The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street

The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street

In this article we will be taking a look at the apparition that is said to haunt The Bank of England – the old lady of Threadneedle Street (also known as The Black Nun).

Philip Whitehead

Successful banker, Philip Whitehead, was a member of the esteemed financial staff in the early 1800’s. His primary job was a privileged position inside the Cashier’s Office which he held until November 1811…

When his luck took a turn for the worse.

Without warning, the successful Philip was charged with forgery by his peers and was sent for trial at the Old Bailey.

Unfortunately, they returned a guilty verdict, and Philip was sentenced to death.

Sarah Whitehead

Several months after Philip’s execution, the bank was surprised to find his sister, Sarah Whitehead, turn up on their doorstep.

When the bank workers realized who she was they decided to spare her feelings and lied – they said he was away on important financial business.

Threadneedle Street Bank

She began to turn up to see her brother every day, but she was met with the same explanation about his absence.

Each time Sarah turned up at the Bank, she was always dressed in the same clothing – a long black dress with a matching black face veil.

Eventually a newer member of staff let the truth slip…and Sarah found out about the fate of her brother.

Breaking Point

Sarah did not take the news well – some say something broke inside her and she was never the same again.

Within days of finding out about her brother’s death, she turned back up at the bank requesting to see him.

Something was very wrong with her stance – she seemed intense and disturbed…and in complete denial.

Whenever she turned up she would cause unease among the bank’s customers. Eventually the Governor of the Bank at that time made the decision to offer her a compromise.

He put together a package that would give her a little money from time to time – an apology for his staff keeping the truth from her.

There was one condition to this deal – she was never allowed in the bank again.

She agreed.

The Ghost

When Sarah eventually died, the bank agreed to pay for her funeral and bury her on the grounds of Threadneedle Street…

This turned out to be a big mistake.

It was as if the deal had been lifted – Sarah’s death had allowed her to return to the bank and continue her search for her brother.

For the next couple of centuries, numerous reports of a strange woman in dark clothes asking random passers-by if they have seen her brother anywhere have been made.

Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London

Sarah’s ghost is also thought to haunt the nearby Threadneedle Street Underground station. There have been countless reports of the apparition of a lady dressed in black by Commuters over the years.

There have also been incidents where Underground workers have heard moans and wails along the platforms, late at night. A few of them have also reported dark feelings of despondency suddenly sweep over them.

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Spring Heeled Jack Sightings

Spring Heeled Jack Sightings

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the Spring Heeled Jack sightings from 1808 to more recent incidents. What was this entity and what did it want?


The first documented encounter of Spring Heeled Jack came to light in 1808 within the offices of the Sheffield Times.

The editor of the newspaper received a strange letter explaining about an entity/ghost that spent it’s time playing pranks on the living. Apparently this ghost had existed for many years.

The strange beast was able to jump huge heights from a standing position and seemed to be made out of thin air – striking the supernatural beast had no effect whatsoever (weapons just passed straight through it).

The author of the letter referred to this entity as Park Ghost and Spring Heeled Jack.


In 1837 an unnamed female was outside Blackheath Fair in England when out of nowhere a strange figure appeared and started to violently attack her.

The lady ended up receiving numerous cut injuries to her skin and most of her clothes had been ripped off her body.

When she was later interviewed she claimed that the assailant had definitely been male but there was something ‘off’ about him. He had a surreal look of madness on his face and his fingers seemed to be long cold iron tips.

Jack on a rooftop

After hearing about the crime, the mayor of the area decided to publicize it to warn his public…and ended up receiving hundreds of letters claiming that they to had been attacked or chased by this strange, tall figure.

Vigilante Groups

Numerous people came forward with claims about being attacked by this strange creature – most of them were too scared about being labeled crazy to report the incidents before 1837.

Local vigilante groups were formed in an attempt to catch this crazed criminal.

These groups were extremely well setup by the public and patrolled the streets on a shift basis – they even encountered the entity on occasions but were unable to catch him due to his speed and athleticism.

