6) and Craig (4), and College students Jonathon Billings, Richard Carroll, Michael Johnson, and Seamus Rahilly.

These bodies were not found inside the train cars – they were scattered all over the inside of the ride. Apparently they had all left the cars in desperation…looking for a way out of the flaming amusement ride.

A Ritual Sacrifice?

It wasn’t long before the conspiracy theorists jumped on the bandwagon, and many different theories about the cause of the fire rose from it’s ashes.

The one theory that stood out, and is still discussed regularly, is the idea that this fire could have been linked to a ritual sacrifice to the ancient Ammonite god Moloch.

This theory came to light when a photograph was released that contained the image of one of the young boys killed in the tragedy. It was taken on the ferry, just before he arrived at the park…and standing in the background is a horned figure that apparently had no links to the park.

A Ritual Sacrifice at Luna Park

On top of this, a witness, Marshall Said (16), claimed that the ride operator was letting cars full of kids into the ride…AFTER the park had been alerted to the fire inside!

The Sydney newspaper, The Sun, picked up on this theory and actually published a front page story on it.

The Luna Park Ghost Train Fire

There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity around the building that was eventually built on the site of the destroyed ghost train – The Big Top.

These paranormal incidents always involve visitors to the park experiencing calming whispers in their ear, as they walk through The Big Top area.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the tragic incident we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.