Real Ghostly Images – The Belfast Linen Mill Girls

Real Ghostly Images

I’m not going to beat around the bush – running a website like this is pretty good fun, even the research rocks!

Well, that’s what I was doing yesterday when I came across this fascinating picture – researching topics for this site.

Before we go any further with this article, take another look at the picture above…

The Ghost Hand

How many of you eagle-eyed wonders spotted it?

HAVE you spotted it yet?

Okay, let’s make this easier – check out the full image below…

The Ghostly Hand

This is a photo of a group of Belfast linen mill girls taken back in 1900…but who does that phantom hand belong to?

Well the photo was published online by a Belfast website who was covering Irish trades that now no longer exist.

By chance, a Irish lady came across this picture on the site and had the fright of her life – apparently this picture used to hang in her dad’s house for decades, because her great grandmother was one of these young lasses!

She ended up contacting the Belfast website and asking them if they’d spotted the phantom hand in the picture – they hadn’t, and they were suitably shocked to do so!

Unfortunately, that’s all the information I have on this particular ghost image. If you know anything else about this story – please consider leaving it in the comment section below.

The Mystery of The Salyut 7 Angels

The Mystery of The Salyut 7 Angels

In this article we will be taking a look at the fascinating mystery of the Salyut 7 Angels. What really happened on the Salyut 7 space station in 1985?

The Orange Cloud

The six crew members on board the Soviet space station were worried – over the past week of their mission they had been experiencing numerous technological problems that never seemed to end.

Without warning, a strange orange gas-like cloud filled the entire space vessel – had the station finally caved in on them? Were they about to perish in space?

The crew desperately ran around the station looking for the source of this strange orange gas cloud.

At first they thought it was a fire that was linked to the computer problems – but they could not find the source of the cloud, no matter how hard they tried.

Suddenly the orange gas turned into a bright white light that left the astronauts blinded for several minutes.

Strange orange gas-like cloud filled the entire space vessel

They gradually regained their sight, and after the panic subsided, they noticed the light dim a little…but something was outside the space station…

The Space Angels 

The crew were amazed to find seven strange beings floating about outside the space station. There was instant panic among the astronauts…but that did not last…

These strange beings had wonderful smiling faces which seem to bring a calmness over the experience.

The crew claimed that the bodies of these ‘space angels’ were very humanoid in shape, although they stretched out well over 10 foot in length.

They had large wings spouting from their backs and it looked like they had halos floating above their heads.

The Space Angels 

The Salyut 7 team were convinced that they were in the presence of messengers from god – angels that had found them in space.

They contacted their Russian HQ and informed them about the experience.

The Russian authorities were not impressed one bit – they came to the conclusion that the crew were going nuts through isolation in space.

They decided to sweep the report under the carpet and wait until the crew returned to Earth.

About a fortnight later a new group arrived at the space station to take over the astronaut tasks.

Within a day, this new group of astronauts claimed to have been visited by the exact same entities as the initial crew.

The Report Leaks…

The Russian authorities decided that enough was enough – they ordered both sets of astronauts to go through a full examination back on Earth.

They were both found to be in excellent mental and physical health.

They tried to keep the ‘space angels’ report from the media…but somehow it got leaked.

A engineer from the Hubble Project eventually came forward to back up the astronauts claims – he said that they had been witnessing these strange beings through the telescope for quite some time.

He described them as being about 20 meters in length with a huge wingspan – at times they reached the same size as a modern jetliner.

The Hubble engineer’s backup report seemed to open the floodgates – next the SOHO Observatory came forward and claimed they had spotted these angel-like beings around the outskirts of the Sun.

Contact With Angels

Many conspiracy theorists believe that our governments have known about these space creatures for years…but have decided to cover the issue up.

A retired NASA operative came forward on July the 29th, 2008, and claimed he had seen one of these ‘angels’ having a conversation with two American astronauts, in a space shuttle payload bay.

His claims were quickly rubbished, but conspiracy theorists took note that this was a respected NASA employee – who had 34 years of service under his belt…

Why would he lie?

Please leave your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below.

Natasha Demkina X Ray Eyes

Natasha Demkina X Ray Eyes

This article will be covering the wonderful paranormal talent of the ‘X Ray vision girl’ – Natasha Demkina.

