The Ghosts of Disneyland

The Ghosts of Disneyland

When I was twelve my father had to retire from his job as a dentist, due to football injury to his wrist he had been living with for a number of years.

He got a pretty decent medical insurance payout – so he decided to treat the family with a trip to America…and Disneyland.

I loved every minute of it – what a magical place…but I remember an elderly worker there holding a conversation with myself and my mother…regarding the ghost of Walt Disney himself!

That was it for me – the very next day my dad took me searching for a book on the ghosts of Disneyland – seems like I was a geek, even back then!

The Ghost of Walt Disney

The great man himself – apparently he never left the location!

When he was alive, he had a personal home/apartment built above the fire station on Main Street.

He used to stay there from time to time with his family and close friends – he also used it as an office to get away from it all.

After his death in 1966, the apartment remained empty but the workers at Disneyland treated it exactly the same – they made sure it was cleaned frequently and kept it secure.

The Ghost of Walt Disney

On one occasion, a female cleaner was working at the park late at night, and Walt’s apartment was on the cleaning list.

She carried out her cleaning duties there, turned the light off, and left the apartment.

When she got back out on the Main Street she noticed the light had been turned back on.

She returned to the apartment and turned the light off once again…and made sure the location was locked. She also unplugged the lamp to make sure there were no fuse problems.

When she got back out on Main Street she turned to see the lamp flicker on, then the curtains slam shut…as if someone had been staring down at her…but did not want to be seen…

Ever since this paranormal incident, workers at the park have opted to leave the light on every night – they want visitors to know that Walt Disney’s spirit is alive and kicking in the area…

The Ghost Space Mountain

The friendly ghost that haunts Space Mountain is named ‘Mr. One-Way’.

This strange entity spends his time queuing for the ride and talking to visitors to the park. Apparently it always becomes apparent that this man is not from our time…

Sometimes he is described as a grown man with reddish hair – other reports have him at the much younger age of a teenage boy.

He is known to get on the ride with a human passenger…but disappear at some point during the ride’s journey.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The popular ride was once said to have been made up of real skeletons – apparently in 1967 real skeletons were a lot cheaper than the movie prop versions!

Pirates of the Caribbean ghost

Anyway, one set of ‘real’ skull and crossbones is thought to still remain on the ride – the one over the dead captain’s bed!

These bones are thought to be behind the paranormal reports that have been made by visitors to the ride, over the decades since the 60’s.

The Lady in White

The reported ghost of a Victorian lady that wanders the Main Street from time to time.

There have been numerous reports from children regarding this strange lady in white. All of the children have lost their parents on Main Street and the Victorian lady appears to lead them to the baby care center.

Research points to the fact that this woman could be a lady that died at the site before the park was built (in the early 1900’s).

Employees believe that the old fashioned feel of Main Street somehow attracts her spirit.

The Ghost of Thomas Cleveland

An annual tradition in Los Angeles – Graduation night at Disneyland.

Numerous grad parties are let loose on Disneyland and allowed to use it’s functions until 6am the following morning.

In 1966 one of these ‘Disney Grad Parties’ ended in tragedy when a boy named Thomas Cleveland got sucked up into the workings of a Monorail.

The Ghost of Thomas Cleveland

Ever since the tragic accident – a ghost has been spotted late at night, running towards approaching monorails.

It apparently disappears when it reaches the spot where Cleveland died.

The Ghosts of Disneyland

These are the most common reports of paranormal activity at Disneyland – we are led to believe there are many more ‘lesser entities’ residing there.

Do you have any experiences with the paranormal at Disneyland?

If so we would love to hear from you!

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject, in the comment section below.

The Haunted Farnam Mansion

The Haunted Farnam Mansion

In this article we will be taking a look at the so-called paranormal hotspot in Oneida, New York – Farnam Mansion.

