What Are Ghosts Made of?

What Are Ghosts Made of?

What are we looking at when we see a ghost? We often ask this question in regard to the spiritual nature of the manifestation before us.

What heavenly apparition or lost soul is making itself known to us?

The other side of this question is much more scientific, much more physical.

What material and physical matter are we looking at that is causing these shapes and movement?

Put more simply, what are ghosts made of?

There are many theories on the physical matter of ghosts, but there is some weight behind the idea of plasma…

There has been plenty of debate on the topic of ghosts and the scientific reasons for their activity. Then there are the tales of popular culture that get thrown into the mix.

There is a big difference between the green, slimy masses that can be physically handled by Ghostbusters and cartoon characters and the physical entities that we come across in real life.

The problem is that nobody is quite sure what they really are made of.

One of the words that commonly comes up is plasma. This is an important term because it is probably largely responsible for the lore of movies, yet is still the most probable suggestion.

It all comes down to what our interpretation of plasma is. When we think of plasma we think of blood plasma and ectoplasm; plasma is where ectoplasm came from.


In the movies, this meant a thick substance produced by ghosts in order to interact with the real world. This was a neat trick for visual storytelling, but this is not the reality of ghost encounters.

The other definition of plasma is a fourth state of matter that is neither a solid, liquid or gas. It is essentially an ionized gas, unlike the gases we are familiar with, with highly energized electrons that have separated from their nuclei.

We see this phenomenon when looking at neon lights and it is believed that this form of matter is what creates the energized glowing entities that we see as ghosts.

Our ongoing lack of understanding could simply be down to the fact that this particular form of plasma is separate from that of neon gas.

There could be physical and chemical interactions taking place within these spectral projections that are yet to be fully understood.

Energy and electricity are the key here, which is what makes this subject so complex…

Plasma, of one kind or another, seems like the most logical solution here because of that idea of a highly energized being.

We know for certain that energy is a major factor in the appearance and characteristics of ghosts.

The glowing, energy-emitting entities that we see are proof that energy is at work in some form. The best way of detecting the presence of ghosts is through an EMF meter.

Their readings and electrical charges are so strong that they are easily detected and can disrupt electrical equipment. This works with this idea of plasma because of that highly-energized, ionized gas.


Plasma has the ability to conduct electricity, generate electromagnetic fields and emit light.

Ghosts and other related manifestations are known to do the same. There is a glow to them.

It was once theorized that ghosts were simply light sources of photon element, but this did not explain the ability to pass through solid objects.

In order to do this, these ghosts had to be made of something smaller than an atom. There was also the theory of the “ghost particle” that is the neutrino – something small enough to meet this criteria.

The problem here was that neutrinos don’t carry an electrical charge.

So What Are Ghosts Made of?

The one thing that researchers can be sure about is that ghosts are made up of some form of strong energy source.

It now seems that theories about photon light were a long way off the mark.

At the time, they were the most logical explanation for light generation in an unknown entity, but it seems that we were not looking far enough.

The poorly-understood world of plasma surely holds the key to finally answering the question of what ghosts are really made of.

Further research into the properties of plasma and the potential for different forms could help us to sole this puzzle.

Bhangarh Fort Ghost Stories

Bhangarh Fort Ghost Stories

The Bhangarh Fort is one of the main attractions in India’s state of Rajasthan, approximately 186 miles from Delhi and just on the edge of the Sariska Tiger reserve.

It is famously referred to as the den of ghosts (bhoot bangla); one of the most haunted places in India if any of the Bhangarh Fort ghost stories are anything to go by!

The countryside village of Bhangarh is best known for its sprawling ruins…and the paranormal activities that go on in these dilapidated primordial buildings after dusk.

Here are 6 scary but fun facts that I can bet you didn’t know about the Bhangarh Fort…

1) The Princess and the Crushed Suitor

The story goes that there was once a very beautiful princess in Bhangarh called Ratnavati. She was so stunning that everyone was already after her hand in marriage the moment she hit the age of 18.

Now, among the suitors was one unscrupulous character called Singhia.

He was a wizard, and he thought to use magic so as enslave the beautiful princess in eternal feelings of love for him.

His plan was to put some charm in oil and cast a love spell on it, find a way to get it to the princess, and wait for the princess to come knocking at his door immediately after applying the oil on her body.

He failed miserably.

The princess found out about his evil scheme before touching the oil and she poured it all on the ground.

Bhangarh Fort

Believe it or not, the story says that the oil turned to a large rock which rolled back to Singhia’s place and crushed him to death…well, near death because he allegedly cursed the village with his last breathe, just before walking into the light.

The village of Bhangarh was forever doomed to extinction without reincarnation!

The princess was brutally murdered during an attack from the neighboring Ajabgarh. The locals attributed her death to the curse.

The legend continues to say that the princess will once again be reborn and return to save Bhangarh from the terrible dying wishes of a crushed evil suitor.

2) The Keep Away Sign

The Bhangarh Fort is protected by Archaeological Survey of India through the archaeological act that defines the punishment due to an offender.

The myths surrounding this fort and the general area have attracted many scientists, thrill seekers, and paranormal investigation groups.

One problem in particular is people disappearing whenever they spend the night in the fort.