Does this Russian girl really have the power to see inside people and spot their illnesses?

Welcome to the power of the Natasha Demkina X Ray eyes…

The Power

Natalya Nikolayevna Demkina was born in Saransk, western Russia, in 1987. When she was ten years old see went through an operation on her appendix that she claims gave her paranormal powers – the ability to look into a person’s body and locate various illnesses.

She says that she can actually spot colors inside people that make up pictures – she can then analyze these pictures to find out what is wrong with the individual.

The Test

When she first came out with these claims, the local doctors thought she was going slightly mad – in their book, this was impossible!

They decided to test Natasha by taking her to a local children’s hospital and introducing her to a few of the young patients.

The Test

She ended up correctly diagnosing several children correctly – one of which was seriously ill.

She also managed to correct a mis-diagnosis made by a doctor at the hospital on a female patient’s case.

This female had actually been told that she was suffering from a cancerous growth, but Natasha discovered that there was no cancer…only a harmless cyst.

This claim led to a second diagnosis…proving Natasha was correct.

Hitting The Headlines

In 2003, the wonderful story of the X Ray vision girl finally hit the big time – The Sun newspaper, in the UK, picked up on the Russian girl’s exploits.

Reporter Briony Warden brought Natasha over to the UK for the purposes of testing her for a future article in the newspaper.

Warden had been involved in a terrible road accident the year before he met Natasha – he decided that he would use his own body as a test subject to catch out the Russian girl.

Natasha had no problem in locating all of his past injuries, and where they had been on his body.

A British morning breakfast show, This Morning, decided to get Natasha on as a guest after the newspaper article was released. She then successfully diagnosed one of the show’s medical presenters – he ended up discovering that he had possible tumor in his intestines.

The Discovery Channel then wanted a piece of the action – but many believe that their program, set up by Ray Hyman and Richard Wiseman, was deliberately put together to discredit Natasha’s claims.

On the show, she was put through a test of 7 people – she had to correctly diagnose 5 of them to pass.

She ended up diagnosing 4 of them correctly.

Natasha complained after the experience claiming that the show was rude to her and set up to make her look like some kind of failure. The show responded by releasing information regarding one of the test subjects she had examined.

Apparently he had a metal plate in his head – why did Natasha not pick up on this?

The Japanese Test

Natasha eventually agreed to go through another test with Professor Yoshio Machi of the Department of Electronics at Tokyo Denki University. This time she made sure she had a few rules put in place.

She passed this test with no problems at all – she even spotted a prosthetic knee and a new pregnancy in a woman.

Now it’s over to you – what are your feelings on Natasha Demkina and her X Ray Eyes?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Ursula and Sabina Eriksson Conspiracy

The Ursula and Sabina Eriksson Conspiracy

This article will be covering the strange case of possession linked to the Ursula and Sabina Eriksson conspiracy – Why did they go uncontrollably insane at the exact same time?

Ursula and Sabina

Ursula and Sabina Eriksson were normal twins from Sweden with no prior mental or general health problems. They were living normal, happy lives with their respective families.

Sabina was living in Ireland, and her sister, Ursula, decided to pay her a visit. She booked her flight, packed her bags, and got ready for a tearful family reunion…

Things did not turn out as she planned…

Their Strange Actions

Ursula arrived in Ireland safely enough, and her sister met her at the airport. For some reason – they both decided to board a bus and travel from Ireland to London.

This was a completely unplanned trip, they had not mentioned it to any of their family members.

Their Strange Actions

After about an hour of the bus journey, their fellow passengers began to get very worried about the two sister’s actions. They seemed to slip into an uncontrollable rage – as if they had suddenly turned drunk…but they had not been drinking.

The driver could not help but notice this strange event and was left with no choice other than to kick them off – he had to protect his ‘sane’ passengers.

The girls ended up on the hard shoulder of a motorway – then they started walking the remainder of the journey (to London) along the middle of the busy motorway!


It wasn’t long before the cameras caught Ursula and Sabina’s mad motorway journey – the police turned up within minutes.

When the girls were first arrested, they seemed fine – both seemed to be able to hold a conversation with the police.

Without warning – Ursula decided to run back into the middle of the motorway, slamming right into the huge wheels of a passing truck, and bouncing off.

