Trerice Manor Cornwall – Paranormal Activity

Trerice Manor Cornwall - Paranormal Activity

Trerice Manor was built back in 1573 by Sir John Arundell and is located in a beautifully secluded valley in Cornwall.

The Arundell family took the side of the Royalists during the Civil War but their fortunes suffered a severe bashing due to the Cromwell regime.

The lack of money hit the powerful family hard and their estates began to suffer – thankfully they were all restored when the Monarchy returned in 1660.

Switched Occupancy

The time spent by the Arundells in Trerice Manor began to diminish throughout the 18th century and in the end occupancy switched to Acland family. This switch ended a 400 year occupancy by the Arundell family.

the Arundells in Trerice Manor

In 1915 the Acland family decided to leave the historic building after a mere 115 years of living there. Many historians believe that paranormal activity could have been the reasoning behind their sudden departure…

The Trerice Manor Hauntings

Lord Arundell was considered an incredibly ‘wicked man’ by many of the area’s locals at the time. He was thought to have secretly seduced a young mansion worker and got her pregnant by mistake.

When she confronted him about her ‘problem’ he merely laughed it off and told her he would have nothing to do with her or the child.

This cruel act resulted in her taking her own life but her sad spirit is thought to have remained within the historic building.

Her actual apparition has never been seen but witnesses claim they have felt a sudden and drastic drop in temperature along with the strong stench of lilac in the surrounding air.

She seems to have a passion for reading the ancient books in the building’s library and many paranormal investigators claim to have encountered her presence there. Over the years her spirit has become known as ‘The Grey Lady’.

The Trerice Manor Hauntings

The manor has also seen a great amount of paranormal activity revolving around a stable boy that was killed there many years ago.

He was apparently tragically killed when a group of horses bolted and trampled him to a gruesome death.

His ghost has been frequently reported in the courtyard and the stable areas of the Manor.

Perhaps it is the sheer terror of his final tragic moments that has left his spirit trapped within the outdoor grounds of the manor?

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The Skirrid Mountain Inn – The Haunting

The Skirrid Mountain Inn - The Haunting

Some believe that this delightful old Welsh inn dates back further than 1110 when records show that a certain John Crowther was executed inside the building.

He was (apparently) caught steeling local sheep and hung from one of the beams inside the main room of the inn.

Over the next 8 centuries a total of 182 similar criminals would meet the same fate as good old John Crowther.

Execution does seem a bit of a dark tactic for a local inn to employ but ‘way back when’ the building also doubled up as a local courthouse.

The executions were still taking place until half way through the 19th century when a new set of owners decided that enough was enough. It was time to concentrate on getting people pissed instead!

The Spirits

With so many shady characters meeting their end within the walls of this building there is bound to be a certain paranormal echo resonating throughout.

The spirits of those executed in the inn often make their presences known in a rather direct and frightening manner.

The Spirits

A strange and overwhelming sensation has effected many visitors to the inn in recent times.

They often report the feeling of something cold being slipped over their neck before their lungs lock up – they are unable to breathe until they manage to break free from the malign grip.

These frightened customers often display bruised rope burn marks around their necks days after the disturbing experience.

The Lady of The Inn

A unknown lady also haunts the inn but is a much less threatening entity. Although never seen, she is both felt and heard by staff and patrons as she frequently rustles past them.

Her presence always coincides with a distinct drop in temperate within the inn walls.

In the mid 90’s a live radio broadcast took place in the inn which involved a well known local medium. He claimed that he was in the presence of a young lady that actually died in the inn of consumption many years before.

The landlady at the time was not really a believer in the paranormal but she thanked the medium for his time in a polite manner – she could not prove or disprove his statements.

Abergavenny as seen from the Monmouthshire Canal 2014, with the Skirrid in the centre of the picture
Abergavenny as Seen From The Monmouthshire Canal 2014, With The Skirrid Mountain in The Center of The Picture

Several months later a couple turned up at the inn and started to ask the same landlady questions about the former owners.

They were in the process of researching their family tree and one of their bloodlines led to the inn.

The landlady discovered that one of their ancestors was named Harry Price and his wife had died whilst living in the inn of consumption. She was in her early thirties.

She then discovered that this same wife was buried in a local graveyard where she still lays to this day.

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Margam Castle Ghosts

Margam Castle Ghosts

In this article we will be taking a look at the paranormal happenings and the Margam Castle ghosts reported over the years…

Robert Scott

As a child I used to love visiting my relatives in Neath, South Wales, as I knew there was always a chance we would end up visiting the nearby Margam Park.

My uncle used to be somewhat of a paranormal enthusiast and he knew a lot about the castle that stood at Margam.