It wasn’t until dead bodies started showing that the Archaeological Survey decided to put up a notice warning people to stay away between the hours of dusk and dawn.

Trespassers are not allowed to step anywhere near the fort area during the forbidden hours. The sign was actually placed there to protect the people from unexplained deaths.

3) Roofless Houses: The Guru Balu Nath Curse

Another unexplained phenomena is the fact that no house around the fort’s and the surrounding area seems to be able to hold its roof…at all!

The story behind this strange happening talks of the curse of an angry guru who lived in Bhangarh before King Madho decided it was a good spot to pitch his fortress.

Of course tradition dictated that he had to get permission from the guru which he did, but under a simple condition, not to overshadow guru Balu Nath samadhi or…face the consequences; which meant the whole village turning into ruins.

The king got greedy and built a very high fort despite the agreement with the old wise guy…thus the curse of the roofless houses began.

It is said that roofs just started collapsing for no apparent reason and they continue to cave in spontaneously even today.

4) Lock Up at Dusk

Now, back to the fort’s curfew at dusk. The doors to the fort are closed in the evening and only opened in the morning.


Stories dating back to the time of trade travelers and nomads talk of disappearances that could not be explained every time they stopped in the ancient city to rest.

It was later announced not safe to sleep there.

5) Is there Any Evidence…?

Whether its the countless temples built on this area (including the Hanuman Temple…) or the dark past associated with its inhabitants, one thing is for sure, Bhangarh is quite a creepy place.

One story is told of how a ghost hunting team decided to uncover the paranormal activity in the fort and went on to set up camp inside.

They made it out of the fort alright…only to end up dead in a fatal car crash only a few minutes away from the damned fort.

Is there Any Evidence...?

Although scientists and other academics continue to rubbish the Bhangarh haunting, locals still believe in the myths and stories associated with the fort’s past.

A lot of villagers have come out over the years reporting cases of jingling bangles, yelling women and sadistic music heard from the Bhangarh Fort.

6) The Putrid Smell of Despair and Fear

The whole fort stinks of anxiety and unsettled spirits. You can just feel the deathly emptiness once you walk into the fort and this is soon overtaken by a sudden feeling of pain and agony.

If only the walls could tell their tale, this area sitting in the middle of the Aravali Hills has also become home to various forest dwellers.

Apparently the ghosts don’t seem disturbed by the presence of animals. Maybe its the animal poop that we smell, no one will ever know!

One thing however is that the Bhangarh Fort ghost stories remain a mystery to us until that time we can sit down with spirits and have them tell us their side of the story.

The Ghosts of Aberystwyth

The Ghosts of Aberystwyth

In this article we will be taking a look at the ghosts of Aberystwyth, a historic market town, administrative center and holiday resort within Ceredigion, West Wales.

Constitution Hill

Around this area there have been many sightings of a woman dressed in a Victorian-styled outfit, wandering aimlessly.

Whenever witnesses attempt to approach this strange and sad looking female she seems to disappear almost instantly.

As well as Constitution Hill, she has also been spotted in the direction of Clarach and Clarach Bay.

In these areas she is seen floating across the ground aimlessly towards the direction of the local woods.

The Boar’s Head

The Boar’s Head on Queen’s Road used to be a pub but has now been converted into accommodation for local university students.

When the pub was finally closed down it was left empty for many decades – nobody wanted to take a chance on the paranormal activity that took place there.

Many believe that the main spirit that resides at this building is that of a past landlord who committed suicide.

Apparently he managed to hang himself in the attic from one of the beams that lay overhead.

Many visitors to the inn claimed that they had heard his keys jangling away as an invisible force followed them.

It is supposed that if you follow the noises you will come across the ghost of the grieving landlord getting ready to hang himself.

Aberystwyth Railway Station

The Mermaid

This report stretches back as far as 1826 when a group of 12 friends decided to climb Constitution Hill to take in the wonderful local views.

When they reached a decent height they looked down onto the shoreline to see a beautiful naked woman washing herself in the sea.

Awe quickly turned into fear as they realized this woman had a tail fin where her legs should of been.

They quickly ran down the hill to the shoreline but the strange creature had disappeared.

The Student Halls

The student areas of Pumlumon and Caerleon are home to a female specter that floats between the rooms at night.

One student claims to have witnessed the woman floating above her bed, however she disappeared before the student was able to react.

Back in the early 1970’s a male student woke to find the strange woman standing at the foot of his bed.

He was so petrified he could not scream or move.

The female specter simply raised her hand and pointed a crooked finger at him before disappearing into the bedroom’s gloom.

The student in question sticks to his version of events even to this day.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the ghosts of Aberystwyth please leave them in the comment section below.

The Monte Cristo Homestead Ghosts

The Monte Cristo Homestead Ghosts

Perched high on a hill overlooking the small town of Junee is the imposing Monte Cristo Homestead. Built in the classic Colonial style of the era, it combines functionality with beauty.

Now over a hundred and thirty years old this historic building is both famous and notorious. Sadly though it is not its architecture which has provoked worldwide interest in the building.

Inhabited by the Monte Cristo Homestead ghosts, it is said to be the most haunted house in Australia.