Ursula and Sabina's mad motorway journey

Sabina then followed suit – she dashed into the middle of the busy motorway but unfortunately a passing car hit her!

She got straight up from the tarmac and attacked the arresting police by scratching and hitting at them. Ursula tried to join in with this attack, but her legs had been too badly damaged by the collision with the truck.

An Early Release

Both sisters were eventually taken back to the local police station, and arrested.

The following day Sabina seemed to ‘come around’ a lot quicker then her sister. The police decided that she was now in a decent enough state of mind to be released.

This proved to be the wrong decision…

Within hours of Sabina’s release she had killed a man who was simply trying to help her – he was apparently in the process of offering her somewhere to stay when she waited for her sister’s release.

She then proceeded to throw herself off a 40 foot bridge in an apparent suicide attempt.

Somehow she survived the 40 foot fall.

She eventually ended up getting only 5 years in prison due to the fact that her lawyers had no problems in convincing a jury that she was completely mad.

The Ursula and Sabina Eriksson Conspiracy

What was behind the twin sister’s actions over that 24 hour period – what caused them to act like possessed maniacs?

They were both tested for drugs and alcohol – nothing showed up in their system.

Demonic possession, temporary insanity or a complex mid control experiment – what do you think?

Please leave any thoughts you have on the subject in the comment section below.

The Solway Firth Spaceman Photo

The Solway Firth Spaceman Photo

This article will be taking a look at the famous ufology incident involving the Solway Firth spaceman photo, and how a simple family day trip in 1964, turned into a nightmare that would shroud them in international mystery…

A Family Day Out

On the 23rd of May, 1964, devoted father, Jim Templeton, decided to gather up the family and head for a rural spot in England – time to get away from the rat race and grab some fresh air!

Former fireman, Jim, had recently taken on the hobby of photography and he had a destination in mind. He decided that the family would visit the Burgh Marsh near the Solway Firth estuary in Cumbria.

He had heard of the area before and was desperate to get a few new snaps of the area for his portfolio.

They finally arrived at the rural setting and found a spot to park the car. They then decided to walk through the fields a bit to find a nice location for a picnic.

As the family crossed the fields, Jim couldn’t help but notice that the cows were all gathered together right in the corners of each field – they seemed scared of something.

This was strange because cattle like this was usually scattered across each field in the area.

The family eventually found a picturesque spot to settle and Jim instructed his daughter to gather a bunch of flowers, so that he could take a nice photo of her.

She did so, and Jim snapped a photo.

The Photo

When they returned home from their rural trip, Jim took his film reel down to the local chemist as he was excited to see his work as soon as possible. A few days later he returned to pick up the developed shots.

The chemist on duty that day told Jim that he thought the pictures were very good – but it was disappointing that some guy had ruined the shot of his daughter by walking past in the background.

The Photo of The Spaceman

This was strange – Jim knew that they were the only ones in that rural location at that point of the day.

He quickly made his way through the photographs and located his daughter’s image – sure enough, someone was walking past her in the background.

Worryingly – this guy seemed to be wearing a spacesuit…

The Spaceman

The picture of the Solway Firth spaceman was released by Jim immediately – it gathered pace and publicity after it was reported to the police and then Kodak.

The photographic film company were so amazed by the image, that they offered a reward for any expert who could solve the riddle of the Solway Firth spaceman photo. If anyone managed to crack the mystery – they would get free Kodak film reels for life!

Nobody managed to claim this reward – the image was actually tested by the company as well…and it was found to be 100% legit.

The Visit

About a fortnight after the photo was taken, and it became public news, two men dressed in black turned up at Jim Templeton’s home.

At first they seemed like normal enough guys, but after a while Jim got an uneasy feeling off them – he claimed they did not act like ‘normal’ people.

Whenever they spoke to each other they did not use their names, or surnames. Instead they addressed each other as numbers.

They wanted Jim to take them to the rural spot where he had taken the picture, and he obliged.

The Visit off The Men in Black

When they got there they started asking Jim about the wildlife in the area – how was it acting during that period. Jim remembered the bunched up cattle, so he mentioned it.

At this point the two men began trying their best to convince Jim that he had made a simple mistake – surely he snapped a passerby without noticing him?

Jim wouldn’t have it – he informed them that he was a decent photographer who was fully aware of his surroundings. There was nobody else in the field – period!

