The Donnie Decker Rain Mystery

The Donnie Decker Rain Mystery

In this article we will be looking at one of the most fascinating paranormal reports of recent times – the Donnie Decker rain mystery.

Witnessed by numerous individuals, including law enforcement professionals, this is the story of the ‘Rain Man’…

The Passing of James Kishaugh

James Kishaugh passed away on on February 24th, 1983 in Stroudsburg, PA. Most of his close family mourned his death…except his grandson, Don Decker.

Donnie had experienced nothing but dark times with his grandfather, who had abused him since he was a young kid.

The Passing of James Kishaugh

When his funeral came around, Don was granted furlough to attend it and comfort his family.

In all, the prison service decided that he was allowed several days on the outside to tie up any loose ends, and to make sure his family was alright.

After the funeral had finished, Don was invited to stay the night with close friends of his family – Bob and Jeannie Keiffer.


As nighttime came, the Keiffer’s started to get a little bit worried about the mental state that Don seemed to be drifting into. He was slowly slipping into some sort of trance and when asked, he claimed he felt a ‘deep chill’ throughout his body.

He finally slumped into a full trance-like state…and the Keiffer’s noticed water dripping from their living room ceiling and walls.

In a panic, they called their landlord, Ron Van Why, and he arrived on the scene within minutes.

Ron knew that this partition of his house had no main water pipes in it – he had no idea what was going on?

Without warning, the water started to rise up through the floors on the ground floor – where was it coming from?

The Witnesses

The landlord eventually called the police – he had no other option as the house was now spewing out water from every room!

The first to arrive on the scene was Patrolman Richard Wolbert. He later admitted that the first thing he saw when he got in the house was a droplet of water traveling horizontally from one room to the next.

Officer John Baujan also joined the scene to witness the strange events.


Both policemen were left dumbfounded – until they noticed the trance Don appeared to be in.

They instructed the Keiffer’s to remove Don from the home and sit him down at the pizzeria located a short distance from the residence.

Once Don had be moved through the front door – the strange rain effect ceased.

The Pizzeria

As the Keiffer’s shifted Don through the entrance of the pizza shop, the owner, Pam Scrofano, noticed water start to pour out from her ceiling.

It seemed to be concentrated above Don and Bob and Jeannie Keiffer.

The religious Pam, suspected that some sort of ‘entity’ had possessed Don – she grabbed her crucifix from her register and pressed it to Don’s bare skin…

He screamed in agony as the cross actually managed to burn his flesh.

They were ordered to leave the shop, and as soon as they did, the rain stopped falling!

Back in the Keiffer Residence

The landlord Ron Van Why and his wife Romayne, were waiting in the property when Don and the Keiffers returned – but the rain seemed to have come back with them!

All of a sudden – the pots and pans in the kitchen started to rattle and jump off their shelves. Van Why quickly confronted Don because he thought it was some kind of practical joke…

Big mistake.

Without warning , Don’s body began to levitate in mid air…then some unseen force threw him into a nearby wall.

Back in the Keiffer Residence

Not long after, officers Baujan and Wolbert returned to the property with their Chief. Unfortunately, the strange events had suddenly stopped. The Chief told them to leave the case alone – it was nothing more than a plumbing problem.

But Baujan and Wolbert needed an explanation to what they had witnessed…


The policemen returned the next day with Bill Davies and Lt. John Rundle in tow – they wanted to make sure everything was alright in the household.

Bill Davies had heard all about the previous day and he wanted to carry out his own experiment, so he pressed a crucifix to Don’s bare hand. Don informed Davis that it was burning him so he removed the cross…it felt very hot!

Without warning, Don started to levitate once again and flew into a nearby wall – There were three claw marks on the side of his neck, which drew blood.

Landlord Ron Van Why had seen enough – surely something demonic was happening to Don?

He phoned around desperately, looking for a preacher to come in and help Don – and was declined by most. Eventually one came to the house and she went through a prayer session with Don.

It seemed to work – Don slowly began to show his true self again…and calm down.

Don’s furlough was over and it was time to return to jail.

The Prison Incidents

Don couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened to him – could he bring on those powers again? Could he make it rain inside his prison cell?

He concentrated hard and surely enough – water began dripping from his cell’s walls and ceiling.

