Back to Basics: Understanding the Paranormal Components

Back to Basics: Understanding the Paranormal Components

How much do you know about the supernatural and paranormal activities?

The first step towards ever getting anywhere with the truth behind many mysteries is definitely understanding the paranormal components.

What makes up the weird and the unexplained of human society?

We can begin by defining any paranormal or supernatural phenomena as a mystical manifestation or event that human beings cannot conclusively explain using all our advanced scientific knowledge and natural elements.

These include occurrences like cryptids, superhuman abilities like telekinesis and of course, ghosts and aliens.

The Paranormal Breakdown: A Foundation to the Truth

Care to find out the categories of weird we have in the world…?

It’s the only sensible way to get to the ultimate truth right?

The supernatural world has general reports of all the following mysterious phenomena…

1) Legends and Mythologies

Here you will find well-known fairy-tale creatures the likes of deities (Zeus, Ra, Apollo…), werewolves, mermaids, and demigods like Hercules, blood suckers like Dracula, the bogeyman and even trolls or gargoyles.

All the characters above were used in different societies and cultures across the world as part of their unique folklore to pass teachings and warnings and also try to explain things they could not yet begin to comprehend.

These supernatural characters were developed and preserved over centuries of passed on oral narrations from generations to generations.

2) Demons and Possessions

This falls under a branch of theology known as demonology; which is basically a study into the belief of demons and evil spirits.

Many confuse this with the study of cults but it’s far from it. However, elements of demons and their references can be found throughout all major religions and forms of belief.

Demons can either be benevolent or malevolent but many people tend to associate the name “demon” with the latter. This is because are mostly perceived as wicked and vindictive.

Controversial demonologists like Lorraine Warren have claimed to be able to talk to ghosts and demons.

Famous texts such as the Grimoire of Pope Honorius gave most of the names of demons we know of today as well as their individual functions.

Demons and Possessions

Some of these earlier religious inclined texts have met strong resistance and brushed aside as diabolical and baseless facts.

Ghost hunting groups and individuals on the other hand have stuck to the idea that demons are just pissed off ghosts that decide to act evil…

How many demons can you name in addition to Nybbas, Seraphim, Abaddon, Pharzuph, Gaap, Abdiel, Krampus, or the king of Hell’s comedy, Kobal?

Each demon is believed to control a particular element and have different influences in the material world.

The common belief of course being that these demons are merely the devil’s minions. Some even believe that demons can possess human beings or animals and influence their actions and thoughts.

3) Aliens and UFOs

The question still lingers as to whether earth has had contact with extraterrestrial beings or not.

The existence of life outside our atmosphere has always fascinated us, and efforts are still underway to make the first contact despite there being numerous claims of several UFO sightings and alien contact(s).

Aliens and UFOs

Although all these allegations about interactions with beings from other planets and possibly distant galaxies have been questionable, there have been very interesting conspiracies tied to governments such as the New Mexico Roswell UFO crash.

Other unproven stories have described vivid alien abductions that have left us torn between what to believe and not to believe about the alien/UFO controversy.

4) The Metaphysical Element

This falls under a branch of science known as pseudoscience. These are claims and concepts without any scientific legitimacy and which are better referred to as alternative or fringe science.

Some of the phenomena categorized as metaphysical include:

* Telepathy: Communication using brain waves or transmitting thoughts without verbal words.

* Chakras: Any of the 7 spiritual power points in a human being. They are scattered in different locations between the top of the head and somewhere near your mid-section around the pelvis area.

* ESP (6th sense) and Clairvoyance: This is basically the ability to perceive or experience events outside the scope covered by our natural 5 senses.

* Auras: This is the belief that a human being is surrounded by a colorful array of energy fields every now and then. Kind of like the magnetic fields depicted on a magnet.

* Telekinesis: This is where objects can be moved without any physical interference. It is believed the mind has the ability to summon this kind of power in some super-humans or supernatural beings.

* Reincarnation: This is the rebirth of a soul into another body…not necessarily a human body.

