The Hotel Galvez Haunted Room

The Hotel Galvez Haunted Room

In this article we will be covering the legend behind the Hotel Galvez haunted room – is this trapped spirit a bride-to-be-named Audra that has been locked inside the location’s walls for over half a century?

The Story of Audra

During the 1950’s, Audra was known to have gotten engaged to a mariner who was the love of her life. His job meant that he was constantly on the move – in and out of the Port of Galveston.

At the time she was staying in Room 501 in the Hotel Galvez. Whenever she recieved word that her love was returning, she would take an elevator to the eighth floor, then climb up a narrow ladder to get to the hotel’s roof area.

From here she would enter one of the metal-ribbed hexagonal turrets that sat upon the roof, and wait for her lover’s ship to appear on the horizon.

The Storm

One day, Audra was informed that her lover’s ship was on it’s way back – she would see him once again by nightfall!

She made her traditional journey to the top of the Hotel roof, and sheltered in one of the turrets.

Within hours a terrible storm brewed up across the coast – there was no sign of her lover’s ship. She climbed to the same turret and waited for the next few days…until word came through that her lover’s ship had sunk due to the poor weather conditions.

The grief-stricken bride-to-be refused to believe that she was now alone in the world. She cut off all communication with her friends and family and continued to climb the hotel’s roof every day…waiting for her lover’s return.

Within weeks she finally realized that she would never see her love again…and promptly hung herself in the west turret.

The real tragedy of this story is the fact that her lover was not dead – he actually turned up days after her suicide…

The Hotel in 1914
The Hotel in 1914

The Ghost of Audra

Over the years there have been numerous sightings of Audra’s spirit by staff and visitors. Senior concierge Jackie Hasan, who was born locally, believes that Audra’s spirit has a special link to her.

She is actually the fourth generation of her family to work at the Galvez – many of these family members have reported incidents with Audra over the years.

Jackie’s familiarity with the tragic spirit has led to her taking the lead role in the ghost tours that now take place at the hotel. The most popular request is to set foot in Room 501…

The hotel has become quite the paranormal hotspot over the years with further reported incidents of a phantom girl, bouncing a ball, in the lower level of the hotel and odd occurrences in the restaurant and lobby.

Following Hurricane Ike, which struck Galveston in September 2008, a group of staff members were left stranded at work due to the roads being closed. Several of these staff members reported an incident with a spectral woman dressed in an old-fashioned maid’s uniform and a man.

This strange, old-fashioned couple were spotted walking through a guest room, then disappearing through the wall!

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The Conwy Castle Hotel Chambermaid Ghost

The Conwy Castle Hotel Chambermaid Ghost

The historic Conwy Castle Hotel has provided many services over the centuries. It began life as a Cistercian abbey and then moved on to become a popular coaching inn that attracted many travelers to the area.

This article will be taking a look at the paranormal case that is known locally as ‘The Unfortunate Chambermaid of The Castle Hotel’ and the spectral friends she brings with her…

The Chambermaid’s Tale

Over the years there have been numerous reports from visitors that suggest a blond girl, no more than 12 years old, haunts the old hotel.

There is some interesting historical evidence to support the appearance of this lost spirit…

A girl that fits the description of this ghost was employed by the hotel during the 1920’s as a chambermaid. Unfortunately for her, the manageress at the time was a little bit of a cow!

The young girl fell terribly ill suddenly and pleaded with her employer to have the day off – the manageress would not agree to this, and forced her to work throughout the day in her poorly condition.

The Chambermaid's Tale

The following day the girl’s sickness got worse…but the manageress yet again refused to let her rest…she collapsed hours later.

As she lay on her deathbed she pleaded with her employers to send her body back to her home of Anglesey – they agreed to do so.

Once she had passed the manageress went back on her word – maybe to cover up her harsh treatment of the girl?

Her body was swiftly and crudely buried in the graveyard adjacent to the hotel.

Within days the hotel was struck by a series of hauntings that involved a spectral young girl – it got to the point where nobody wanted to stay there!

The manageress had the body exhumed and sent down to Anglesey…but she was too late…the spirit of the girl has never left the hotel.

The Phantom Cat & The Cellar Dweller

There have also been numerous reports at the hotel of a phantom cat that some believe is linked to the chambermaid’s ghost.

Apparently this ‘pet ghost’ still feels drawn to the warmth of hotel visitor’s beds, and is frequently felt walking slowly across the bedsheets in the dead of night.

The Phantom Cat & The Cellar Dweller

A handful of employees to the hotel have also reported an entity down in the building’s cellar – it is unclear whether this is the spirit of the chambermaid or not.

