Poltergeist – The Tina Resch Case

Poltergeist - The Tina Resch Case

This article will be covering the rather tragic Tina Resch case, which started with the claims of a poltergeist haunting…and ended with the death of a child…

Let’s take a closer look…

Tina Resch

Tina did not really have the happiest of upbringings, at the age of just ten she was abandoned by her real mother and ended up being adopted by an incredibly strict family from Columbus, Ohio…

The Resch family.

The head of this twisted family, John and Joan Resch, were absolutely awful to Tina, and she endured many years of abuse from them living in their house…

Until something paranormal starting happening…

The Poltergeist

Around about the time of March, 1981, locals who knew the Resch family started spreading rumours involving Tina and poltergeist activity. It wasn’t long before the media picked up on this story.

When it hit the papers – investigator William Roll decided to look into the case.

Roll contacted the Resch family directly and they were more than happy to invite him to stay at their house, so he could witness the paranormal activity himself.

He wasn’t to be disappointed, on his first night in the household he witnessed all manner of furniture and kitchenware being thrown through the air by an invisible force. He also witnessed the TV coming on by itself, even though it wasn’t plugged in!

Tina Resch

Roll left the Resch household and told the world that the family was telling the truth – there was something paranormal within the house.

The media moved in and started interviewing Tina on a daily basis, but on one visit, the camera recording seemed to catch Tina pushing a lamp off a table and pretending it was a ghost – were the family behind an elaborate hoax?

When quizzed about this incident, Tina insisted that she was sick and tired of all the interviews, and pushed the lamp off the table so that the media would stop harassing her.

When Tina reached the end of her teenage years, the poltergeist seemed to tire of her…and eventually the paranormal activity stopped completely.

The media finally finished with Tina’s life…until 1992…


At the age of 18 Tina managed to get pregnant, and gave birth to a daughter she named Amber. When Amber was the tender age of 3, she was brutally murdered inside Tina’s home.

For some reason Tina was charged with the child’s murder…but she was not even in the house when it happened?

Tina’s boyfriend, David Herrin was supposed to be looking after Amber at the time of her death and he claimed he did not touch the child. After a number of days in the police interview room, Herrin cracked and admitted to sexually abusing the child on numerous occasions when she was alive.

He was immediately given 20 years in prison.

Tina faced the death penalty in court, even though she was nowhere near the child when it died. She tried her best to convince the jury…but in the end had to accept a plea bargain…just to stay alive.

Tina received a sentence of life in prison with an extra 20 years…she is still locked up today.

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The Bell Witch Tennessee Story

The Bell Witch Tennessee Story

This article will be covering the Bell Witch Tennessee story from the early 1800’s, when a simple family were tormented by a now infamous malicious spirit…

The Bell Witch Curse

John Bell and his family decided that they needed a change in 1804, and ended up purchasing a property in Tennessee.

John decided that the peaceful country life was they way to go – he would steadily build up his land and leave a solid legacy to his children.

Unfortunately, this idea did not go according to plan…

During the period of the Bell’s buying up property, John managed to piss off a neighbor named Kate Batts. This lady was convinced that John had somehow ripped her off when it came to the deal for her land.

The Bell Witch Curse

Batts was not one to let things lie – and the two had a feud right up until the moment she died, in 1817.

On her deathbed she left what is now referred to as ‘The Bell Witch Curse’ on John’s family.

The Bell Witch Haunting Story

Shortly after Batts passed away, the Bell family began to hear scratchings behind the walls of their home. This then escalated into a whispering voice that got louder and louder over time.

The family members were convinced that this was the voice of an old woman, but they could not quite make out who she was or what she was saying.

Before long, poltergeist activity hit the household. This force seemed to be waking the children up when they slept, by slowly tugging the blankets off them.

The poltergeist entity then moved on to various items in the household – stealing them and hiding them about the property. It then moved on to physically abusing the young children (pinching and slapping them!).

The Bell Witch Haunting Story

At night, John would be woken by the sounds of some sort of beast, chewing on wooden posts and supports of the house. When he looked out of the windows at night he could see strange and unknown creatures lurking about the garden.

