The Varginha Incident, Brazil

The Varginha Incident, Brazil

This article will be covering the alien reports that surfaced in Brazil in 1996 – now known as The Varginha Incident. What were these strange bipedal creatures and where did they come from?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Creature

The first reports of these creatures surfaced in the city on January the 20th, 1996, when three young women claimed they had encountered one.

The creature was said to be no more than five feet tall, bipedal, with dark brown skin. It’s head was said to have been ‘over-sized’ with large red eyes, and it had an extremely slender body.

The creature seemed to be injured in some way, and moved in a hobble, as if it was seriously hurt. The three girls (Lilane Silva, Valquiria Silav and Katia Xavier) didn’t care a jot if it was injured – the red eyes were enough to send them running off, screaming.

The Creature

Word spread quickly, and the local press pushed the story until it was worldwide news.

But this was not the end of the extraterrestrial activity in Varginha during January, 1996…


The night before the discovery of this creature, the Brazilian Center on Air Defence and Air Traffic Control was contacted by a US agency, regarding an unidentified object heading towards the ground near Minas Gerais Estate in South East Brazil.

Around about the same time, two farmers were awoken to the sound of cattle going mad in their fields. They both got up, got changed, and walked out into the night to find out what was spooking the animals.

The Varginha Alien

When they got to the first field they were shocked to see a silent flying object without lights gliding down one of their fields. The ‘craft’ seemed to be in some sort of distress and was banking left and right erratically.

Rumors suggest that this UFO finally crashed on the farmland, and an alien survivor was shot by one of the farmers. All the evidence was removed from the scene by authorities before the locals could set eyes on it (apparently!).

The Varginha Reports

The reports of ‘The Devil’ creatures started surfacing in Varginha at 8 o’clock the following morning. The first one was made by a student not more than 6 miles away from the farm crash site.

The Varginha Fire Department then received several calls that morning regarding strange creatures in the city. These creatures were described as moving like jaguars. The military had turned up at the scene of every report and ‘removed’ each culprit.

The Varginha Reports

The whole city spent the remainder of the day watching the military patrol their streets, looking for something…

One of these military groups are rumored to have captured one of these creatures alive in a city park, that night. They apparently took it to a general hospital where the doctors and nurses were suppressed. Several areas of the hospital were closed down and the public were told it was nothing more than a training exercise for the military.

The creature is rumored to have died in a ward of that hospital, and kept there under guard, for a full thirty hours before the military heads turned up to remove it.

The Varginha Incident, Brazil

Locals of Varginha, Brazil, still believe that their city was under extraterrestrial quarantine on  January the 20th, 1996 – what do you think?

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The Cottingley Fairy Incident

The Cottingley Fairy Incident

I can remember coming across the photographs from the Cottingley fairy incident in a school library publication when I was about 10 – at the time, they completely blew me away!

In this article we will be taking a look at the story behind the famous paranormal images Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright gave to the world…only to take them back again in the 80’s…

Frances and Elsie

Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright were relatives that ended up living in the same house in mid 1917. The two young ladies got on like a house on fire, and spent every waking hour together.

Most days they could be found messing about at the stream that ran through the bottom of the Cottingley property.

When the adults would ask what they were doing down there – they would simply reply that they were playing with the fairies!

Frances and Elsie

Before long the two girls got sick of the adults laughing at their fairy claims, and borrowed a family camera to take down to the stream to prove their existence.

The girls returned about an hour later and handed the camera to Elsie’s father, Arthur, who set off to his amateur darkroom to develop the photographic plate.

At first Arthur was shocked by what he saw – images of the girls playing around the stream with fairies dancing by them…but then he passed it off as a clever teenage joke!

Several months later the girls returned to Arthur with a picture of Elsie holding out a hand to a gnome…

Enough was enough – he banned the girls from using his camera again!

Are These REAL Fairies?

A few years later, Elsie’s mother was attending a lecture on fairies at the Bradford Theosophical Society. Because of the lecture subject – she decided to take the fairy photos along.

Things seemed to snowball a little bit from here – the public got hold of these images pretty quickly!

Are These REAL Fairies?

