The Skirrid Mountain Inn – The Haunting

The Skirrid Mountain Inn - The Haunting

Some believe that this delightful old Welsh inn dates back further than 1110 when records show that a certain John Crowther was executed inside the building.

He was (apparently) caught steeling local sheep and hung from one of the beams inside the main room of the inn.

Over the next 8 centuries a total of 182 similar criminals would meet the same fate as good old John Crowther.

Execution does seem a bit of a dark tactic for a local inn to employ but ‘way back when’ the building also doubled up as a local courthouse.

The executions were still taking place until half way through the 19th century when a new set of owners decided that enough was enough. It was time to concentrate on getting people pissed instead!

The Spirits

With so many shady characters meeting their end within the walls of this building there is bound to be a certain paranormal echo resonating throughout.

The spirits of those executed in the inn often make their presences known in a rather direct and frightening manner.

The Spirits

A strange and overwhelming sensation has effected many visitors to the inn in recent times.

They often report the feeling of something cold being slipped over their neck before their lungs lock up – they are unable to breathe until they manage to break free from the malign grip.

These frightened customers often display bruised rope burn marks around their necks days after the disturbing experience.

The Lady of The Inn

A unknown lady also haunts the inn but is a much less threatening entity. Although never seen, she is both felt and heard by staff and patrons as she frequently rustles past them.

Her presence always coincides with a distinct drop in temperate within the inn walls.

In the mid 90’s a live radio broadcast took place in the inn which involved a well known local medium. He claimed that he was in the presence of a young lady that actually died in the inn of consumption many years before.

The landlady at the time was not really a believer in the paranormal but she thanked the medium for his time in a polite manner – she could not prove or disprove his statements.

Abergavenny as seen from the Monmouthshire Canal 2014, with the Skirrid in the centre of the picture
Abergavenny as Seen From The Monmouthshire Canal 2014, With The Skirrid Mountain in The Center of The Picture

Several months later a couple turned up at the inn and started to ask the same landlady questions about the former owners.

They were in the process of researching their family tree and one of their bloodlines led to the inn.

The landlady discovered that one of their ancestors was named Harry Price and his wife had died whilst living in the inn of consumption. She was in her early thirties.

She then discovered that this same wife was buried in a local graveyard where she still lays to this day.

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Llanelli Ghosts – Paranormal Wales

Llanelli Ghosts - Paranormal Wales

I was born and bred in Carmarthen, South Wales. This beautiful area of the country is littered with fantastic castles and ancient, yet impressive buildings.

Due to my interest in the paranormal from a young age – I came across numerous (paranormal) reports based in my surrounding area.

In this article I decided to cover one of these areas I spent a great deal of time as a kid – Llanelli.

So, lets take a closer look at the Llanelli ghosts of past and present…

The Park Howard Mansion

This superbly grand sandstone mansion looms above Llanelli’s grandest park – it is an area that contains many unique buildings.

Over the years there have been a large amount of sightings regarding a lady in white that peers out of the tower window.

The Park Howard Mansion

This white lady is often joined by the figure of a ghostly nurse and a wounded soldier on the main staircase.

During the two world wars the building was used as an emergency hospital – could this be the reason these three spirits wander it’s halls?

Stradey Woods

As a young child I pretty much HATED the Stradey Woods area of Llanelli – I spent many a Scouts camping trip there and the area was intensely creepy at night.

The most widely seen ghost associated with the woods is a sort of ‘old fashioned runner’.

He is often seen speedily making his way through the area in old/aged sporting gear.

The spirit has been linked to reports of a tragedy that happened back in the 1930’s when a runner was hit and killed by a passing car.

Even the police in the area admit to receiving several calls a year regarding a ghostly figure running through the wooded area.

Stepney Mansion/Hotel

Back in the mid 80’s, I actually went to school with the daughter of owner of this Jacobean mansion with Georgian features (but for the life of me I cannot remember her name!).

The building is said to have two main spirits in residence.

The first is the ghost of a woman in a heavy brocaded gown that seems to be covered in noisy trinkets or garments.

Stepney Mansion/Hotel

There have been numerous reports of her making a sort of ‘swishing’ sound as she approaches witnesses.

The second ghost is said to be that of a maid named Mira Turner. She died whilst serving at the house way back in 1851.

The Ghostly Carriage

A 12th Century church with 15th Century renovations seems to be the focal point of a rather shocking ghostly form of transport.

St. Elli Parish Church often enjoys a visit from a ghostly carriage that disappears into it’s treacherous bend at the church wall.

The carriage is often seen flying down the Park Howard hill before it does it’s disappearing act in the old wall.

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London Haunted Tube Stations

London Haunted Tube Stations

In this article we will be taking a look at the known haunted tube stations in the South London area. If you are from this area and have additional information to add to our findings please feel free to use the comment section found at the bottom of this article.

The Elephant & Castle Footsteps

The Elephant and Castle tube station is said to be haunted by ghostly phantom footsteps, tapping sounds and doors which open of their own accord.

Numerous staff members have reported the sound of unseen footsteps leading from a main platform to the booking hall area.

