The eBay Haunted Picture – The Hands Resist Him

The eBay Haunted Picture

In February 2000 a strange listing appeared on eBay. Today the item is referred to as “The eBay Haunted Picture” and its history is rather spooky.

The listing described that the children depicted in the painting had been seen climbing out of the painting, and enter the room the picture was housed.

Even more disturbing were a series of photographs, which were said to be evidence of this paranormal activity.

The interesting post was quickly spread around the internet, and soon had over 30,000 views. Some of the people who viewed the listing and attached photographs reported that even after this brief exposure they had experienced unexplained and supernatural incidents.

Strange Paintings

This was not the first time a haunted picture captured the imagination of the public. There was the case of “The Anguished Man” which was was said to be possessed by the spirit of the artist, who painted the picture using his own blood and soon after committed suicide.

Another very popular case involved a range of prints showing children crying in distress, staring straight out of the picture at the observer. The most well-known of these was “The Crying Boy”.

In 1985 stories started being circulated that fires were occurring in the homes that contained these pictures and that after the fire the prints remained undamaged.

Stoneham’s Painting – The Hands Resist Him

The painting depicts a small boy standing next to a female doll, with a glass paneled door behind them. Behind the door there are many disembodied hands pressed up against the glass.

The artist, Bill Stoneham, created the painting in 1974 using a childhood photograph of himself and a poem, as inspiration.

Stoneham had been commissioned to deliver a painting and presented his finished piece to Charles Feingarten, who then featured it in his gallery.

The painting was reviewed by Henry Seldis who wrote a review about it in the Los Angeles Times. It’s first owner would be actor John Marley, well known for his part in The Godfather.

Within the next ten years Feingarten, Seldis and Marley were all dead and the painting slipped into obscurity for almost 3 decades, before being discovered by the couple who would eventually sell it on eBay.

When the couple found the painting they put it on display in their home where it remained until their young daughter started reporting some creepy events that were occurring.

She claimed that the boy and the doll in the picture where fighting and leaving the picture during the night.

Thinking this to just be a creation of the girls imagination, the father set up camera’s in the room to prove to her that there was nothing to fear.

But the images he captured did nothing but create more terror.

Paranormal Photographs

The photographs depicted the doll in the painting moving and using what appeared to be a gun to force the young boy out of the picture. Another showed the boy crawling out from the painting.

These eerie details were added to the eBay posting along with a disclaimer that indemnified the sellers from any liability.

The picture was sold for $1,025.00 to Kim Smith, another art gallery owner, and today it is housed in a storage room in the gallery.

Smith has been asked to display the painting a handful of times and each time the viewers have reported strange and uncomfortable feelings.

Even people who have bought prints of the painting have reported mysterious occurrences that they are convinced are caused by the picture.

Despite this Smith has been said that nothing serious has happened since he acquired the painting.

The artist, Bill Stoneham, has explained the representation of the images in the painting. He said that the doorway depicts the dividing line between the world as we know it and the world of fantasy beyond.

The doll represents a guide, which will escort the boy into this unknown realm, while the hands represent possibilities and alternative lives.

Stone said the picture left you wondering whether the hands were attached to bodies or whether they were dismembered.

Whether or not the eBay haunted picture truly is haunted or whether the hype surrounding it is purely fiction one thing is for sure; after viewing the image you cannot help but feel ever so slightly disturbed.

The Ed and Lorraine Warren Cases

The Ed and Lorraine Warren Cases

If you see Lorraine Warren today, you’ll probably see a frail 89 year old woman but looks can be deceiving! Back in day, Lorraine and Edward Warren were what you’d call the “Bonny and Clyde” of ghost busting.

You’d have to be from another dimension if you haven’t heard of the Ed and Lorraine Warren cases.

The couple’s profound interest in the supernatural led to the establishment of a ghost hunting team and an organization called the “NESPR (New England Society for Psychic Research)” which began in 1952.

The NESPR has and still is a big part of America’s history and involvement with the underworld.

The Paranormal Pair

These two were literally a match made in heaven to uncover hell! Staunch Catholics; self proclaimed demonologist and medium (clairvoyant – light trance), the perfect recipe for something very, very unnatural.

And let’s not forget that Ed served in World War II and again as a cop. We all know what happens with guys who’ve been to overseas war right? …the PSTD?