Built by an extremely successful entrepreneur back in 1862, this property has seen it’s fair share of death and despair. It is now a popular location for paranormal investigations, seances and scientific projects…

The Shadow of Death

The extremely popular Mr. Farnam made his money through a successful axe factory and hardware store. He was well known, and well loved in the community, for taking on the positions of President of both the National State Bank and Glenwood Cemetery Association.

Old age eventually caught up with him in 1897 when he died suddenly of a stroke in one of the rooms in the house. It is thought that another three members of his family also died suddenly within the walls of Farnam Mansion.

The Shadow of Death

The Location has changed hands a number of times since the Farnam’s moved on – over this period four more people died within the property.

Numerous paranormal experts believe that the spirits of these seven people never left the house – for some reason they are still trapped within it’s walls.

The Investigations

Over the years, paranormal investigations and projects have revealed numerous ‘dark shadow figures’ along with bright ghostly apparitions.

Use of electrical ghost hunting equipment has brought about disembodied voices and communicative signals.

When the current owners first moved into the property they were warned that a lot of the paranormal activity took place in the attic area. They then decided to clear this area out and leave it settle for a couple of years.

When they were sure nothing paranormal was taking place, they re-entered the attic area and found a name written on a piece of slate – this name was not there when they first cleared out the attic.

The name turned out to be that of Mr. Farnam’s granddaughter.

Stephen Head Farnam - circa 1882
Stephen Head Farnam – Circa 1882

The owners also claim that the house is frequently visited by orbs and strange mist – both seem to attract to the human presence in the house at the time.

The orbs are said to emanate from the base of the main stairs and the ghostly mist appears around the ankles of people standing in the ground floor rooms.

The Haunted Farnam Mansion

Many locals believe that the paranormal activity inside the haunted mansion is heightened by the amount of weekly seances and frequent investigations that take place…maybe someday these spiritual investigators will take their activity too far…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Ghost Sightings at The Alamo

Ghost Sightings at The Alamo

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the paranormal incidents linked to one of Texas’s most famous landmarks – the reported ghost sightings at the Alamo…

The Six Diablos

This is the first recored tale of paranormal activity linked to the forboding San Antonio ruin.

Several weeks after the infamous 1836 battle, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was ordered by General Juan Jose de Andrade to bring down all the remaining buildings at the Alamo’s location.

The two Generals eventually came to the conclusion that the trusted Colonel Jose Juan Sanchez should lead a party of men to the site and carry out the destruction.

When the military team arrived at the Alamo, they immediately took note of the chapel – it was still standing.

Surely the generals would want this building torn down?

The group approached the building with the intent of taking it down first…but were stopped in their tracks by six spectral monks wielding flaming swords.

The soldiers scattered in all directions and headed back to tell the generals what had happened.

The Six Diablos

Naturally, their superiors thought they had all gone crazy…but there was still frustration at the chapel being left standing.

General Andrade decided to return to the Alamo himself with a band of trusted warriors – they would make sure this chapel was torn down.

When the General finally arrived at the Alamo’s chapel he was met by the same six specters – these entities warned the general that no soldier was ever allowed to go near any of the standing buildings at the location.

Goodbye Jamie

Numerous visitors to the Alamo have reported meeting the spirit of a young boy, apparently killed when his family were fighting through the battle….

When James L. Choron took his children to see the Alamo in the summer of 1990, his eldest daughter, Megan, seemed to make some sort of contact with this young lad.

As they were leaving the site, Megan looked behind her and waved, then softly and very somberly said “goodbye Jamie”.

Choron looked around the area to see who his daughter was talking to – but there was nobody there!

He asked Megan who she was talking to and she told him she was talking to a young boy named Jamie…who was standing right in front of them.

The father told Megan he must have missed him – he’s probably gone back inside…but Megan insisted that he was still standing right in front of them.

Goodbye Jamie

When questioned later that day, Megan pronounced Jamie’s name as ‘Hymie’ as in Spanish. She said he was a Mexican boy and he was about 15 years of age.