This seemed to change the mood of the conversation, and the two men in black started to lose their temper…but Jim stuck to his story.

They eventually walked away from the discussion and got back in their car. They then left Jim standing in the middle of the rural setting…with a long walk home!

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Solway Firth spaceman incident, please leave them in the comment section below.

Where Are Vampires Found?

Where Are Vampires Found?

It’s a good question really – where are vampires found in this day and age?


The Kamien Pomorski Vampire Grave

Vampires haven’t exactly had a good time of things over the last decade or so – they were once pretty cool, full of Gothic romance…but Hollywood has really pissed all over that sentiment!

When you think about the great vampire films and legends over the years…you wonder why we ended up with complete gash like Twilight.

So enter Kamien Pomorski – from the northwestern area of Poland.

Kamien Pomorski
Kamien Pomorski

A couple of years ago a report surfaced covering a possible vampire grave in this area (a market located there) and the YouTube videos went up faster than a bush fire!

This marketplace has an ancient church placed on it’s outskirts, along with a cemetery that was in full use from the 13th to the 17th century.

The corpse that was uncovered there shows us how the polish used to handle the people they thought were vampires…

It has had certain teeth removed and then rammed into it’s skull – apparently this is a technique to stop them from rising from the dead, and feeding!

It has also had a stone fitted into the roof of it’s mouth.

They have also opted to use the traditional stake on this vampire…but not through the heart, like on most Hammer Horror films! No, this stake has been driven through the victims leg and into the ground – another way of making sure the body stays put.

Vampire Body


Why were so many Europeans scared of vampires back then?

Well, the bones of this corpse indicate that it’s probably from somewhere in the 16th century.

Experts think that the Black Death may have had something to do with the ‘vampire paranoia’ felt at the time.

Certain old reports claim that when bodies were exhumed during the Black Death period they were often found in really strange positions, with blood dripping out of their mouths.

Of course, these days we know a little more in regards to medical science, and something as horrible as the Black Death could well have caused this bloody mouth.

But back then…there was only one answer for this strange occurrence – vampires!

It’s safe to say that Vampirism became the whipping boy of the times – if a new disease came on the block, it had to come from our blood-sucking friends!

Now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts on this strange vampire grave discovered in Poland?

Do you think this poor soul was wrongly accused?

Or do you think that this is proof that vampires used to walk among us?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Ghost Moose of Maine

The Ghost Moose of Maine

In this article we will be covering the ghost moose of Maine – first reported back in the early 1900’s.

Is this giant white creature (nearly 10 feet in height) based on fact…or fiction?

Eyewitness Hunter Reports

This paranormal creature first came to light through hunter’s eyewitness accounts. They claimed it had a very strange glowing white hue to it’s coat and it’s antlers were completely over-sized (when compared to ‘normal’ moose breeds!).

Many of these reports also claim that the animal had a near supernatural sense of hearing and smell – whenever it was approached, no matter how quietly, it would suddenly disappear and materialize meters away.

A lot of these hunters actually set out to capture or kill this paranormal beast but were always thwarted when they took aim – the strange entity would simply disappear before they could pull the trigger!

One report that exists, involving hunters named Gilman Brown and Granville Gray, claims that both men managed to get the moose in their sights, from different vantage points…but the creature simply disappeared before they could shoot.

The First Sighting

The first sighting of the Ghost Moose of Maine was reported by a man named M.A. Cushing. He apparently came across this glowing animal in the Chairback Mountain area in the Katahdin region.

This first encounter seemed to be the catalyst for numerous other sightings, it was constantly spotted in the forests of the Chesuncook region up until about 1938.

Ghost Moose Filmed
A Rare White Moose Filmed in Sweden

The most famous of these ’38 sightings was from a witness listed simply as ‘Houston’. He claimed to be crossing a particularly tricky bog to get to a herd of moose.

Right next to this herd was a small gathering of larger bull moose…one of which glowed a pure brilliant white. He also claimed that this moose stood at least a meter taller than it’s surrounding counterparts.

Unfortunately, this Houston character was well known for liking a drink or two – so skeptics immediately jumped on the bandwagon and claimed he had mistaken a white horse for this moose.

Houston hit back at these claims pointing out that he was completely sober and he was an experienced hunter, besides, how could a white horse suddenly spout antlers?

