The Mystery of Teresita Basa

The Mystery of Teresita Basa


In this article we will be covering the mystery of Teresita Basa – did she really manage to identify her murderer after she had been killed?

Let’s take a closer look…

Who Was Teresita Basa?

Teresita Basa was a respiratory therapist who lived and worked in Chicago, she was originally from the Philippines, where she was born in 1929.

She was a well known single woman, who was well liked and lived in a simple apartment by herself. Her body was found in her apartment block in February of 1979 by a group of firemen, who had been called into the building for an emergency.

Basa had been violently stabbed in the chest and left with a large knife sticking out of the wound. Her body was naked and had been covered on a mattress – this mattress was then set on fire by her murderer.

Who Killed Teresita Basa?

Well, nobody really had any sort of clue who had committed this crime…at first. Police didn’t even realise that some of her jewellery had been taken.

A group of suspects were brought in for questioning, but nobody was charged.

A few weeks later a hospital worker named Remy Chua, who knew Basa, decided to invite her dead friend’s spirit to visit her and tell her what had happened. Later that day, a series of frightening visions and nightmares reportedly began.

Who Killed Teresita Basa?


The Paranormal

Chua began seeing a man’s face in her dreams behind that of Basa, she even got her husband involved and let Basa speak to him through her, so he could take notes.

Dr. Chua reported that a guy named Alan Showery had gone to Basa’s apartment that night in February to fix her faulty TV set, he also worked at the same Chicago hospital.

Showery then stabbed Basa, stole her jewellery and then covered her with the mattress…then setting her body on fire. The ghost of Basa was even able to tell Dr. Chua that Showery had given the jewellery to his partner.

Alan Showery

The information was then handed over to the police…who really didn’t know what to think about it…at first!

When they eventually visited Showery’s address, they discovered his partner wearing the stolen jewellery, and they managed to get Teresita’s cousin to identify it. Alan Showery eventually broke down when being interviewed by the police, and admitted that he had killed Basa.

His was sentenced to 14 years in prison for her murder.

The Mystery of Teresita Basa

Nobody knows for sure what really happened in this case – did the medium Remy Chua manage to contact the spirit of Teresita Basa?

Or did she know that Showery was going to Basa’s apartment, and decided to make up the medium-related episodes later on?

Unfortunately the media at the time did a pretty good job of sensationalising the whole incident…making the paranormal angle seem a lot more believable.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the mystery of Teresita Basa, please leave them in the comment section below.


The Jennifer Groesbeck Call

The Jennifer Groesbeck Call

On the night of Friday, March the 6th, Jennifer Groesbeck and her daughter, Lily, left her parents house to make the drove home from Salem to Springfield. The car would never make it to it’s destination…


Jenny lost control of her vehicle and plunged into the icy Spanish Fork River located in Utah. A completely shocked fisherman stumbled across the wreckage the following day. At that point, it’s estimated that the car had been in the icy waters for about 14 hours.

The emergency services arrived and immediately figured that the car had been abandoned in the river, probably by joy riders.

When they eventually managed to get close to the car they could see that there was someone inside.

They then heard a female voice call out for help, so they all rushed to vehicle and managed to flip it over. There were two people inside.


The Call

One of the first respondents reports that he had heard a voice, and he believes one of the others responded with, “We’re trying our best to get in there.”

The adult in the car was dead, and the child looked near enough deceased itself.

They managed to get Lily out of her child seat and safely ashore. The waters were so cold, that the firefighters who had jumped into the river to save the little girl were treated for hypothermia at a nearby hospital.

To this day, none of them really know where that call for help came from.

They later found out that Jenny had actually died on impact, so there’s no way she could have been behind the cry for help. Even knowing that Jennifer couldn’t have called for help, they stand by what they heard.

Jenny’s family are in no doubt that the call they heard came from their dead daughter. She was a devoted mother and she would have found some sort of way to stay with her baby until help arrived.

Lily spent approximately a week in the ICU while recovering.

So what really happened here?

What do you believe?

Did a loving mother find some way to transcend between life and death, to keep her child alive?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Reincarnation – The Bridey Murphy Recordings

Reincarnation - The Bridey Murphy Recordings

In this article we will be taking a look at the Bridey Murphy recordings taken by Morey Bernstein – was Virginia Tighe the reincarnated soul of an Irish woman from the 19th century?