Most people decided that these images were clever forgeries, so Edward Gardner, head of the national Theosophical Society, stepped in to find out if they were indeed tampered with.

The experts he contacted concluded the images were real and genuine, with no apparent tampering.


In 1920, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) and Edward Gardner decided to ask the two young ladies if they could maybe capture some more images of these wonderful creatures.

They handed the girls a brand new camera, and Gardner waited for them as they went down to the stream – apparently the fairies would not appear if Frances and Elsie brought visitors with them!

They returned about an hour later with several new shots of the fairies. Gardner contacted Doyle immediately and Doyle was over the moon – a famous spiritualist, Doyle had been waiting for years to get his hands on some sort of confirmation of the paranormal.

The 4th Fairy Photo

The photo’s appeared in the December 1920 issue of The Strand Magazine, to mixed reactions, and Doyle started receiving reports from all over the world…involving incidents with fairies.

With these reports, he eventually created a book in 1922 titled The coming of the Fairies – resulting in many questioning his credibility and integrity.

The Fake Fairies

The girls managed to keep the act up until old age – in 1983 the two cousins admitted to faking the photographs.

The fairies were actually cut out female figures from a book titled Princess Mary’s Gift Book. They then suspended these figures on hatpins for the photos.

Once the photos had been taken, the two girls threw the paper fairy constructions into the stream, so all the evidence was washed away!

Frances passed away in 1986, followed by Elsie in 1988.

It’s worth noting that both girls were still convinced that ‘real’ fairies lived at the end of their garden…even though the photographs they produced were fake…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Cottingley fairy incident, please leave them in the comment section below.

Road Trolls

Road Trolls

This article will be taking a closer look at the numerous reports linked to road trolls – entities that are said to inhabit the murky expanse of nighttime highways…

Gary Durbin

The whole idea of modern ‘road trolls’ seems to have started back in 1981 when a trucker called Gary Durbin, of Effingham, Illinois, reported encountering one.

He was traveling through a remote stretch of road on Tyson Mountain in Arkansas when he spotted a hairy, homeless guy at the side of the road. This character was standing right on a dangerous bend and seemed to have a peg-leg.

Durbin decided to pull over and grab himself a coffee – the close call with the road stranger had shook him up a little bit (he had nearly hit him with the truck!).

He then jumped back in his truck and drove beyond the state line into Missouri, where he stopped at a rest area.

When he pulled up into this rest area…he noticed the same peg-legged character standing in the gloom once again!

He reasoned to himself that this strange little man must have somehow managed to coax a lift and hitchhike to this point.

Bizarrely, Durbin would over the years, encounter this strange little character several times in his truck route travels.


A woman simply known as ‘Barb’ gave an interview to author Jerry D. Coleman in 1983 about this same strange character that Gary Durbin had encountered.

Barb claimed that she had gone on a trip by car to visit her sister in Alabama. When she arrived her sister suggested they visit the local mall to pick up a few supplies.

As they were traveling to the shopping area they encountered a wild looking man at the side of the road. They described him as being around 6 feet in height, with very long hair that hung in his face, and ripped clothes.

He also had a peg-leg.

wild looking man at the side of the road

He did not really frighten the two women – as he just stared curiously at them…but they felt something was wrong.

They got the feeling he was some sort of warning – some sort of portent of potential disaster.

They decided to turn straight around and travel back to her sister’s house…

When they arrived they discovered that her sister’s son had actually fallen out of a tree in the back garden, and badly broken his leg. Since they had gotten back early they were able to rush him to the emergency room.

The Gunslinger

In the winter of 1998, a trucker who called himself ‘Gunslinger’ was headed for Chicago, Illinois along I-255.

During his journey he passed a unkept hairy man in worn out clothes on the side of the road, just hobbling along.

This particular ‘troll’ was an extremely large example – standing at well over 6 foot tall. It had long hair covering it’s face and arms and a worn out old peg-leg.

It had long hair covering it's face and arms and a worn out old peg-leg

It didn’t move until the truck got right up next to it…when it turned and calmly looked at Gunslinger.

The trucker decided to speed back up and leave the creature alone – he claims he will never forget the look on the strange wild man’s face…as he turned to look at him.