A Brief History of Monte Cristo

Construction of the Monte Cristo Homestead began in 1884 by Christopher William Crawley. Once a poor farmer, chance, good fortune and business acumen elevated him to great wealth.

In a few short years clever investments meant that he owned a great deal of the growing town of Junee. Before long he was a pillar of the local community and wanted a home to reflect his rise in status.

The beautiful Monte Cristo Homestead must have fulfilled his expectations and more. Renowned for its social gatherings and parties it appeared to be a happy home.

Occupied by the Crawley family until 1948, the property was left empty for the next fifteen years. The contents of the house were sold off and a succession of caretakers failed to care properly for the building.

Eventually, the building was left vandalised and derelict. In 1963 it was bought by Reginald and Olive Ryan. The couple restored the house to its former glory and occupied it as their home before opening their haunted house to the public.

Looks Can be Deceptive

To the outside world, Christopher William Crawley and his wife appeared to be pillars of society. Both were devout Catholics who donated money to the local church and to the community of Junee.

Behind closed doors, there is a suggestion that Crawley and his wife were not the ideal citizens they pretended to be. Mr. Crawley is suspected of impregnating two of his maids, one of whom went on to commit suicide, while the other’s illegitimate child was treated like an animal.

A hundred years later it is difficult to confirm whether or not these rumors are true. Crawley himself died in 1910 leaving his widow behind.

Mrs. Crawley went on to live in the house for another 23 years, rarely leaving her home to venture in to the outside world. Described by some of her staff after her death as harsh and cruel, she is said to have run the household with a rod of iron.

The Ghosts of Monte Cristo

The Monte Cristo Homestead is said to be haunted by up to ten troubled souls and poltergeists. Some remain unidentified but others have a very strong link with the house and can be traced back through its troubled history.

Mrs. Crawley: One of the most powerful presences at Monte Cristo is said to be the ghost of Mrs. Crawley. Virtually a recluse after the death of her husband, she confined herself to the limits of her home.

Despite being a committed Christian and converting a room in her house to a chapel, Mrs. Crawley is rumored to have had a cruel and unkind nature.

Dressed in black and carrying a silver cross her presence is often seen and felt. Upset Mrs. Crawley and you will incur her wrath.

Visitors to the Monte Cristo Homestead have felt themselves pushed unceremoniously out of the rooms which she haunts. Others have heard her unhappy spirit weeping.

Mr. Crawley: The spirit of Mr. Crawley is also felt about the building. Not as powerful a presence as his formidable wife, he has been seen in the room where he died.

Ethel Crawley: Ethel Crawley died in 1917. Literally a babe in arms, she died when her nursemaid dropped her on the stairs. Whether it was an accident or intentional we will never know.

At the time the nursemaid swore that there was a supernatural involvement, claiming that she had felt a shove to her back from an invisible force.

To this day visitors to the house feel a strange atmosphere around the stairs. Some feel an invisible force restraining or pushing them, young children become agitated and upset, while others feel the tiny icy hand of a child slip silently into theirs.

Morris, The Stable Boy: Morris was a young stable boy who worked for the Crawley family. One day he is said to have taken to his bed, feeling ill and unable to get up. There are two different versions of what happened next.

The first version describes poor Morris trapped in his bed unable to move when a fire broke out in the stable. In the second more sinister version of the story, Morris’s boss set fire to the straw mattress on which the poor boy was sleeping.

Presumably he was calling the boys bluff and expected him to leap from the burning bed. Sadly, the stable lad died. His screams are said to resonate around the stables.

Harold Steel: Harold Steel was the son of one of the maids in the Crawley household. He was also rumored to be the illegitimate child of Christopher Crawley.

As a youngster Harold was involved in a carriage accident and sustained serious head injuries. After his accident he developed an aggressive and violent personality.

In order to control him, his mother chained him up in the dairy behind the main house. Harold is said to have spent up to thirty years in this state. During this time he would howl and scream, becoming the object of children’s curiosity and cruel taunts.

When his mother died, life became worse for the unfortunate Harold. Eventually, local people intervened and he was confined to a mental institution where he died soon after. Harold’s howls and screams can still be heard in the dairy.

The Pregnant Maid: Another sad soul that haunts the Monte Cristo Homestead is the ghost of the pregnant maid. Whether she was pregnant by Christopher Crawley or not, we can only speculate.

What is known is that she committed suicide by throwing herself from the top veranda of the building. Her blood still stains the steps that lead up to the house and her ghostly image is said to hover around the exterior of the building.

Jack Simpson: Few who see the beautifully restored Monte Cristo Homestead today could imagine the decay it fell into during the last century. Crumbling and derelict it became the classic haunted house on the hill.

Despite this, the murder of Jack Simpson in 1961 must have shaken the small local community to the core. Jack Simpson was one of the many caretakers who occupied the property after the last of the family vacated the Monte Cristo in 1948.

One evening in 1961 he opened the door to an unexpected and lethal visitor. Shot at point blank range, Jack died immediately.

His murderer was a crazed local youth who had watched Psycho three times before carrying out the killing. Before fleeing the scene the young man wrote ‘Die Jack – ha ha’ on a shed door. The words can clearly be read today and the spirit of poor Jack is said to linger in the area.