The main spirit he used to mention was that of a former gamekeeper named Robert Scott.

It is thought that Scott was murdered by a poacher many years ago and his spirit is now trapped inside the castle grounds. His apparition is often seen on the Gothic staircase leading to the Castle.

Margam Abbey
Margam Abbey

Apparently there have been numerous psychic investigators invited to the castle over the years and they all claim that Scott’s spirit is indeed real.

Most of them agree that he is still in a rage about his untimely and unjust death at the hands of a violent poacher.

The Children

On many occasions there have been visitors who have experienced the rather unsettling sound of giggling children through the long corridors and dramatic rooms of the family areas.

On several occasions there have been sightings of youngsters in Victorian dress spotted drifting in and out of doorways and mischievously moving castle objects.


Due to the high volume of paranormal reports in the castle, many psychic investigations have taken place.

Reports of cold spots and orbs in the Castle are frighteningly abundant on paranormal activity nights.

Margam Park Orangery
Margam Park Orangery

Many seances have been broken up due to the spirits becoming angry with the psychic investigators.

The violence has frequently reached the point where rocks and castle furniture is thrown at the seance members.

Many of these investigators agree that the most violent entity in the area is that of former gamekeeper Robert Scott.

The Margam Castle Ghosts

In recent years the castle’s paranormal incidents have reached as far as the Ghost Hunters International show in Los Angeles, California.

They decided to take a closer look at this beautiful building and even ended up filming a whole episode on their investigation.

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The Ghosts of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The Ghosts of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia is steeped in history and intrigue.

One of the largest hand-cut stone masonry buildings in the world it now stands as a crumbling monument to both the good intentions of those wishing to help the mentally ill and the inhumanity of others who treated them with boundless ignorance.

Like many other similar institutions in the USA, the hospital was closed at the end of the twentieth century when an enlightened society refused to tolerate the overcrowding and cruelty of such places anymore.

The economic effect on the nearby town was devastating as the asylum was a major employer.

Before long, though, the empty hospital began to generate an income of a different type when it began to draw those interested in the paranormal.

Like many similar buildings, the abandoned asylum had acted as a crucible to the anguish and misery endured by its inmates during its occupancy and today their suffering still binds their ghostly souls to the place where they spent their final days.

Although it no longer admits patients, the long rambling corridors of this enormous building are far from silent.

Today it is filled with ghost hunters and curious tourists, keen to explore the reason why its abandoned walls still echo with the anguished sobbing of the ghosts of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

A Brief History of the Asylum

Work began on the building of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in 1858. Constructed along the lines of the Kirkbride Plan which advocated long, light corridors and fresh air, it was founded with the best of intentions by people who were keen to support the mentally ill in society.

Its construction was temporarily halted during the American Civil War when it was used as a base by both union and confederate soldiers at different times.

When the war ended construction resumed and by 1881 the hospital was complete and admitting some of the 240 patients it was built for.

Unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and this certainly became the case with the Trans-Allegeheny Asylum.

Before long people were admitted for the most trivial reasons including; jealousy and religion, novel reading, desertion by husband, and women trouble.

In short the asylum, like many across the USA, became a dumping ground for the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and the powerless.

By the 1950’s the hospital was crammed with 2,500 patients, ten times its capacity.

Life for many was hellish with murders and sexual assaults going un-investigated. Ignorance about the causes of mental illness gave rise to inhumane and barbaric treatments.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Aversion therapy using poisons was used to treat homosexuality, other patients endured electro shock therapy and ice cold baths.

Perhaps the most horrifying procedure was the ice pick lobotomy performed upon thousands of patients. A sharp instrument was driven through the eye socket with a sharp blow so that it pierced the brain.

It is difficult to understand the advantages of such a procedure but it was performed on a daily basis.

One doctor at the asylum performed 228 lobotomies in one week.

By the end of the twentieth century the once firmly closed doors of America’s lunatic asylums had been thrown open and the public had no taste for what they discovered.

One by one the institutions closed down including Trans-Allegheny.

For the lucky, their hellish existence was over and a new life beckoned. For many though it was too late, they had already passed on and it is their troubled souls that now haunt the old wards and corridors of the place where they endured so much suffering.

Trans-Allegheny’s Favorite Ghost

The saddest and the most famous of the Trans-Allegheny ghosts is also one of the most active. Tragically it is the spirit of a little girl called Lily.

Lily is reputed to be the daughter of a previous inmate, Gladys Ravensfield. Gladys was admitted to the asylum after being attacked and raped by a group of soldiers during the American civil war.