The Ghost Moose

Was this spectral animal nothing more than an albino addition to the moose family or was it indeed a paranormal entity?

More recent reports have had this ‘white moose’ popping up in Canada – these incidents have led to a Canadian forest being nicknamed White Moose Forest.

Cryptozoology, paranormal entity or mistaken identity – what is the explanation behind this strange beast?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Kikiyaon – Terrifying Mythical Creatures

Kikiyaon - Terrifying Mythical Creatures

In this article we will be covering one of the most terrifying mythical creatures in African folklore – the Kikiyaon.

Is this cryptid animal based on a age-old bedtime story or is there some truth behind it’s existence?

The Kikiyaon

The Kikiyaon is a cryptozoology subject that has been reported numerous times in the Gambia, Africa.

Often referred to as ‘soul cannibal’ or ‘soul eater’, it is said to resemble a huge feathered owl with a 20 foot wingspan (approximately).

There are also other reports that label the creature as more of a humanoid gargoyle-looking entity that can transform into an owl-beast and take to the skies.

It is known to have deep red eyes with clawed feet – it also has long razor-like nails on each hand.

The Kikiyaon is a cryptozoology subject

The Undead Power

The Kikiyaon is often referred to as the ‘soul cannibal’ or ‘soul eater’ because of it’s magical abilities to transform it’s victims into zombies.

Numerous African tribes are convinced that this creature can capture a man’s soul and leave him an empty vessel – the walking dead!

The creature has vampire-like qualities that deliver this soul eating blow – it’s said to creep into people’s bedrooms at night to sink it’s long teeth into their neck. When it has finished with it’s bite – it has captured the victim’s soul.

The Undead Power

The zombie state that the Kikiyaon unleashes does not last forever. Once it’s teeth has broken your skin, and your soul is captured, an illness takes over the body…that claims it within days.

I recently read an article that claimed this ‘Kikiyaon illness’ was the inspiration behind the zombie disease used in the classic Night of The Living Dead – Although I’ve not been able to confirm this.

Eyewitness Reports

Over the years, African locals have reported seeing this cryptid dash across the Gambian plains at ridiculous speeds. They also claim that a strange rotting smell follows the creature, wherever it goes!

A well known cryptozoologist named Bernard Heuvelmans decided that it was about time someone looked into this African ‘myth’ – he was famous for certain reports that covered the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti.

After months of research in Africa, he came to the conclusion that this vampire-like creature was nothing but mistaken identity. He suspected that the locals had turned a ‘regular’ creature into something it was not – a legend brought to life by fear.

Local African tribes do not agree with his findings.

What are your thoughts on this creature – fact or fiction?

Do you believe this so-called myth actually exists or do feel it is nothing more than mistaken identity?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Chase Family Vault and The Creeping Coffins

The Chase Family Vault and The Creeping Coffins

In this article we will be taking a look at the creeping coffins of the Chase family vault – are the dead really awake inside this mysterious tomb?

The Chase Vault

The Christ Church Parish is similar to most churches on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean – peaceful and picturesque.

However, the graveyard contains one of the most well-known, chilling and sinister tombs in the world…

The Chase Vault.

The vault/tomb was originally built by the Honorable James Elliot in the 1700’s – it’s first ‘tenant’ was James Elliot’s wife, Elizabeth, who died on May 14th, 1792.

About a decade later, the impressive vault was bought up by the Walrond Family so they could bury Mrs. Thomasina Goddard.

When the tomb was opened to receive Goddard’s body…Mrs. Elliot and her coffin had completely disappeared without a trace…

The Chase Family

In the early 1800’s, the Chase family purchased the vault. Tragically, the first Chase family member to enter the tomb, was baby Mary Anne Marie Chase who died at the age of two on February 22, 1808.

The tragedy came thick and fast – in 1812 Mary Anne’s older sister, Dorcas, entered the tomb.

The Chase Vault

There are many rumors surrounding the death of Dorcas – many of which point to her father, Colonel Thomas Chase, abusing her.

A month after Dorcas’s death, Colonel Thomas Chase committed suicide…maybe through guilt?

When the tomb was opened to accept his body…the coffins of his two daughters had been thrown all over the place – one of them was even found upside down!

There was nothing of any worth inside the tomb and the heavy marble slab had not been moved.