This creature of the dark likes to violently push visitors to the cellar up against the wall, as if he/she/whatever is trying to get past them in a hurry.

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Ghost Caught on Security Camera

Ghost Caught on Security Camera

I don’t often include ghost footage from YouTube archives on this site because I would be working around the clock – hundreds of new examples pop up on the streaming service every single day!

So, I try my best to limit their coverage to the uploads I find interesting.

The example we will be looking at today shows a ghost caught on security camera in an Egyptian pharmacy.

I decided to showcase it here NOT because I think it is legit…but because I think the ‘person’ who put it together has done quite a good job…

A Ghost Caught on CCTV Camera?

Hell no – but the editor of the video should really think about putting his/her talents forward for work on a indie horror film (don’t you think?).

It’s impressive enough to watch, but it’s blindingly obvious it’s fake.

First things first – do security cameras like this have audio on them?

I’m not 100% sure but I haven’t come across a CCTV setup that includes audio…well, not one that a chemist can afford, anyway!

Also, the glitch effect used on the final rendered video looks like a million green screen effects available (for free!) on YouTube itself – you’ll find numerous Found Footage Horror movies using them!


I wouldn’t normally include anything on this site I felt was fake, but the level of editing and effort put into this was quite impressive at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, this is the type of thing we are up against these days – the truth will always end up being diluted by the high quality hoax efforts…which is a shame really!

Now it’s over to you – just because I think it’s fake, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to follow suit!

What are your thoughts on this new ghost footage?

A real recording of paranormal activity…or nothing more than an impressive piece of amateur CGI?

Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

The Colwyn Bay Ghost

The Colwyn Bay Ghost

Colwyn Bay (or ‘Bae Colwyn’ as it is known in Welsh) is a seaside town in the Conwy County Borough on the north coast of Wales overlooking the Irish Sea. It was established as it’s own parish identity back in 1844 when it was no more than a group of houses making up a small village.

In this article we will be taking a look at the reports surrounding the Colwyn Bay ghost of the Princess Theatre Bingo and Social Club

Multiple Sightings

Over the years, especially since I’ve been reporting on paranormal matters, I’ve come across my fair share of skeptics.

Well that’s okay – at the end of the day they have their right to an opinion, just like everyone else.

Skeptics will always have the opportunity to ridicule paranormal reports from single witnesses…but what happens when these reports come from multiple, respected sources?

Quarry Jetty in Colwyn Bay

The Picture

In 1990, Sandra Lloyd, the manageress of the Princess Theatre Bingo and Social Club, decided to take a few snaps of the club after closing time. She spent about an hour walking around the staff cleaning up, taking various shots at various angles.

When the developed photos returned, a few days later, she was shocked to see that a few of the images showed a ghostly figure hovering above the venue’s busy barman.

This figure had definitely not been there when the pictures were first taken.

The pictures stirred up quite a fuss locally and were eventually published in County Pioneer.

NOTE: Unfortunately we have not been able to locate examples of these images for this article. If anyone reading this article knows where we can find them – please contact us through our contact page located HERE

Numerous Staff Reports

It turns out that a large number of the staff that had worked at the venue over the years had experienced some sort of contact with this ghostly apparition.

Many of them describe the entity as a fleeting, hazy figure – there one minute…and gone the next!

Princess Theatre Bingo and Social Club

It has also been noted that the ‘spirit’ is not that fond of large groups of people, as it only seems to materialize after the customers have left the venue.


Many locals to the area believe that the haunting most likely has it’s origins in the accidental death of a man when the building was used as a cinema.

This unfortunate guy somehow managed to die in a freak accident inside the projection box.

As we touched on above – we are struggling to locate examples of the photographs that Sandra Lloyd took back in 1990. If you know of any way we can obtain copies for use in this article, please either leave a comment below or contact us through the this page.

Thanks for reading!

The Ghost on Highway 281

The Ghost on Highway 281

In this article we will be taking a look at the story behind the now famous ghost on highway 281 – Lackey.

Numerous reports have described a unkempt hitchhiker, in light-blue shirt and tan or light brown trousers walking the stretch of road at night. His neck bares a deep cut and one side of his shirt is covered in blood…he also carries a long knife.

Lackey Starts Slashing!

Nobody really knows why, but, a man named ‘Lackey’, from Johnson City, decided to pick up his knife and go to town on his relatives (the exact date is unknown – but it’s safe to say it was over a century ago!).

He managed to carve his way through several relatives before he was eventually caught by the law. He was then taken to the then County Seat, Blanco, where he was put in the jail.