In 1863 the young woman gave birth to a child who the staff named. Gladys was never well enough to take care of her baby and was eventually driven to madness by her brutal experience and the hardship of life in the asylum.

Possibly because she was the product of rape, Lily was not fostered or adopted out but remained an inmate of the asylum herself, until her untimely death in early childhood.

Today her ghost haunts the corridors of Trans-Allegheny looking for a playmate. Aged about three or four she has been witnessed many times by visitors and staff.

Her childish charm has made her a real favorite and today she even has her own room where people leave her toys.

The delightful little girl is known to tug on the clothes of people who she takes a liking to and sometimes slips her cold hand into the hand of female visitors.

The little girl clearly has a sweet tooth and is known to steal candy if it is left in her room.

Recorded on video rolling a ball across the floor when requested, it is clear that this little ghost is keen to please the adults around her.

Other Ghostly Residents of Trans–Allegheny

Sadly not all of the ghosts that haunt this abandoned asylum have the sweet benign nature of little Lily. A product of their brutal past or insanity they have been known to hurt and terrify visitors to Trans-Allegheny.

The ghost of Ruth is purported to hate men. One can only imagine what provoked such antipathy to the male sex during her lifetime and why she was admitted to the asylum.

Today the vengeful Ruth takes out her anger by poking and pushing male visitors to Trans-Allegheny. Clearly still very angry she has gone as far as shoving some unfortunate males up against a wall.

Ward 2 is haunted by one patient who was stabbed 17 times and left to die alone. The unidentified male patient can be heard screaming from the ward and his shadowy ghost is said to flit about, possibly trying to escape from his attacker.

The nurses’ station on the third floor is home to ex-member of staff, Elizabeth. Occasionally her ghostly apparition is seen going about her business.

More often doors open and close without any visible cause. Is Elizabeth a caring nurse who has stayed behind to care for her ghostly patients or does she linger for a more sinister reason?

The death of Dean, a former patient is truly horrific. Attacked by two patients who attempted to hang him, the unfortunate Dean refused to die.

Incensed, his attackers dragged him into a nearby bedroom. The pair lifted the bed and placed one of the legs on Dean’s head. They then jumped on the bed crushing Dean’s skull and ending his life.

Today Dean’s spirit remains in the room where he was murdered. Despite the terrible end to his life, Dean is not a malevolent spirit but a tragic young man who cannot find peace.

The second floor of the asylum is known as the Civil War Wing. The ghost of soldiers have been seen walking about this area.

It is not clear whether these are the spirits of soldiers based in the building during the civil war or whether they are one of the many shell-shocked soldiers admitted for treatment over the years.

Hundreds of paranormal episodes have been reported and recorded all over the Trans-Allegheny Asylum.

These include disembodied voices shouting at people to go away, sobbing and screaming, footsteps, doors slamming, shadow people flitting and crawling, lights and orbs, unexplained breezes, cold spots and full body apparitions of past patients.


Today, the old mental hospital in West Virginia attracts visitors from all over the world. Some are keen to learn about its role in the American Civil War but most are drawn by the ghosts of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

Haunted by the tragic souls of people who endured unimaginable horror and barbarism in the name of medicine, these former patients lived hellish lives and now tortured deaths.

It seems incredible today that practices such as aversion therapy, electric shock treatment, and frontal lobotomies were a common practice just a few short decades ago.

Today these treatments won’t be tolerated in a civilized society.

For those lucky enough to visit the Trans-Allegheny it is well worth stopping awhile to consider before you enter, some of the trivial or sinister reasons people have been committed to this asylum, the same people who now haunt its endless corridors.

Perhaps it would be fitting then to utter a little prayer of thanks and reflect as you walk through the imposing doors that there but for the grace of god go I.

The Bachelor Grove Cemetery Ghost

The Bachelor Grove Cemetery Ghost

Few graveyards in America can fill the visitor with the same sense of foreboding and expectation as the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery near Chicago.

Abandoned and left to decay in the latter half of the twentieth century, this once beautiful parkland now lays claim to being one of the most haunted spots in America.

A bold claim you may think and you would probably be right if it wasn’t for the plethora of evidence to back it up.

In the past fifty years over 100 paranormal events have been witnessed and recorded in this bone-chilling spot.

Included in this evidence is one, now very famous, photograph. Recorded on an infra- red camera by a group of paranormal investigators it is one of the clearest images of an apparition ever captured.

If it is to be believed then it is truly amazing.

Sitting forlornly on a small square gravestone the Bachelor Grove Cemetery ghost stares into the distance completely unaware that her image will spark the attention of the world and reserve her a very special place in the history of paranormal investigation.