Let’s take a closer look…

A Man Called Morey

Our report starts off with a young lady named Virginia Tighe, and her close friend named Morey Bernstein, who claimed to have possibly the most powerful hypnotic powers on the planet!

One day, both Bernstein and Tighe were pretty bored, so they decided to see if the hypnotist could put his friend ‘under’ with his powers. Tighe ended up being quite a good subject – and Bernstein managed to take her back to her early adulthood, to her adolescence, and to her childhood.

Before long Bernstein realised that Tighe was probably the most susceptible subject he had ever come across.

He decided that he’d attempt to push her a little further…to see if he could take her into a pre-birth state.

The Bridey Murphy Reincarnation Case

Bernstein started to push, and without warning, Tighe began to answer his questions in a thick Irish accent. His friend disappeared and a woman named Bridey Murphy began to shine through. Apparently she had been alive in 19th century Ireland.

The Bridey Murphy Reincarnation Case

After the session Bernstein informed Tighe about the transformation and she was pretty shocked – she had never been to Ireland and she was unable to fake the accent.

They both came to the decision that Tighe should be put under again, and they should document the whole process along the way. They conducted further hypnosis sessions and used the tapes and documents to build up a character profile of this Irish lady.

Cork in 1798

Their research under hypnosis revealed that Bridey Murphy was an Irish lady who was born in Cork in 1798. When she was just seventeen, she fell madly in love with a lawyer and they married in Belfast.

She had lived an uneventful life until her death in 1864.

She also told Bernstein that she had experienced elements of the afterlife, and was able to travel out of her dead body and attend her own funeral from a distance. She then claimed that the afterlife was “neither a place of sadness nor of happiness”.

The Media and Bridey Murphy

Something slipped, and it didn’t take long for the media to pounce on the case – Cork and Belfast were instantly taken over by an army of reporters looking for more information on Bridey Murphy.

Weeks went by and the media seemed to be struggling with the case – they could not uncover any official reports linked to Bridey Murphy ever existing.

The Media and Bridey Murphy

Bernstein’s case notes had indicated that Murphy had lived in a wooden house, but the searching media had soon discovered that all the houses in this area were made of stone during the period Bridey claimed to reside there.

Some of Bridey’s memories did fit local landmarks in the area, but all in all, the media did not believe in the story any longer.

The Bridey Murphy Recordings

The media had hit a brick wall with the Bridey Murphy recordings and documentation…so they began to look into the woman behind the regression herself – Virginia Tighe.

It didn’t take them long to discover that Tighe had lived opposite a Irish woman named Bridie Murphy Corkell when she was a child…so this case was obviously a hoax…or was it?

What do you think – fact or fiction?

Was this a possible case of reincarnation, or a clever trick?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions, in the comment section below.

The Fox Sisters House

The Fox Sisters House

Many modern-day spiritualists believe that their movement officially started on March the 31st, 1848, in the now famous Fox sisters house in Hydesville, New York. This article covers their fascinating story…

Paranormal Beginnings

The Fox family lived in a well known house in Hydesville (now a part of Arcadia) that was said to be haunted by a number of ghosts. Several of the previous owners are reported to have moved out of the house shortly after they purchased it.

In mid-March, 1848, the family began to notice strange rapping noises around their home. The head of the family, John Fox, thought nothing of it – he tried convincing his daughters that the noises were nothing more than the house groaning and creaking with age.

The sisters were not buying into this, and would frequently run and hide in their parent’s bed in the middle of the night.

Twelve year old Kate was the first of the sisters to take the paranormal step forward – she decided to challenge the unseen creator of the sounds, by asking it to repeat the snapping of her fingers or claps of her hands.

The invisible entity complied.

Fifteen year old Margaret was also present – and she began talking with this entity, calling it ‘Mr Splitfoot’. The presence reacted to this new name, and began listening and replying to Margaret’s commands.

spiritism fox sisters

Mrs. Fox had been listening to proceedings from the kitchen, and she decided to join in with the experiment. She asked the entity if it was able to tap out the ages of her daughters – to prove it was an intelligent life form.

The invisible entity complied, and got the ages correct…

But it also included the age of her youngest child, who had tragically died years before!