The entity seemed to concentrate most of it’s efforts on John and his daughter Betsy (Elizabeth). It would only ever laugh out loud when it witnessed one of the two in severe discomfort or fright.

The voice became clearer and clearer over time, and in the end the family could hear it stating that it was going to kill the head of the household – John Bell.

At this point, John had no idea what to do – he invited his friend James Johnson and his wife for dinner…hopefully they would witness the paranormal activity and provide some sort of solution…

The ghost did not disappoint.

The Bell Witch House

By 1818,  James Johnson and his wife had let most of the locals in the area know about what they witnessed that night – The Bell Witch.

John was desperate for help, and he turned to religion to find it.

Unfortunately the local church wanted nothing to do with him or his witch – the Bell family were promptly excommunicated.

Before long the story of the Bell Witch stretched itself across America, and people flocked in their hundreds to witness the entity. It never disappointed – it would always let itself be known, never seen, but always heard.

The Bell Witch House

General Andrew Jackson (who would go on to become the 7th President of the United States) got wind of this supernatural story and decided to gather a group of close friends and visit the Bell property himself. He was not a believer in the paranormal, and he thought he could prove the whole issue was a hoax.

When they neared the Bell property their wagon suddenly locked it’s wheels and stopped. The General and his men investigated the wheel mechanisms but nothing seemed wrong with them.

The general joked about the power of the witch stopping the wagon…and with that a high pitched voice boomed out through the night saying…

“All right General, let the wagon move on, I will see you again tonight”

The General left early the next day after witnessing a night full of terrifying paranormal activity.

The Death of John Bell

When John reached the age of seventy he suffered from a stroke, leaving him bedridden and needing medicine every day. One morning he failed to wake from his sleep…and the witch claimed that she had switched medicines on the family…

Had they been feeding John poison without knowing it?

The witch told his family members that John would be dead by the following day – the poison was strong and there was no return for him.

He died the next day.

The Bell Witch sang joyously at the close of John’s funeral, and could be continued to be heard as the family and friends filed away.

The End

In 1821, the Bell Witch informed the surviving Bell family members that she would be leaving their property, and she would return in seven years time.

She kept her promise – returning in 1828 and appearing only to John Bell Jr, John Bell’s son.

After a while she once again decided to leave the Bell family, and told Bell Jr that she would return in 1935.

There has been no record of the Bell Witch since.

Nearby to the Bell house there is a cave known as the Bell Witch Cave.

There have been numerous modern-day paranormal incidents recorded and reported in this cave. Some paranormal experts and psychics believe that the Bell Witch still resides in this cave…watching…and waiting…

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The Haunted Toys R Us in Sunnyvale

The Haunted Toys R us in Sunnyvale

In this article we will be taking a look at the haunted Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, California. Is the paranormal activity reported in this store linked to a character named ‘Crazy Johnny’?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Haunting of Toys R Us

Numerous members of staff have encountered some form of paranormal activity when working at this popular toy location…

Strange names whispered into worker’s ears, poltergeist activity and a handful of female workers complaining about an unseen force playing with their hair, to name but a few.

It’s the female side of the workforce that this ‘entity’ seems to target, although it is never violent activity.

The Haunting of Toys R Us

The phenomena first started up in the 1970’s and the staff at the time quickly became very scared of what they were experiencing. The local press picked up on the story and stayed with it – eventually a respected psychic/medium named Sylvia Browne read up on the story and decided to lend a hand…

She visited the store and actually managed to make contact with the ghost, who she claimed was a Scandinavian Immigrant named Johnny Johnson. He had lived and worked on the land when it was still a farm/plantation.

The Plantation

A man named Martin Murphy set up the plantation that was on the Toys R Us grounds in 1844. Johnny Johnson (real name ‘Johan Johnson’) was one of the first employees he hired, and he quickly fell in love with the boss’s daughter…who rejected him.

The Plantation

Johnny didn’t really appear to have been the luckiest of characters – not long after the boss’s daughter rejected him, he managed to get infected with encephalitis, and ended up slightly brain damaged as a result.

He somehow managed to retain his job at the plantation, but eventually picked up the title of ‘Crazy Johnny’.

