Wendigos: The Who, What and Where


If you are a true horror film fanatic, watched the tv series Supernatural or even read science fiction novels, you’ll have heard of Wendigos, but do you know or the more pressing question, where they originated from? I’ll give you a clue it is not from the creative minds of writers. Wendigos originate from the … Read more

One Man Hide and Seek: The Paranormal Game Rules

One Man Hide and Seek

Like the Midnight Game, one-man hide and seek (also called one-man tag) may appear to be a bit of innocent fun, but its roots could be much darker. The true purpose of one-man hide and seek is to summon a spirit and invite it into a vessel in order to “interact” with it through the … Read more

The Miracle of The Sun: What Did They See?

The Miracle of The Sun

The case of the Miracle of the Sun amazed and terrified tens of thousands of spectators in Portugal 1917. The eyewitness accounts are well-documented by photographers and journalists, and describe a completely mobile Sun swirling through the midday sky. “Paranormal activity” was an unfamiliar phrase to the villagers in Fatima, but every soul present at the … Read more

Ouija Board Questions (and What to Avoid Asking)

Ouija Board Questions

Ouija Boards are one of the most well-known representations of the paranormal. If you are the new owner of one such board, you might be wondering what to do with it. So, what types of questions can you ask your Ouija Board? Here we will go over some Ouija Board questions you can ask, and … Read more

The Midnight Game

The Midnight Game

Bloody Mary, Sara Sarita, Sandman. Ouija, candle games, mirror games. Somehow every generation knows and plays these strange “games.” One you may be less familiar with, because of its more deadly nature, is the Midnight Game (also called the 3 AM challenge). The Midnight Game is said to be a pagan ritual used to punish … Read more

Ghost Orbs: Haunted Photography

Ghost Orbs

A cornerstone of paranormal investigation and paranormal photography, ghost orbs are a popular topic in the ghost hunting community. What makes these mysterious little balls of light so interesting? Ghost orbs are physical manifestations of spiritual energy in the form of an orb. These orbs show up on film most often, but can also be … Read more

The Elevator Game Rules (and How to Play)

The Elevator Game Rules

In this story, we will be taking a look at the elevator game rules that are supposed to be able to transport the ‘player’ to another dimension. Does this paranormal Korean game really have the power to open the doors to a different reality? Let’s take a closer look… The Korean Elevator Game The Korean … Read more

The Black Knight Satellite Conspiracy

The Black Knight Satellite Conspiracy

Let’s take a closer look at the famous Black Knight satellite conspiracy that has been attracting media attention since 1960. Is this satellite nothing more than a Russian attempt at signal jamming or spying? Or is there something more sinister behind it? Let’s take a closer look… Did Tesla Discover the Signal? Many conspiracy theorists … Read more

Are Skinwalkers Real?

Are Skinwalkers Real

The world abounds with tales of supernatural or otherwise cryptic creatures, and North America is no exception. Along with the ever-elusive Sasquatch or “Bigfoot” run less well-known but even more spine-chilling stories about the Navajo skinwalker. The problem is that the skinwalker legend is rarely communicated with ‘outsiders’ of the Navajo culture. Many traditional Navajo … Read more

The Zigmund Adamski Extraterrestrial Incident

The Zigmund Adamski Incident

In this article we will be covering the bizarre UFO case of Zigmund Adamski – was he really the victim of murderous extraterrestrial visitors, and if so, why would they choose to kill a human and leave his body for all the world to see? Let’s take a closer look… The Body of Zigmund Adamski … Read more