The Road Trolls

In total, 11 such sightings of the so-called Road Troll have been made across America – ranging from the years 1981 to 2003.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here, please leave them in the comment section below.

Rhode Island Vampires – Sarah Tillinghast


Rhode Island Vampires - Sarah Tillinghast

In this article we will be taking a look at one of the most famous of the Rhode Island vampires – the case of Sarah Tillinghast…


19-year-old Sarah Tillinghast lived in Rhode Island in the late 1700’s. She was a well-liked, thoughtful young lady that would often been seen wandering through old graveyards – looking for secluded areas to read her beloved poetry.

One day as she returned home from one of her visits to where the Revolutionary soldiers lay, she told her family that she was feeling terribly unwell.

She was told to rest in bed, but a strong fever developed throughout her system within hours.

Sarah remained seriously ill for weeks until she finally died.

Brother James

Several weeks later, and still the Tillinghast family members were living in extreme grief for their loss.

One morning,  Sarah’s brother, James, came down for breakfast and complained about a pain throughout his chest – he said it was as if someone was pushing down on his rib cage.

He was also looking extremely pale in skin color and could not stop shaking.

Sarah's Brother, James

His concerned parents asked him when this ‘illness’ had started, and he replied that it started when Sarah had come to him and sat on his bed at night.

James’s shocked parents put the incident down to grief messing with the lad’s head – surely he was suffering mentally after the loss of his sister?

Days later, James was also dead.


But this was just the beginning – shortly after Sarah and James’s deaths, two more Tillinghast children died, both saying beforehand that Sarah had visited them.

The remaining Tillinghast relatives had a family meeting – did they really believe that Sarah was returning from the dead to suck out the life from remaining family members?

It wasn’t long before the subject spread it’s way through the local town – Sarah was returning from the dead as a vampire


The sickness seemed to spread throughout the area – and all of the victims claimed to have been visited by Sarah the night before they fell ill, and died.

Eventually, Sarah’s mother, Honour Tillinghast, fell ill.

As she lay on her deathbed she told the surrounding family members that she could actually hear her dead children calling out to her – they wanted her to join them.

Sarah’s father, Snuffy Tillinghast, had seen enough – he had lost just about everything. With the help of his farmhand, Caleb, he went out early one morning to the cemetery where Sarah was buried.

The two of them then dug up Sarah’s coffin and opened the lid…

Sarah’s body lay inside without any signs of decomposition…even though she had been dead for 18 months.

the cemetery where Sarah was buried

Tillinghast drew his knife, and cut his daughter’s heart out of her body, through abnormal amounts of blood.

He quickly built a small fire and then watched Sarah’s heart burn to ashes – as soon as the heart was destroyed…Honour Tillinghast started to make a full recovery.

Also, the strange illness disappeared from the area.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Rhode Island vampires, please leave them in the comment section below.

Demon in My House – The Man in Black

Demon in My House - The Man in Black

Over the last couple of months, I’ve come across a report several times on several different websites, so I don’t really know where it originated from?

What I do know, is that the incident was first handed over to someone who works in the paranormal field, and they let it loose on the internet…

There is a demon in my house – help me get rid of it…

Incident – It Came For Me

The (anonymous) guy in question lives a few miles outside of Omaha in Nebraska, so his closest neighbor is at least a mile away.

One night he awoke at just before midnight to the sound of his dog going nuts and barking at the front door. He jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to see what all the fuss was about.

He eventually managed to drag the dog away from the door, then cautiously peered out into the night to see what was happening…

A tall, middle aged man in a black fedora and a dark overcoat stood on his porch.

Can I Come in?

The dark man looked up and politely asked if he could come in as he was stranded and he needed to get a little warmth into his bones.

He was let in – but something felt ‘wrong’ about him – something was telling the guy behind this report, not to let him in.

Can I Come in?

The dog started to go a little nuts again and wouldn’t leave the home owner’s side – he was eventually locked away in the bedroom.

When the home owner came back downstairs, things started to get strangely interesting…

I Have Plans For You…

He walked back into the living room and was at last able to get a good look at the man in the black fedora. Something was not right with his eyes – they seemed dark and hollow, no life in them whatsoever.