He had been wearing cotton pants, a shirt and a tall hat – he had apparently stood by her side all the way through the tour.

She also said that Jamie had told her he had been at the battle and that he’s been at the Alamo ever since…he cannot go home.

He also told Megan that he was glad he had found someone to talk to, at last.

Numerous Ghost Sightings at The Alamo

Since the late 1800’s, there have been numerous ghost sightings at the Alamo reported.

Around this time (1890+), the site of the Alamo was actually used, for a short period, as a holding prison.

Groups of inmates, and even the prison guards that looked after them, reported ghostly shapes and shadows in every corner of the famous location.

In more modern times, park rangers and unassuming tourists have also claimed to have encountered unusual ‘entities’ during their visit…

Soldiers walking straight out of brick walls, the terrible sound of battle and ghastly screams…the list goes on and on.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Cooper Family Photo

The Cooper Family Photo

I’ve wanted to post an article on the Cooper family photo for quite some time now but I’ve been put off by a private message sent to me from this site.

You see, ever since I first set eyes on the picture, I’ve had the feeling that something was not quite right – the whole setup of the resulting picture was just too good to be true (from a believer’s point of view).

So, the only way I could post this article with my piece of mind in tact…was to research the information sent to me…and then create the work you are about to read below.

I think it’s quite an interesting outcome…

The Photo Enters The Public Domain

Before we go any further, here is the (now) famous Cooper family photo…

The Paranormal Photo

The image you see above first hit the information superhighway in 2009 – it was thought to have taken some time during the 1950’s.

The story is that the photo was taken as a family portrait by Mr. Cooper the day they moved into a new property – they were attempting to mark the occasion with an image they could look back on in years to come.

Mrs Cooper, grandma Cooper and both of their children posed for the shot.

When Mr. Cooper finally managed to get the image he snapped developed, he was shocked by what he saw. None of the family members were aware of the fifth trespasser when the photo was being taken.

The resulting image seems to show a male figure either falling into, or hanging in the living room.

Who is Sam Gowan?

Sam Gowan is the guy, or pen name, of the photo’s original uploader. He apparently posted the image to the web on the 14th of November 2009.

Within weeks it appeared on a fan website for author Thomas Ligotti with the title ‘A Family Gathering’ applied to it. This resulted in an investigation by it’s members who concluded that Sam was not responsible for the image’s creation.

From here the photo really took off – numerous paranormal websites got hold of the image and believed it to be true. Within weeks it had been posted all over the web.


The first red light linked to the image arose from photographic ‘experts’ having problems with the poorly framed result. The family were the center of the picture’s ‘meaning’, yet for some reason they were set to the right side of the photo.

Was the original photo cropped off in this style to allow room for the ‘hanging man’ to be added?

Why were the family not centered in the picture?

My own research of the message sent to me, led me to an article on a rather eye-shattering lime green website which had links to a Facebook page set up to cover the paranormal photograph.

It was here I found a simple forum post from a guy who claimed to be one of the kids from the Cooper photo…

When my older brother sent me this link I was floored. We are the two boys in the picture. Well we were back in 1959. I have many picture like this one, but not this one. My mother had a habit of throwing away pictures that she didn’t like. Eventually the ones she kept were passed along to me. What annoys me is that somebody got hold of a family photograph. The story is almost entirely fiction. Our last name is Copper, not Cooper. Does anybody know who did this?

This really was an eye-opener for me – is the famous Cooper family photo nothing more than a discarded snap that has been ‘photoshopped’ into this paranormal monstrosity?

Here is a photo he sent in with the post to attempt to convince the public he was telling the truth…

The faked photo

Of course, I can’t really be sure that the forum user, ‘Robert C.’, is legit in any way – some people like to get attention on themselves in any way they can!

So now it’s over to you – fact or fiction?

This photo regularly does the rounds on YouTube ‘list videos’ that cover the world’s creepiest photos – are they including a fake?

Please leave any thoughts or opinions on the subject, in the comment section below.