A Brief History of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Situated near the township of Bremen near Chicago, a cemetery has been recorded on the spot of Bachelor’s Grove since 1840.

Named after the small settlement nearby, it is unclear whether its title was intended to honor the 4 unmarried men responsible for founding the town or the Batchelder family who once owned much of the land in the area.

What is certain is that a family called Everden began to bury their dead on this spot in the 1840’s and when they sold much of their land in 1864 they retained ownership of 1 acre to be used as a cemetery.

Over the next century almost up to eighty people were buried in the graveyard, the last official burial taking place in 1965.

Built on a beautiful spot surrounded by forest, local people can recall when a visit to the cemetery was treated as a day out by families who took picnics and swam in the large pond on the site.

The cemetery itself was reached by a track road which also led to the township nearby. When a new road was built bypassing the cemetery, visitors dropped off and the cemetery fell into disrepair.

With the cemetery literally off the beaten track, it began to attract vandals and those who wished to indulge in occult practices without interruption.

The graveyard was soon vandalized and desecrated, bodies were dug up and tombstones smashed. Those who could, re-interred their relatives elsewhere.

Before long rumors of ghostly happenings began to circulate among the local people.

Today the graveyard at Bachelor’s Grove is a sad and desolate place. Reached by a long overgrown pathway it now mainly attracts ghost hunters and paranormal investigators keen to prove or disprove once and for all, that the spirit world exists.

The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

For years the apparition of a woman in white has been witnessed by many people visiting the cemetery. Usually seen on moonlit nights, sometimes carrying her infant child, she wanders between the gravestones as if she is searching for something lost.

On August 10th 1991, the Ghost Research Society gained access to the cemetery for the purpose of a paranormal investigation.

By this time the cemetery was surrounded by a large metal fence and could only be accessed with special permission.

The group carrying out the research swear that they were the only people present at the time and that nobody but themselves could gain access to the site.

When the group began to record a number of anomalies with their equipment, one member, Mari Huff, decided to take a black and white infra-red photograph of the area recording the most activity.

It is important to note that none of the group witnessed anything visually themselves.

When the photographs were developed, the results were astonishing. If genuine, then Mari recorded one of the most stunning images of a ghost, the world had ever seen.

Sitting on a small square gravestone, the image of a woman can be clearly seen staring into the distance. Identified as the Bachelor’s Grove Madonna seen on moonlit nights, the lady appears to be waiting for something.

Perhaps her baby’s grave is one of those desecrated or perhaps the tiny body has been re-interred elsewhere and the sad mother is looking for the child she has lost.

Paranormal Events

While the Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove is certainly the most famous spirit that haunts the cemetery, she is not alone.

Over 100 different paranormal events have been recorded in this small abandoned graveyard, many by very credible witnesses including skeptical paranormal investigators, psychics, and even police officers.

1) Blue Lights: Some of the first paranormal phenomenon recorded at Bachelor’s Grove were the blue lights witnessed by many people during the 1970’s in particular.

One investigator Jack Urmansky, reported that the blue lights appeared to have an intelligence and would dart about and play with investigators.

Another investigator, Denise Travers claimed that the lights hovered before her and she was able to put her hand through.

Any suggestion that the lights were from police cars was put to rest when it was revealed that police vehicles in this area at this time had red lights and that a number of police officers had themselves witnessed and followed the blue lights up to the cemetery.

2) The Phantom House: The phantom house has been witnessed by many local people in the area and is one of the most recorded paranormal events in the area.

The house itself is an unremarkable white wooden house with a porch. A lamp shines in one of its windows. There is nothing unusual about the house, indeed its type is common to the area.

What makes the house special is that it is never seen in the same spot on more than one occasion.

Those who witness it record the same experience. As the house is approached, it diminishes in size until it eventually disappears from sight.

3) The Murdering Caretaker: Those brave enough to venture up to the cemetery on dark moonless nights have often been met by an angry caretaker who blocks their way.

Often witnessed carrying a rifle and an old-fashioned oil lamp, he warns off visitors telling them there is nothing to see.

Clearly not a character you want to meet on a dark night, an encounter with this caretaker takes on an even more terrifying aspect when visitors are told that he has been dead for many years.

The caretaker is alleged to have murdered his family before setting fire to his house and turning his gun on himself, he now believes it is his role to stand guard over the specters of Bachelor’s Grove.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery

4) The Farmer: To the rear of the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is a large pond or lagoon. Once an inviting place to bathe and swim it is now a pool of stagnant water filled with weeds and algae.

Rumored to be a favorite dumping ground for Chicago’s gangsters in the twenties and thirties, it is impossible to know how many bodies may now lie in its muddy depths.