* Astrology: This is basically a study into the influences or effects that astral bodies such as planets have on the experiences of human beings. Thus the development of the Zodiac signs, their meanings, and how each is related to certain individuals in terms of influencing life events.

5) The Study of Cryptids or Cryptozoology

This side of the paranormal looks at animals not yet categorized in science; which of course goes to tell you that their existence at any point in the earth’s history is highly contentious.

The Study of Cryptids or Cryptozoology

These are studies about Bigfoot, Pegasus, the Loch Ness monster, Unicorns, Dragons, the goat sucking Chupacabra and many more.

6) Ghosts: Living Spirits of the Dead

Okay, truth be told…this is arguably the beginning of the journey into the paranormal. Stories of souls or human spirits from beyond the light visiting the land of the living go back as far back as death itself!

The fascination with death has driven man to great heights and sometimes to very, very low depths in search of the elusive answer…What happens to a person after death?

Is it all gone?

Is the soul detached from the body and promoted to a higher realm?

And what about these claims of people who died and came back? What did they really see on the other side?

Ghosts: Living Spirits of the Dead

The only way to find out the true answer to this quagmire is simple but a bitter pill to swallow because nobody wants to die…

But wait…it gets even more interesting…parapsychology seems to hold a different theory about ghosts.

Studies in this field tend to bend heavily towards the possibility of communicating with ghosts through mediums.

The twist here is that the theory also suggests that living humans disembodied through astral project can very easily appear to other people as ghosts.

Hauntings: Lingering Paranormal Energies

These paranormal activities are usually connected to certain places. Contrary to what you might have believed, hauntings don’t necessarily have to be connected to ghosts according to TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society)…!

Here’s a breakdown of the kinds of hauntings you can encounter in the paranormal world…

#1 Intelligent Ghost Activity: This is basically where ghosts or unseen entities can be experienced as they struggle to make contact with the land of the living. Think messages written on a misty mirror…

#2 Poltergeist Hauntings: These are violent events such as banging doors or flying objects; total chaos and mayhem from unseen energies.

Poltergeist energies are also believed to attach themselves to individuals and cause unusual drama everywhere these people go.

More contradictory views seem to believe different about the source of poltergeists.

Parapsychologist view of the poltergeist suggest that this is the work of an oblivious living human being who in some unknown way manages to summon up and manifest some sort of psychokinetic energy.

But, why the violence and the terrifying events?

#3 Residual Haunting: This is more like “déjà vu haunting”…okay, think living through an episode of the TV series Day Break…the same event occurring over and over again at certain intervals.

Parting Shot: Searching for the Truth

The truth can only be established when we move from the known to the unknown…Working with the few paranormal facts we have brings us closer to understanding the paranormal and what goes on in realms we can’t see or we can scarcely fathom.

Hope this small guide helps you move closer to your own truth… keep the faith and have fun sharing experiences from the paranormal or supernatural world.

13 thoughts on “Back to Basics: Understanding the Paranormal Components

  1. Boy am I glad that I found this website! I thought I was one of few people that had serious interest in the Supernatural and Paranormal events. These have always been interesting topucs for me to, oddly enough, lay my curiousits on. I have my beliefs and I refuse to omit the supernatural and Paranormal events as something regular when it isn’t egular at all. Some may disbelieve. However, I have to consider that there may be unexplained or supernatural explainationstrength to a whole lot of “weird” events. Thank you for helping to prove points that I was unable to in the past.

    1. Hey Linda!

      Great to hear from someone who has such strong beliefs in what we do here – as you can imagine…we usually get comments and insults from skeptics and trolls LOL.

      No seriously, there are a lot of us believers out there and many of them take the time to comment on this site which is great – it’s the reason we started up in the first place!

      Great speaking with you 🙂

  2. WOW! Very interesting article, you have put a lot under the same roof. I have to say that it is interesting that you put ghost sightings, UFOs and demons into parallel with re-incarnation, chakras and auras.