In 1884 Crazy Johnny’s luck finally hit an all time low when he cut himself seriously with his own axe during work hours. He bled to death alone, near the orchard.

The plantation was run by the Murphy family until 1950 when it was handed over to the city of Sunnyvale. A freak fire managed to burn it to the ground in 1961 and the Toys R Us store was built on the location in 1970.

Sylvia Browne

Most of this information was discovered by the psychic Sylvia Browne’s seance that she held at the store. This seance was attended by numerous staff members and local press/photographers.

One of these cameras managed to snap a now famous photograph that paranormal experts believe is the image of Crazy Johnny, standing in the background of the seance, watching proceedings.

haunted toys r us sunnyvale ca

Only one of the cameras managed to capture the image of this strange character and nobody at the seance remembers anyone standing in that position in the room. It’s also worth noting that all of the cameras were facing the same way – why did only one of them pick up this ghostly figure?

haunted toys r us california

Sylvia ended the seance by telling Johnny that he could ‘move on’ to the next level – he was free to go. She then claims that Johnny replied to her and told her he was still waiting for his boss’s daughter, Beth.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Types of Ghosts and Spirits

Types of Ghosts and Spirits

Have you been experiencing paranormal activity in your home? Do you believe that there is some sort of presence lurking in the dark corners of your property?

In this article we will be taking a look at the different types of ghosts and spirits that could be haunting your family…

No. 1 – Signs of Poltergeist Haunting

Signs of Poltergeist Haunting

Poltergeists are troublesome spirits that move household objects – if you are seeing entities appear before you, then you are probably NOT being haunted by a poltergeist.

The word ‘poltergeist’ comes from the German language words poltern (“to make sound” and “to rumble”) and Geist (“ghost” and “spirit”). The combined term, poltergeist, translates as ‘noisy ghost’.

Certain sections of the paranormal investigation world do not really believe in poltergeists. They prefer to believe that the ‘poltergeist activity’ reported/witnessed is nothing more than rogue psychokinesis from a source elsewhere in the haunted location.

No. 2 – The Bhoot Ghost

The Bhoot Ghost

This is a spirit that is thought to be too restless to move onto heaven (or the other side of whatever your religion dictates!). It is thought that something as simple as a poor funeral arrangement could cause a Bhoot.

They either take a human or animal form and are said to have an obsession with milk. A word of warning – Bhoot-contaminated milk is the usual path to Bhoost-possessed humans!

The Bhoot spirit does not like the ground, so it is always seen floating a couple of inches above it. Some Bhoots even have feet that point backwards so they are unable to walk on the ground. In most cases, they cast no shadow.

No. 3 – The Churel

The Churel

The Churel are sadly known to be the restless spirits of women who have died in childbirth. They are often found in homes and hospitals.

Paranormal reports indicate that the Churel are actually quite horrific and frightening to look at, but they have the power to disguise themselves as beautiful young women.

Legends suggest that they appear as beautiful women so they can seduce young men. They then drain the men of their life energy (blood and semen) so that they can appear beautiful for longer.

There are links between the Churel and impurity – they apparently favor the homes that are a bit of a mess (i.e. keep your house tidy!!!!).

No. 4 – Tokoloshe Myths

Tokoloshe Myths

Tikoloshe are water-based spirits that can reside in the tap water of homes. They are known to be spirits that mostly appear due to someone summoning them (to cause harm to others etc.).

They are frequently linked to various witch doctors from various religions/locations. More often than not they are thought to be summoned by these witch doctors in an act of vengence.

You can defend against this spirit by placing a brick under each leg of the target’s bed.

No. 5 – Di Fu Ling Spirits

Di Fu Ling Spirits

These spirits are souls that are bound to a certain place like a location it had strong ties to in life. Unfortunately, they are not always friendly…

The Di Fu Ling is also known to bind itself to places that belong to other people – locations where it is not at all welcome.

Di Fu Ling class entities can be fought off by placing red candles outside (or on the window sills) of your house or by Feng Shui.

No. 6 – Bogles


These unfriendly entities seem to target kids who are known to be a little bit disobedient – the term ‘bogeyman’ is actually derived from the word Bogles.

They target the households of these ill behaved children and slowly drive the occupants insane.