Visitors to the cemetery late at night report strange mists and lights over the pond, some even report a two-headed monster.

One of the most shocking stories, however, came from two police officers on night duty near the cemetery. They claim to have witnessed a man and a horse plunging into the depths of the lagoon.

What they did not know at the time was that a farmer had died in exactly these circumstances many years earlier when his horse bolted and dragged him to a watery death.

5) Disappearing Cars: In recent years, a new phenomenon has been recorded around the cemetery. Increasingly people are reporting seeing and hearing phantom cars.

Driving along the nearby Turnpike Road drivers report slowing down behind vehicles that suddenly disappear in front of them.

Others see cars in their rear view mirror but when they glance again the cars have gone.

6) The Psychic: In 2006 a psychic detective Ken Melvain-Berg visited the cemetery with a reporter from The Chicago Tribune.

Arriving at the cemetery Ken claims to have heard the voice of a child crying. When he asked the ghostly child what was wrong, the little boy informed him he had lost his money in the lagoon.

Wading into the muddy pond, Ken, who the reporter said was in a trance during the whole experience, bent down and immediately retrieved a 1942 half-dollar coin exactly where the child had said.


The paranormal events that surround Bachelor Grove Cemetery began with the wilful desecration and vandalism of a once beautiful graveyard.

Today it is a restless and unhappy place.

Famous across the world because of a photograph of the Bachelor Grove Cemetery Ghost, the graveyard is in fact haunted by many spirits.

Now reputed to be one of the most haunted spots in America, it is hard to know what will appease the restless souls that wander through the cemetery, roused from their eternal slumber by the thoughtless actions of a few selfish vandals.

The Bonaventure Cemetery Ghost

The Bonaventure Cemetery Ghost

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, can justifiably lay claim to being one of the most beautiful in the world.

Admired for centuries by local people it now attracts visitors from all over the world after an image of one of its statues appeared on the front cover of author John Berendt’s most successful book.

Built on the site of an old plantation, the dead sleep peacefully by day surrounded by an exquisite grandeur that wouldn’t be out of place in a formal garden.

At night though it is a different story, according to the good citizens of Savannah the restless spirits of this old graveyard awaken to wander between the graves and tombs.

Haunted by a number of spirits there is one phantom in particular who provokes more interest than the others and draws visitors to her grave.

The Bonaventure Cemetery ghost is now almost as famous as the cemetery itself, a tiny child, loved in death as she was in life, her name is little Gracie Watson.

Gracie’s Statue

Bonaventure Cemetery is almost as famous for its elaborately carved statues as it is for its illustrious inhabitants.

If you are lucky enough to visit its expansive grounds, like many visitors you will be stunned at the number of beautifully carved effigies that stand as monuments to those who have passed.

Pensive ladies, weeping angels and cherubic children, stand silently guarding the wealthy dead of old Savannah.

Gracie’s StatueThere are many beautiful and famous statues, but one in particular, the statue of Gracie Watson, draws more visitors than any other.

Carved in white stone, the amazingly lifelike statue depicts a little girl aged five or six. Sitting on a rock, one tiny hand resting upon a tree stump, this life-sized statue would tug at strings of the hardest heart.

Little Gracie is wearing her Sunday dress and her best buttoned-up boots. Her hair tumbles loosely around her shoulders and her pretty face is half smiling as if she is posing for a photograph.

It’s not surprising then that little Gracie has become such a favorite.

Today people make pilgrimages to Gracie’s grave to leave her toys and pennies in the hope that she will grant a wish. Take one of Gracie’s toys away and she is rumored to weep tears of blood.

Some visitors to Gracie’s grave have reported a feeling of oppressive sadness around the little girl, whilst others swear they have seen the ghost of the child, dressed in her Victorian clothes, wandering through the cemetery.

Sightings of little Gracie’s ghost are not limited to Bonaventure Cemetery, though, almost as soon as her short life ended, the sad little girl began to make her presence felt in other parts of Victorian Savannah.

Who Was Gracie Watson?

Gracie Watson was the only child of a prominent Savannah hotelier and his wife. Born and raised in the upmarket Pulaski Hotel, she spent her life surrounded by adults.

Very soon the lovely young child learned how to beguile and charm visitors to the hotel and became a real favorite with guests and staff alike.

When she tired of the adults company she would take herself off to play beneath the stairs of the hotel and could often be heard giggling and singing to herself.

Sadly, little Gracie died suddenly and unexpectedly of pneumonia in the spring of 1889. Gracie’s parents, the staff, and visitors to the hotel were devastated at her loss.