He was eventually caught by the prison guard making his rounds. This guard did not believe that Don had ‘manifested’ the water in his cell, and challenged him to make it rain in the the warden’s office.

LT. David Keenhold was working in the Warden’s office that day…and ended up with a soaking wet shirt!

Keenhold immediately believed what Decker was trying to tell the prison employees – something was wrong and they needed outside help to solve the problem.

He called his friend Reverend William Blackburn and urgently asked him to see Don Decker.

The Reverend’s preying sessions lasted long hours, but in the end, they seemed to drive the demonic entity out of Don for good.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Jack Froese – The Afterlife Emails

Jack Froese - The Afterlife Emails

A large percentage of the visitors we get to this website are looking for information on the afterlife – it’s a question that has haunted mankind for thousands and thousands of years.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the case of Jack Froese, and the emails he sent from the afterlife…

An Untimely Death

Pennsylvanian Jack Froese tragically suffered a fatal arrhythmia in June 2011. The death of the popular thirty-something left his family and friends devastated.

After five months of severe grieving and learning to come to terms with his death, Jack’s best friend, Tim Hart, received a troubling email titled ‘I’m Watching’.

An Untimely Death

Hart would have put this email down to being a sick joke…but it contained information that the two friends had shared in a humorous private conversation…

It read…

“Did you hear me? I’m at your house. Clean your f***ing attic!”

Tim was absolutely petrified by the email – in a later interview with the BBC he claimed that this private joke was just between himself and Jack, nobody else could have known about it.

He even tried replying to the email but there was no response back.

Emails From The Afterlife

Tim was not the only one who received these strange digital mails from the dead – Jack’s cousin, Jimmy McGraw, was also a recipient of an email from the same account.

It read…

“Hey Jim, how ya doing? I knew you were going to break your ankle. Tried to warn you. Gotta be careful.”

In a creepy coincidence, a few weeks after Jack’s death his cousin had indeed been involved in an accident which resulted in him breaking his ankle.

Tim Hart decided to put the whole matter of the strange emails behind him…but Jack’s cousin could not let it go – he believed that these mails were sent from the other side.

He spent the next few months keeping his eyes open for possible signs from his cousin, but nothing turned up.

Eventually Jimmy began to realize that these emails could have been sent in good faith – a way of helping himself and Tim move on with their lives after the shock of losing someone so close to them.

Who Was The Sender?

But if these emails were sent by a sincere friend/relative – who was he/she?

Investigation from both friends and relatives concluded that only Jack knew the password to his own account.

Recent developments highlighted the fact that the emails could have been sent through the Dead Man’s Switch function – a domain that allows it’s users to send mails up to 52 days after their death (a creepy service really…when you think about it!).

These ‘dead man’s’ messages can be sent out to predetermined email addresses.

But did Jack Froese sign up for this service?

If he did – how did he know he was going to die from something so sudden?

How did he know that his cousin was going to break his ankle at some point in the future?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

UPDATE: After finishing this article I noticed that various reports state that Jack’s best friend was named Joe Hart…whilst other articles list him as Tim Hart – no idea which one is correct…but it was worth pointing out!

The Cooper Family Photo

The Cooper Family Photo

I’ve wanted to post an article on the Cooper family photo for quite some time now but I’ve been put off by a private message sent to me from this site.

You see, ever since I first set eyes on the picture, I’ve had the feeling that something was not quite right – the whole setup of the resulting picture was just too good to be true (from a believer’s point of view).

So, the only way I could post this article with my piece of mind in tact…was to research the information sent to me…and then create the work you are about to read below.

I think it’s quite an interesting outcome…

The Photo Enters The Public Domain

Before we go any further, here is the (now) famous Cooper family photo…

The Paranormal Photo

The image you see above first hit the information superhighway in 2009 – it was thought to have taken some time during the 1950’s.

The story is that the photo was taken as a family portrait by Mr. Cooper the day they moved into a new property – they were attempting to mark the occasion with an image they could look back on in years to come.

Mrs Cooper, grandma Cooper and both of their children posed for the shot.

When Mr. Cooper finally managed to get the image he snapped developed, he was shocked by what he saw. None of the family members were aware of the fifth trespasser when the photo was being taken.

The resulting image seems to show a male figure either falling into, or hanging in the living room.

Who is Sam Gowan?