The sisters, and their mother, continued communications with the paranormal force all through the night. During this time they found out that it was the spirit of a 31 year old man, who had been murdered in the house – his body was still buried somewhere in their cellar.

They even managed to convince the entity to return and show his ‘tapping powers’ to visitors to the home who may be interested in the situation.

The Witnesses

The first witness was a neighbor named Mrs. Redfield – she seemed to take the family’s claims very seriously, right from the start. She wasn’t disappointed…

The entity was able to guess Redfield’s age, and relay it in a series of taps once again.

Soon the house was filled with many from the local community. Still the rapping continued, answering questions. This ‘paranormal session’ went on throughout the following night.

During this time, the family and the local witnesses managed to determine that the dead man’s name was Charles Rosna and he had been killed during a robbery for his money (someone had slit his throat).

fox sisters spiritualism

On April the 1st the cellar was dug out to search for the body of Rosna, but the workers went so deep they eventually reached the water pipes to the neighborhood, and stopped. They didn’t manage to locate the body.

The following Saturday around 300 witnesses crammed themselves into the Fox house and heard the strange paranormal tapping sounds.

The church finally turned against the family because they thought they were playing with demonic forces. The sisters were moved – Kate to her brother’s house, and Margaret to her elder sister’s house.

Strangely, the tapping sounds followed both Kate and Margaret to their new homes – was this spirit now linked to the two sisters in some way?

With the help of the Quaker community, the Fox sisters eventually started performing public séances in New York, with their oldest sibling Leah – the spiritualist movement was born!

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Fox sisters house, please leave them in the comment section below.

Daniel Dunglas Home – The Real Deal?

Daniel Dunglas Home - The Real Deal?

In this article we will be taking a look at the life of Daniel Dunglas Home – talented medium or a clever fraud?

You decide…

Humble Beginnings

Daniel D. Home came from a relatively poor Scottish family made up primarily of eight children, at the tender age of one he was shipped off to live with his aunt and uncle.

Within a few days, his aunt noticed that his cot would sometimes rock with him in it – as if an invisible force was rocking him to sleep…or he was somehow rocking himself to sleep!

There was a long line of self-proclaimed psychics on Home’s mother’s side of the family – had this power been passed on to this young baby boy?


Home’s aunt and uncle eventually decided to emigrate to Connecticut, and they took young Daniel with them.

The strange activity that followed Home as a baby seemed to subside until he was a teenager, when their house began to exhibit typical poltergeist activity.

strange activity that followed Home

His aunt eventually realized that this strange poltergeist activity only took place when her nephew was in the house. Enough was enough – she threw him out onto the street to fend for himself.

His First Seance

Out on the streets he was free to follow his psychic calling and began arranging amazing spiritual gatherings. His very first seance saw him successfully contact numerous dead relatives of the attendees and a table danced around the room and could not be stopped by human intervention.

Word of mouth took off almost immediately – who was this powerful new medium and when would he be performing a seance again?

He soon became an instant hit with New England’s upper-classes.


Home was quite clever with his success – he never charged the upper-classes directly, and this resulted in them offering gifts for his seance services.

Seance services

He made sure that each of his meetings took place in bright daylight or extremely well lit rooms – that way there was no chance of him creating some sort of illusion or trickery.

He quickly became regarded as the ‘real deal’.


Home was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1854 and decided to take his doctor’s advice – to return to Europe for the sake of his worsening health.

He ended up living in London at an exclusive hotel – paid for by one of his wealthy believers.

It wasn’t long before he started performing in more sensational seances – attracting famous characters like Napoleon III and Queen Sophia of the Netherlands.

He suddenly developed the power of levitation, and started to hone in on it’s power for every seance he held. The pinnacle of his career took place during a seance in 1868 when Home levitated out of the building’s window and floated back in through an opposite window!

The power of levitation

Home eventually fell to the devastating power of tuberculosis on the 21st of June, 1886. At the time of his death, he had managed to perform at over one and a half thousand seances.

Since his death he has been accused of being a fraud on numerous occasions…there has never been any proof to back these accusations up.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this famous medium, please leave them in the comment section below.

Jack Froese – The Afterlife Emails

Jack Froese - The Afterlife Emails

A large percentage of the visitors we get to this website are looking for information on the afterlife – it’s a question that has haunted mankind for thousands and thousands of years.