The Moss Beach Distillery Ghost

The Moss Beach Distillery Ghost

In this article we will be taking a look at the Moss Beach Distillery ghost report. Located on a cliff in San Mateo – is this restaurant haunted by the Blue Lady?

Moss Beach Distillery

The Moss Beach Distillery was built in 1927 with the money of a man named Frank Torres. During it’s early years it was used as a speakeasy – a venue where you could drink illegal alcohol.

it became a very popular hangout for gangsters linked to the illegal alcohol trade, and eventually served as a drop spot for Canadian rum runners.

These runners would arrive on the shores below the building then hoist up their products. This alcohol would then be loaded onto trucks by the restaurant and delivered to other illegal establishments up and down the coast.

The Blue Lady

The paranormal entity that is said to haunt the restaurant is known as The Blue Lady – many believe it to be the spirit of Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen was a lady that loved to wear blue dresses – she was actually married with a young son.

One day, Ellen was introduced to a piano man named John Contina. It was love at first sight and the pair started an illicit love affair.

The affair went on for many months…until Mary was tragically killed.

The Blue Lady

This is where the story get a little ‘muddy’, as there are conflicting versions of her death.

Many people believe that she was killed on the beach during a romantic walk with her lover, Contina.

Others are convinced that Mary’s jealous husband found out about the affair and attacked Contina with a knife. During the struggle, Mary was accidentally stabbed.

I’ll level with you here – nobody really knows which of the theories above is true…all we know is that she was somehow stabbed.

The Haunting

Some of the reported activity attributed to the Blue Lady ghost include, objects moving on their own, strange whispers into guest’s ears and gentle taps on the shoulder…when people are alone.

Past owners have also claimed that room doors would lock by themselves and furniture would move around (poltergeist activity).

Numerous female employees have complained about their earrings going missing…only to turn up days later with a ton of other earrings that had been reported lost.

The Blue Lady seems to have a link to visiting children, and only chooses to reveal herself to them. Numerous young visitors have reported seeing a ghostly lady in a blue dress.

The Haunting

The most famous paranormal activity linked to the building involved the computerized cash machines inside – for some reason they all reverted back to the date of 1927…

The year that Frank Torres started work on building the restaurant.

Computer technicians were called in to fix the problem, and they had never seen anything like it.

Apparently the cash registers should not be able to go back to that date!

There have also been a few claims from past employees involving strange and ghostly cell phone calls…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Most Haunted Places Around The World (Poltergeist)

most haunted places around the world

I first stumbled upon this infographic about 2 years ago when I was searching for a review on the remake of Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist movie.

I wanted to watch it, but I had been told it was pretty gash by a mate…he was right!

Anyway, at this time of it’s release, released this awesome image-based content, and I made a mental note of it because I had a feeling I would maybe ‘borrow’ it one day!

It’s a great infographic covering the most haunted places around the world which have been linked with poltergeists.

I’m kinda hoping they don’t mind me showcasing it here (maybe they are fans of the site…) 🙂

From possessed castles and historic battlefields to grisly historic reports of suffering, and unexpected death, this is the collection of the world’s most chilling paranormal stories.

haunted places around the world

Haunted Places

Those of you that are regulars to this site, will notice that a lot of the locations covered in the infographic above have been covered here in full article format…

There is a load more information on the locations included in the infographic throughout our site. If you are interested – simply use the search bar located at the top right of our sidebar.

We realize that the text on the image may seem a bit small on some computer screens, so we’ve left it as a clickable infographic.

This means that if you click on the image it will load up in a different tab, with a magnifying tool!

Now over to you!

Do you know of any poltergeist haunts that have not been included in the infographic?

We would love to hear from you – please leave your information in the comment section below.

Most Haunted Hotel Rooms

Most Haunted Hotel Rooms

If you’re anything like me, you’ll live for the moment you can drop all work and go on holiday. A fortnight in a hot country, a rural retreat for the weekend – you name it – I’m all over it!