Sam Gowan is the guy, or pen name, of the photo’s original uploader. He apparently posted the image to the web on the 14th of November 2009.

Within weeks it appeared on a fan website for author Thomas Ligotti with the title ‘A Family Gathering’ applied to it. This resulted in an investigation by it’s members who concluded that Sam was not responsible for the image’s creation.

From here the photo really took off – numerous paranormal websites got hold of the image and believed it to be true. Within weeks it had been posted all over the web.


The first red light linked to the image arose from photographic ‘experts’ having problems with the poorly framed result. The family were the center of the picture’s ‘meaning’, yet for some reason they were set to the right side of the photo.

Was the original photo cropped off in this style to allow room for the ‘hanging man’ to be added?

Why were the family not centered in the picture?

My own research of the message sent to me, led me to an article on a rather eye-shattering lime green website which had links to a Facebook page set up to cover the paranormal photograph.

It was here I found a simple forum post from a guy who claimed to be one of the kids from the Cooper photo…

When my older brother sent me this link I was floored. We are the two boys in the picture. Well we were back in 1959. I have many picture like this one, but not this one. My mother had a habit of throwing away pictures that she didn’t like. Eventually the ones she kept were passed along to me. What annoys me is that somebody got hold of a family photograph. The story is almost entirely fiction. Our last name is Copper, not Cooper. Does anybody know who did this?

This really was an eye-opener for me – is the famous Cooper family photo nothing more than a discarded snap that has been ‘photoshopped’ into this paranormal monstrosity?

Here is a photo he sent in with the post to attempt to convince the public he was telling the truth…

The faked photo

Of course, I can’t really be sure that the forum user, ‘Robert C.’, is legit in any way – some people like to get attention on themselves in any way they can!

So now it’s over to you – fact or fiction?

This photo regularly does the rounds on YouTube ‘list videos’ that cover the world’s creepiest photos – are they including a fake?

Please leave any thoughts or opinions on the subject, in the comment section below.

The Alien Base Under Antarctica

The Alien Base Under Antarctica

I’m going to level with you here – conducting research for this website absolutely rocks at times!

I don’t have to trawl through educational papers or boring politics – I don’t have to learn any languages (well, maybe Klingon!) or techniques…

I just have to read up on the coolest subjects known to man!

Take the subject of this article today – the alien base under Antarctica…

Who wouldn’t want to read an article with that title?

Anyway, it’s a subject that’s been floating around the internet for over a decade now – and it’s just had a revamp due to ‘something’ being discovered buried deep within the ice of Antarctica.


In May of 1945, the Russians were pouring into Germany and Berlin was surrounded – Hitler and his closest allies were buried deep in a bunker that was about to act as their tomb.

Records show that they all decided to take the cowards way out and commit suicide in the bunker, before the Russians took them.

Germany and Berlin

However, many theories have circulated about what actually happened during the final days of the Third Reich – did Hitler really take his own life?

Surely he must have had a backup plan of some sort in place?

What about the theory that he escaped in a submarine to a secret base beneath Antarctica?

Innovate Ways

All through the Second World War, the Allies and Axis powers kept on coming up with new and twisted ways of killing one another.

At one point, the Nazis seemed to be edging ahead in the race to build the ultimate flying machine weapon – many believed that they had managed to get their hands on alien technology.

a race of aliens who helped them build a secret base

Conspiracy theorists believe that the Nazis managed to befriend a race of aliens who helped them build a secret base in Antarctica. It is here that they are thought to have been creating this frightening new line of aircraft and weaponry.

Albert Bender

So where did all these internet rumors come from originally?

Why has this internet myth grown and gathered so much pace?

Well, in 1962, Albert Bender, a Air Force veteran during World War 2, put his experiences into writing.

He claimed that he was abducted by aliens on several occasions during the 1950’s – on one of these occasions he ended up in the fabled secret base in Antarctica.

At this point there were no Nazis present – they had all been scattered across the globe due to result of the Second World War.

But he did meet a reptilian race of aliens that claimed to have helped the Nazis build their technology. They had apparently been living in this UFO base under the ice for over two centuries.

The aliens claimed that just before the Second World War started, the Nazis turned up at their ‘door’ from a ship named the Schwabenland.

It should be noted that there are actual historical accounts of the Schwabenland traveling to Antarctica.