Highway 281

Lackey obviously had a bee in his bonnet with his relatives – but unfortunately for him, most of the locals got on fine with them…


One night something on the order of a dozen or so of these locals, dressed themselves up in masks, and took a wagon down to the local jail.

They broke into the building and pointed their guns at the head jailer – they wanted the key to Lackey’s cell.

He handed it over.

The dragged Lackey, kicking and screaming, to the wagon, then carted him off North.

The Execution

Halfway between Blanco and Johnson City, the ‘posse’ pulled over the wagon and positioned it under a nearby tree. They then stood Lackey up, on the tailgate of the wagon, put the noose around his neck, and asked him if he had any last words.

He did…

“If you’ll turn me loose and give me a knife, I’ll go back to Johnson City and finish what I started, and after that I don’t care what you do to me.”

Yep – the man DEFINITELY had BIG problems with his relatives!

Anyway, they didn’t cut him loose.

The wagon pulled off and Lackey was left hanging off the tree…but this particular rope was much too thin for this sort of execution.

As he struggled, hanging there, the thin rope cut into his neck and he eventually bled out – not the most pleasant way to go.

The Execution

His body was eventually found by the sheriff the following day – one side of his shirt was completely covered in blood that had spouted from his neck.

The remaining relatives, that he didn’t manage to get at, decided that they wanted nothing to do with his body…so he was buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave.

The Ghost on Highway 281

Over the years, there have been numerous reports of Lackey’s ghost trying to scam a lift back towards Johnson City. Certain truck drivers refuse to travel that stretch of road at night…

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The San Antonio Ghost Train Tracks

The San Antonio Ghost Train Tracks

I first came across the ‘story’ of the San Antonio ghost train tracks about a decade ago – at the time it hadn’t been hit up by the debunkers and the skeptics (man I HATE those guys!).

Anyway, over the last decade or so…this paranormal report has take a little bit of a beating…

Fact or Fiction…

So what’s the story behind the San Antonio ghost train tracks?

Okay, to get this paranormal ‘episode’ to work – you have to set your car up first…


Yep – you have to first drive to the train tracks on the South Side of town near Villamain and Shane roads. After this you need to get out and spread baby powder (or Talcum Powder – depending on where you live!) all over the back window of the car.

You then drive up onto the tracks…and leave the car parked in neutral.

You then have to wait until a train approaches.

At this point, a team of ghostly children are thought to appear and push your car to safety!

ghost train tracks

Now, I’m not exactly condoning this sort of thing – if you are mad enough to try it out for yourself – go for it!

Just don’t blame me if things go…wrong!

But why do these ghostly children appear?

Well, it all comes from a local legend that says that in the early 1900’s, a bus got stuck on these very tracks, and a train collided with it…

Killing all of the children on board.


Recent research points to the fact that this tragic bus accident probably happened elsewhere – in Utah.

On top of this, a group of skeptical ghost hunters discovered that the road near the tracks provides an optical illusion where it looks completely flat, but in fact, there is a gradual decline.

This means that if you leave a car in neutral – it will gradually move along as if someone is pushing it along a flat road with no incline!

skeptical ghost hunters

Now it’s over to you – real paranormal happenings or nothing more than a urban legend?

Do you think these ghostly children exist?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Ghosts of Disneyland

The Ghosts of Disneyland

When I was twelve my father had to retire from his job as a dentist, due to football injury to his wrist he had been living with for a number of years.

He got a pretty decent medical insurance payout – so he decided to treat the family with a trip to America…and Disneyland.

I loved every minute of it – what a magical place…but I remember an elderly worker there holding a conversation with myself and my mother…regarding the ghost of Walt Disney himself!

That was it for me – the very next day my dad took me searching for a book on the ghosts of Disneyland – seems like I was a geek, even back then!

The Ghost of Walt Disney

The great man himself – apparently he never left the location!

When he was alive, he had a personal home/apartment built above the fire station on Main Street.

He used to stay there from time to time with his family and close friends – he also used it as an office to get away from it all.

After his death in 1966, the apartment remained empty but the workers at Disneyland treated it exactly the same – they made sure it was cleaned frequently and kept it secure.

The Ghost of Walt Disney

On one occasion, a female cleaner was working at the park late at night, and Walt’s apartment was on the cleaning list.

She carried out her cleaning duties there, turned the light off, and left the apartment.

When she got back out on the Main Street she noticed the light had been turned back on.

She returned to the apartment and turned the light off once again…and made sure the location was locked. She also unplugged the lamp to make sure there were no fuse problems.