Strange Lights and Animal Mutilation

Since its purchase and subsequent restoration in 1963, the Monte Cristo Homestead has become a family home, museum and ghostly tourist attraction. Thousands visit each year and there are hundreds of paranormal incidents recorded.

One of the strangest incidents experienced by the family who occupy the property involves strange lights. At least twice they have left their home in darkness to go out for the evening.

As they have approached the empty house on their return, they have witnessed it completely lit up. By the time they have reached their destination, the house is in darkness again.

More disturbing is the reaction and fate of some animals on the property. When the Ryan family moved into the property in 1963, they claim their cat and dog would not enter the building but ran away.

Subsequently, they went on to discover their chickens strangled in their secured pens, a parrot choked to death in its locked cage and kittens found dead and mutilated in the breakfast room.

Other phenomena recorded by those who visit the home include; nausea, fainting, overwhelming sadness, icy touches, whispered messages, unexplained mists and full body apparitions.


The Monte Cristo Homestead is open to the public and for those who are interested in the paranormal it must surely be on the list of must see places. Claiming to be Australia’s most haunted house it is certainly rich in unexplained phenomena.

Lovingly restored to its former Victorian glory by its current owners, it offers Ghost Tours for the curious. Overnight stays in haunted rooms are available for those who are really keen to catch a glimpse of the Monte Cristo Homestead ghosts.

A word of warning though, Mrs. Crawley is very particular about who enters her home and is often said to take an instant dislike to those who show her or her home disrespect.

If you don’t want to feel her icy glare, a whispered threat or a short sharp shove in your back, be sure to mind your manners and be on your very, very best behavior.

True Gettysberg Ghost Stories

True Gettysberg Ghost Stories

Gettysberg, a name forever carved in American history. An ordinary run of the mill American town in Pennsylvania until the events of 1st to the 3rd July 1863.

During this fateful period Union and Confederate forces collided in what was one of the pivotal moments of the civil war. At the end of the three days 7,500 men were dead and the blood soaked battlefields of Gettysberg enshrined in history.

Visited by thousands each year, Gettysberg has become famous for another reason. The area has become rich in paranormal activity with many reporting ghostly experiences.

Is this area haunted by the souls of those who lost their lives in that terrible battle? Here are just a few true Gettysberg ghost stories…

George Washington

The ghost of George Washington is possibly one of the first recorded hauntings at Gettysberg. Many years before in 1777 he is said to have reported a terrible premonition of the future to his aides.

The premonition was so vivid it was recorded in writing. Some believe that at least part of this premonition was a vision of the Battle of Gettysberg.

The story becomes even stranger. On approaching the Gettysberg area on the first day of battle, the 20th Maine Division of the Union Army came to a fork in the road. Unsure which path to take, the division led by Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, hesitated.

At that moment a rider wearing old fashioned clothes, a tricorn hat and riding a magnificent white horse approached. He guided the soldiers along the path to a strategically advantageous area, known as Little Round Top.

The rider stayed with the Union soldiers throughout the ensuing battle. Both Union and Confederate soldiers reported that the rider emanated an eerie glow and seemed impervious to gunfire or cannon shot.

So many soldiers were convinced that the ghost of George Washington himself had been present during the fateful battle, that a formal investigation was undertaken by the Secretary of War.

Little Round Top

Little Round Top became one of the strategic areas during the Battle of Gettysberg. A small rocky hill, the site was successfully defended from the attack of confederate soldiers.

Visitors to the area report hearing gun and cannon fire. One of the most bizarre and unexplained incidents though took place during the filming of the movie Gettysberg.

Little Round Top

During a break in filming a group of extras dressed in army uniforms, took a break. Whilst they were resting they were approached by an elderly gentleman smelling strongly of sulfur and dressed in Union garb.

The gentleman talked about the progress of the battle and pressed what turned out to be authentic musket rounds into their hands before disappearing.

His role was clearly to replenish the ammunition of the Union soldiers. A ghostly apparition, a slip in time? He certainly wasn’t connected to the movie.

Devil’s Den

The name of this barren area would be enough to strike terror into the heart. A large rocky outcrop with deep fissures and crevices, it is a place where many people have sighted ghostly forms.

These sightings include a man who approaches tourists directing them to some invisible scene, before disappearing into thin air.

Another strange feature of this area is the effect that it has on cameras. Hundreds of people have reported the same phenomenon. Cameras suddenly become inoperable or are struck from the hands of their owners.

One theory is that a photographer at the time of battle, disrespectfully posed the corpses of the dead soldiers for dramatic effect. Are the spirits of those who passed exacting their revenge?

Sachs Covered Bridge

Sachs Covered Bridge is a 100 foot long covered bridge that spans Marsh Creek. The bridge was originally captured by Confederate soldiers and used as a makeshift hospital.

As the soldiers retreated on the third day, the dead and the dying were laid out on the bridge. Visitors to the bridge have reported a feeling of overwhelming sadness and despair as well as witnessing strange lights, orbs, mists and shadowy figures.

Sachs Covered Bridge

One of the most disturbing events that took place at the bridge during the battle was the hanging of three men. Thought to be either spies or deserters, they were hung from the rafters of the bridge.

Is it their cries that can still be heard?