Very soon after her death people began to report seeing and hearing Gracie’s ghost about the hotel, particularly close to the stairs where the little girl had loved to play.

Eventually, the bereft parents moved on to manage the De Soto Hotel nearby. Determined not to be left behind Gracie followed her parents and continued to be seen and heard in their new home.

Today, people still claim to see Gracie’s ghost playing near the site of the old Pulaski Hotel or peering from the window of the building that now stands on the spot.

Other Ghostly Residents

Little Gracie, of course, is not the only spirit that haunts Bonaventure Cemetery. Built on the site of an old plantation, local people claim that they can hear music and laughter emanating from the cemetery of an evening.

Described by experts as a residual haunting the sounds hark back to the wonderful parties that were once held on the plantation in days long past.

At one such party, a fire broke out but not to be put off, the guests carried the tables of food and drink outdoors and continued their festivities as the plantation mansion burned to the ground.

It is even rumored that some of the statues themselves are haunted.

The image of the statue of little Wendy the bird girl on the cover of John Berendt’s book is said to be haunted by its original model, Lorraine Greenman.

Another statue, an angel, is said to change its expression according to who is looking at her, sometimes sad and contemplative, other times peaceful and serene.

Far more sinister is the pack of phantom dogs who reputedly roam the cemetery. Wild and savage, the dogs hunt down visitors to the cemetery after dark.

Some claim to have seen these terrifying creatures whilst others say they have felt the hot breath of the dogs on the back of their necks or their sharp teeth snapping at their heels.


Little Gracie’s parents eventually left Savannah leaving their little girl behind. Perhaps this is why her restless spirit still searches for them in the area where she once lived and the overwhelming feelings of sadness surrounding her grave.

Cherished during her lifetime, her father commissioned the most beautiful of statues when his dear child passed away.

It is this statue that draws people to Gracie now and has made her the most beloved Bonaventure Cemetery ghost.

Adored in life and death, the story of little Gracie is a tragic tale of a beautiful life that ended far too soon.

The Pontefract Ghost House Report

The Pontefract Ghost House Report

What happens when a highly spiritual man of the cloth is unceremoniously stripped off his religious robes and disgracefully hanged to death for rape and murder?

Maybe the Pontefract Ghost House story can help us answer this question…

So what’s the deal with the Pontefract Black Monk haunting at the famous house on 30 East Drive?

And why is this ghost considered one of the most violent ghosts in the history of Europe?

It all started way back in 1633, when King Henry (VIII) was at the throne. It is said that a priest by the name of Carl Anthony succumbed to the desires of the flesh and raped a young village girl.

To cover his tracks, he killed her.

He was however found guilty and hanged to the death at the gallows that are believed to have been located somewhere near this haunted semi-detached terrace house in East Yorkshire.

So…why the extreme violence from this unfriendly ghost that writer Tom Cuniff calls the “Black Monk of Pontefract”…?

Nobody knows for sure but your guess is as good as any.

Maybe the monk still feels angry for not being strong enough to say no to his bodily urges…maybe it’s because he was framed or maybe it’s due to the fact that his sins imprisoned his soul on earth instead of transitioning to heavenly glory…but one thing is for sure though, he’s no Casper!

Evidence From Real-Life Accounts:

The first ever recorded incident with the angry ghost was in the sixties, just after the Pritchards moved into the house on 30 East Drive.

The story goes that it was the grandmother, Sarah, who had the first encounter with the Black Monk while babysitting Philip.

The old woman almost jumped out of her skin when pools of water started forming on the floor and stuff started flying out the cupboards and off the shelves and smashed into the walls.

It is reported that a later investigation by the water board did not find any leaks or faulty pipes at all!

Things got even weirder during an incident when white chalk started falling from the air! Mrs. Kelly (Philip’s aunt) and Philip himself confirmed seeing pools of water form on the floor in front of their naked eyes!

There were more incidents after that and the paranormal activities became so regular that the Pritchards finally had a nickname for our ghost.

They called him “Fred”.

The poltergeist continued to throw things around, slashing framed hanged photos with a knife and even slapped a few people after the Pritchards attempted an exorcism in 1968.

It’s also important to note at this point that this ghost later seemed to shift all its attention on Diane Pritchard…and maybe for reasons relating to why this troublesome spirit was still roaming the world of the living; the 16th-century execution of a promiscuous monk.

When Lights Went Out

Anyone who has watched When The Lights Went Out knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The British flick is based on Poltergeist, a 1981 book by Colin Wilson. The cast included Craig Parkinson, Kate Ashfield, Jo Hartley, Steven Waddington and others…

A news reporter working for a local newspaper, Andy Lea also wrote a piece on the increased paranormal activity in the Pontefract house immediately after the release of the movie.

