The Ancient Ram Inn (Most Haunted)

Situated midway between Gloucestershire and Bristol stands one of the most haunted locations in Great Britain –¬†The Ancient Ram Inn.

The Grade 2 building is thought to date back as far as 1145 and over the years it has been home to stone masons and priests before it became a public house.

It has been used as a family home since the 1960’s but research indicates that it was built upon a Pagan burial site. There have also been rumors of Devil worship and human sacrifice linked to the building (although this cannot be linked to the Pagan religion – the Devil does not exist in their belief setup).

The building is now considered by many to be a national treasure…that houses more than a few unquiet entities…

The Investigation we have decided to include on this site is carried out by the hugely popular Most Haunted team (S05E14).

Welcome to The Ancient Ram Inn…