One particular night porter put in several reports claiming that his office door would violently swing open and then closed again throughout the night.

He would often jump out of his seat and run onto the platform believing he could catch the culprit. Whenever he got to the other side of the door the platform was eerily deserted.

Elephant & Castle Tube Station - Northbound Northern Line
Elephant & Castle Tube Station – Northbound Northern Line

More recent porter employees have reported the sound of strong footsteps walking along the platform at night. They would reach the porter office door and suddenly stop, as if someone was about to barge into the room.

One particular porter employee heard the phantom footsteps lead up to his room followed by a loud banging on the office door.

He left the job the next day telling his employers he would never work at the station again.

The Haunting of The Kennington Loop

Kennington station forms part of the Northern Line in the London underground and over the years it has received it’s fair share of paranormal phenomena.

Kennington is the terminus for the Charing Cross branch line. To prevent the need for shunting, terminating trains proceed in to what is known as the Kennington loop.

This loop is basically put in place so that trains can switch direction and return to the same platform for a return journey in the opposite direction.

Kennington Station Bank Northbound
Kennington Station Bank Northbound

The most famous Kennington paranormal incident happened one night in 1980 when a train was held at a loop signal as it waited to return to the station platform.

Only the driver and guard were on the train at this time and they both heard someone walking through the carriages loudly slamming the doors behind themselves.

The driver and guard were separated at the time so they naturally thought that the other was making his way through the train…this was not the case!

When they finally came off duty later that night they reported the incident to their bosses.

It turned out that they were not the only tube workers to have experienced this – other train crews had also experienced the opening and slamming of the carriage doors on several occasions.

The Oval and Stockwell Worker

Paul Fisher, a London Underground trainee manager, was hard at work one night in 1984 after he had been given the task of walking the line between the Oval and Stockwell stations.

Deep into the walk he exited the south Island place tunnel to find an old man working at replacing a portion of the train track.

He noticed that this elderly gentleman was using an old tilly oil lamp for work light and he asked where the man had got it from.

The elderly worker replied that he preferred to use these types of lamps and had always opted to use them.

After some further conversational pleasantries Fisher resumed his walk and ended up in his destination in Stockwell.

On arrival, his first task was to inform the line controller that there were no real problems on the train line, other than the elderly worker by the south Island place tunnel.

The controller informed Fisher that no workers were booked in to be working the track that night so they both returned to the track area to see if they could locate the man.

When they arrived there was no sign of the man or the work on the track that he had been carrying out.

Fisher was adamant that he met and talked with this elderly worker and decided to look into the matter further.

He found out that in the 1950’s, a track maintenance man, working on a noisy compressor, failed to hear a approaching train and was killed.

The driver of the train wasn’t able to stop in time before hitting the elderly worker who was carrying his trusty tilly lamp…

Haunted Changi Beach

Haunted Changi Beach

In 1942, in the midst of World War 2, the Japanese forces swept into and ultimately occupied the British colony of Singapore.

For those Allied men, women and children who had not succeeded in escaping, years of hell were to follow. Interred in Prisoner of War camps they were treated with appalling cruelty and torture.

Starved, beaten, denied medical treatment and basic sanitation, many tried desperately to escape. For those that failed, retribution was swift and brutal.

It was shocking enough that Allied civilians were treated in this dreadful way but the cruelty of the Japanese was to extend to the indigenous population of Singapore.

To be suspected of aiding the Allies or to be anti-Japanese meant immediate death.

In acts of atrocity, they were rounded up and massacred on the shores of the Straits of Johore. Now known as haunted Changi Beach, the souls of these innocents are still witnessed wandering the sands as they seek an explanation for their sudden and violent deaths.

The Sook Ching Massacre

In an echo of Nazi Germany, the phrase Sook Ching is roughly translated as ‘purge by cleansing’ and is used to describe the massacre of thousands of innocent Chinese in the British colony of Singapore in 1942.

On the 15th February 1942, Singapore fell to the Japanese. Three days later and the Japanese began rounding up local Chinese people who they believed were anti- Japanese or who had British sympathies and began to murder them.

For almost a month the massacre continued at various places across Singapore.

One of the first places where executions took place was Changi Beach. Those who were rounded up included those with British connections, men with tattoos and people from China who had migrated to Malaysia and Singapore.

At least 66 men were executed as they lined up against the water’s edge before they were beheaded.

The Japanese proudly photographed the piles of heads stacked on the sand, cruelly leaving them to be retrieved by grieving relatives who wanted to bury their dead.

Others who met their death at the beach were taken a short distance out to sea in small boats thrown over the side and machine-gunned as they floundered in the water.

Prisoner of War Sabotage

For British and Australian soldiers interred in prisoner of war camps, escape was the ultimate aim. If escape proved impossible then sabotage was the next best thing.

On one occasion a group of saboteurs escaped from Changi Camp and managed to gain access to the Changi aerodrome.

Discovering a number of plane engines waiting to be serviced, they decided to tamper with them.