But what about a break in one of the most haunted hotel rooms on the planet?

Would you still look forward to your time off work as much?

Room 217 – The Stanley Hotel

Room 217 - The Stanley Hotel

Yep, I thought we’d start off with the most famous paranormal hotel destination out of the lot – The Stanley Hotel in Colorado.

The paranormal activity in this well-known spook-fest can be traced back as far as it’s construction, in 1907. It’s reports became so famous that the master of horror, Stephen King, decided to use the hotel as the basis for his book – The Shining.

The most famous Stanley Hotel entity is a lady known as Elisabeth Wilson, who is said regularly appear in room 217.

As far as spirits go – she’s not a bad little entity at all!

In her ‘living days’ she was actually a housekeeper/worker at the hotel – she now spends her afterlife cleaning up after guests…

Many visitors to room 217 have claimed that their bags have been unpacked neatly and the beds made…in the blink of an eye!

Rooms 612 & 325 – The Hawthorne Hotel

Rooms 612 & 325 - The Hawthorne Hotel

The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts, boasts a ghost that zeros in on rooms 612 and 325. This apparition is said to be a woman who seems to have a real bee in her bonnet…for reasons unknown.

Numerous guests staying at these two rooms have complained about the female entity turning the lights on and off, all through the night.

She has also been known to steal hotel room keys and the car keys off visitors.

There have also been reports that are slightly more creepy in nature – the sound of distant children crying throughout the night!

Room 324 – Toftaholm Herrgard

Room 324 - Toftaholm Herrgard

This popular Swedish hotel has a rather tragic story behind it’s paranormal visitor…

Legend tells us that a local boy, from a poor family, fell in love with the daughter of a past owner of the hotel. This father was not pleased at all – he wanted his daughter married to a rich guy – not some local peasant!

He stopped his daughter from marrying this young lad and broke his heart by doing so…

The young man then hung himself in room 324.

Many guests have reported phantom scratches and noises coming from the room during the night – the locals to the area believe that these noises are caused by the broken-hearted spirit of the peasant boy.

Rooms 8 & 10- The Battery Carriage House

Rooms 8 & 10- The Battery Carriage House

No article on haunted hotel rooms would be complete without a report involving a headless man, right?

Known as Charleston’s most haunted inn; the Battery Carriage House in South Carolina is known to be visited by ‘The Gentleman Ghost’ – a rather disturbing headless apparition that centers on rooms 8 and 10.

There’s no real malice in this ghost – he just appears at the sides of visitor’s beds in the middle of the night.

A little frightening I know – but he justs stands there for a few moments, then disappears.

Room 302 – Hotel Del Coronado

Room 302 - Hotel Del Coronado


Room 302 in the Hotel Del Coronado, California, is famous for a ghost named Kate Morgan. Her body was found in this room with a gunshot wound to the head, back in 1892.

It looked like a suicide but the bullet used did not match the gun – her death remains a mystery.

Numerous visitors are convinced that Kate’s spirit never left room 302 – she has often appeared standing by the room’s window and there are untold reports of poltergeist activity linked to the room.

Most Haunted Hotel Rooms

These are just the tip of the iceberg – there are hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of other hotel rooms out there that have links to the paranormal.

Do you know of any rooms that we have not mentioned here?

If so, please leave information about them in the comment section below.

The Belmez Ghost Faces

The Belmez Ghost Faces

In this article we will be taking a look at the Belmez ghost faces that Maria Gomez first noticed in her kitchen floor, back in 1971. A very interesting case that many believe to be linked to distressed spirits reaching out for help from Purgatory…

The Stain

In 1971, Maria Gomez noticed a strange stain on her relatively new kitchen floor. Over the next few hours she was horrified as this strange stain began to form a human face.

Fear quickly took over and she began religiously scrubbing the area affected by the the face-shaped stain – nothing would remove it!