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the case of Jack Froese, and the emails he sent from the afterlife…

An Untimely Death

Pennsylvanian Jack Froese tragically suffered a fatal arrhythmia in June 2011. The death of the popular thirty-something left his family and friends devastated.

After five months of severe grieving and learning to come to terms with his death, Jack’s best friend, Tim Hart, received a troubling email titled ‘I’m Watching’.

An Untimely Death

Hart would have put this email down to being a sick joke…but it contained information that the two friends had shared in a humorous private conversation…

It read…

“Did you hear me? I’m at your house. Clean your f***ing attic!”

Tim was absolutely petrified by the email – in a later interview with the BBC he claimed that this private joke was just between himself and Jack, nobody else could have known about it.

He even tried replying to the email but there was no response back.

Emails From The Afterlife

Tim was not the only one who received these strange digital mails from the dead – Jack’s cousin, Jimmy McGraw, was also a recipient of an email from the same account.

It read…

“Hey Jim, how ya doing? I knew you were going to break your ankle. Tried to warn you. Gotta be careful.”

In a creepy coincidence, a few weeks after Jack’s death his cousin had indeed been involved in an accident which resulted in him breaking his ankle.

Tim Hart decided to put the whole matter of the strange emails behind him…but Jack’s cousin could not let it go – he believed that these mails were sent from the other side.

He spent the next few months keeping his eyes open for possible signs from his cousin, but nothing turned up.

Eventually Jimmy began to realize that these emails could have been sent in good faith – a way of helping himself and Tim move on with their lives after the shock of losing someone so close to them.

Who Was The Sender?

But if these emails were sent by a sincere friend/relative – who was he/she?

Investigation from both friends and relatives concluded that only Jack knew the password to his own account.

Recent developments highlighted the fact that the emails could have been sent through the Dead Man’s Switch function – a domain that allows it’s users to send mails up to 52 days after their death (a creepy service really…when you think about it!).

These ‘dead man’s’ messages can be sent out to predetermined email addresses.

But did Jack Froese sign up for this service?

If he did – how did he know he was going to die from something so sudden?

How did he know that his cousin was going to break his ankle at some point in the future?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

UPDATE: After finishing this article I noticed that various reports state that Jack’s best friend was named Joe Hart…whilst other articles list him as Tim Hart – no idea which one is correct…but it was worth pointing out!

The Philip Experiment 1972

The Philip Experiment 1972

During the 1970’s, a group of adventurous Canadian parapsychologists decided to take on a unique paranormal experiment – they believed they could create a ghost through expectation, imagination and visualization.

The human mind really is…a powerful tool…

The Experiment

The experiment took place in Toronto, Canada, back in 1972. The ‘big cheese’ in charge of proceedings was Dr A. R. G. Owen – a world famous scientist and expert on poltergeists.

The group of parapsychologists who were involved with the experiment came out with a plan of using extreme and prolonged concentration to ‘project’ a ghost or being from the mental or astral plane.

They realized that this ghost would have to be as real as possible – someone they all believed had lived at some point in time.

This meant that they had create a background and a life story – something the paranormal entity could relate to.

Philip Aylesford

They eventually settled on a name for the ghost – Philip Aylesford. They then went about creating a tragic back story that linked directly to his death.

Philip Aylesford

In September 1972, the group began their experiments but immediately ran into problems regarding the setting up of a ‘séance atmosphere’.

In the end, they all decided to simply dim down the lights and scatter pictures around the room linked directly to the idea of Philip. The drew out images of locations and castles he could have lived in, along with objects from that same time period.


Within a fortnight – the group of Canadian parapsychologists actually managed to make contact with the entity Philip.

He did not appear to them in an apparition, instead he opted to rap on the table during one of their classic spiritualist séances.

Through this noise on the table, Philip was able to answer a variety of questions based on his time line. He also managed to give other historically accurate information about real events and people.

The group of Canadian parapsychologists came to the conclusion that this ‘other’ information must have come from their own collective unconsciousness.

the group of Canadian parapsychologists

The more contact they managed to make with Philip – the more the entity could achieve.

Eventually he was able to move the table from side to side…and even cause the table to chase specific group members across the room!