Bender never managed to find out if these aliens knew the evil intentions of the Nazi group – were they aware they were helping monsters take over the world?

There are also conspiracy theories from the end of World War 2 concerning the Americans – apparently they launched a secret mission to Antarctica to destroy the few remaining Nazis.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Philip Experiment 1972

The Philip Experiment 1972

During the 1970’s, a group of adventurous Canadian parapsychologists decided to take on a unique paranormal experiment – they believed they could create a ghost through expectation, imagination and visualization.

The human mind really is…a powerful tool…

The Experiment

The experiment took place in Toronto, Canada, back in 1972. The ‘big cheese’ in charge of proceedings was Dr A. R. G. Owen – a world famous scientist and expert on poltergeists.

The group of parapsychologists who were involved with the experiment came out with a plan of using extreme and prolonged concentration to ‘project’ a ghost or being from the mental or astral plane.

They realized that this ghost would have to be as real as possible – someone they all believed had lived at some point in time.

This meant that they had create a background and a life story – something the paranormal entity could relate to.

Philip Aylesford

They eventually settled on a name for the ghost – Philip Aylesford. They then went about creating a tragic back story that linked directly to his death.

Philip Aylesford

In September 1972, the group began their experiments but immediately ran into problems regarding the setting up of a ‘séance atmosphere’.

In the end, they all decided to simply dim down the lights and scatter pictures around the room linked directly to the idea of Philip. The drew out images of locations and castles he could have lived in, along with objects from that same time period.


Within a fortnight – the group of Canadian parapsychologists actually managed to make contact with the entity Philip.

He did not appear to them in an apparition, instead he opted to rap on the table during one of their classic spiritualist séances.

Through this noise on the table, Philip was able to answer a variety of questions based on his time line. He also managed to give other historically accurate information about real events and people.

The group of Canadian parapsychologists came to the conclusion that this ‘other’ information must have come from their own collective unconsciousness.

the group of Canadian parapsychologists

The more contact they managed to make with Philip – the more the entity could achieve.

Eventually he was able to move the table from side to side…and even cause the table to chase specific group members across the room!

The Conclusions

The group were never really able to explain or prove how all this had taken place – what was really behind Philip’s manifestation?

Most of the group members believed that Philip was a product of their collective subconscious…but others believed they may well of contacted another entity…that felt the need to latch onto the story they had drummed up for their Philip creation.

Some experts think that the group actually managed to prove that ghosts could not exist – that such things are in our minds only.

Could ghosts actually be a product of our unconscious mind?

Others believe that the group actually managed to PROVE the existence of ghosts – they had actually managed to contact a real demonic entity and it was responding to their questions for it’s own agenda.

What do you believe happened at the Philip Experiment of 1972?

Do you believe they succeeded in creating their own ghost…or do you believe they actually managed to contact a much older entity…

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Beast of Bray Road Legend

The Beast of Bray Road Legend

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the Beast of Bray Road legend that originates from near Elkhorn, in Wisconsin…

What is the Beast of Bray Road?

Numerous people claimed to have encountered this beast around the Racine, Walworth and Jefferson counties in Wisconsin.

Some locals to these areas, refer to the creature as a ‘Manwolf’, whilst others firmly believe it is a descendant from the werewolf family. There have even been rumors floating about linking the strange creature to the Bigfoot legend.

There have never been any specimens found that relate to this animal – so it could well be a creature we are already well aware of…

Did these sightings originate from a large canine animal that simply scared the witnesses into believing it was something paranormal?

Skeptics to the subject believe these sightings are nothing more than simple encounters with local wolves and bears.

The Beast

So what does this creature look like?

Why does it strike fear into the hearts of those who come across it’s path?

It’s frequently been described as well over 6 foot in height and covered in a strange grayish and brown fur. Witnesses claim it bears a wolf’s face and has three long clawed digits on each hand.

It’s eyes are said to glow yellow.

The body is very similar to a muscle-bound Hollywood actor – witnesses claim that it is extremely lean and that it sits back on its haunches, and sometimes even appears to be kneeling.

What is the Beast of Bray Road?

It moves in two ways – some say it runs on all fours, whilst others claim it can run like a man (on two legs).

Many of the reported sightings have witnessed the animal feeding off the local wildlife.

It has never managed to hurt anyone but it has acted extremely aggressive at times – chasing onlookers and even jumping on the bonnets of approaching cars.