When she realized the stain was not going to shift – she showed it to her husband and her son. She then instructed them to smash up the kitchen floor with an axe to get rid of the ghostly image (as you can imagine – she was pretty desperate to remove this ghostly apparition!).

Once the floor was removed the Gomez family went about arranging a new floor fitting – they didn’t mind the financial outlay because the face was finally gone.

To Maria’s horror – a couple of days after the new kitchen floor was put in…the face returned!

This spooky phenomena quickly spread throughout this small Spanish town and eventually reached the desk of the mayor. He was intrigued by the incident and contacted the Gomez family personally.

He managed to convince them not to smash up the kitchen floor for a second time, he then sent over a group of ‘qualified’ investigators.

The Investigation

The group of investigators were completely shocked by what they found – they eventually managed to convince the Gomez family to remove the whole kitchen floor so they could take it back to their labs – for closer inspection.

The Investigation

The kitchen pretty much ended up being completely excavated…and they found a group of headless human skeletons under the kitchen floor!

The skeletons were immediately moved to a nearby cemetery, in the hope that their burial would stop these phantom faces from appearing…but things only got worse…

The Faces

More and more paranormal faces began to appear in the Gomez home after the skeletons were removed.

On occasion, a new face would be seen in the morning…but a couple of hours later this face would be replaced by a completely different face!

Most of the initial (or original) faces were male – now the faces of women and children were also appearing.

The ‘phenomenon’ soon received worldwide attention – a very famous paranormal researcher named Dr. Hans Bender claimed that this was probably the most important paranormal find of modern times.

Fact or Fiction

Over the years there have been many claims that the Belmez ghost faces were nothing more than an elaborate hoax – these claims never had any sort of logical backing whatsoever.

The house went through numerous investigations and experiments and was even under 24 hour surveillance – the ghostly faces still appeared.

More recently, a few experts have concluded that Maria Gomez may have had a paranormal ability called Thoughtography. This is where a person is able to project an image onto a surface either deliberately or accidentally.

Did Maria possess this ability without knowing it?

Was she responsible for the phantom faces in the floor?

Well, Maria died in 2004 and there have since been several reports of the faces returning to the property…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Sker House Ghosts

The Sker House Ghosts

In this article we will be taking a closer look at Sker House – dating back as far as the 12th century, it is now regarded as one of the most haunted properties in Wales…


Sker House started out as a grange property that was built to support the monks of Neath Abbey. This function ended with the dissolution of the monasteries and it eventually ended up being privately owned.

The property’s eight century history is well known to locals due to the amount of despair and bloodshed it has encountered – this dark past has somehow managed to weave it’s way into the very fabric of the building…

Throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, this area of Wales succumbed to the brutal persecution against Catholics. At the time, the Turberville family owned Sker House and they were fierce believers of Catholic ways.

History suggests that the Turberville’s went as far as sheltering and hiding Jesuit priests and allowing Clandestine Masses to take place on the property.

The Turberville’s were able to keep these actions quiet until 1678, when a famous Catholic plot to kill Charles II once again brought persecution into play.

Sker House was eventually raided and a Jesuit priest named Father Philip Evans was arrested and accused of being some sort of ringleader. He was taken straight to Cardiff where he sat through a viciously unfair trail and ended up being publicly executed (He was hung, drawn and quartered).

The head of the Turberville family, Charles, knew the game was finally up. He sold the house and moved abroad to escape the possible repercussions of Evans’s execution.

The R.D. Blackmore Link

The author of the famous book Lorna Doone  R. D. Blackmore, was fascinated by a paranormal legend that was linked to Sker House, and eventually wrote a book on his research entitled The Maid of Sker

A past inhabitant of the house named Elizabeth Williams fell in love with a young carpenter and harpist called Thomas Evans. Unfortunately her father was not exactly ‘bowled over’ by this young commoner.

The young couple eventually devised a plan of escape that failed miserably…

Evans arranged for a coach and horses to arrive late at Elizabeth’s home so they could run away to elope somewhere in England. Unfortunately the arrival of the coach alerted the dog’s at the house and the couple’s plan fell to pieces.