The Conclusions

The group were never really able to explain or prove how all this had taken place – what was really behind Philip’s manifestation?

Most of the group members believed that Philip was a product of their collective subconscious…but others believed they may well of contacted another entity…that felt the need to latch onto the story they had drummed up for their Philip creation.

Some experts think that the group actually managed to prove that ghosts could not exist – that such things are in our minds only.

Could ghosts actually be a product of our unconscious mind?

Others believe that the group actually managed to PROVE the existence of ghosts – they had actually managed to contact a real demonic entity and it was responding to their questions for it’s own agenda.

What do you believe happened at the Philip Experiment of 1972?

Do you believe they succeeded in creating their own ghost…or do you believe they actually managed to contact a much older entity…

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

How to Contact The Dead Without a Ouija Board

How to Contact The Dead Without a Ouija Board

Hollywood likes to paint a rather suspenseful picture when it comes to speaking to deceased entities – a group of (dumb) teenagers squeezed around a living room coffee table…

A single candle, lights out…and a Ouija board placed carefully on a table top.

You know the setup – you’ve probably seen the film (in over 1000 reincarnations!).

In this article we willing be getting a little ‘real’ with the subject, and looking at how to contact the dead without a Ouija board.

You don’t need to be a medium, and you don’t need any special religious powers…

You just need to really believe in what you’re doing and have an open mind…

Dream Visits

Many experts believe that dream visits are the easiest way to get in contact with lost loved ones.

Simply think about the person you are trying to contact as you lie in bed – have a strong mental image of them before you fall asleep.

Dream Visits

These dream visits are a simple, non-threatening way to visit with people who have passed over, to look for support and guidance in our everyday lives.

Our Visions

A lot of us have visions without really realizing we are having them – they leave our minds as quickly as they enter!

Have you ever passed a familiar stranger on the street, only to recognize them as a lost friend or loved one? Turn around and suddenly they are gone – lost in the crowd?

Our Visions

Have you ever glimpsed a animal scampering past out of the corner of your eye – man, that looked like your deceased pet…

People who experience these sorts of visions are actually making contact with the dead without ever really realizing it.

The next time you find yourself in this position – slow things down and go with it. Try your best to hold a conversation with the person or spirit you see…even if only in your mind.

Scent Memories

We all have those special scents that immediately trigger a memory or two – a smell that we instantly link to an individual we have not thought about in years…

People usually encounter a lot of evocative scents that take them back to certain places and times in their childhood and teenage years.

Scent Memories


Scent memories are actually considered an extremely effective way of communicating with lost loved ones associated with them.

Many psychics advise leaving these ‘special’ scents around the home when you are trying to make contact – even if they do not produce results, the smell will give you a reassuring feeling, a link to a memory.

Putting it Down to Coincidence

How many times have you felt that cold coincidence feeling throughout the day – somebody says something, you hear a song, you SEE something familiar…it’s just a coincidence right?

Well stop, wait, and think about it for a minute…

Why is this coincidence linked to a lost one – why is it making you think so hard about them?

Putting it Down to Coincidence

Do you realize that this may be more than a simple coincidence – someone may be trying to make contact with you.

Don’t just listen with your ears – listen with your heart and listen with your gut – appreciate what the message is that is trying to get through.


The most effective way to communicate with the lost – simply talk to them as if they are still there with you.

Spirits are known to stay around their loved ones – especially if that loved one is suffering or in pain over losing the spirit in question.


When my sister passed away, myself and my mother were informed that she was hanging around my father, because he was suffering the most, quietly, without us knowing.

Don’t be afraid to talk and ask the questions you need answers for. Remember – they may well answer in a way you are not expecting, so keep your mind open.

White Feathers

White feathers have long been considered a sign that our deceased loved ones are closer to us than we first realized.

It’s hard to be specific about this particular contact subject, so just keep an eye out for them.

White Feathers

When you become more aware of them, you will be astonished at how many of them end up in your day-to-day line of vision.

Every white feather holds a message…

Contacting Deceased Loved Ones

Now it’s over to you…

I know how daunting and heartbreaking this type of ‘conversation’ can be – how do you make the process as smooth and natural as possible?

If you have any experiences with contacting deceased loved ones, we would love to hear from you. Please consider leaving them in the comment section below.