    As someone who is both a yogini and practicing Hindu, the dimensions others than those we see with bare eyes have been part of my life since I was born. I see people’s auras, technique I was thought and developed further over the years. I know chakras are reality, we are talking about body own energy and it’s path ways here. Both can be photographed and also measured, but of course there are a lot of skeptics out there.

    I do believe that there should be more research into things which can be felt or experienced. My take on this is that we might just not have with the current science available the equipment necessary to measure these phenomenons.

    I do see that you have answered to someone else in a way that gives me the feeling you are ridiculing people who believe in these things, well, I am used to that living with Eastern religion in a Western society!

    1. We’re all scratching our heads a little bit here – we clearly say to Linda that we are believers and we are constantly trolled for publishing articles on this type of subject…but it does not stop us?

      At the end of the day we couldn’t possibly run a site like this or a site as popular as it’s sister site ( if we ridiculed anyone out there – our beliefs are probably stronger and more diverse than our visitors! 🙂

  3. Hey, Chris!

    Great article you got here! I’d like to comment on the UFO section a little bit. I have always been fascinated by the idea of extraterrestrials. I have come to my own conclusion that the government is hiding all of the evidence just to keep the human race calm. We as humans would flip out if the government came and said sorry we were lying this whole time but there are other life forms outside of earth.

    I have said to many of my friends and still stand on this belief that there is NO WAY that we can be the only life forms in existence.

    If every star is a sun like our own, then there has got to be another planet with a similar distance to it’s own sun that can produce the heat necessary for life forms. In my opinion, it is ridiculous to think otherwise. If we are the only life forms it would be like the Earth won the lottery just because of the amount of space and the number of stars that’s out there!

    Anyways you have a great article here, I just love to rant about this topic whenever it comes up. Thanks for writing this I really enjoyed it!

    1. Yeah that’s fine David!

      I agree with you completely, I have for quite some time now. There are so many planets out there that we have no real idea exist – why would there only be life on Earth? Well, there wouldn’t!

      The probabilities are just way too high – it’s almost impossible that we are the only intelligent life out there.

      As far as the government is concerned I completely agree with you – all the BIG players in the world are involved. There is far too much evidence floating about.

      I think it’s just a matter of time before we find out the truth…

  4. Exactly,

    The chances are too great for there not to be other life form possibilities. The problem I have with their BS is … if other life forms are in existence and the government is communicating with them. You would think they would let us know about what kind of fuel and technology it takes to space travel the way they are!

    Not so that I can space travel personally but for creating a better source of energy to fuel our cars, trucks, and semis. That’s a WHOLE other conspiracy theory for another day!

    Thanks Chris

  5. Hi Chris, what an excellent read! I’m a believer in some paranormal activities. In particular ghosts and hauntings. I haven’t experienced it myself, however, I’ve heard some pretty convincing stories. I also find it entertaining watching some of the reality TV shows about the supernatural world. I find them really interesting to watch.

    I’ve wanted to go on a local ghost tour for some time now. For two reasons, for the paranormal factor, but also to gain insight into the local history and explore areas of the town I wouldn’t normally go to, or even know about.

    Have you had a paranormal experience Chris?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I did once as a teenager, yes, but that was quite a time ago now. It completely reinforced my belief in the paranormal and the amount of subjects we as a human race know nothing about (yet!).

      It’s great to hear you are up for a ghost hunt – could I ask where you are located? They are great experiences and you do get to see some quite wonderful buildings at times…even if they are a little run down and abandoned!

      Great speaking with you Andrew – thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts on our article.

  6. I love reading stuff like this. Probably more for validation than anything else…knowing there are people that have similar beliefs. I’ve been into metaphysical enlightenment since I was a teenager. Just a couple of days ago I was cleaning my chakras. I’m still on the fence if I want to hear my pineal gland pop…fear of the unknown sort of thing.

    1. Hi Jonelle,

      Well this comment made me laugh 🙂

      It’s great to hear from people like yourself that have the same belief system in place as me! Oh, and I wouldn’t want to hear your pineal gland pop either!!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading our article – we hope you consider visiting again! 🙂

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