Looking around them they discovered some batteries and jars of Sulphuric acid. Brushing the engine cylinders with the sulphuric acid, they managed to sabotage eight planes in total before sneaking back into their camp.

Around the same time the Americans began to fly their B29 Bombers over Singapore. In response, the Japanese unwittingly scrambled the planes that had been sabotaged.

Changi Boardwalk, Singapore

When they crashed immediately or failed to take off they realized that sabotage had taken place.

Unable to believe that soldiers had escaped from and then re-entered the prisoner of war camp, they looked around for suspects. With no evidence whatsoever, they blamed local workers.

Rounding up the innocent men they took them to Changi Beach where they tortured them for two days before executing them for an act they were completely innocent of.

Execution of the Japanese

In an act of complete irony some of those who cruelly tortured and murdered innocent people on Changi Beach, later met their fate in the same way.

When the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan, brought the war to an end, those who had committed war crimes in Singapore were forced to pay for their actions.

The first to die was Lieutenant–General Fukuyei, accused of executing two Australian and two British soldiers on the shores of Changi Beach, he was sentenced to hang at the same place.

Also condemned to hang on Changi Beach was Vice-Admiral Hara. He along with five other Japanese soldiers was found guilty of murdering nine Burmese soldiers on Changi Beach.

By the time the war trials ended Changi had hosted a further 135 executions, this time in an act of retribution all those executed were Japanese.

The Haunted Beach

Visitors to the beautiful Changi Beach today have reported strange and unexplained events that suggest the spirits of those executed on its shores are reluctant to leave.

Haunting cries and screams have been heard echoing through the night as well as the sobbing of women who presumably came seeking the bodies of their dead husbands.

Decapitated heads have been witnessed bobbing up and down on the tide as well as flying through the air. Headless bodies wander the shoreline looking for their heads.

Singapore, Changi, Beach

Perhaps they cannot travel onward to their afterlife until they are complete again.

Some people claim to have seen bloodstains appear from nowhere upon the sand and others are adamant that they have seen the replay of executions before their eyes.

So why do these troubled souls refuse to leave?

The locals in Singapore believe that the innocent victims of Japanese war crimes are angry at the injustice of their fate and cannot rest until they have retribution.

Ironically, some of those who ordered their deaths were later executed at the same spot. How sad to think that the souls of the innocent are bound forever to their tormentors.


The haunted Changi Beach is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Miles and miles of golden sands stretch down to the Straits of Johore.

Facing eastwards to the sea, visitors are stunned by the spectacular sunsets, scarlets, golds, deep blues and reds, rippling across the horizon.

Encompassing all that is beautiful about the natural world it also epitomizes all that is cruel and wicked in mankind.

Seventy plus years after the end of the Second World War and fishermen still discover human skulls caught in their nets.

Each tide covers and then uncovers the hundreds of funeral urns left by grieving relatives upon the sand.

Rumored to contain the cremated remains of those executed upon the beaches, a curse will befall anyone who attempts to remove them.

Many atrocities were committed during the Second World War. The Japanese were particularly cruel to those unfortunates who became their prisoners.

In turn, they were forced to surrender by an act that many still find hard to justify today. All these years later and some cannot forgive and forget.

The people of Singapore believe that to this day, Changi Beach is haunted by the innocent locals, murdered by the Japenese during a war that should not have involved them.

These restless, troubled souls can’t make sense of their own deaths and are destined to wander eternally searching for answers they will probably never receive.

Perhaps then, more than anything these beautiful but blood-soaked sands stand as a reminder that war is a futile waste of life and in times of conflict, it is always the innocent who suffer most.

Marilyn Monroe Ghost Sightings

Marilyn Monroe Ghost Sightings

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous actresses of the 1950’s. Known for her beauty and style, Marilyn definitely left her mark on the entertainment industry.

Her death in 1962 of a barbiturate overdose left millions of fans devastated that they would never again be able to see her.

Or would they?

Many of her fans have reported Marilyn Monroe ghost sightings…

Marilyn’s Untimely Death

At the young age of 36, Marilyn was found dead in her home by her housekeeper. A bottle of sleeping pills was next her, indicating that her death was a suicide.

However, upon further investigation, some authorities suggest that her death may have been an accident, or perhaps even murder.

Marilyn had a troubled youth, and her angst continued throughout her successful modelling and acting career, as well as through her love life.

She suffered through two failed marriages, and allegedly had affairs with both John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert F. Kennedy.

These affairs may have been what led to her death, as her involvement with the brothers would have been extremely detrimental to JFK’s political career.

Throughout her career, Marilyn always appeared to be happy and cheerful, while in reality she was hiding her pain. Perhaps this is why she haunts certain places?

Home in Brentwood

The presence of Marilyn has been felt several times at her home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

This is the only house Marilyn ever owned, and she put a great deal of energy into making it a home, including several trips to Mexico for authentic furnishings.

This is also where the star died, so it is highly likely that she spends much of her time in her former home.

She has even been seen peeking over the gate at passers by, and a life-like form of her has been seen on the sidewalk.