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

Sightings of the Beast of Bray Road may go back as far as the 1930’s…but the most famous sightings come from the 1989 to the 1992 range.

Most of these ‘more modern’ sightings have involved the creature feeding off the carcass of some dead animal.

These sightings have slowed down since the mid 90’s but there are still reports of it being spotted in the local forest or wood areas.

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

So what is this strange beast?

Is it a true cryptid that has no real fear of us humans? Has it evolved to the point where it sees us as no threat at all?

Or is this an animal (or pack of animals) simply a regular local creature that has scared onlookers into thinking it is something supernatural – something paranormal?

Whatever this famous creature is – we will not get to the truth of the matter until someone comes up with some conclusive evidence…or until we capture one…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Real Mothman Sightings – Recent Mothman Sightings

Real Mothman Sightings - Recent Mothman Sightings

In this article we will be taking a look at the real Mothman sightings that have occurred AFTER the famous Point Pleasant incident in West Virginia, in 1966.

Many visitors to this site end up looking for information on that famous report…but few of them realize that the Mothman sightings continued…all over the world!

The Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine

Back in 1986 a group of locals who lived (and worked) around a nuclear power plant in Ukraine reported incidents linked to a large winged humanoid creature with piercing red eyes.

These locals also complained about terrible nightmares and ‘silent’ phone calls after they had come face to face with the strange entity.

The sightings seemed to escalate until the 26th of April that year…when reactor number 4 at the plant suffered a catastrophic steam explosion.

This resulted in the worst nuclear accident in history – the Chernobyl disaster.

latest mothman sighting

At first the government, and the locals, thought that the internal fire was nothing more than a small electrical disturbance. They were ordered to help the rescue effort and they obliged willingly.

The locals and the authority workers had no idea that their rescue efforts were actually contributing to their own end – they were being poisoned by radiation as they worked…

Within a fortnight of this nuclear incident – most of the people involved in the cleanup were dead.

Numerous deathbed reports described a headless bird like creature with a 20 foot wingspan, flying above them as they tried to rescue the doomed nuclear plant. They firmly believed that this entity was trying to warn them of their fate – trying desperately to lead them away from the radiation.

The Freiburg Shrieker

On September the 10th, 1978, a team of miners were getting ready for work in an area of Germany. As they approached the mouth of the cave into the mine, their path was obstructed by a tall man in a dark trench coat.

They approached the dark character to ask why he was blocking their route to work…and realized he was not wearing a trench coat…and he was not a regular man!

The figure was an entity with large wings pinned to his sides.

The miners just stood their – rooted to the spot in fear.

Without warning, the winged entity let out a piercing shriek that tore at the ears of the mine workers. They dropped their equipment and ran terrified into the night.

The Freiburg Shrieker

About an hour after this incident was reported, the mine the group were due to work in, collapsed.

Was this dark stranger sent to warn the miners of the impending disaster in the mine?

Many believe this to be the case.

This dark figure later became known as the Freiburg Shrieker.

2006 – Wisconsin

One dark night in Wisconsin, 2006, a Cherokee man and his son were making a car journey home when they suddenly had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting a figure in the middle of the road.

But, this figure wasn’t actually standing on the road…it was hovering a couple of feet above the tarmac!

Both father and son were scared, very scared! They decided to make a break for it and floored the car off into the distance…

But the strange creature followed them…

recent mothman sighting

They couldn’t outrun it in the car – at one point it was able to hover backwards right in front of their windshield. They just kept on flooring the car, staring into the hovering creatures red eyes.

Eventually the creature broke off from it’s pursuit, and the father and son headed straight for the local police station.

In his report, the father stated that:

“The first thing I saw were the eyes and what I thought maybe were teeth. It had a 14 foot wingspan at least, it was huge, It almost covered half the road. It was close enough for me to reach out and touch it, it almost hit the windshield. It had a white mouth, the eyes were the size of reflectors. The body was attached to the wings. It had grey and brown hair, but not too much hair, it was more fleshy, kind of like a bat. That’s why I called it a man bat because it looked like a cross between a man and a bat.”

The Japanese Earthquake

Most of you will remember the 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan back in 2011, and the 15 meter tsunami that followed…

After this disaster, the internet was flooded with Japanese reports stating that a ‘winged creature’ had flown through the country in the hours leading up to this horrific natural disaster.