Experts on the paranormal believe that the Bogles are actually a form a fairy, therefore they cannot be removed from a home. As the child it targets grows older, and behaves more, the spirit begins to feel appeased and becomes quieter.

No. 7 – Lemures/Shades


Lemures, or Shades, are extremely vengeful and dangerous spirits – they will target a household they have no previous association with and terrorize the occupants.

They stretch back as far as ancient Roman times, when the head of the household would throw black beans out of the doorway, without looking, at midnight to distract the evil Lemures.

These beans are apparently the only item that Shades mistake for human life force.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the ghosts/spirits we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

The San Pedro Haunted House

The San Pedro Haunted House

In this article we will be covering a report that a paranormal investigation team published concerning a San Pedro haunted house, back in 1989. A malevolent spirit or a power created by the emotional turmoil of it’s tenant?

You decide…

The Jackie Hernandez Case

Dr. Barry Taff and a cameraman named Barry Conrad got asked to investigate what is now known as ‘The Jackie Hernandez Case’ back in 1989. It involved a now infamous house located in San Pedro, California.

They were informed that the problem house was owned by a young lady named Jackie Hernandez – who openly admitted to having disturbing emotional issues in the past.

When the team arrived at the location they were told that the house frequently developed strange smells, and nobody could figure out where they were coming from?

On top of this, poltergeist activity seemed to be behind moving objects and strange apparitions had started appearing. One such apparition was a glowing cloud that tried to suffocate Hernandez – this cloud incident had been witnessed by several other visitors to the house.

The Paranormal Investigation Team

There was also a report concerning a strange dripping, slime-like substance appearing in the kitchen cupboards.

During their first investigation, the team kept on hearing a disturbingly loud sound coming from attic of the home. One of the team members later described the noise as sounding like a “200 pound rat” bouncing around the ceiling area.

Jeff Wheatcraft, a photographer with the team, decided to bite the bullet and enter the attic to snap some images of the entity. He was in the process of focusing in his first shot when an invisible force grabbed his camera and drove it into the floorboards!

The Second Investigation

The team returned to the San Pedro haunted house in September of that year. Wheatcraft was keen to get back into the attic but decided to take another team member, Gary Beihm, with him this time.

As the pair searched through the attic area an invisible force managed to wrap a clothesline around Wheatcraft’s neck and suspend him from one of the beams. Beihm managed to wrestle the photographer back down to the floor before he was strangled to death.

The Second Investigation

Over the next few days, the team began to realize that the events in the house were following Jackie Hernandez around. Could her emotional problems be creating the phenomena unconsciously?

By this point, Jackie had apparently developed a strong relationship with cameraman Barry Conrad – the team thought this relationship could be behind the poltergeist activity. It was thought that anyone who might be perceived as threat to Jackie’s relationship with Barry would end up being attacked by the paranormal force.

The Haunting Continues…

There are a few problems with the Jackie and Barry theory.

If this romantic link to the poltergeist was to be believed, then this would mean that this was strictly a haunting brought on by living subject.

But, the house has remained haunted ever since Jackie moved out – the owners claim that no tenant has managed to stay in the property for longer than 6 months.

Does a malevolent spirit haunt this house or did Jackie Hernandez manage to leave a residual power within it’s walls?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Daniel Dunglas Home – The Real Deal?

Daniel Dunglas Home - The Real Deal?

In this article we will be taking a look at the life of Daniel Dunglas Home – talented medium or a clever fraud?

You decide…

Humble Beginnings

Daniel D. Home came from a relatively poor Scottish family made up primarily of eight children, at the tender age of one he was shipped off to live with his aunt and uncle.

Within a few days, his aunt noticed that his cot would sometimes rock with him in it – as if an invisible force was rocking him to sleep…or he was somehow rocking himself to sleep!

There was a long line of self-proclaimed psychics on Home’s mother’s side of the family – had this power been passed on to this young baby boy?


Home’s aunt and uncle eventually decided to emigrate to Connecticut, and they took young Daniel with them.