Several psychics who have visited the home say that Marilyn insists her death was accidental, and not suicide.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The most Marilyn sightings have been reported at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, likely because this is where Marilyn spent a great deal of time.

She lived in the hotel for two years as her modelling career took off. Specifically, she haunts suite 1200, the room she requested when she stayed in the hotel.

One of the most common places to see the celebrity is in a full-length mirror that hangs in the room, which Marilyn reportedly purchased during her stay at the hotel.

The first sighting was shared by a hotel employee, who had been cleaning the mirror.

She saw a blonde woman reflected in the mirror, yet when she turned around there was no one there. Turning back to the mirror, the employee could still see the woman.

Even after the mirror was moved to the lobby, Marilyn still appears. Several guests have seen her as they enter the hotel. Sometimes she is posing for them, and sometimes she is admiring herself.

The blonde bombshell has also been spotted walking through the bar and dancing in the ballroom.

Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Marilyn has also been encountered at her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A faint but distinct pink mist has been reported floating around her star, as well as in front of her grave.

At one time her Cadillac was on display near the star, and several tourists took photos of the iconic car. After reviewing the photos, they saw Marilyn posing in the back seat of the car.

She appeared to have turned to face the photographers to be part of their pictures.

Cabin at Lake Tahoe

A cabin at the Cal Neva resort at Lake Tahoe is also a favorite place of Marilyn’s and has been included in several accounts of paranormal activity.

Visitors report feeling someone standing close to them, and paranormal investigators have found high levels of Electromagnetic Field readings.

Visitors and staff have also heard Marilyn singing, and some have spotted her swimming in the private pool.


Whether Marilyn’s death was suicide, murder, or accidental, her spirit is still highly active in Los Angeles.

From her home to the hotel she temporarily lived in, Marilyn has no trouble exploring the city that launched her career.

She is likely to continue visiting her favorite places, so there is no end in sight for Marilyn Monroe ghost sightings.

Was Amityville Horror a Hoax?

Was Amityville Horror a Hoax?

Many people still wonder… was Amityville Horror a hoax or not? Well, the following facts and true accounts will give you an opportunity to come up with your own verdict and version of the truth.

Our research took us back to the 70’s when America’s bestselling horror story began…

The Facts:

#1 – The real horror took place one cold February night at around 3 A.M. (the infamous “witching hour”…) way back in 1974 in a house located at 112 Ocean Ave. That’s in Long Island, NY.

The DeFeo’s were unfortunate (sorry to say…) to have Butch as a son. Evidence produced in court by the prosecution led by Gerald Sullivan proved that Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his entire family in cold blood and was found guilty for all 6 murders.

#2 – In 1976 the Lutz family moves in and only live in the house for 28 days. They bought the 6-bedroom property for only $80, 000 since nobody wanted to live in a house where all those people died.

I bet you wouldn’t either, but George and Kathy sold their individual homes and decided to pool their finances and move in together as a family in this big Dutch colonial home.

#3 – The Lutz family were perfectly aware of what had happened in that house and the reason why they were able to get the house at such a price.

#4 – The Lutz family (well, George…), call Butch’s state appointed attorney William Weber and tell him about the supernatural disturbances going on around their home and wonder if he could use that to help his case.

Weber begins to build his defense around a plea for insanity to help his client Butch escape the hangman’s noose.

Of course Sullivan tears through this weak defense and gets a conviction, sending a cold killer to jail for 6 lifetimes.

George pitches a book idea based on the horror stories experienced by the Lutz family. Weber brushes it off.

#5 – George Lutz approaches Jay Anson who agrees to write the story into a novel. The book goes on to sell over 6 million copies but the Lutz family only lands $300, 000 from the whole deal.

Both the Lutz family and Anson get huge media attention.

#6 – New York’s Local TV station reporter Laura Didio holds a slumber party for big psychic names including the Warrens; you know, the Ed and Lorraine Warren ghost busting couple…

Other big names include paranormal studies professor, Hans Holzer. All the psychics and the good professor confirm the presence of “Unnatural spirits” roaming the Amityville house.

#7 – None of the subsequent residents of this house have reported any supernatural occurrences.

#8 – Someone or some people really made and continue to rake in a fortune from this single story.

Unproven Facts: Highly Disputed

#1 – The Lutz family reports paranormal activity inside the Amityville house during their short and extremely troubled stay. This is the beginning of the whole Amityville horror story that spawns into books and…

#2 – Swarms of insects covering their windows, green goo falling from the ceiling, levitating sleeping bodies, and so many other small events.

#3 – A priest brought in to pray for the house and ward off evil spirits, Father Pecoraro, is slapped by an unseen entity and ordered to leave the house.

He also starts to bleed through his palms. Sounds more like a movie scene…

#4 – Lorraine, a self-proclaimed light trance medium says there’s an angry Indian spirit haunting the 112 Ocean Avenue house since it was supposedly built on an “Indian graveyard”.

The Twist

This is where everything becomes confusing…how can such vivid and “true” horrible accounts of a tormented family, as told by Anson in his 1977 publication be a lie?

No believer of the Amityville horror story wants to hear this but there are just too many missing links.