The article reported that one of the neighbors had carried a successful séance and managed to have a chat with the Black Monk ghost.

This was after she (Carol Fieldhouse) had observed the TV blasting out from the empty house one evening.

More Video Evidence…

Recent investigations into the Black Monk of Pontefract haunting carried out by several ghost hunting groups revealed some pretty amazing facts and a glimpse into the world of scary spirits.

One such video evidence was captured by the Most Haunted TV series crew in a live Halloween special.

They fitted the entire house with cameras and other ghost hunting equipment and allowed viewers to watch everything as it happened in real time.

“Fred” did not disappoint his fans either…a voice was recorded ordering the crew to quickly GET OUT as things started moving slowly…right in the eyes of live viewers watching with their mouths wide open!

There were also some few clear knocks and more whispers that nobody could make out.

The house is now open to the public and anybody in search of some real terrifying experiences can make their way to East Yorkshire and on to the house on 30 East Drive, Pontefract.

Care to find out if the Pontefract Ghost House story is real?

The Old Alton Bridge & The Goatman

The Old Alton Bridge & The Goatman

I lived most of my adult life with a fear of heights – pretty ironic really considering I am a slim 6 foot 4 inches tall!

Balconies, ladders, fairground rides – if it get’s above ten foot off the ground I’m pretty much stuffed!

Bridges tend to be the same, but maybe there’s another reason behind their dark threat…

Gephyrophobia is the word experts use to describe a severe fear of bridges, and bridges do collapse from time to time right?

In the dark world of urban legends and folklore, bridges are often depicted as spiritual locations and entrances to parallel worlds…

Texas – The Old Alton Bridge

The Old Alton Bridge is located near the cities of Denton and Copper Canyon in Texas.

The bridge was constructed by the King Iron Bridge Manufacturing Company as a transport system aimed at general cattle and the population of the area.

The title ‘Old Alton Bridge’ was given to the structure due to an old, abandoned town in nearby Denton County – Alton.

The old bridge managed to stay in service until late 2001 when it was finally closed down to vehicle traffic.

The Goatman’s Bridge

The Alton Bridge is actually listed on the National Register of Historical Places under it’s original name…but the locals know it as Goatman’s Bridge.

In the early 1900’s, goat breeder, Oscar Washburn, decided to refer to himself as ‘The Goatman’ due to the success he had seen throughout his career.

He eventually decided to use the Old Alton Bridge as an advertising platform for his business – maybe he could see even more success this way?

He created a large sign which read “This Way to the Goatman” and hung it from the bridge.

The Goatman’s Bridge

At the time the Klu Klux Klan were extremely powerful in this area…and they did not take to this sign one little bit.

In August 1938, a group of Klan members abducted Washburn and hung him from the bridge.

After a few moments of watching the rope struggle they decided to peer over the bridge and make sure the goat breeder was dead.

Unfortunately they could not see the goat breeder’s body.

In a fit of rage they decided to return to Washburn’s home and finish off the rest of his family.

The Spirit of The Goatman

Ever since this horrible incident took place there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity on the bridge.

People often come across abandoned cars on the bridge that mysteriously disappear when approached.

The figure of Oscar Washburn himself is often spotted, leading his ghostly flock across the bridge.

These sightings have inevitably lead to the birth of local urban legends.

A common legend before the bridge closure in 2001 involved people driving across the bridge with their lights off.

When you turned you headlights back on you would be confronted by the figure of The Goatman.

Another variation claims that if you visit the bridge on Halloween and beep your horn twice you will witness The Goatman’s eyes, staring back at you through the darkness.

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Llanelli Ghosts – Paranormal Wales

Llanelli Ghosts - Paranormal Wales

I was born and bred in Carmarthen, South Wales. This beautiful area of the country is littered with fantastic castles and ancient, yet impressive buildings.

Due to my interest in the paranormal from a young age – I came across numerous (paranormal) reports based in my surrounding area.

In this article I decided to cover one of these areas I spent a great deal of time as a kid – Llanelli.

So, lets take a closer look at the Llanelli ghosts of past and present…

The Park Howard Mansion

This superbly grand sandstone mansion looms above Llanelli’s grandest park – it is an area that contains many unique buildings.

Over the years there have been a large amount of sightings regarding a lady in white that peers out of the tower window.

The Park Howard Mansion

This white lady is often joined by the figure of a ghostly nurse and a wounded soldier on the main staircase.

During the two world wars the building was used as an emergency hospital – could this be the reason these three spirits wander it’s halls?

