Black Eyed Kids Sightings

Black Eyed Kids Sightings

The first black eyed kids sightings began to surface back in 1988 when journalist Brian Bethel claimed he met two of them near his car one day.

He noticed that the children were extremely confident and eloquent in their ways – not something you would normally attribute to kids of this age group.

Once he was inside the car the kids started to ask for a ride and he felt completely overpowered by their requests. He was just about to allow them into the car when he noticed their eyes were completely black with no iris or pupil.

The kids seem to realize that the game was up and began to get extremely angry with Bethel when he stopped them from entering the car. They became so insistent and freaky that Bethel quickly closed the door and sped of into the distance.

The Response

When this report was eventually put online it was met with numerous other witnesses who also claimed to have come in contact with these Black Eyed Kids.

The strange thing is that ALL of these reports seemed to go down the same ally – the kids are always attempting to get inside someone’s car!

One would think that these types of ‘entities’ would breed more adventurous tales but that has not been the case. For some reason they always want a lift somewhere.

Each case involves an excuse such as “I need to get home to my mother,” or something that implies the child is in need.

Stories Found Online

This is the type of paranormal report that can always go down the Slender Man route – a great freaky idea that has gathered pace due to the power of the internet.

There are thousands if not millions of people out there that take great pleasure out of winding up people who believe in the paranormal – this would be a simple story to gather pace and get people talking right?

Black eyed kids stories

The strange thing is that if we look logically into these stories about these children, we get to learn that all of them were asking to be let in. It’s as if they cannot get into the car without the driver giving permission first.

None of these reports have travelled further than this point – all of the drivers have so far rejected the requests of the children.

Begs the question really – what would happen if these children were let into the car?

Be Afraid…

Witnesses all claim that these children give off some sort of dark vibe when they are talking – those that meet them claim to feel threatened, panicked and even disoriented.

Some people have suggested that this is a side effect of their telepathic powers – the hypnotic suggestion they attempt to use to convince drivers to let them in.

Where do black eyed kids come

All of this sounds brutally familiar right? Do you know how many long-standing beliefs in religion include entities that NEED to be invited into your property before they can come in?

There is also the case of these entities taking on a child form – a very clever move that again has been covered in numerous religious texts.

The Black Eyed Kids

So what could they be? Why would a respected journalist like Brian Bethel make something like this up and attempt to ruin his own career?

Vampires, aliens, demonic forces…the list goes on and on!

If you have any thoughts on the Black Eyed Kids sightings please leave them in the comment section below.

11 thoughts on “Black Eyed Kids Sightings

  1. Your report made me horrified. I have never seen these black eyed kids and never want to. According to your report I think they must be demons. I heard about them that they approach them in evening or in the black of night. They seen socially awkward, even distant with so much mystery and fear surrounding hese unknown creatures..

  2. Another great article on the paranormal. I have only heard of the Black Eye kids on films and other TV shows. I have not heard of any real life incidences. If I were to guess, I would suspect that it is the Devil’s work, but that might just be me and my impressions from watching the movies about the black eyes seen in children. It sounds like it is the devil pretending to be a child so the victims will take pity on them, because everyone has a soft spot for kids in need. The interesting thing is what is the deal with the car and why do they need to be invited into someone’s car. Makes you wonder. Does the car represent a person’s soul?

  3. Hi Chris

    I really like tour site and the scary stories. I am fond of all those scary stories and all the TV programs nowadays.
    But how come it looks like all these sightings and stories are always in the US. You don’t even have old houses in place.
    So that goes the same with all the TV programs can you give me some more proof in other parts of the world too.

    Thanks and don’t get me wrong I do love this stuff.

    1. Hi Cees,

      Do a quick Google search and you will find sightings of these kids from all over the world…not just the US!

      Besides I’m British ( Wales! ) 🙂

  4. There is the possibility that this is a type of possession and like most of the garbage that is these negative entities there is a need to have that door open to them and be invited . During a daytime investigation of ‘which’s road’ between York and Berwick ME. I had a brief possession occur to me where it was reported to me after that my eyes had blacken . I can only assume that this was a negative spirit . I generally use more colorful words than garbage , but that the way they should be treated . In the scheme of things these are bottom of the barrel and they have little power over faith . Peace

  5. Holy s***!
    Those were my first words when I entered your site. The image of that black eyed boy litterally gave goose bumps. I love reading about the paranormal, even though it gives me the creeps, or maybe because of that.
    Great site, great stories and great (and scary) images.
    Good job, I am definitely coming back for more, so keep the articles rolling!

    1. LOL that’s the reaction we are looking for Ossur! Great to have you here – thanks for your support! 🙂

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