Everyone involved in the creation of this fascinating horror story/book/movie/almost occult following, have all come out and said that it was all a lie.

Although George still holds on to his story and claims everything was absolutely true, Anson contradicts this by saying he might have sprinkled a pinch of salt in his book to make it juicy for his readers.

Weber is on record saying that they (together with George who controlled much of what went into the novel by the way…) totally made up the Lutz haunting story over a few bottles of wines.

Of course now we know what inspired all that wild imagination…

They could easily have made everything up since it’s obvious they all, including Weber, had financial gain as a very strong motive.

Rumors have it that the first book deal between the Lutz family and Weber fell apart when the lawyer tried to include Butch as a beneficiary to the perks made from the sales.

Apparently the Lutz family felt it was not right that a killer was going to make money out of such grim atrocities. All in all, everything seems to be driven by financial gain.

If the Amityville horror story is proven to be a lie, what becomes of the big names that confirmed the presence of ghosts inside the Amityville house?

I mean, their reputation and everything they stand for definitely takes a nose-dive right?

Although it could be true that the house is haunted, did an evil spirit possess Butch driving him to kill his family?

Were the Lutz family haunted by the massacred DeFeo’s and forced out of their dream home? Was Amityville horror a hoax?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.


The Case of The Screaming Woman

The Case of The Screaming Woman

Scary stories almost always fascinate people. Not only does the audience listening get the chills up their spine, but also the narrator gets his thrills from the way he describes the chilling encounter…

The Location

The legend of the screaming woman is said to have taken place on State Route 152, which runs through California – from Watsonville in south Santa Cruz County to Route 99 approximately 30 miles north of Fresno.

Truckers find this particular stretch of the Expressway preferable for transporting their goods between Monterey Bay and San Joaquin Valley.

The Legend

This incident is said to have occurred quite a few years ago. Hitch-hiking is a common feature on this route and some truckers feel obliged to stop and help these tired travelers.

One such case is of this young woman who was hitching a ride and got a lift from a trucker. The story goes on to say that she died on this journey and although the cause of death is not clear, there are many interpretations of the same.

Some say it was when the truck accidentally drove off the road or was involved in a crash, while others prefer to relate the version where she was murdered by the trucker.

The Apparition

No matter which way the story is being told, the ghost sighting of this young woman is normally the same.

According to this saga, commuters on the route have reportedly seen a phantom truck motoring down the highway with her screaming as she is seated in the passenger seat.

There are also instances of motorists travelling the route alone after dark, accounting their tale of her suddenly appearing in the passenger seat of their car.

She apparently sits there for a brief moment, screams and vanishes as abruptly as she appeared

Variation Sources

The adaptation of this urban legend is said to be similar to others of its kind. The reports of this young screaming hitch-hiker in the moving phantom truck are possibly a variant of the commonly narrated stories of a “ghost wagon” or “ghost car” that are popular all over U.S.

The other version has traces of the “vanishing hitchhiker”, although there are differences in this tale.

In the story of the “vanishing hitchhiker”, there are two occupants in the car and after this paranormal encounter; they meet the parents of the deceased woman.

But in the case of the screaming woman, she merely appears and vanishes into the night- ending the account.


The bottom line of this tale is simply about a ghost of a tormented young woman who means no harm. Given the two variations of this story of the screaming woman, one is definitely spookier than the other.

The sighting of a monstrous truck with a screaming woman is without doubt is something that will frighten you, but the fact that it is just something that you witness makes it somewhat easier to comprehend.

On the other hand, imagine the scenario where you are driving in the darkness of the night, when what you encounter is something within the confines of your own vehicle.

Although the ghost is said to be harmless, the danger of losing control of your car makes this version definitely more terrifying.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the case of the screaming woman please leave them in the comment section below.

Who Was Resurrection Mary?

Who Was Resurrection Mary?

The year is 1939, the place is Chicago. A young man Jerry Palus is attending a dance at the Liberty Grove and Hall near 47th Street and Mozart.

As the evening wears on Jerry is not particularly interested in any of the young ladies enjoying the music or the party atmosphere.

Standing watching the dancers, a young woman suddenly appears in the doorway and catches his eye. Tall and slender with long blonde hair and blue eyes, he is immediately attracted to her.

They spend the rest of the evening dancing and although he finds her a little reserved and cold to touch, he is smitten. At the end of the evening Jerry offers the young woman a lift home.

The lady agrees and gives Jerry her address. Puzzlingly though, she first asks her admirer to take her down Archer Avenue in the opposite direction.

As they drive down the road they approach the gates of Resurrection Cemetery. Suddenly the young woman asks her driver to stop.

Climbing out of the car she tells Jerry that he must not come after her, where she is going he can’t follow. As he watches, the woman disappears from view.

What Jerry doesn’t yet realize is that he may have just spent the evening with Resurrection Mary. Who is Resurrection Mary? You may well ask.

She is of course, Chicago’s most loved and famous ghost.

By the next morning Jerry is so concerned at abandoning his new friend in such a dark and isolated place that he decides to go to her home to make sure that she is safe.