When she got back out on Main Street she turned to see the lamp flicker on, then the curtains slam shut…as if someone had been staring down at her…but did not want to be seen…

Ever since this paranormal incident, workers at the park have opted to leave the light on every night – they want visitors to know that Walt Disney’s spirit is alive and kicking in the area…

The Ghost Space Mountain

The friendly ghost that haunts Space Mountain is named ‘Mr. One-Way’.

This strange entity spends his time queuing for the ride and talking to visitors to the park. Apparently it always becomes apparent that this man is not from our time…

Sometimes he is described as a grown man with reddish hair – other reports have him at the much younger age of a teenage boy.

He is known to get on the ride with a human passenger…but disappear at some point during the ride’s journey.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The popular ride was once said to have been made up of real skeletons – apparently in 1967 real skeletons were a lot cheaper than the movie prop versions!

Pirates of the Caribbean ghost

Anyway, one set of ‘real’ skull and crossbones is thought to still remain on the ride – the one over the dead captain’s bed!

These bones are thought to be behind the paranormal reports that have been made by visitors to the ride, over the decades since the 60’s.

The Lady in White

The reported ghost of a Victorian lady that wanders the Main Street from time to time.

There have been numerous reports from children regarding this strange lady in white. All of the children have lost their parents on Main Street and the Victorian lady appears to lead them to the baby care center.

Research points to the fact that this woman could be a lady that died at the site before the park was built (in the early 1900’s).

Employees believe that the old fashioned feel of Main Street somehow attracts her spirit.

The Ghost of Thomas Cleveland

An annual tradition in Los Angeles – Graduation night at Disneyland.

Numerous grad parties are let loose on Disneyland and allowed to use it’s functions until 6am the following morning.

In 1966 one of these ‘Disney Grad Parties’ ended in tragedy when a boy named Thomas Cleveland got sucked up into the workings of a Monorail.

The Ghost of Thomas Cleveland

Ever since the tragic accident – a ghost has been spotted late at night, running towards approaching monorails.

It apparently disappears when it reaches the spot where Cleveland died.

The Ghosts of Disneyland

These are the most common reports of paranormal activity at Disneyland – we are led to believe there are many more ‘lesser entities’ residing there.

Do you have any experiences with the paranormal at Disneyland?

If so we would love to hear from you!

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject, in the comment section below.

Jenny Groesbeck – The Voice

Jenny Groesbeck - The Voice

On the night of Friday, March the 6th, 2015, Jenny Groesbeck and her daughter, Lily, left her parent’s house in Salem and headed home for Springfield.

Tragedy struck when Jenny lost control of her vehicle and ended up in the Spanish Fork River

The Wreck

The vehicle was not discovered for a whole 14 hours – eventually a fisherman happened upon it.

He called in the emergency services who arrived thinking the car was probably an abandoned vehicle. When they managed to get closer to the wreck they then realized that there was someone inside!

The Wreck

They were in process of discussing what they were going to do with the situation, when they heard a female’s voice pleading for help.

They instantly dropped the discussion and returned to the car – they flipped the crashed vehicle and noticed there were actually two people inside it.

The Cry

The mother, Jenny Groesbeck, was dead, but her daughter Lily was still hanging on to life.

She was rushed to hospital and the emergency service workers were treated for hypothermia at the same nearby hospital.

The Cry

They later found out that Jenny had actually died on impact when the car crashed – who had been calling for help from inside the twisted wreck?

Lily was just a baby, and unconscious throughout the whole ordeal…but the rescuers stood by what they experienced – someone called for help from inside the vehicle.

A Mother’s Love

Jenny’s family are in no doubt that she somehow managed to transcend the veil between life and death to call out for help.

Her love for Lily was so strong, she would have found a way to get her to safety.

A Mother's Love

Lily spent approximately a week in the ICU while recovering, doctors were fearful that she would wake with severe brain damage after the 14 hour ordeal.

She made a full recovery.

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Recent Real Images of Ghosts (Dec 2017)

Recent Real Images of Ghosts (Dec 2017)

The coolest part of running a website in this genre, is the amount of private messages I get sent to me (not in a perverted way!).

No, most of these contact messages contain, or are directing me, to recent publications regarding proof of the paranormal

Real images of ghosts, videos, cryptozoology proof, UFO images – you name it – I get it!

Unfortunately, the workload of this site, and it’s brother site Real Unexplained Mysteries, makes it hard for me to cover a lot of this sent material…and it get’s lost in the mass of mail I receive on a daily basis!

So, today I decided to place a few of the more recent captured paranormal images up here, before they disappeared into the black hole of my email account…

Hope you enjoy them!

Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook Image

I thought I’d start with this one because it has a particular eerie feeling about it. It was published to the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook page by an Aussie named Kim Davison (apparently from Queensland).

Research led them to believe that this was the image of a young girl that had drowned in the very same river over a century before the photo was taken.

What do you think…

Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook Image

Ghostly Figure By The Houses Of Parliament

This recent image was taken in front of the Houses of Parliament one evening and has been examined by numerous photographic experts…all of them have been left baffled by it’s results!

These same experts claimed that most so called ‘paranormal’ images can be explained away through photographic science…but this one could not.

A strange picture as the figure seems to be wearing some form of headphones – recently deceased perhaps?

What do you think…

Ghostly Figure By The Houses Of Parliament

The Norwegian Wedding Party

This is a strange one – very strange indeed!

It was a Norwegian wedding party that was held at an old farm, famous for being the former home of M. Munthe (a children’s book author).

It was apparently snapped on an iPhone camera and then posted to Reddit. If you look to the left you will see some of the professional photographer’s equipment – he didn’t manage to catch this image in his pictures.

The pro photographer claimed he had never come across a digital camera ‘glitch’ like this before and really couldn’t explain it.

Nobody at the party that day turned up wearing black…

The Norwegian Wedding Party

Three Legs & Three Arms

I actually came across this image myself when I was scanning the Irish Mirror for any new paranormal reports.

An extremely creepy effect that would probably take weeks to pull off in a Photoshop project…if it could be pulled off at all?

Laura Clarke, from Belfast, shared the image of her holding three-year-old Theo and smiling to the camera during a family ‘day of the dead’ party to honor their loved ones who had passed.

This image was backed up by a series of creepy incidents that had been happening to the family – Laura believes that it could be her deceased father, Terry, trying to show his presence.

What do you think…

Three Legs & Three Arms

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The Belmez Ghost Faces

The Belmez Ghost Faces

In this article we will be taking a look at the Belmez ghost faces that Maria Gomez first noticed in her kitchen floor, back in 1971. A very interesting case that many believe to be linked to distressed spirits reaching out for help from Purgatory…

The Stain

In 1971, Maria Gomez noticed a strange stain on her relatively new kitchen floor. Over the next few hours she was horrified as this strange stain began to form a human face.

Fear quickly took over and she began religiously scrubbing the area affected by the the face-shaped stain – nothing would remove it!

When she realized the stain was not going to shift – she showed it to her husband and her son. She then instructed them to smash up the kitchen floor with an axe to get rid of the ghostly image (as you can imagine – she was pretty desperate to remove this ghostly apparition!).

Once the floor was removed the Gomez family went about arranging a new floor fitting – they didn’t mind the financial outlay because the face was finally gone.

To Maria’s horror – a couple of days after the new kitchen floor was put in…the face returned!

This spooky phenomena quickly spread throughout this small Spanish town and eventually reached the desk of the mayor. He was intrigued by the incident and contacted the Gomez family personally.

He managed to convince them not to smash up the kitchen floor for a second time, he then sent over a group of ‘qualified’ investigators.

The Investigation

The group of investigators were completely shocked by what they found – they eventually managed to convince the Gomez family to remove the whole kitchen floor so they could take it back to their labs – for closer inspection.

The Investigation

The kitchen pretty much ended up being completely excavated…and they found a group of headless human skeletons under the kitchen floor!

The skeletons were immediately moved to a nearby cemetery, in the hope that their burial would stop these phantom faces from appearing…but things only got worse…

The Faces

More and more paranormal faces began to appear in the Gomez home after the skeletons were removed.

On occasion, a new face would be seen in the morning…but a couple of hours later this face would be replaced by a completely different face!

Most of the initial (or original) faces were male – now the faces of women and children were also appearing.

The ‘phenomenon’ soon received worldwide attention – a very famous paranormal researcher named Dr. Hans Bender claimed that this was probably the most important paranormal find of modern times.

Fact or Fiction

Over the years there have been many claims that the Belmez ghost faces were nothing more than an elaborate hoax – these claims never had any sort of logical backing whatsoever.

The house went through numerous investigations and experiments and was even under 24 hour surveillance – the ghostly faces still appeared.

More recently, a few experts have concluded that Maria Gomez may have had a paranormal ability called Thoughtography. This is where a person is able to project an image onto a surface either deliberately or accidentally.

Did Maria possess this ability without knowing it?

Was she responsible for the phantom faces in the floor?

Well, Maria died in 2004 and there have since been several reports of the faces returning to the property…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.