The strange activity that followed Home as a baby seemed to subside until he was a teenager, when their house began to exhibit typical poltergeist activity.

strange activity that followed Home

His aunt eventually realized that this strange poltergeist activity only took place when her nephew was in the house. Enough was enough – she threw him out onto the street to fend for himself.

His First Seance

Out on the streets he was free to follow his psychic calling and began arranging amazing spiritual gatherings. His very first seance saw him successfully contact numerous dead relatives of the attendees and a table danced around the room and could not be stopped by human intervention.

Word of mouth took off almost immediately – who was this powerful new medium and when would he be performing a seance again?

He soon became an instant hit with New England’s upper-classes.


Home was quite clever with his success – he never charged the upper-classes directly, and this resulted in them offering gifts for his seance services.

Seance services

He made sure that each of his meetings took place in bright daylight or extremely well lit rooms – that way there was no chance of him creating some sort of illusion or trickery.

He quickly became regarded as the ‘real deal’.


Home was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1854 and decided to take his doctor’s advice – to return to Europe for the sake of his worsening health.

He ended up living in London at an exclusive hotel – paid for by one of his wealthy believers.

It wasn’t long before he started performing in more sensational seances – attracting famous characters like Napoleon III and Queen Sophia of the Netherlands.

He suddenly developed the power of levitation, and started to hone in on it’s power for every seance he held. The pinnacle of his career took place during a seance in 1868 when Home levitated out of the building’s window and floated back in through an opposite window!

The power of levitation

Home eventually fell to the devastating power of tuberculosis on the 21st of June, 1886. At the time of his death, he had managed to perform at over one and a half thousand seances.

Since his death he has been accused of being a fraud on numerous occasions…there has never been any proof to back these accusations up.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this famous medium, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Summerwind Mansion Haunting

The Summerwind Mansion Haunting

In this article we will be taking a look at a paranormal hot spot located deep in woods lining the shores of West Bay Lake, Wisconsin – the Summerwind Mansion haunting…

Haunted Beginnings

In 1916, the then U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Robert Lamont, purchased the mansion to become it’s first ever owner.

He did not live in the property full time, opting instead to use it as a holiday home for his family.

Over the next 15 years, the family were known to constantly share paranormal experiences that they had experienced within the house, with friends and neighbors.

They frequently complained about poltergeist activity, shadow people running from room to room and unexplained noises echoing from seemingly empty rooms.

For the first few years, the Lamont family seemed to be at peace with the ghostly entities within their retreat – they didn’t seem to bother them that much…

Until one apparition decided to pay them an unexpected visit.

The Lamont Entity 

According to Lamont, he and his wife were having dinner in the kitchen one night, when without warning, the basement door blasted open.

Lamont and his wife then sat there in complete terror as they watched the apparition of a shadowy man form by the basement entrance.

Fear eventually put Lamont into a panic, and he reached for his gun and shot twice at the strange specter.

Both bullets went straight through the ghostly figure, and lodged themselves in the basement door.

The Lamont family left their vacation home that night…and never returned.

The Keefers

The mansion was eventually sold on to The Keefers during the 1940’s. They decided to use the house as a rental vacation property.

Many tenants claimed that Mrs. Keefer rarely set foot inside the house, typically handing the keys to guests and leaving them to their own devices.

Summerwind haunted mansion

Nobody knows why the Keefer family decided to rent the property out shortly after they purchased it…

Something obviously put them off using it themselves!

The Hinshaws

Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw bought the house in the 70’s – they actually moved into the house with their six children with a view to restoring it as they went along through family life.

They tried to hire local tradesmen to help them with aspects of the construction – but the locals would go nowhere near the house due to fear of evil spirits.

While painting a bedroom closet, Arnold stumbled upon a hidden crawl space that was too small for him to get into. He called up one of his children so that they could squeeze in and see what was on the other side.

Mary, his daughter, volunteered to go inside the hidden room. Once in there, she found a pile of bones and a human skull with knotted black hair still attached.

Arnold decided that it was best to leave the grisly find be, so he sealed the crawlspace back up and left it’s contents alone.

The Hinshaws

Several years later the Hinshaw family decided to bring the skull and bones out and maybe hand them over to the authorities…

When they got back inside the sealed room…it was completely empty.