The dark man suddenly looked up and spoke – “I have plans for you”.

A little freaked out, the owner of the house laughed “really?” back at him.

He laughed as he said it – but he claims he was now feeling a BAD vibe off the visitor, and was already picturing the .45 automatic in the drawer beside him.

The man in the fedora suddenly asked the man behind the report, to come outside with him…and the man, of course, refused.

This resulted in the dark visitor jumping out of his seat and lunging at the surprised house owner…who managed to grab his pistol from the open drawer.

The man in the fedora just smiled and said “you think that’s going to hurt me?”

He then smiled and showed his teeth at the house owner…who had seen enough…and emptied his clip into the frightening stranger.

I Have Plans For You...

The bullets seemed to go straight through the man in the fedora, who just stood there, and said “your destiny has now vanished.”

He then simply disappeared into thin air.

There’s a Demon in My House…

A really strange and frightening paranormal account – isn’t it?

I decided to post it up here is an attempt to get more information on it – to see if anyone out there knows more about this incident, as I find it fascinating.

The spirit/entity/demonic force has returned to this guy’s house several times – even his girlfriend has witnessed it.

He also believes that this ‘force’ ended up killing his dog, weeks after the original meeting.

He wants to get rid of it…

So there we have it – if you have any more information, or opinions on this subject. Please leave them in the comment section below.

The Black Cat of Killakee

The Black Cat of Killakee

In this article we will be taking a look at the legend of the Black Cat of Killakee, which really sprung to life in 1968, when a young couple bought the rundown Killakee House and started renovating it…

The O’Briens Start Work

Nicholas and Margaret O’Brien purchased Killakee House in 1968 when it was an extremely run down property. They had dreams of eventually turning it into an arts center for Ireland.

They started renovation work on the location, and during this time, several workmen lived on the site. Within days the men got used to the rather eerie setting…but then a sinister feline turned up…then disappeared into thin air…

The Legend

The Black Cat of Killakee is an old, legendary creature that has reportedly been sighted in the area for centuries. However, Margaret was less than impressed with the paranormal reports put forward to her by the workmen.

That is…until she witnessed the large cat herself…

Her first encounter with it was in the hallway of the house – squatting on flagstones, just staring at her.

The Black Cat of Killakee is an old, legendary creature

Margaret had no idea how the animal had got into the house, as all the windows and doors had been locked shut.

The most famous paranormal encounter with this cat came from a painter named Tom McAssey. He was working on the house with two of his employees in March 1968…

The Painter’s Tale…

All three of the painters were working inside the same room in the house, when the temperature suddenly dropped to an icy cold level.

Without warning, the door to the room smashed open and a strange hazy figure could be seen in the darkness of the corridor.

Tom thought it was a local lad playing a trick on him, so he shouted that enough was enough, and to come into the room – the painters were not buying it!

To his shock – his request was met with a growling sound.

The three men downed tools and left the room through another door, as Tom looked back, he saw a large hideous black cat with red eyes snarling at him.


After hearing about the painter’s ordeal, Margaret decided to get some religious help in to finally get rid of this phantom cat.

The building was eventually exorcised by a priest and the cat seemed to disappear…until…

In October 1969, a group of actors that were staying at the Killakee House Art Center got a little adventurous after a few drinks.

They decided to hold their very own seance…which resulted in the Black Cat of Killakee returning to the location!

The cat was bad enough – but their amateur seance session had also managed to raise the spirits of two nuns. These nuns have been spotted on numerous occasions since 1969.

A local medium named Sheila St. Clair was invited to the Killakee property to find out more about these new paranormal visitors. Her sessions led to her believing that the two spirits were linked to a pair of women that had been forced to help out with satanic rituals in the 18th century.

These rituals had apparently been held by a notorious group named The Hell Fire Club.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Oriental Nightmare Death Syndrome

Oriental Nightmare Death Syndrome

In this article we will be taking a look at the phenomenon known as the oriental nightmare death syndrome that is reported among certain men in Thailand.

Are these unfortunate souls really being killed off in their sleep by the entities known as Window Ghosts?

Northeastern Thailand in 1990

1990, in northeastern Thailand, a mad panic breaks out within the male population – window ghosts were killing off men in their sleep!