Stradey Woods

As a young child I pretty much HATED the Stradey Woods area of Llanelli – I spent many a Scouts camping trip there and the area was intensely creepy at night.

The most widely seen ghost associated with the woods is a sort of ‘old fashioned runner’.

He is often seen speedily making his way through the area in old/aged sporting gear.

The spirit has been linked to reports of a tragedy that happened back in the 1930’s when a runner was hit and killed by a passing car.

Even the police in the area admit to receiving several calls a year regarding a ghostly figure running through the wooded area.

Stepney Mansion/Hotel

Back in the mid 80’s, I actually went to school with the daughter of owner of this Jacobean mansion with Georgian features (but for the life of me I cannot remember her name!).

The building is said to have two main spirits in residence.

The first is the ghost of a woman in a heavy brocaded gown that seems to be covered in noisy trinkets or garments.

Stepney Mansion/Hotel

There have been numerous reports of her making a sort of ‘swishing’ sound as she approaches witnesses.

The second ghost is said to be that of a maid named Mira Turner. She died whilst serving at the house way back in 1851.

The Ghostly Carriage

A 12th Century church with 15th Century renovations seems to be the focal point of a rather shocking ghostly form of transport.

St. Elli Parish Church often enjoys a visit from a ghostly carriage that disappears into it’s treacherous bend at the church wall.

The carriage is often seen flying down the Park Howard hill before it does it’s disappearing act in the old wall.

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The Jamaica Inn Ghosts

The Jamaica Inn Ghosts

Imagine this, a cloudy sky and a vast expanse of moor all around you, strong wind playing with your hair.

And by the side of the road, you find an inn, which has still managed to retain its quaint look despite the modernity around it.

This is the Jamaica Inn on the Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, one of the most haunted pubs in England.

The Jamaica Inn rose to fame because it was the subject of interest in Daphne du Maurier’s 1936 book Jamaica Inn, which was also adapted into a movie of the same name by Alfred Hitchcock.

Du Maurier’s story about a young girl and her possibly smuggler uncle was written after she stayed at the inn in 1930.

The History

The inn has a very long and interesting history, some of which is still debatable. The debate starts with the name of the inn itself.

Some suggest that inn acquired the name because of the rum smuggled from Jamaica into the Bodmin Moor. But others negate this theory saying that it is a misconception and that the inn got its name to highlight the significance of the important landowners at the time – the Trewlawneys.

Two members of the Trewlawney family served as the Governor General of Jamaica in the 18th century.

The inn was built 1750 and served as a half-way house for smugglers who transferred their contraband through 100 different routes.

the Trewlawneys

For nearly 25 years, the inn served only as a place to keep the carriages for the night, known coaching house. In 1778, a tack room and stable was added to the building.

During the late 18th century, the British imposed heavy tax on tea and liquor. The pirates sold tea for one-sixth the price of what was sold by the British and liquor for only one-fifth the original price.

This popularized the pirates who were celebrated by the locals for providing them with cheap products. In fact, it is believed till the late 18th century, the smugglers bartered their goods in broad daylight.

It has been recorded that the pirates had smuggled as much as 500,000 gallons of French brandy once.

The Revenue Man

By the beginning of the 19th century, the authorities had organised themselves and had set up men to collect revenue.

It is believed that one misty night in the early 19th century, a stranger, believed to be one of the men collecting revenue, had walked into the bar and asked for a beer.

When he had finished half of it, he was called outside by someone. That was the last time he was seen alive by anyone.

His body was discovered the next day by the moor. The cause of his death and information about his assailant remains a mystery to this date.

But why is the death of this man important?

It is because in the early 20th century, people began reporting strange sightings. People saw a translucent man in white sitting outside on the walls of the inn.

He neither spoke nor acknowledged other people and his description was very accurate to that of the man murdered in the 19th century.

Landlords of the inn also began hearing footsteps in the bar after it was closed for the night. People suspected that he was returning to finish the beer that he left that fateful night.

The sighting of the ghost of the dead man was also covered extensively by media in 1911.

Room Number 5

There have been many modern day sightings, too. It is believed that most of the action occurs in Room no. 5 of the inn.

Occupants have insisted that they have heard the shower turning on or the temperature of the room falling or hearing bangs and thuds but finding no source of the sound.

It has been said that one can also see a figure moving through the walls in the corridors of the pub in the middle of the night.

In addition to this, managers have said that they have heard people speaking in a strange language, possibly Cornish, and visitors at the inn have heard of the clinking of horses’ shoes on the cobblestones on the courtyard, but upon inspection, nothing could be seen.

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