Word soon spread from these groups to the public – they were not chasing a man…they were chasing something supernatural!

Further Attacks

About 12 months later the attacks seemed to grow in intensity. One night a young lady was walking home when something jumped out of the shadows and breathed blue flames at her.

The figure then closed it’s mouth and pounced away in a sort of kangaroo movement. The same night brought in many similar reports…

The reports consisted of a tall man with scary red eyes who could breathe blue fire and would always jump, never walk or run.

Park Ghost and Spring Heeled Jack

The final attack in London during this time period is probably the most famous, it involved a young lady named Jane.

Jane was having a conversation in her home with her visiting sister when she heard a loud knocking at her front door.

She was a little afraid of opening the door so she asked the visitor through the locked door who they were. The visitor quickly replied:

“I am a police officer for god sake bring me a light for we have caught Spring Heeled Jack”.

Jane hastily opened to the door, only to be confronted by a tall man breathing blue flames from his smiling mouth. She screamed and tried to close the door but she was too late – Spring Heeled Jack was on her clawing in a flash.

Thankfully Jane’s sister heard the screams and the two of them managed to get the entity back through the door. It then ran off into the darkness.

Let’s Move To The Country

The Spring Heeled Jack sightings died out until the 1870’s when for some reason, they moved to the English countryside.

Many incidents involved local groups in towns hunting down and setting up traps to catch the supernatural creature, but with no luck.

After these attacks it’s almost as if ‘Jack’ realized his time was up in the UK, and many believe he somehow moved on to America in the 1880’s…

New Hunting Grounds

During the 1880’s there were many reports in Kentucky of a tall man attacking people at night. Eyewitness reports claimed that the culprit had long icy cold iron like fingers, pointy ears and that he shot blue flames – but from his chest (not his mouth).

These incidents seemed to die out within months and all of a sudden…’Jack’ seemed to disappear from people’s minds.

This lull in attacks lasted up until 1939 when Cape Cod seemed to be hit by the strange entity.

Now Jack seemed to have new powers in his arsenal – eyewitnesses claim that he could now levitate and even had the power to disappear and reappear miles away within a blink of the eye!

It was at this time that Jack picked up the newer nickname of the Black Flash from the American public.

In recent times incidents involving ‘Jack’ have been reported in Canada (1973), Texas (1979) and back in the UK in 1986 (very famous case involving a British army officer).

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Hampton Court Poltergeist

Hampton Court Poltergeist

The case of the Hampton Court poltergeist first came to surface back in 2003 when a security camera picked up something rather…unusual.

Hampton Court had been considered a hotbed of paranormal activity for many centuries but this footage really took the world of paranormal enthusiasts by storm!

The estate near London has been known as one of the favorite spots to throw banquets for King Henry VIII. Many famous characters linked to the former king are said to walk the long halls in the dark hours.

Before we go any further, check out the surveillance footage below…

These days the Hampton Court estate is nothing more than a typical museum which is run over strict visiting hours. There are a number of security guards on patrol over a 24 hour period.

At the time of the footage, there was no one left in the building – the museum was closed down for the remainder of the day and the estate’s watchmen were on patrol.

All of a sudden, a loud banging noise rang out from one side of the building – the security officers were quick to cover the whole area but found no intruders.

They all met up in the estate’s control room and decided to check the camera footage to see if they could identify any of the intruders.

The footage revealed the ghostly figure wearing a vintage costume you see in the video above. It just appears, slams a door a few times and then disappears!

This is a pretty strange one – I’ve heard calls of hoaxes and I’ve heard that the security officers involved still believe (to this day!) that this is the ‘Real McCoy’.

If it is a hoax I must congratulate the guys/gals that set this up – that is one creepy looking dude!

Keep in mind that the security officers were covering every entrance and exit to Hampton Court at the time – nobody could get in or out without being spotted…

What do you think?