Window ghosts are known to only target men, so, the younger male population started to wear women’s clothing and makeup, in a bid to confuse the deadly entities.

Northeastern Thailand in 1990

As well as this, they hung various penis models around their bed or even around their neck – apparently these phallic  symbols were very powerful in warding off window ghosts…

The Phallic Defences

Most of this ‘paranormal penis weaponry’ was carved from wood, some more crude than others. Some of their creators went as far as adding testicles made out of round fruit and pubic hair made out of fishing net material.

The locals who inhabited Ban Thung Nang Oak all banded together to create a very large, and very impressive communal phallus – which stood a meter high!

paranormal penis weaponry

Another Thai couple decided to go one step further…and created a scarecrow that had numerous penis models attached to it’s body.

They nailed a sign to the rather disturbing figure that read – The Widow Ghost Hunter.

At one point in time, during the end of the year, a village got wind of a rumor that claimed the window ghosts had devoured enough male souls…and now they were looking to ‘cross border’ and start with the females…

Of course, panic ensued.

Are Window Ghosts Real?

Well, to many people from East and Southeast Asia, they certainly are!

But what about this mass panic during 1990? What was behind this ferocious ‘window ghost attack’?

Numerous reports were released that suggested certain autopsies revealed the men had died due to poor nutrition.

These males had apparently lived on a diet of nothing but sweet rice…which led to overproduction of insulin and numerous other nutrient deficiencies.

Are Window Ghosts Real?

Now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts on the oriental nightmare death syndrome and window ghosts?

Do you feel that these men died in their sleep through poor nutrition and lifestyle…or do you feel that they were taken by these Asian entities?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Korean Urban Legends – Disturbing Reading

Korean Urban Legends - Disturbing Reading

This article will be covering a selection of rather disturbing Korean urban legends. From the paranormal to the occult – these reports will ensure that you struggle to get to sleep tonight…

The Dead Relative in Water

An anonymous Korean family had just lost their grandmother to old age. The father of the family then began to experience a rather disturbing dream every night.

He said that he dreamed his grandmother was beckoning him over while she was waist-deep in water. He wanted to go into her embrace…but for some reason it felt wrong…so he resisted.

The Dead Relative in Water

His wife did a bit of digging into this dream and found out that going into the arms of a dead person, in water no less, was a sure sign that your soul was going to be stolen by some version of a demon.

The father suddenly realized that he had kept one of her possessions after her death – something he was pretty sure she would not have wanted him to have. The family got rid of the object, and paid respects to her once more.

The dreams suddenly stopped…and never returned.

Virginal Ghosts

These Korean ghosts are known as Cho-nyo-Gwishin and they are frequently discovered in abandoned buildings, hospitals and schools.

They are always wearing a long white dress or garbs and their hair covers their facial features.

Virginal Ghosts

Apparently these virgin ghosts alert you to their presence by changing the temperature of the air around you and even changing the direction of the wind!

Paranormal Bathrooms

I don’t know what it is, but a lot of Korean paranormal reports center themselves around bathrooms or toilets!

One of the most famous of these reports comes from a female bathroom located in an old Korean high school. Apparently, in one of the stalls, towards the back, is where a girl killed herself and now haunts it.

Paranormal Bathrooms

There are numerous reports of the door locking itself shut and sticking in place, the toilet also flushes itself when nobody is in the stall.

Other reports suggest that the spirit of this girl frequently looks back out you from the mirror above the sink basins. There are also those who insist they have heard the sobs of a young girl, coming from inside the walls of the bathroom…

Don’t Use Red Pens

Korean folklore often points to red ink being the writing of the devil, or some sort of demon. As a matter of fact – most households ban the use of red pens among children.

Writing your name in red ink will result in extremely bad luck…and even death in some cases. Red ink is used to write the name of the deceased, not the living.

Am I pretty?

This paranormal ‘legend’ bears striking similarities to the Japanese urban legend, Kuchisake-onna, but it’s still as freaky as hell, all the same…

For some reason, plastic surgery is BIG business in a lot of Asian countries, along with the pursuit of total beauty. Most of the time, this involves trying one’s best to look more ‘western’ in your features!