Was this yet another sighting of the Mothman?

Was he once again on a crusade to warn the Japanese people about the incoming disaster?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.

The Black Eyed Girl of Cannock Chase

The Black Eyed Girl of Cannock Chase

Paranormal reports covering the demonic black-eyed children have appeared in pop culture since the late 1990’s. Many believe that these supposed paranormal creatures who resemble children are nothing more than a twisted urban legend.

The remainder of us are not so sure…

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the paranormal report of the black eyed girl of Cannock Chase.

The Daily Star Reports

Throughout the period of September 2014, British tabloid newspaper The Daily Star ran a handful of front page articles covering the black eyed girl of Cannock Chase. This is an area in Staffordshire, England.

The reports were eventually taken up by a local paranormal investigator named Lee Brickley. He was determined to get to the bottom of this case as he had heard similar reports from this area…decades before…

The Girl

Brickley ended up tracking down an unnamed lady who claimed she had suddenly heard a terrifying scream, whilst waking with her daughter in a wooded area of Channock Chase. She immediately thought that a child was in danger, somewhere near her location, and started darting about the area to find the source of the scream.

After several minutes of desperately searching the woman and her daughter stopped to catch their breath. It was then that they felt a presence behind them.

They turned to find a young girl dressed in white standing there. She stood silently with her hands over her eyes – as if she was playing a game of ‘hide and seek’.

Black eyed girl

The woman slowly approached the young girl in white and asked if she was okay – the girl then removed her hands from her face revealing her eyes…

Brickley’s report states that the woman claimed:

“That’s when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no white, nothing, I jumped back and grabbed my daughter. When I looked again, the child was gone. It was so strange.”

Brickley’s Aunt

Lee Brickley’s report on the girl also contained information that he had obtained from his own aunt – she believed that she had encountered the very same girl, in the same area…30 years prior to the 2014 incident.

She claimed that in 1982, she had heard a small girl calling for help. She had turned to find there was a young girl, dressed in white, running away from her.

She ran after the child and eventually caught up with her. She placed a hand on her shoulder and the child turned around to reveal completely black eyes.

The young girl then continued running until she seemed to disappear into thin air!

Further Reports

Drone footage taken in April, 2015, was uploaded to YouTube after the pilot claimed he had managed to capture the black eyed girl of Cannock Chase on camera.

Cannock Girl in White
The Image Captured by The Drone

He claims that his drone flight camera unintentionally caught a strange girl in the background of it’s recording, standing there motionless, dressed in white…

Medium Christine Hamlett believes that she managed to capture a photograph of the girl in white. She also believes that her psychic gift has allowed her to ‘connect’ with the young spirit.

The Medium's Photograph
The Medium’s Photograph

Her conversations with the entity lead her to believe that the girl died during the Victorian era. She apparently lost her life to diphtheria – a disease that can cause a paralysis of the eyes, which makes them appear dark and sunken.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Pollock Twins Mystery

The Pollock Twins Mystery

During the mid 50’s, life for John and Florence Pollock couldn’t have been better…but all that was about to change.

Their idyllic family life in Hexham, England, with their two daughters Jacqueline and Joanna, came crashing down in tragedy on the 5th of May, 1957.

Both Jacqueline and Joanna were killed in a sudden car crash when they were on their way to the church with a family friend.

The parents were absolutely devastated by their loss…but John always had a feeling that his two girls would return to him…

Let’s take a closer look at the Pollock twins mystery…

Starting All Over Again

John and Florence’s grief was cut short about a year later when Florence announced the news that she was pregnant. John immediately claimed that this miracle pregnancy was the result of his two dead children trying to return to them.

He stated that Florence was going to give birth to two daughters…and he was right!

On the 4th of October 1958, Florence gave birth to twin daughters – the couple named them Gillian and Jennifer.

The Pollock Twins Reincarnation

Gillian and Jennifer were identical twins but they displayed different birthmarks. Jennifer had two rather familiar birthmarks – one across her waist (that was the spitting image of a birthmark Jacqueline had), and one on her forehead (that appeared to be the spitting image of a birthmark Joanna had).