Probably one of the reasons why the ghost hunting duo has so many critics. Their fascinating stories and adventures during their ghost hunting days have also created a massive following too.

Some of their real life cases have been adapted into hair raising horror movies and blood chilling books.

With an impressive 10, 000 paranormal investigation cases under their belt(s), it’s no wonder Hollywood came knocking on their door to borrow their diaries to develop scripts.

Some of the most notable encounters with the supernatural which started in 1970 include (not in chronological order):

The White Lady of Union Cemetery – This was a case where Ed claims to have captured the essence of the ghostly lady on camera during an investigation following reports of the cemetery being haunted. He later wrote a book about it which was published in 1992.

The Annabelle Doll Mystery – The story goes that two roommates discovered that their doll (an old raggedy Ann doll) was possessed by a demon going by the name of Annabelle.

The couple is said to have confirmed the doll’s possession by an unearthly spirit and actually took it and included it as one of their prized collections in their backyard “Occult Museum”.

The Controversial Amityville Haunting – Now this is one story that has stirred up a lot of talk and people still continue to throw shadows of doubt on this famous couple based on this particular case.

Okay, the case went on to attract a few negative public reviews plus a couple of lawsuits in a bid to uncover the truth about the whole Lutz family haunted house saga.

A book published in 1977 and written by Jay Anson titled The Amityville Haunting is one of the many ways the Ed and Lorraine legend has been kept alive.

The haunted house tale is said to have been started by two sisters (11 and 13) when they told their mother of strange knocking on walls and moving furniture. See why it’s so easy to doubt it?

More ghost stories include the werewolf demon case, the demo possessed murderer, the witch haunting the Perron family and Smurl family haunting among others.

Some of the infamous cases like the Amityville case, the possessed doll (Annabelle) and the Perron family house haunting have been adapted in Hollywood movies.


Going by the large number of divided believers and skeptics, it’s extremely hard to tell whether the Ed and Lorraine duo really encountered any real ghosts during their ghost hunting career.

The fact however is that they used many credible factions in their investigations and this included members of the clergy, law enforcement and other professionals (notable figures) in the field of supernatural happenings.

This to some extent throws a little weight behind their bizarre claims and collected “evidence” over the years.

We wonder if the late Ed still calls in to check on his wife from the “other side”… that, would be some interesting headline!

We are still waiting for someone to come up with concrete proof that these two actually met some real ghosts or if they helped people get out of their haunted situations. We are not saying that the Ed and Lorraine cases are a hoax and neither do we say that we believe them but… yeah, there’s a but there.

The opposing sides (believers and skeptics) almost match each other in terms of the following which is the number one reason we are letting you have the final word on this matter.

What do you think?

Robert The Doll Curse

Robert The Doll Curse

The history surrounding the Curse of Robert the Doll started during the early 20th century with the Otto family in the town of Key West, Florida.

The doll’s involvement surrounded Mr. and Mrs. Otto’s young son, Robert Eugene, with whom the doll was eventually gifted to.

The cursed doll was made in 1906 by one of the family’s Haitian servants before she was dismissed by the household over allegations of practicing black magic and voodoo.

The Otto family were known to not treat their servants well and were reported to even mistreat them. It is believed that for this reason, the dismissed Haitian servant had placed a curse upon the doll before presenting it to the Otto’s young son as a gift.

The Doll

The doll stood an estimated three feet tall dressed in a sailor’s uniform and decorated with beaded eyes and straw-colored hair.

The DollHe appears with his own doll, a small stuffed animal that he holds underneath his arm. Due to the mistreatment the former servant endured, it is thought that she constructed the doll of human blood, hair, and clothes saturated with liquid of the deceased.

It was also thought that she infused the doll with dark spirits and the famous curse as an act of revenge against the Otto’s mistreatment of her.

She then presented the doll to the young family’s son as a parting gift. The Otto’s son took an immediate liking to the doll, naming it after himself and treating the doll as his constant companion.

Robert the Doll accompanied the Otto’s son on family outings, sat at the dinner table with them and even slept in the bed of the family’s son. This companionship continued throughout the boy’s childhood and into his adult life.


As the boy got older, he started to refer to himself by his middle name, Gene, after believing that the name Robert was that of the doll’s and not his to have.

Gene often had closed door conversations with Robert the Doll, in which servants sometimes noted a deeper voice answering to the son’s higher voice.