So with that in mind…

A guy gets on a empty subway car and a tall woman follows him and sits opposite him. He notices that her dark hair covers most of her face…but he gets the feeling that she is quite attractive under that mound of hair.

Suddenly she looks up and reveals a red surgical mask around her mouth. She then asks “Am I pretty?”.

Taken back, the man stammers, “Yes.”

She then rips off the red surgical mask to reveal huge gashes from ear to ear and screams “Am I pretty now?”

Then man jumps up in terror and runs through the gap in the closing subway doors. The woman just stands there looking at him…with a scalpel in her hand.

Am I pretty?

The Cockroach

A teenage boy, who suffered from terribly disgusting acne, had just about had enough of his appearance. After A LOT of research online he came to an article that claimed to have the answer…

Simply catch a cockroach and place it on the pillow next to you as you sleep at night.

It sounded like a bit of a ‘far out’ story to him, but he was desperate, so he decided to try it anyway.

That night he managed to catch a cockroach, and placed it on the pillow next to him as he slept. The following morning he woke up to find his face completely clear of acne – he was cured!

Later at school that day, he began to get this itching sensation all over his face. He took a closer look at his skin and found that his pores had been filled with cockroach eggs….

If you have any disturbing Korean urban legends that you would like to share with us, please use the comment section below.

Types of Ghosts and Spirits

Types of Ghosts and Spirits

Have you been experiencing paranormal activity in your home? Do you believe that there is some sort of presence lurking in the dark corners of your property?

In this article we will be taking a look at the different types of ghosts and spirits that could be haunting your family…

No. 1 – Signs of Poltergeist Haunting

Signs of Poltergeist Haunting

Poltergeists are troublesome spirits that move household objects – if you are seeing entities appear before you, then you are probably NOT being haunted by a poltergeist.

The word ‘poltergeist’ comes from the German language words poltern (“to make sound” and “to rumble”) and Geist (“ghost” and “spirit”). The combined term, poltergeist, translates as ‘noisy ghost’.

Certain sections of the paranormal investigation world do not really believe in poltergeists. They prefer to believe that the ‘poltergeist activity’ reported/witnessed is nothing more than rogue psychokinesis from a source elsewhere in the haunted location.

No. 2 – The Bhoot Ghost

The Bhoot Ghost

This is a spirit that is thought to be too restless to move onto heaven (or the other side of whatever your religion dictates!). It is thought that something as simple as a poor funeral arrangement could cause a Bhoot.

They either take a human or animal form and are said to have an obsession with milk. A word of warning – Bhoot-contaminated milk is the usual path to Bhoost-possessed humans!

The Bhoot spirit does not like the ground, so it is always seen floating a couple of inches above it. Some Bhoots even have feet that point backwards so they are unable to walk on the ground. In most cases, they cast no shadow.

No. 3 – The Churel

The Churel

The Churel are sadly known to be the restless spirits of women who have died in childbirth. They are often found in homes and hospitals.

Paranormal reports indicate that the Churel are actually quite horrific and frightening to look at, but they have the power to disguise themselves as beautiful young women.

Legends suggest that they appear as beautiful women so they can seduce young men. They then drain the men of their life energy (blood and semen) so that they can appear beautiful for longer.

There are links between the Churel and impurity – they apparently favor the homes that are a bit of a mess (i.e. keep your house tidy!!!!).

No. 4 – Tokoloshe Myths

Tokoloshe Myths

Tikoloshe are water-based spirits that can reside in the tap water of homes. They are known to be spirits that mostly appear due to someone summoning them (to cause harm to others etc.).

They are frequently linked to various witch doctors from various religions/locations. More often than not they are thought to be summoned by these witch doctors in an act of vengence.

You can defend against this spirit by placing a brick under each leg of the target’s bed.

No. 5 – Di Fu Ling Spirits

Di Fu Ling Spirits

These spirits are souls that are bound to a certain place like a location it had strong ties to in life. Unfortunately, they are not always friendly…

The Di Fu Ling is also known to bind itself to places that belong to other people – locations where it is not at all welcome.

