The Dangers of Using Dowsing Rods

Dangers of Using Dowsing Rods

I’ve covered dowsing rods for ghost hunting in more detail and while they are a more spiritual tool than a scientific one (which I prefer to use for paranormal investigations) there certainly are teams out there using grave dowsing and I’ve been asked about the dangers of using them. The dangers of using dowsing rods depend … Read more

Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunting: Ultimate Guide

Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunting

If you’re new to the world of ghost hunting and paranormal exploration, you may be wondering which ghost hunting tools are the best investments for your adventures. One of the most popular tools for paranormal exploration is dowsing rods. Dowsing rods, also commonly referred to as divining rods, are common tools used for detecting the … Read more

How to Make a Spirit Box: DIY Ghost Box

How to Make a Spirit Box

For the beginner ghost hunters working on a budget, this is a quick guide on how to make a spirit box from home. The spirit box (also known as a ghost box) is probably one of the first bits of kit most ghost hunters choose to start with but, if you don’t want to buy … Read more

Paranormal Warm Spots: Ghost Hunting and Heat

Paranormal Warm Spots

When it comes to paranormal investigation and ghost hunting, cold spots are a well-known phenomenon, but have you ever heard of paranormal warm spots? These warm spots are less common than their chilly counterpart, yet they can still be clearly apparent signs of ghost activity. A paranormal warm spot is either a spot in the … Read more

Best Flashlights for Ghost Hunting (+ Flashlight Sessions Guide)

Flashlights for Ghost Hunting

We’ve been using flashlights for ghost hunting long before we had actual purpose-built equipment. A flashlight not only helps us to detect and communicate with ghosts but it’s also a helpful security tool as most paranormal investigations take place at night. This is absolutely essential gear. This is my quick list of the best ones to … Read more

How to Communicate With Ghosts

How to Communicate With Ghosts

Do you hear footsteps walking the stairs when you know your the only one home? Have you ever heard voices when no one was around? If you have ghosts lurking around your home you are probably eager to speak with them to find out who they are and what they want. You probably want to … Read more

Can Ghosts Hurt You? (And Other Similar Questions)

can ghosts hurt you

The paranormal field is a strange and often unsettling one to explore, but is it as dangerous as many people fear it is? Can ghosts hurt you? To put it bluntly, yes, ghosts can and do hurt humans that try to interact with them. This isn’t always done intentionally or even consciously, but can be … Read more

SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting [Ultimate Guide]

SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting

Often the ghost hunter equipment we tend to use is adapted from civilian use but an SLS camera is probably one of the first pieces of equipment we’ve started to purpose build for ourselves. A Kinect SLS camera uses an IR emitter, IR camera, depth camera and a microphone array to build a 3D map … Read more

Thermal Camera for Ghost Hunting [Complete Guide]

Thermal Camera for Ghost Hunting

A staple in any ghost hunter’s checklist is a thermal camera in most situations. Allowing us to pinpoint exactly where a spirit is and catch graphical evidence at the same time. On the pricier side of ghost-hunting equipment, but if you’re serious about being a paranormal investigator, it’s an essential item. What do you need, how … Read more

Best Free Ghost Hunting Software for PC (Real Ghost Hunter Advice)

Back before ghost hunting began to explode in popularity you had to really go out of your way to get the right tools to detect faint paranormal activity unless it was right in front of your face. Now, you have ghost hunting software readily available for the PC. Most ghost hunting software for PC is fake … Read more