Since then, the legend of Summerwind Mansion has grown, luring new owners and paranormal thrill seekers to explore the haunted corridors and remains of the house.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Ghost Caught on Security Camera

Ghost Caught on Security Camera

I don’t often include ghost footage from YouTube archives on this site because I would be working around the clock – hundreds of new examples pop up on the streaming service every single day!

So, I try my best to limit their coverage to the uploads I find interesting.

The example we will be looking at today shows a ghost caught on security camera in an Egyptian pharmacy.

I decided to showcase it here NOT because I think it is legit…but because I think the ‘person’ who put it together has done quite a good job…

A Ghost Caught on CCTV Camera?

Hell no – but the editor of the video should really think about putting his/her talents forward for work on a indie horror film (don’t you think?).

It’s impressive enough to watch, but it’s blindingly obvious it’s fake.

First things first – do security cameras like this have audio on them?

I’m not 100% sure but I haven’t come across a CCTV setup that includes audio…well, not one that a chemist can afford, anyway!

Also, the glitch effect used on the final rendered video looks like a million green screen effects available (for free!) on YouTube itself – you’ll find numerous Found Footage Horror movies using them!


I wouldn’t normally include anything on this site I felt was fake, but the level of editing and effort put into this was quite impressive at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, this is the type of thing we are up against these days – the truth will always end up being diluted by the high quality hoax efforts…which is a shame really!

Now it’s over to you – just because I think it’s fake, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to follow suit!

What are your thoughts on this new ghost footage?

A real recording of paranormal activity…or nothing more than an impressive piece of amateur CGI?

Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

The Bassa Villa Hotel Poltergeist

The Bassa Villa Hotel Poltergeist

I’m always intrigued by modern-day reports of poltergeist activity due to the amount of technology we have at hand to ‘capture’ the incidents. Unfortunately, this technology can go both ways…

Technology gives us the power to capture paranormal activity but at the same time it also gives us the power to create hoaxes.

When I first came across the case of the Bassa Villa Hotel poltergeist online, it really did capture my attention…but something stuck out like a sore thumb in the video footage…and I just couldn’t shake it’s effect.

Anyway, watch the video first and see if you notice what I noticed on first viewing…

The Bassa Villa Hotel Poltergeist Footage

The hotel owner, Nick Bevon, arrived at work one morning (in Bridgnorth, Shropshire) to find shards of glass all over his pub/bar room floor. He quickly turned on his CCTV system to see what had taken place in his property the night before.

He was half expecting to see a group of youths messing about in the bar area but nothing prepared him for what came next.

He watched in awe as individual glasses seemed to move on their own in the dark, late at night. Nobody was in the bar – there was no evidence of anyone breaking in!

Nick reviewed the video footage once again and took note that the incident happened at 1:43am – a long time after the last staff member had left after clearing up the bar area. He also checked the other CCTV camera angles out and ended up with the same spooky footage.

The Bassa Villa Hotel

When interviewed Nick went on to explain that the Bassa Villa Hotel was frequently linked with paranormal reports, even before this poltergeist footage was recorded. He claimed that his wrist had been grabbed by an unseen entity on numerous occasions and had even witnessed strange shadow figures walking across the bar room then disappearing.

He links the paranormal activity with a rumour that in the past, two children had been buried in the cellar area of the hotel (many, many, decades ago…one presumes?).

Fact or Fiction?

Okay, back to the video and the main gripe I have with this paranormal report…

Now, before I go any further, I should really point out that I am not calling ‘hoax’ here in any way, shape or form. It’s just that I noticed something in the video that set alarm bells ringing in my head.

Near the start of the footage, above the bar surface where the glasses start moving you can see a number of chalk boards. Notice what’s written in chalk on the board that is directly above the glasses…

“Hi, Thanks For Looking”

Now, this could be a complete coincidence…or it could be someone’s attempt at sarcastic humour?

It may be completely innocent, but I don’t know why this statement would be set above a bar area like this…it just doesn’t seem to fit?

What do you think?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Tips on Dealing with Paranormal Activities

We have listed some of the surefire ways on how you can deal with paranormal activities. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have already been equipped and armed with sufficient knowledge on what to do if you experience one in the future.