Traveling across town he finds her house with little trouble and knocks on the door. A middle aged lady answers and Jerry asks if he can speak with her daughter.

Before his eyes the woman pales and almost faints.

Recovering her composure minutes later, she informs Jerry that her daughter died five years earlier and is buried in Resurrection Cemetery.

Shaken, Jerry slowly realizes that he has in fact been dancing with a ghost, the ghost of Mary Bregovy.

Mary Bregovy

Mary Bregovy was born in Chicago in 1912. The daughter of Czech immigrants she worked hard in a factory and spent her evenings, when she could, dancing and enjoying herself.

A month before her 21st birthday Mary attended a dance with some friends at the O Henry Ballroom.

At the end of the evening Mary climbed into a car with three of her friends and was traveling through downtown Chicago, presumably on her way home.

As the group rounded a corner at Wacker Drive and Lake Street, the driver John Thoel, failed to see a piece of machinery.

Striking the large object, the vehicle overturned. Mary was thrown through the windscreen, dying immediately. Her companions although injured, survived.

In the months that followed Mary’s friends are rumored to have seen her near the cemetery where she was buried in an unmarked grave.

That cemetery was Resurrection Cemetery. During the 1950’s the caretaker of the cemetery who had known Mary during her lifetime swore that he witnessed her ghost moving through the gravestones.

So can we say for definite that Mary Bregovy is definitely Resurrection Mary?

Apparently not.

Photographs of Mary Bregovy do indeed show a stunningly beautiful young woman, but she is clearly dark not blonde and as for her white dress, the tragic Miss Bregovy was buried in her favorite Orchid gown, a delicate shade of lilac.

Anna Norkus

Ona or Anna Norkus was born in Cicero Illinois in 1914. Once again she was the daughter of immigrant parents.

Part of a deeply religious family she took the name Marija or Mary in devotion to the Blessed Mother.

On 20th July 1927 Anna’s father took herself and her older sister to a dance at the O Henry Ballroom, possibly as a birthday treat for the two girls.

Part of a larger group at the dance, the family of three accepted a lift home with friends. Traveling down the pitch black city streets at 1:30 am they passed the Resurrection Cemetery on Archer Avenue before turning onto 67th Street.

Tragically, the car they were traveling in plunged down an unmarked railway cutting 25 feet deep. Young Anna was the only fatality, her happy evening shattered and her young life snatched cruelly away.

Could Anna be a candidate for Resurrection Mary?

Photographs of the young Anna clearly show that she is blonde and beautiful but is she too young?

Mary Petkiewicz

Mary Petkiewicz was a 17 year old bride who sadly lost her life on Christmas day 1932. Mary was one of five people traveling in a car driven by her young husband Casimir.

On the corner of 55th Street and Cicero, their vehicle collided with another driven by a Steve O’Donnell. Mary was thrown from the car when it overturned and died almost immediately.

Sadly information regarding Mary Petkiewicz is scant and there are no images to compare with the sightings of Resurrection Mary.

Mary Miskowski

Mary Miskowski was a young Polish girl who died in 1930. Aged just 19 Mary was on her way to a Halloween party dressed as a bride after borrowing her mother’s old wedding dress.

As she made her way along the road she was knocked down and killed by a hit and run driver. Described as a pretty blonde by those who knew her, Mary is perhaps the likeliest candidate for our young ghost.

She is certainly the popular choice for many people who leave her flowers, notes and prayers at Resurrection Cemetery.

Sadly, there are no records to confirm Mary’s life or death, possibly due to a misspelling of her name somewhere along the line. She remains a ghostly enigma.

Sightings of Resurrection Mary

Since 1934 there have been countless sightings of Resurrection Mary. She is usually seen walking slowly along Archer Road near Resurrection Cemetery.

Described as blonde, blue eyed and beautiful, she wears a diaphanous white gown and dancing shoes. Initially Mary appeared to be a hitchhiker who would step into the road and try to flag down cars.

If they failed to stop she would jump up onto the running board of older vehicles or throw herself in front. Those who stopped described her as disappearing before their eyes.

In 1973 Mary entered a club called Harlow’s on two occasions. Wearing a faded white dress she danced the night away.

Despite the doors being manned and the building secured, nobody saw Mary enter or leave the building.

On August 10th 1976 at about 10PM the local Police Department received a call informing them that a young girl had been seen locked behind the gates at Resurrection Cemetery.

Arriving at the cemetery the two police officers sent out to investigate found no sign of the girl. What they did find was the cemetery gates damaged.

Something very hot had been used to melt the bars. Impressed into them were the fingerprints of a small adult.

On 12th August 1976 a young female driver reported the body of a woman wearing a white dress lying in front of the cemetery gates.

When the police arrived they found the young driver distraught. The body which she had clearly seen disappeared before her eyes.

In 1978 a truck driver on his way to work in the early morning also spotted the body of a young girl lying in front of the cemetery gates.

Climbing out of his truck, he discovered the girl was severely injured but still breathing. With nobody around the man climbed back into his vehicle and rushed off to seek help.