The Pollock Twins Reincarnation

When the twins were just three months old, John and Florence decided to aim more for the quiet life and bought a property in nearby Whitley Bay. This move seemed to trigger something inside the two new additions to the family…

Two years after the initial move, the twin girls started to request toys that did not belong to them – toys that belonged to their dead sisters (these toys had been discarded long before the twins were born!).

John and Florence missed the familiar area of Hexam, and eventually decided to return with their daughters.

The twins somehow managed to remember landmarks in the area even though they moved to Whitley Bay when they were just young babies. They seemed to be most familiar with the landmarks that their dead sisters had loved.

More worryingly, the twins suffered from a crippling fear of cars – shrieking, “The car is coming to get us!” whenever one drove past them down the road.

These memories of a previous life seemed to disappear when the girls turned five…and they remembered nothing about them…

Dr. Stevenson’s Research

The twin’s report of reincarnation eventually reached a specialist on the subject named Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918 -2007). He was a child psychologist that created numerous reports on the subject.

In 1987, he wrote a book called Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation. The book covered 14 cases of reincarnation in children, including the Pollock twins.


Dr. Ian Stevenson spent 4 decades of his life studying the subject of children’s past lives. He preferred to cover children from Asian countries that had a religious link to the subject of reincarnation.

Parents in Western countries tended to wipe out their children’s claims of reincarnation early on in their short lives – they didn’t want their kids to appear strange and there was less chance that they followed a religion that accepted reincarnation.

The Pollock Twins Mystery

Now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts on reincarnation and do you think that John Pollock’s claim was based on fact…or based on his grief-stricken heart?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.

Violent Bigfoot Encounters – 1855

Violent Bigfoot Encounters - 1855

I think I’m correct in saying that this is the first Bigfoot/Yeti/Sasquatch article that we have published on this site – so it’s way overdue really!

In this article we will be taking a look at one of the most violent Bigfoot encounters on record – the report from 1855, in what is now known as Oklahoma

Native American Bigfoot Legends – 1855

In 1855 in what is now Oklahoma, a small group of native Americans and a ‘half breed’ man named Joshua LeFlore were part of a cavalry unit put together to keep the peace in their local region.

LeFlore was the captain of this native American unit and he had recently received orders to locate and capture/stop a band of outlaws who were terrorising some of the local farmers.

There had been numerous reports linking these outlaws to crop stealing and the kidnapping of innocent children in the area.

LeFlore gathered up 30 of his men and rode off into the sunset to put an end to this outlaw outfit…

The Discovery

After a couple of days of searching in vain, LeFlore decided to call it quits and head back to their local headquarters. It was shortly after this point in time that one of his men noticed something in the distance.

LeFlore pulled out his telescope and zoomed in on what appeared to be a small group of men, not more than 600 yards away from their position.

The group of lawmen charged towards the men in the distance and watched them disperse into the nearby forest. LeFlore ordered his men to follow the fleeing group.

As soon as they entered the forest they became aware of a strong, stale odour of rotting flesh and blood – the forest area actually smelled like death itself!

Native American Bigfoot Legends

Before long the strong smell seemed to ‘spook’ the group’s horses and they bolted from the wooded area leaving the cavalry men to proceed on foot.

Eventually the group arrived at a small clearing…but this was certainly no ordinary bandit camp.

They found the bodies of numerous children scattered around the area in different stages of decay. Three hairy bipedal ape-like creatures were sitting among the corpses chewing the flesh off their bones.

This heartbreaking scene was all too much for LeFlore to handle – he raced into the creatures wielding his sword in one had and his pistol in the other.

The shot and stabbed at the three creatures numerous times but nothing seemed to put them down. Eventually he was caught out as one of the creatures managed to sneak up behind him…and rip his head clean off his body.

Native American Fury

Up until this point – the native American cavalry group had been rooted to the spot in shock and fear. The sight of their captain being decapitated finally snapped them out of their daze.

They calmly aimed for the ape creatures head’s and within seconds the fight was over. The sensible rifle head shots took out the small hairy group with ease.

Bigfoot in the Dark

With the creatures dead, the cavalry group now had time to investigate the area properly. They uncovered the bodies of 19 dead children from the local area.

The men set down their buffalo rifles and got to work on 20 graves – 19 for the poor children and one for their fallen captain.

The report indicates that the group opted to burn the bodies of the ape-like creatures, because they felt they were too evil to receive a proper burial.

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