Gettysberg College

Gettysberg College was used as a field hospital during the battle. Many strange events have been reported in the building since, including wailing and footsteps.

One of the strangest was reported by two officials from the college. Taking the elevator one day, they were stunned when the doors opened to reveal a bloody scene laid out before their eyes.

According to the two witnesses they swore that they saw dying soldiers being tended by frantic medics. They quickly closed the elevator doors, when they opened again, the scene had returned to normal.

Farnsworth House

Historic Farnsworth House displays over 100 bullet holes, like a badge of honor. Promoting itself as one of the most haunted inns in America, it claims that 16 ghosts occupy the property.

Footsteps, the sound of a Jew’s harp, a tap on the shoulder, all have been experienced by visitors.

One room, the garret, is kept locked. Said to be the station taken up by three sharpshooters during the battle, strange stains are said to appear on the bathroom floor and the sound of sobbing can be heard from the locked room.

Jennie Wade House

The unfortunate Jennie Wade was a civilian shot by one of the sharpshooters occupying Farnsworth House. An innocent lady, she was killed whilst baking in her kitchen. To this day the aroma of freshly baked bread is sensed in her home.


A sense of sadness, the acrid smell of sulfur in the air, a cold hand on a shoulder, the sound of battle. Who is to say which of the many paranormal events experienced at Gettysberg are the product of over active imaginations and which are true Gettysberg ghost stories?

What is certain is that those that do experience these events have a profound belief in their veracity. The Gettysberg battlefields and nearby town have been the scene of one of American history’s most bloody events.

Over 7,500 young men gave up their lives, American fought American. It is no surprise then, that hundreds if not thousands of people have reported paranormal experiences when visiting the area.

Whether these people are experiencing the strange replay of historical events or the hauntings of unquiet souls, it is hard to know.

What is known, is that during these three dreadful days, days that brought a maelstrom of horror, fear and violence, many died a terrible death. Do these poor unfortunates, these phantom battalions still walk the bloodied battlefields of Gettysberg? You decide.

The Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts

The Ancient Ram Inn Ghosts

In the village of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, sits what is thought to be the most haunted Bed and Breakfast inn on the planet.

​The Ancient Ram Inn ghosts have been tormenting their paying customers for decades now and they don’t look like stopping anytime soon…

The 12th Century Inn

Over the years there have been reports of over 20 entities terrorizing the Inn’s inhabitants.

The building itself is thought to have been constructed on an ancient pagan burial ground that was famous for child sacrifice and extreme devil worshiping.

Presently, Caroline Humphries, whose family has lived in the Ram Inn for nearly half a century, is the owner of the tormented building.

She claims to be doing really well out of the business due to paranormal enthusiasts being desperate to catch a few night’s stay at the inn.

The Happenings

Over the last few decades there have been numerous reports of guests running for their cars in the middle of the night.

Most of them claim to have been awoken be bedroom furniture levitating around the room, in some cases visitors were actually pinned down to their bed!

There are also a handful of reports that concern the apparition of a little girl. She is often seen walking slowly down the inn’s hallways looking straight through the paying guests.

The first floor of the inn has seen several paying customers jump from open windows. Nobody has yet been hurt but one must wonder what drove them to jump from this height and what they were trying to escape?

Several years ago a rather confident ghost hunter decided to get to the truth behind the paranormal activity and stay there for a night.

He was halfway through his night investigation when he felt an incredible force push up against him. When he turned around the wooden beams of the medieval house started to rock violently leaving him grabbing onto the walls crying silently to himself.

Other ghost hunters have had success with capturing spirit’s voices on their devices – a child’s terrifying scream and a demonic male voice booming “get out”.

The Humphries

Ms Humphries, 51, claims that when she was a teenage girl she was completely petrified of the family home.

It got so bad at one point that she decided to sleep out in the caravan positioned on the back yard of the inn.

Throughout her youth she got used to being woken up by screaming customers running for their cars in the middle of the night.

People had told her that they’d seen a high priestess sitting in one of the bedrooms, objects move and spin, and heard ghosts of murdered children screaming and crying in one specific bedroom.

The first night the family moved into the house her father, john, was pulled straight out of the bed and across the room.

After this initial incident he decided to research the building further and was horrified to discover that it was built on top of an ancient burial ground.

A few years later he decided to update the building with a few modern renovations. He was shocked to discover small child-like bones and sacrificial daggers in the earth beneath the building!

The Humphries have considered selling the house on several occasions but they know deep down in their hearts that nobody would buy it…

Would you?

The Facebook Ghost

The Facebook Ghost

In this article we will be taking a look at the slightly unnerving case that appeared on Reddit in 2014 – the Facebook ghost.


Nathan’s story was posted on No Sleep, a SubReddit section of Reddit that is tailored towards real life paranormal experiences.

His girlfriend, Emily, was killed in a car crash two years prior to the Reddit post and he claimed that she was now back and somehow contacting him on Facebook:

“My dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on Facebook. I’ve got the screenshots. I don’t know what to do.”

The story pretty much went viral instantly on the social network with thousands of people upvoting the post.