Returning with an ambulance a few minutes later he was astonished to discover the woman had gone and there was no sign that an accident had ever taken place.

In May 1978 a young couple were driving down Archer Road when a woman wearing a white dress darted in front of their car.

Hitting the brakes too late, the driver knew that he must surely strike the lady. Bracing themselves for impact the couple were astonished when their car passed straight through the body of the young woman who promptly melted away as if she had never been there at all.

In 1979, a cab driver called Ralph turned onto Archer Avenue and spotted a young woman standing by the side of the road. The weather was cold and the young woman didn’t have a coat.

Pulling over the cabbie asked the woman if she would like a lift. The young lady climbed into the front seat of the cab. She broke the silence once only to remark that the snow had come early that year.

As they approached the cemetery the woman became agitated and shouted for the driver to stop. The bewildered driver looked around for a house but could see nothing.

Turning to his passenger to ask where she lived, he was astonished to discover that she had disappeared.

On the last weekend of August in 1980, Mary was spotted by numerous people who reported their sightings to the police. Included in these sightings was one by the deacon of the local Greek Church.

He reported that as he was driving down Archer Road a young blonde haired woman in a long flowing white dress crossed in front of his car before stopping in the middle of the road.

The deacon described the lady as barefoot and walking with her arms outstretched as if she was reaching for something.

On September 5 1980 a young man left a softball game and drove down Archer Road on his way home. As he passed The Red Barrel Restaurant he spotted an attractive young woman standing at the side of the road.

Not one to pass up an opportunity the young man pulled up and asked the pretty girl if she would like a lift. Climbing into the car it was clear that she didn’t want to engage in small talk but indicated that she wanted to go up Archer Road.

Traveling at least 45mph the car did not stop or slow down as it approached the cemetery. Keen to get a date with the lovely young woman the driver turned to ask if she would like to accompany him for a drink.

The young woman had disappeared into thin air.

On October 23 1980 four people witnessed Mary dancing in Archer Road. None of the witnesses knew of the ghost story attached to the cemetery and only discovered that they had seen a ghost when the reported the incident to their families.


Sightings of the beautiful apparition of a young woman continue to be reported near the cemetery on Archer Road to this day.

Who was Resurrection Mary in life?

We will probably never know.

In this cemetery with over 150,000 graves there must be many Marys all with their own story to tell.

The only thing we truly know about the ghostly Mary that Chicago has taken to its heart is that she was a beautiful young woman who loved to dance whose life was cruelly taken far too soon.

Elvis Presley Ghost Sightings

Elvis Presley Ghost Sightings

Dead at age 42 of an apparent heart attack, Elvis Presley was one of, if not the most revolutionary and impacting artists of his time.

He died in Graceland, Memphis, triggering the shock and lamentation of his millions of fans. Elvis was buried in Graceland as well.

However, hundreds of testimonies and claims seem to suggest that the death of the star was not the end of his journey.

Elvis Presley ghost sightings throughout the United States propose that the legendary King of Rock and Roll continues to live on, periodically visiting his favorite locations as he did touring around the country when he was alive.

In fact, Elvis is reportedly one of the most significantly spotted celebrity ghosts…

His Hometown of Graceland, Memphis

Elvis resided in Graceland preceding his death in 1977. Elvis was, evidently, the happiest while he was living in Graceland.

Several sources have reported seeing his ghost standing near his grave or looking out of windows. In addition, there are multiple reports of people feeling his presence in his Graceland mansion – in particular, in the kitchen.

Pictures have also been taken there depicting his face in curtains and windows, visitors to Graceland have also reported hearing Elvis singing.

Interestingly, some claim seeing a younger Elvis in Memphis – Elvis is often seen as his younger ‘soldier self’ wandering around Graceland.

Those touring through his home have reported seeing this many times, at first thinking it to be an actor or impersonator but later discovering that it was not.

His mother, whom Elvis had a great relationship with, is also allegedly seen around Graceland. Also, there have been incidences of poltergeist activity within Graceland – footsteps, toilets flushing, doors opening and closing.

And finally, perhaps the strangest sighting of the King’s ghost, actress Paz de la Heurta insists that he gave her an orgasm while she was visiting the recording studio of his home!

The Venue of The Las Vegas Hilton & Hollywood

The Hilton was the location of Elvis’ very last performance in 1976. The nightclub was one of his most notorious venues, and was consistently sold out and packed every time he performed.

His ghost has been spotted in multiple areas of the hotel, especially his old penthouse suite. He has also been seen in the basement and the elevator.

When spotted in the Hilton, witnesses describe him wearing his typical outfit: a white rhinestone-studded suit.

Las Vegas sightings of Elvis are particularly high nearing his birthday and the date of his death, and a few have also claimed to have seen him driving along the Strip in a vintage red Cadillac.

Those who see him usually assume he’s an impersonator (it’s Vegas, it’s realistic to assume) until describing that if they continued looking or tried to speak with him, his apparition would disappear.

While definitely one of the lesser discussed locations of supposed hauntings by the singer, Hollywood elaborates to being visited by Elvis as well, a man who made over 40 films there in his lifetime.