Four Years Later…

Moving on 4 years, and he vault was once again opened so that the body of eleven year-old Charles Brewster Ames to be laid to rest.

When the tomb was opened, all of the coffins, even the heavy lead casket of Colonel Thomas Chase, had been scattered violently.

The story started to spread across the island…and paranormal rumors started to creep in.

The Chase Family

52 days later, a man named Samuel Brewster was due to be buried in the vault. Before his body entered the tomb, the locals checked it over first – it was completely airtight, water-tight and everything seemed in order.

But when they opened the heavy stone door – they discovered the coffins had moved once again!

One coffin seemed to remain in place – that of Thomasina Goddard.

The Puzzle of the Chase Vault

The mystery of the vault finally reached the attention of Barbados’ governor, Lord Combermere. He decided enough was enough – it was time to solve the mystery of the creeping coffins.

He ordered the tomb to be made impenetrable from the outside, and also ordered sand to be laid around the vault’s door to track possible footprints.

The tomb then remain untouched for two whole years. During this time numerous locals had reported strange sounds coming from inside the tomb.

Eventually Combermere decided the tomb should be checked out – hundreds of onlookers watched Lord Combermere and his men inspect the vault then open it…

The coffins had once again, been thrown all over the place!

The outside of the tomb was untouched – even the sand was smooth.

How had this happened once again?

The Mystery of the Chase Family Vault

There have been many theories on the creeping coffins of Barbados over the years. Earthquakes, flooding, explosions…

Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle chipped in with his thoughts on the matter – he believed that the disturbances were created by the ghosts of two inhabitants of the tomb, Dorcas and Thomas.

The Puzzle of the Chase Vault

Now it’s over to you – what do you think is behind the creeping coffins of Barbados?

Natural occurrence or paranormal activity – you decide!

Scottish Banshees: The Baobhan Sith Vampire

Scottish Banshees: The Baobhan Sith Vampire

In this article we will be taking a look at the legendary Baobhan Sith Vampire, pronounced ‘baa’van see’.

These mystical creatures took the form of stunning young ladies and are also known as the White Women of the Scottish Highlands.

The Scottish Banshees 

The Baobhan Sith are thought to be related to the fairy family in Scotland – but they are not the friendliest version of this cryptid!

Legend has it that normal fairies enjoy the sun’s rays, and are often seen playing about in the Highlands – the Sith were generally withdrawn from society, with no interest in power…they only wanted to feed.


More traditional vampires are known for drawing blood from their victims with their teeth – this is not the case with the Baobhan Sith.

Instead, they use long claw-like fingernails to pierce the flesh and then use their blunted mouth to drink out the blood.

They were known to be settled around the forest and mountain areas of Scotland – their hunting ground!

They would be attracted to the kills that Scottish Highland huntsmen were leaving. They would then lure these hunters into the dark corners of the landscape with their beauty.


They are described as having hooves instead of feet – but these grotesque features are always hidden below their beautiful white dresses.

They are able to transform into animal form, but not a bat, like traditional vampires. Instead they opt to morph into wolf form.

There are no male versions of the Baobhan Sith, only female. If they feed off a female human she will eventually turn into a Sith herself. 

Legend has it that the hunters only had two weapons which worked against the Scottish vampire – they were terrified of horses and they could be killed off with weapons made out of iron.

The Young Hunters

The most common tale involving the Baobhan Sith centers around a group of young hunters who holed up for the night in a forest lodge. 

They got the fire going and sat around drinking whiskey – there was only one thing missing…

They all agreed that a few females would be the icing on the cake.

Without warning – there was a knock on the door!

They opened the lodge door to find four beautiful women who claimed to have got lost in the night, and were looking for shelter.

The Young Hunters

The men welcomed the women into the lodge and offered them food and drink. Before long, they were all merrily dancing around the lodge (a little drunk!).

The women moved in for the kill, slitting the throats of three of the hunters – one managed to escape with his life. He ran outside and stood next to the tethered horses – the Sith would not go near them!

He stood there, in the middle of the horses, all night long. When morning broke, the Baobhan Sith wandered back into the forest. 

The hunter re-entered the lodge to find his mates completely drained of blood, lying on the floor, with translucent skin.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Baobhan Sith, please leave them in the comment section below.