Perhaps it is normal to encounter things in life that may weird us out, frighten or scare us, or just outright make us scream at the top of our lungs. Even in this time and age when everything is easily accessible through the Internet, there are just things that Science finds difficult to explain.

Imagine catching yourself alone in your own house and for some reason a drawer opens up and the air is still and you are far away from it.

Who do you call?

For sure, you would have thought of Ghostbusters, but unfortunately, they are not real. But it’s a good thing that paranormal psychics are here to help you answer stranger questions from strange occurrences in your life brought about by paranormal activities.

But first, let us talk about what is the paranormal, because having had a paranormal experience does not necessarily mean you are dealing with ghosts of the dead or spirits from a different world.

These can very well be energies around you which mean you no harm.

Energies are able to communicate and, more often than not, only need help to know what happened to them so they can finally get a closure and move on.

We have listed some of the surefire ways on how you can deal with paranormal activities. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have already been equipped and armed with sufficient knowledge on what to do if you experience one in the future.

Learning Everything You Can About Paranormal

Not everyone is brave enough to do a research about the paranormal, especially at night. That is why we recommend that you do it out in public with the sun up where light is abundant.

We feel secure and safe in places where it is bright. When doing your research, steer clear of websites that have ominous background music or those that have really dark layout and color scheme.

These elements of the website should not distract you from learning what you want to learn. Watch out for websites that delve deep in the subject matter without using words that are unfamiliar to most humans.

You should be able to learn where most paranormal activities, sightings, and manifestations usually occur so you can prepare yourself should you encounter one in the future.

Being Skeptical and Logical at The Same Time Goes a Long Way

There will come a time when your brain will play tricks on you. It will make you see, feel, and hear—and ultimately make you believe—that you are indeed experience an out of this world activity. This happens mostly when we are scared.

Our minds conjure images that are really not there in the first place. What you can do is compose yourself and do not cause a scene, especially if you are in a public space.

Close your eyes and try to think well if there is a logical explanation of what happened. Those scary and weird noises on the second floor may just as well be mice, the wind, or pipes. It could be the television.

If you panic, you will likely cause a disturbance; worse, you might end up embarrassing yourself. Do not discount the fact that your friends may be playing a game with you, in other term, pranking you for fun.

This is not a good thing to do to someone as it may cause trauma and other permanent fear.

Asking For Professional Help

Some spirits, energies, or ghosts would bother you to no end, and it is normal that you feel scared and helpless. When this time comes and you are no longer able to sleep well at night because of this, asking for help from a paranormal psychic is not something that you should be ashamed of.

Professionals that can help you deal with these paranormal activities, sightings, and manifestations can be in the form of an exorcist, a psychic, a clairvoyant, or a medium.

These experts will know what to do with them and are able to provide you with necessary steps on what you can do to stop these from happening.

They will make sure that these spirits—evil or otherwise—are expelled from your property so you can start getting a good night’s sleep again. Amulets and charms are usually given by paranormal psychics to keep you safe from them, but methods are varying.

These professionals are trained to deal with the paranormal and their years of extensive research and psychic will speak for themselves. You may go online and check for their reputation so you can feel better.

Being Around Friends Also Helps

While professionals tend to your house and dispel the energies bugging you there, you can be with friends for the moment. There is strength in number, or so a popular saying goes.

Be with your close friends who would never take advantage of your situation and vulnerability. You may start talking about happy memories from the past to keep you distracted from the situation.

Whether they are your family, your close friends, your roommate, be with the people you trust the most who know how to calm you down in a very stressful situation; people who can easily lighten up the mood.

You can choose to put on a really funny movie and start laughing to your heart’s desire. Eat your favorite comfort food. You can also choose to go to the nearest church, if you are religious, and start praying and giving thanks for the good things you have received so far and ask for perpetual guidance and safety from the evil elements of this world.

There are worlds that coexists with us, and it is important to recognize that. Some entities, although invisible to the naked eye, are following us wherever we go as they are trying to communicate with us.

We hope that this article helped you enough on how you can react if you experience a paranormal activity. If you wish to share more tips, you can leave a comment down below.

Images by Pixabay and Creative Vix under Public Domains CC0