The Social Post

Here is the social post that Nathan published to No Sleep. This is pretty freaky stuff…

Facebook Ghost Section 1

Okay, I thought we’d better take a break there so I could include the link Nathan placed in the November the 16th section of the post – Em and my’s shared chat history

Facebook Ghost Section 2

The two links you can see in the February 2014 entry above are included below:

Facebook Ghost part 3

And the final part of the unnerving post…

Facebook Ghost Part 4

The Messages

Emily returned to Facebook on  September 4, 2013, when she supposedly sent this message to Nathan:

Emily's first message

Only Nathan and Emily’s mother had access to her Facebook page and neither of them wanted to shut it down. They both felt that they couldn’t face the feeling of closing her account forever – it felt far to ‘final’.

Nathan soon realized that the messages Emily was posting were sourced from old chats the two of them had shared online before the accident had claimed her life.

The following February things really started to get a little too ‘Twilight Zone’ as Emily began tagging herself in Facebook photos.

This kept going on, with Emily randomly tagging herself in photos and posting messages constructed of specific words she had used when she was alive…until May the 8th…when she posted the final message “FRE EZIN G”.

Emily's Final Message

As you could imagine – Nathan was pretty f##ked up after all these rather creepy happenings. He began to go through extreme emotions of anger and wondered who could be behind this sickening hoax ( if it was a hoax? ).

Unfortunately it got to the point where he was constantly plagued by heart breaking nightmares…

“Emily is trapped in an ice cold car, frozen blue and grey, and I’m standing outside in the warmth screaming at her to open the door. She doesn’t even realize I’m there. Sometimes her legs are outside with me.”

In the end both Nathan and Emily’s mother agreed on memorializing her Facebook page and no further messages arrived…until July 1, the day before he took to Reddit to share his story.

A truly creepy story – what are your thoughts on the subject? A cruel hoax, paranormal contact or even a carefully constructed attempt at fame by Nathan himself? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Eastern State Penitentiary Ghosts

Eastern State Penitentiary Ghosts

If you follow the ghost programs on TV, you have most likely heard of the Eastern State Penitentiary Ghosts. Opened in 1829, Eastern State Penitentiary was the first proper holding facility for criminals. It was built to serve as a guide to over 300 future prisons, and is considered a revolutionary development at that time.

Before, criminals were held in makeshift pens where there were no proper cells and mistreatment is rife. The penitentiary took a sharp departure from corporal punishment, giving inmates instead the light from heaven, honest work, and the word of God, to guide them towards penitence, or remorse.

Hence, the idea behind its conception was to serve as a place where criminals can seek god for themselves and hence undergo self-reform.

Each cell was designed to have its own exercise station and food door to cut off any source of social interaction, and prisoners are expected to wear a hood when moving around the facility.

However, the years of complete isolation, initially believed to elicit feelings of regret, instead led prisoners spiraling down towards insanity. Soon after its closure, the penitentiary would go on to become known as one of the most haunted buildings in America.

The Punishment

The stone-walled structure’s cold, utilitarian exterior belies a darker truth. Within its chambers, many a prisoner has been subjected to tormentation harsh enough to drive any reasonable man insane.

On a famous punishment device known as “the mad chair”, prisoners who went insane (which is not uncommon) were strapped with excruciating tightness and forced to sit for days. Circulation to their limbs were severely impeded to the point of needing amputations.

In another punishment coined the “Iron Gag”, prisoners’ hands were tied behind their backs in an unnatural position, with a lead from their hands to a clamp on their tongues. As you might have imagined, the slightest movement will cause the tongue to tear and bleed.

Later, to cope with misbehaving prisoners, “The Hole” was introduced. It refers to a hole dug in the ground, where prisoners are left with little air and near zero light.

The origins of these punishments are unconfirmed, but it is often said that the staff were the inventors of the torture techniques.

Due to misbehaving inmates, they resorted to using brute force to demand compliance and enforce discipline. This led to the ethically questionable practiced which has been described as similar to “burying the inmates alive” by Charles Dickens, when he visited the compound.

The Haunting

With punishments akin to burying the inmates alive, it is no wonder that the site soon became a place famous for its ghosts.

Many tourists and tour guides have reported sounds of weeping and whispering. More specifically, Cellblock 12 has laughter and voices Cellblock 6 has seen unidentified shadows and Cellblock 4 is said to produce ghost-like faces.

One particularly well known incident was that of Gary Johnson’s recount. As a locksmith, he would show up whenever a lock needs servicing, even without prior contact.

Once, while he was working on a lock of the extreme right cell in Cellblock 4, he was overcome strongly by an unknown force, and saw faces and shadows darting about. The cell is also the place where a guard was murdered.

Eastern State Penitentiary Painting

In another incident, a shadow figure was caught on tape during the filming of Ghost Hunters. Where it was filmed at the “catwalk area”, many have reportedly captured strong EVPs, or electronic voice phenomenon, and felt quick temperature changes.

This has now become a popular spot for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators due to the likeliness of registering EVPs at the area. Cellblock 12, a restricted area, is constantly brought up as an area where true haunting events are common.

The Inmates

Among the seventy-thousand or so who were imprisoned there, a few notable prisoners stand out. Leo Callahan was the only prisoner ever to escape its stone-walled confines, using a makeshift ladder. After vaulting over the East wall, he went missing and has not been recaptured since.