He often stayed in the Knickerbocker Hotel which he used as a photo-shoot space for Heartbreak Hotel.

The room he stayed in while he was there has reportedly fallen prey to paranormal activity as well, mainly the temperature of the room dropping to strangely low temperatures at random intervals and technological issues.

RCA Recording Studio of Nashville

Since Elvis’ death, the RCA Recording Studio has long been demolished. There, he recorded his first single: Heartbreak Hotel, a monumental song with chilling lyrics – interestingly enough, the writer of the song mentioned that the inspiration of the song had been the words of a suicide note.

There have been many reports of ghost activity, inherently claimed to be Elvis, haunting the location where his career kicked off.

Unexplainable occurrences have happened there – lights suddenly go out, noises, bang, and footsteps seem to come from nowhere, and things fall randomly.

Today, the rooms of the old recording studio are utilized for television production. Workers have publicly stated that simply by saying the King’s name, strange things will immediately start to happen.

Several workers, in addition, say that they have observed his ghost.

A Legend Lives On

While Elvis may not be touring around America doing concerts anymore, he has undoubtedly found a way to continue touring around America and surprising us from the other side.

As he was in life, in death he continues to be spontaneous, lively, and unpredictable. In this way, the several Elvis Presley ghost sightings suggest that the King will never truly die – he and his spirit live on.

Harry Price The Ghost Hunter

Harry Price The Ghost Hunter

Harry Price was a man who stood out as a truth seeker. As a researcher of psychic phenomena and a respected author, he pursued his investigations with passion, and is regarded today as a man who was not afraid to be criticized.

During his lifetime he wrote many books and papers on the subject of the paranormal, conducted scientific investigations and helped to publicly expose many fake mediums and paranormal hoaxers.

A Man of Many Interests

During his younger years Harry Price was a man with many varied interests, such as coin collecting, archaeology and space-telegraphy but the most fascinating was his interest in stage magic and conjuring.

He was a skilled amateur conjurer, noted for his expertise in sleight of hand.

It was this skill together with his thirst for the truth, that set him on the path to becoming a notable and famous paranormal investigator.

Exposing Frauds

In a time where spiritualists, spirit photographers and mediums were extremely popular and almost unquestioned, Harry Price set out to authenticate their claims.

Although most of his work and investigations resulted in the mediums being exposed as frauds, Harry Price did actually endorse some of spiritualists he investigated.

His knowledge as a magician helped him to set up credible tests to investigate these practitioners’ paranormal claims.

While his work was revered by some, it made him very unpopular with others.

One of his noteworthy critics was Arthur Conan Doyle who insisted that Price wrote “sewage” about mediums, and together with his friends tried to keep Price’s papers out of circulation for many years.

Although Price was a member of the Society for Psychical Research, they also became one of the biggest criticizers of his work as he continued to expose fake mediums and disprove phenomena such as ectoplasm.

The Society for Psychical Research disapproved with Prices’ practice of paying mediums to test them, and also with his opinion on the meduimship of the spiritualist Rudi Schneider.

In 1926 Harry Price formed an organization called the National Laboratory of Psychical Research to act as a rival to the Society for Psychical Research.

Price’s Methods

Price used a variety of methods to observe and test the claims of spiritualists.

These included analysis of so-called “ectoplasms” by some mediums, which were shown to actually be the regurgitation of materials such as chewed paper, egg whites and cheesecloth.

In the case of William Hope, Price secretly marked his photographic plates and gave him other plates that had a distinct etching.

When Hope produced his photographic spirit images, Price was able to prove that they were a hoax, as they did not display the etching nor the secret marks.

In the infamous case of Rudi Schneider, Price used photography himself to prove that Schneider’s claims of levitation were merely created by sleight of hand.

Price was able to discredit the meduimship of George Valiantine, who claimed that he had contacted the spirit of Italian-speaking composer Luigi Arditi.

Price studiously recorded all the phases that were credited to the composer, and on investigation he found them to be exact matches to segments in an Italian phrase-book.

A True Believer

But Harry Price did not believe that all of his encounters with the paranormal had scientific explanations.

He wrote about one such experience that he had during a private séance. A woman named Kathleen Goldney is said to have encountered Price the morning after this séance occurred, and reported that he seemed visibly shaken.

During this session Price wrote that he had applied starch powder to the floor, locked the door and taped the windows of the room in which the séance took place.

At some stage during the séance a young girl, who called herself Rosalie, had appeared in a lifelike form.

Price reported having spoken with the girl and being able to touch her.

While he was suspicious during the encounter, he found that once the séance was over none of the seals had been disturbed and there was no evidence in the starch powder that any human being had moved over the floor.

Although the Society for Psychical Research attempted to discredit him, Price was convinced that this was a true paranormal encounter.

Although his work uncovered many mediums and spiritualists as nothing more than hoaxers, Harry Price was a true pioneer in the field of psychic investigation.

The legacy he left is one that reminds that while we can, and should, believe in the paranormal we must always be weary of those who seek only to fool us.