Di Fu Ling class entities can be fought off by placing red candles outside (or on the window sills) of your house or by Feng Shui.

No. 6 – Bogles


These unfriendly entities seem to target kids who are known to be a little bit disobedient – the term ‘bogeyman’ is actually derived from the word Bogles.

They target the households of these ill behaved children and slowly drive the occupants insane.

Experts on the paranormal believe that the Bogles are actually a form a fairy, therefore they cannot be removed from a home. As the child it targets grows older, and behaves more, the spirit begins to feel appeased and becomes quieter.

No. 7 – Lemures/Shades


Lemures, or Shades, are extremely vengeful and dangerous spirits – they will target a household they have no previous association with and terrorize the occupants.

They stretch back as far as ancient Roman times, when the head of the household would throw black beans out of the doorway, without looking, at midnight to distract the evil Lemures.

These beans are apparently the only item that Shades mistake for human life force.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the ghosts/spirits we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Do I Have a Doppelganger?

Do I Have a Doppelganger?

In this article we will be taking a look at the dread-filled entities that are known as Doppelgangers. Often referred to as ‘Double Walkers’ – are these apparitions really a bad omen or portent of death?

The Doppelganger Mystery

The word Doppelgangers is German for ‘double walker’ and refers to a kind of evil twin version of a person.

They are thought to be an exact version of someone, but they are to be avoided, as they can be a bad omen.

It sounds a little bit ‘Twilight Zone’ BUT…many famous characters throughout history have reported seeing their dark twins…

Catherine the Great and Queen Elizabeth I reported meetings with their Doppelgangers shortly before they died. There are also reports suggesting that both Abe Lincoln and his wife witnessed the president’s Doppelganger stalking them…

The Madness of Guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant, the French writer, openly admitted that he had held numerous meetings with his own Doppelganger.

The Madness of Guy de Maupassant

Apparently, this Doppelganger even wrote a story for de Maupassant to publish – it was a about a man who goes crazy after meeting his Doppelganger.

In a twist of events, this is exactly what happened to the tragic author – he rapidly descended into madness and ending up dying in a mental asylum…a year after the story was penned.

The Emilie Sagee Doppelganger

Emilie Sagée was a 32-year-old French woman who was a teacher at Pensionat von Neuwelcke in Latvia.

In 1845, as she was teaching at the all girls school, her Doppelganger appeared next to her and mimicked her movements as she wrote on the blackboard.

There were thirteen students in class that day – all of them backed up her story (i.e. all of them saw the Doppelganger!).

The Emilie Sagee Doppelganger

On another occasion, her doppelgänger was seen by 42 students during a lesson.

The students, and their teacher, noticed Emilie walking around the school grounds. The teacher then had to leave the classroom to have a discussion with the headmistress.

All of a sudden, Emilie appeared in the teacher’s chair…as well as outside in the garden!

The students walked up to the apparition in the chair but were unable to touch it – some kind of force was protecting it.

The Thomas Meehan Case

Judge Thomas Meehan was on a car journey to meet up with his wife and kids back in February, 1963.

When he was about four hours away from his destination he phoned his wife to inform her that he was feeling a little unwell, and didn’t think he could drive.

His wife agreed with him and told him to rent a room somewhere and drive back the next day, when he felt better.

At half past six that evening, two people reported seeing Meehan’s car driving off the road into the brush of Eel River.

The Thomas Meehan Case

At the exact same time, witnesses reported seeing Meehan in the Emergency room of a hospital in Garberville. He was apparently walking around asking people if he looked alive.

At eight that same night, a Forty Winks Motel manager claimed to have had a conversation with Meehan. The manager noticed that the Judge’s shoes were making a squishing sound – as if they were full of water.

Meehan continually asked the hotel manager “Do I seem dead to you? I feel like I’m dead.”

A few hours later, one of the switchboard operators visited Meehan’s room to inform him that he could not get a call through to his wife.

He noticed that Meehan was now wearing different clothes than when he had checked in (formal black suit and tie)…but the judge did not bring any luggage to the hotel with him.

Meehan never checked out of the hotel, and was never seen there again.

They found his body 19 days later in the Eel River…not far from where his car was reported to have crashed.

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