Another inmate, Joe Buzzard, made himself known as the youngest among all five brothers who have served at the prison. He was convicted for horse theft.

Alphonse Capone, a well-heeled inmate who lived in the Penitentiary for 8 months, claims that he is constantly tortured by James Clark.

Al Capone was convicted for concealing a lethal weapon, and was given a luxury cell for his social status. The cell is well furnished and decorated. Al Capone would scream every night at James, who was killed during the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The tormentation is believed to arise from the rivalry between Capone and James’ brother-in-law.


Whether the Eastern State Penitentiary ghosts exist is ambiguous. Many visitors who have passed by its ground reported sensations of being watched and various ghostly noises. Several staff members at the Penitentiary, which is now a museum, have also admitted to experiencing paranormal behaviour.

But at the same time, many visitors have claimed otherwise, and even the non-profit organisation backing it sees it as a haunted “attraction”.

Today, haunted house events have been held there, and several cells have been made into a museum. Ghost tours by experienced guided are available as well. For historians and researchers, this is one of the most architecturally and historical significant locations and is well worth a look.

The Ghosts of Westminster Abbey

The Ghosts of Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey has a mixed history but most of its earliest accounts have since been lost in legends. Today, the site is known for its religious and royal significance but most of all, the associated paranormal activity.

Let’s take a good look into the ghosts of Westminster abbey. What have you heard about it so far? What makes these poor spirits eternal prisoners to the old church? Follow closely…

The Beginning

To better understand this, we’re going to start near the beginning. I say near the beginning because it’s not clear whether the Isle of Thorney, where the Westminster Abbey presently stands, was the site of an early monastery or just consecrated land.

One thing is for sure though… the beginning was tied to religion and some sort of spiritual reverence. Rumor has it that King Saeberht built a church dedicated to St. Peter on Thorney Island between 604 and 616 AD.

Many years later after undergoing several renovations, King Edward the Confessor rebuilt the church again. It is said the ghost of St. Peter himself came and sanctified the church a night before the official ceremony.

A fisherman who witnessed the event says the sky lit up and angles sang! What’s even more amazing is that our St. Peter ghost was not doing the ‘walking on water’ thing anymore so he hitched a ride with the fisherman.

He even went further and asked the petrified unlucky fisherman (unlucky because he hadn’t caught anything that day…) to keep the meter running as he went about his consecrating business.

How did St. Peter pay for the ride? A net full of salmon; but not before slapping him with the terms and conditions: Always take 10% of every salmon catch to the Abbey and give it to then Bishop of London, Mellitus.

And thus the one thousand years tradition of stuffing monks with fish at the Abbey for fishermen on the Thames began.

Beginning of the Abbey

Despite the rosy beginning of the Abbey which was also plagued with controversy, things took a different turn when royalty became involved. Have you watched A Game of Thrones the series? Now that’s exactly how these guys did it back then.

A quick forward to 1066 and now much of what we can remember or justify in small bits begins around this time. Kings (Charles I) are being killed by politicians (Judge John Bradshaw) and princesses (Elizabeth I) are calling their cousins (Margaret, Countess of Derby) witches and monarchs being overthrown… it has been a hectic time!

The Westminster building as it stands today has seen more changes (renovations, demolitions and name changes) than you’ve done a change of clothes in your lifetime!

A monk died in the early building during a stick up, there are several cases of exhumed corpses (some of which were royalty and some hanged after being dug out… the horror!) as well as countless stories of deaths (whether natural or murder) that happened here over the years… ever heard of “Bloody Queen Mary”?

Above all, this has been the burial ground for royalty as far back as the monarchs go. Oh, plus one known case of an unknown!

Paranormal Activity

The Westminster Abbey is home to over 3, 000 graves and some of the most outrageous atrocities in history were carried out here… so why would there be no trouble from the other side?

This building is practically a place of rituals (coronations), spritism (bordering on religion and occultism) and an overstuffed graveyard. Why then wouldn’t there be a ghost or two?

Has anyone ever seen a ghost at the Westminster Abbey? Who are these ghostly creatures vacationing at the Abbey?

John Bradshaw

Apparently his ghost is heard pacing around his former office (Triforium) and a few people have seen him together with the government officials (Henry Ireton and Oliver Cromwell) who supposedly helped him execute King Charles I for high treason.

Why wouldn’t he haunt the hell out of the Westminster Abbey? They kicked him out, a judge that had the power to slay a king, and brought in an unknown foot soldier from World War I… why would he not be pissed? Wouldn’t you?

John Bradshaw’s ghost

The story goes that after his natural death (malaria) in 1659, he was buried at the Abbey. Guess what King Charles II does soon after he regained power and England’s throne to punish the already dead and stinking Bradshaw and his “crew” to avenge his father?

He has them exhumed then hanged! Now why does anyone hang a dead body from the gallows? Rumor has it that John Bradshaw’s ghost is always seen in deep thought or in serious conversations (when sited with the Cromwell and Henry) maybe discussing or pondering over his decision to off the king.

St. Peter

He is the first reported ghost to set foot on this site. Our guess is that he came to inspect the masonry that went into building his crib. Plus sprinkle a little blessing, if the fisherman’s story is anything to go by.

