Haunted Houses in Florence SC

Haunted Houses in Florence SC

Florence South Carolina, also known as the “Magic City”, has a storied history under its charming southern veneer. Being one of South Carolina’s biggest cities, it’s expected that there would be some hauntings to go along with the large population. During the Halloween season, locals fill Florence with pumpkin patches and corn mazes, but what … Read more

The Truth of The Conjuring House

Conjuring House

The truth about The Real Life Conjuring House, based on the true story of Rhode Island family, The Perrons, is that what went on in the 18th-century farmhouse is even more terrifying than the movie.  Where is the Conjuring House? Located in Harrisville, Rhode Island sits the epitome of a Colonial New England farmhouse. Built … Read more

Boston’s Most Haunted Hotels

haunted hotels in boston

If you’re traveling in the United States for work or pleasure, there’s no shortage of opportunities to visit or stay in a haunted hotel. When in Boston, be sure to check out one of these hotels so you can get a chance to experience the best local paranormal phenomena the city has to offer.  Pilot … Read more

The Hauntings at Willow’s Weep

The Hauntings at Willow's Weep

When we think of haunted houses, the sprawling coastal mansions depicted in horror films and television are usually what come to mind. Maybe even a gothic stone manor house that looks more like an ancient castle than a place where any living person would reside. Willow’s Weep may not fit the stereotype or look as … Read more

Top 5 Haunted Places in Georgia

Haunted Places in Georgia

The Peach State is known for its southern hospitality and beautiful scenery. But’s also one of the most haunted states in the country. So let’s take a look at the most haunted places in Georgia. Georgia, besides its grace and charm, was also the headquarters of the Confederate Army. Several bloody Civil War battles have … Read more

Bramshott Ghosts – The Paranormal Village

Bramshott Ghosts

The village of Bramshott has been around since the Doomsday Book in 1086 and was home to the notorious inn called Seven Thorns. The famous Bramshott ghosts were the reason Boris Karloff decided to settle in this picturesque and paranormal village. The Legend of Seven Thorns By the 1700s, the village of Bramshott had an inn called … Read more

Haunted Places in Virginia

Haunted Places in Virginia

Virginia, the place where America began in humble Jamestown. With that much history, including famine and war, there are bound to be haunted houses all over Virginia, right? Full of some of America’s most historical places, Virginia is one of the most haunted states in the United States. All four corners of Virginia are home … Read more

The Ghost Road – A75 Kinmount Straight

A75 Kinmount Straight Ghost Road

This story will be covering what is known as ‘The Most Haunted Road in Scotland’ – The ghost road A75 Kinmount Straight. Peculiar animals, ghostly figures darting out in front of passing cars…and an eyeless man on crutches… What is behind these strange paranormal incidents? Let’s take a closer look… A Paranormal Report This paranormal … Read more

The Hoia Baciu Forest Circle

Hoia Baciu Forest Circle

In this story we will be taking a look at the Hoia Baciu forest circle, also known as the World’s Most Haunted Forest. Ghost sightings, unexplained apparitions and UFO encounters have all been reported in the area… The Hoia Baciu Haunted Forest The forest gets its name from a shepherd that disappeared in the area with … Read more

Are There Ghosts in Auschwitz?

Are There Ghosts in Auschwitz

Are there ghosts at Auschwitz? Many have tried to answer this question without coming to a definitive conclusion. Perhaps because of the truly wicked and depraved acts that were perpetrated in the death camps as part of the Nazi’s final solution, a thorough investigation into the paranormal has never been performed. If ghosts linger where … Read more