The Maid of Sker

Evans hastily retreated from the area and never returned – leaving Elizabeth to face the wrath of her father on her own.

She was locked up in a tower room with no windows and eventually forced to marry a man she did not love (Thomas Kirkhouse). Elizabeth died after nine years of a loveless marriage to Kirkhouse – locals say she perished due to her broken heart.

Elizabeth’s ghost is one of the most powerful paranormal forces now inhabiting Sker House. Her spirit seems to be stuck inside the windowless room she was held captive in.

Numerous reports claim to have heard her clanking chains and her misty form has materialized in front of visitors on numerous occasions.

The Ghosts

In 2002 a famous documentary crew who worked for the BBC set up inside Sker House to follow the major restorations taking place. Their filming was ruined by high pitched noise that seemed to be coming from the Great Hall area.

A local medium was called in and she informed the filmmakers that something very evil had been disturbed by the renovations taking place on the property. The documentary crew had seen (and heard) enough – they packed up their equipment and refused to return to the location.

Locals also believe that the spirit of a ship’s captain returns to search through Sker house from time to time…

His boat was shipwrecked at Sker Point and he was killed along with his crew. The wreckage was instantly plundered and Elizabeth Williams’s father was accused of taking some of the ship’s items.

He claimed that he was simply gathering these plundered items for safekeeping – away from the common local’s sticky fingers!

Locals now believe that the spirit of the captain returns to Sker House in the hope he will locate his plundered belongings.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the paranormal activity in Sker House, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Eyam Village Plague Ghosts

The Eyam Village Plague Ghosts

Eyam village, also known as ‘The Plague Village’, was hit hard by the infamous worldwide disease in 1665. The medical condition swept through the small location and ravaged numerous lives, leaving lost souls and confused spirits in it’s wake…

The Plague Village

The plague hit the village in 1665 when a local tailor took a delivery of some materials from a London supplier. The tailor opened the packaging without realising that it was full of disease-carrying fleas.

Within one week from receiving the parcel, the tailor was dead and by the end of September, five more people died.

Twenty more locals died throughout the month of October.

The village slipped into a senseless panic – maybe they should evacuate to a nearby city?

Unfortunately, the locals realised that this would not be possible – they would only end up spreading the plague further.

The villagers eventually agreed to quarantine and cut themselves off from the rest of civilization…even if it meant certain death for them.

The Quarantine 

The surrounding villages and hamlets came together in an attempt to help the doomed villagers of Eyam. They rounded up food and necessities and left them on the outskirts of the village.

The villagers of Eyam would show their appreciation by leaving money in a row of vinegar-filled troughs – they believed that the vinegar would sterilize the coins and make them safe for the outsiders to use.

the doomed villagers of Eyam

The Plague rotted it’s way through the village for the next 18 months, according to the local church records 273 people lost their lives over this period.

Only 83 villagers managed to survive the deadly disease.

The Eyam Village Plague Ghosts

Due to the high number of plague deaths in a short period of time – there have since been many sightings of ghosts and paranormal activity in the area.

One of the most haunted buildings in the village is The Miner’s Arms. Visitors have often reported the sound of footsteps through their bedrooms along with invisible ‘presences’ in the night.

Numerous families have simply packed up and left the building in the middle of the night – too petrified to wait until morning!

The ‘plagued cottages’ area of the village is home to the pleasant faced lady who wears a blue smock – she is reported to awaken people in the middle of the night.

plagued cottages

Eyam Hall was constructed in the village between 1671 and 1676 and ended up being the home of the Wright family.

The ghost of Sarah Mills is said to haunt the hall – a young servant who drowned in the well.

On the top floor of Eyam Hall is a room that is always kept under lock and key. There have been so many paranormal reports linked to this room that the owners have decided to keep it closed off…to everyone.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Eyam Village Plague Ghosts, please leave them in the comment section below.