The Otto’s themselves witnessed moments in which their son was found cowering in the corner in apparent fear of the doll, with Robert hovering motionless above him in a menacing manner.

Gene was also becoming increasingly agitated, having outbursts towards his parents and the family’s’ servants in which he always connected to Robert the Doll.

Strange occurrences began to happen, with objects being thrown across the room apparently of their own volition. Additionally, the son’s other toys and possessions were often found mutilated.

When the Otto’s questioned their son about any of the strange events, he was always quick to blame the mischief on Robert the Doll, often quoting “Robert did it”. The boy’s aunt decided to pack up the doll and store him in the attic, to which the mischief resided.

Adult Life

Robert the Doll appeared in Gene’s life many years later after he inherited the Otto family home due to the death of his father. Having grown up to become an artist, Gene moved into his childhood home with his new wife.

Upon moving back into the house, Gene resurfaced his childhood toy and his attachment to Robert the Doll resumed as it had in his younger years.

Gene continued to have Robert the Doll attend outings with the couple, evening dinners and even sat him in a bedside chair next to the newlyweds’ bed.

Gene even built a specific room for Robert the Doll in the turret of the Otto’s home, and eventually Robert spent much of his time there.

Gene accompanied him, spending time on his paintings while conversing with the doll. Neighbors reported seeing the doll move around in the turret windows, and servants spoke of evil laughter or footsteps coming from the apparent uninhabited room.

There were even reports of people being locked in the room against their will…

Fort East Martello Museum

Gene passed away in 1974 in which the Otto house sat empty for a number of years, with Robert the Doll still residing in the Turret Room.

The tenants to follow continued to hear sounds and reported strange happenings with the residing doll, including sounds of demonic giggling and seeing the doll’s facial expression change.

In 1994, Robert the Doll was moved to a local museum, the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West. He sits in a glass box still holding his toy for visitors to see.

Museum staff warn visitors of the continued curse on the doll. The staff notify curious visitors that they must ask Robert to take his photograph, and only to proceed if he has nodded back.

If he has not nodded, a curse will be set on any person who photographs Robert without his permission.

Robert the Cursed Doll’s glass box is decorated with letters from unfortunate visitors who took his picture without his consent, in which they beg Robert to remove his curse upon them.

The Screaming Skull Of Bettiscombe Manor

The Screaming Skull Of Bettiscombe Manor

​A man named Azariah Pinney traveled from England to the West Indies in 1685. Pinney wasn’t exactly known for being a nice guy and many people believe he was banished to the Caribbean at the time!

When he returned a few years later to resume his English business he brought with him a African-descent slave who he abused on a daily basis.

Pinney died and passed the estates on to his children and, after a time, the slave slave followed suit.

As he lay dying on his deathbed the slave pleaded with the new head of the Pinney household to return his body to the Caribbean for burial.

Pinney’s son regarded this as an expense too far for a slave and instead buried him at Bettiscombe churchyard.

The Screaming

Within days of the slave’s body being buried at the (wrong) graveyard, strange happenings started to occur within the Pinney household.

At night the house would be filled by terrifying moans and screams along with severe poltergeist activity.

Within weeks the slave’s body was disinterred and brought into the Pinney’s house.

As soon as the body was set comfortably inside the home the screaming and the paranormal activity stopped.

The Skull

As the years went by the slave’s body decomposed within the house storage, the body bones became lost until only the skull remained.

Decades later one of the house owners decided that he had heard enough of this stupid paranormal legend and threw the skull into the pond outside.

Screaming Skull

Within hours the house was full of demonic screams and furniture smashed against the bedroom walls.

The owner quickly realized his mistake and threw himself into the pond looking for the discarded skull. He managed to find it and quickly returned it to it’s rightful place inside the home.

Once again the paranormal activity stopped.

Another, later owner, decided to try his luck at ridding the home of this grotesque object.

He dug a deep, deep hole in the back garden of the property and buried the skull at the bottom. He spent the next few hours filling the hole back up.

He managed to get through the night without any sort of paranormal response – surely the curse of the skull had finally been lifted?

When he ventured into the garden the next morning he was horrified to discover the skull sitting on the ground on top of the now filled-in hole.

The skull was taken back inside the home…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the screaming skull Of Bettiscombe Manor, please leave them in the comment section below.