Bhangarh Fort Ghost Stories

Bhangarh Fort Ghost Stories

The Bhangarh Fort is one of the main attractions in India’s state of Rajasthan, approximately 186 miles from Delhi and just on the edge of the Sariska Tiger reserve.

It is famously referred to as the den of ghosts (bhoot bangla); one of the most haunted places in India if any of the Bhangarh Fort ghost stories are anything to go by!

The countryside village of Bhangarh is best known for its sprawling ruins…and the paranormal activities that go on in these dilapidated primordial buildings after dusk.

Here are 6 scary but fun facts that I can bet you didn’t know about the Bhangarh Fort…

1) The Princess and the Crushed Suitor

The story goes that there was once a very beautiful princess in Bhangarh called Ratnavati. She was so stunning that everyone was already after her hand in marriage the moment she hit the age of 18.

Now, among the suitors was one unscrupulous character called Singhia.

He was a wizard, and he thought to use magic so as enslave the beautiful princess in eternal feelings of love for him.

His plan was to put some charm in oil and cast a love spell on it, find a way to get it to the princess, and wait for the princess to come knocking at his door immediately after applying the oil on her body.

He failed miserably.

The princess found out about his evil scheme before touching the oil and she poured it all on the ground.

Bhangarh Fort

Believe it or not, the story says that the oil turned to a large rock which rolled back to Singhia’s place and crushed him to death…well, near death because he allegedly cursed the village with his last breathe, just before walking into the light.

The village of Bhangarh was forever doomed to extinction without reincarnation!

The princess was brutally murdered during an attack from the neighboring Ajabgarh. The locals attributed her death to the curse.

The legend continues to say that the princess will once again be reborn and return to save Bhangarh from the terrible dying wishes of a crushed evil suitor.

2) The Keep Away Sign

The Bhangarh Fort is protected by Archaeological Survey of India through the archaeological act that defines the punishment due to an offender.

The myths surrounding this fort and the general area have attracted many scientists, thrill seekers, and paranormal investigation groups.

One problem in particular is people disappearing whenever they spend the night in the fort.

It wasn’t until dead bodies started showing that the Archaeological Survey decided to put up a notice warning people to stay away between the hours of dusk and dawn.

Trespassers are not allowed to step anywhere near the fort area during the forbidden hours. The sign was actually placed there to protect the people from unexplained deaths.

3) Roofless Houses: The Guru Balu Nath Curse

Another unexplained phenomena is the fact that no house around the fort’s and the surrounding area seems to be able to hold its roof…at all!

The story behind this strange happening talks of the curse of an angry guru who lived in Bhangarh before King Madho decided it was a good spot to pitch his fortress.

Of course tradition dictated that he had to get permission from the guru which he did, but under a simple condition, not to overshadow guru Balu Nath samadhi or…face the consequences; which meant the whole village turning into ruins.

The king got greedy and built a very high fort despite the agreement with the old wise guy…thus the curse of the roofless houses began.

It is said that roofs just started collapsing for no apparent reason and they continue to cave in spontaneously even today.

4) Lock Up at Dusk

Now, back to the fort’s curfew at dusk. The doors to the fort are closed in the evening and only opened in the morning.


Stories dating back to the time of trade travelers and nomads talk of disappearances that could not be explained every time they stopped in the ancient city to rest.

It was later announced not safe to sleep there.

5) Is there Any Evidence…?

Whether its the countless temples built on this area (including the Hanuman Temple…) or the dark past associated with its inhabitants, one thing is for sure, Bhangarh is quite a creepy place.

One story is told of how a ghost hunting team decided to uncover the paranormal activity in the fort and went on to set up camp inside.

They made it out of the fort alright…only to end up dead in a fatal car crash only a few minutes away from the damned fort.

Is there Any Evidence...?

Although scientists and other academics continue to rubbish the Bhangarh haunting, locals still believe in the myths and stories associated with the fort’s past.

A lot of villagers have come out over the years reporting cases of jingling bangles, yelling women and sadistic music heard from the Bhangarh Fort.

6) The Putrid Smell of Despair and Fear

The whole fort stinks of anxiety and unsettled spirits. You can just feel the deathly emptiness once you walk into the fort and this is soon overtaken by a sudden feeling of pain and agony.

If only the walls could tell their tale, this area sitting in the middle of the Aravali Hills has also become home to various forest dwellers.

Apparently the ghosts don’t seem disturbed by the presence of animals. Maybe its the animal poop that we smell, no one will ever know!

One thing however is that the Bhangarh Fort ghost stories remain a mystery to us until that time we can sit down with spirits and have them tell us their side of the story.

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  1. Hi There,

    In this day and age Paranormal Investigating has steadily grow harder with more and more of the evidence out there being soiled by folks using computer animation to produce their apparitions.

    Do you have any insight into a way that we as investigators can produce our evidence in a more convincing fashion.

    Or perhaps a different way to go about collecting evidence that will leave no doubt in peoples minds that what we have collected is in fact real.


    1. Hi Jason,

      Well the only way is to get out there and start investigating – legit evidence cancels everything out!

      I don’t worry about these assholes with PC programs – their shelf life is short-lived before they move on to something else. The truth is out there mate! 🙂

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