Father Benedictus

Remember the monk who was killed during a robbery? Well his name was Benedictus and he is one of the regular visitors at the Westminster Abbey from the other side.

One way people have tried to explain his regular early evening visits is that maybe he died too soon and it has never really hit him that he’s actually dead.

The Ghost of Father Benedictus

He is the only ghostly figure who appears in an almost solid form. Some say he gives Casper a run for his money on the friendly ghost category. Visitors at the Abbey have talked to him and there were two ladies who allegedly got into a staring competition with him for a whole 25 minutes!

The Unknown Soldier

After losing so many good men on the war front, England decided to choose a random unknown body from the graves at the battlefield in France and bury it at the Abbey as a representative of all unknown felled infantry men during the war.

It is said that a shadow spirit of a soldier wearing a full khaki uniform and boots can be seen beside praying and bowing as if paying his respects. There are many unknowns in this story since the shadow ghost is just as much a mystery as the guy lying in the grave.

Any More Ghost Stories?

Of course there have been more reported sightings of various apparitions such the procession of hooded singing monks reported by several people among them a guard at the Abbey.

Another lady visiting the grave of the Duchess of Suffolk, Frances Brandon (Bloody Mary’s mom) at the St. Edmund’s chapel swore that she stood there for almost 20 seconds and watched a gate close by itself!

Can any of this paranormal activity be backed by solid evidence?

We can’t tell… we just report it… it’s up to you to decipher it!

So what do you think of the ghosts of Westminster abbey? Can any of it be true? Share your experiences with us and let us know…

Ghost Sightings of Abraham Lincoln

Ghost Sightings of Abraham Lincoln

Is Abraham Lincoln’s spirit still moving among us? Yes, say the many who claim to have seen the spectral former president firsthand.

From ghost-hunting groups to Prime Ministers, ghost sightings of Abraham Lincoln have been reported by people from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs, which lends a certain measure of credence to their tales.

Abe’s ghost has been spotted during different times and for very many years, by many different people and in many different places…

The President’s Town

One place Abraham Lincoln is still said to haunt is Springfield, Illinois, the town in which he was born and buried. In fact, the earliest sightings of Lincoln’s spirit were reported soon after his burial at Springfield’s Oak Ridge cemetery, following his assassination in 1865.

Several townsfolk reported hearing strange noises or seeing Lincoln’s spectral form wandering about the cemetery, and to this day, reports of Lincoln’s ghost wandering his hometown streets still emerge.

In addition to the cemetery, the courthouse, law offices, and the old state capitol building in Springfield are also rumored to be haunted by the sixteenth President’s ghost.

The Theater

Another location where Lincoln’s spirit is said to roam is Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. This is the place where Lincoln met his death by assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth, a stage actor.

Witnesses have reported hearing gunshots, screams, and footsteps in the theater, and sightings of Lincoln’s ghostly apparition are said to happen fairly regularly at the Petersen House which lies across the street. Though shot at Ford’s Theater, Lincoln actually died at the Petersen House.

The White House

Some of the most famous reports of Lincoln’s ghost come from the White House. Personalities as well-respected as First Lady Grace Coolidge and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill claimed to have had a run-in with the former president while staying at the property.

When staying at the White House on a visit, Winston Churchill claimed that old Abe caught him in his birthday suit, stark naked having just emerged from a bath. The Prime Minister said that he saw Mr. Lincoln sitting in a chair near the fireplace.

The Oval Office and Lincoln’s bedroom seem to be among Abe’s particularly favorite haunts. Once, Mrs. Coolidge had seen what appeared to be Mr. Lincoln gazing out a window in the Oval Office.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt also talked about sensing the former president’s spirit, describing how she would feel his presence sometimes when she was up late working in the room that used to be Lincoln’s own bedroom.

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands also claimed to have come face-to-face with Lincoln’s ghost. On a visit to the White House in 1942, she was awoken from her sleep in the middle of night by what sounded like a knock at the bedroom door. She opened the door only to find the President’s ghost standing there, staring into her. It was reported that she fainted in fright.

The Restless

It’s really no wonder that there are so many sightings of Abraham Lincoln’s ghost. It only makes sense that his spirit would not be at rest. Not only was he assassinated, he also had his tomb relocated or otherwise disrupted many times over the course of many years.

His coffin was exhumed and opened on several occasions, and at one point Lincoln’s body nearly fell victim to the threats of would-be grave robbers. In order to deter the robbers and throw them off the scent, Lincoln’s body was secretly relocated and buried deep in an underground labyrinth whose location was known only to a select and elite few.

Eventually, Lincoln’s son Robert insisted on encasing his father’s coffin within a solid block of cement, to be sure that any future attacks from grave robbers would be prevented.

Shamans, spiritualists, occultists, and mediums alike teach that if the dead suffered a violent or untimely death, or if they aren’t put to rest properly, it increases the chances that the spirit will become “earth-bound,” which is to say that the soul is trapped in the earthly plains, unable to move on and forced to roam.

What if the many stories of ghost sightings of Abraham Lincoln are true? Perhaps the former president is still wandering around among us even in death, ever searching for the sense of peace for which he strove so hard to achieve in life.