The Heibai Wuchang

The Heibai Wuchang


In this article we will be taking a look at the Heibai Wuchang – the Chinese Grim Reapers that seem to predate most of the oldest Chinese dynasties. The ‘Black Guard’ and the ‘White Guard’ are said to reside in the underworld, and appear to the recently deceased to guide them on to the next realm…


The Legend Behind The Heibai Wuchang

Many centuries ago in ancient China, two constables named Xie Bi An and Fan Wu Jiu were given the job of escorting a tricky prisoner between cities. Unfortunately, halfway through their journey their lack of concentration led to the prisoner escaping into the vast Chinese wilderness.

In ancient China, the wilderness was known to house all kinds of strange animals, and even a few supernatural beings, and the prisoner had managed to escape at night!

But Xie Bi An and Fan Wu Jiu knew they had screwed up their task, and decided to split up and search for the prisoner in the dangerous forest area.

The two constables spent hours looking, but neither of them could find any footprints left by the missing prisoner. Xie Bi An decided it was best to head back to the bridge where the two men had agreed to meet after their search was over.

As he waited under the bridge, the weather got worse and worse, and without warning mudslides and flooding followed.

Fan Wu Jiu was nearby, and managed to fight his way through the bad weather and on to the top of the bridge. As he peered over the edge he was horrified to see Xie Bi An’s lifeless body floating downriver – the poor man had been pinned against the underside of the bridge by the high water, and drowned.

Devastated and knowing he had failed the task and his friend, Fan Wu Jiu hung himself right at the edge of the bridge where he was standing.

One of China’s supreme gods, The Jade Emperor, saw the whole incident from the underworld, and was taken aback by the act of loyalty the men had shown toward each other. He then decided to reward them by reincarnating them as generals of the underworld.

These generals were known as Diyu.

Xie Bi An and Fan Wu Jiu became what is now known as The Heibai Wuchang.


What Are The Diyu?

The Diyu, or the Heibai Wuchang, loosely translates as ‘black and white impermanence’. They are regarded as Chinese Grim Reapers.

Depending on which way you look at them – they can be both good and (extremely) evil.

The good versions can grant riches and winning lottery numbers to lucky people, whilst the evil versions are known to carry out punishments for those who have led an unsavoury life.

What Are The Diyu?

If you remember – Xie Bi An, or White Guard, perished when he drowned in the river under the bridge. His tongue is now extremely long as a Diyu, as he gasped for air during his last moments alive. He also has a pale white face and wears a white robe and tall hat. He is often portrayed as holding a fan and a shackle.

Fan Wu Jiu died from the hanging, so his face is now black. He is also portrayed as holding a fan along with a sign that declares he is there to reward the good and punish the bad.

Both of the Diyu also carry  chains and cuffs.

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The Madonna With Saint Giovannino UFO

The Madonna With Saint Giovannino UFO

The painting named The Madonna with Saint Giovannino is a 15th century piece of art that has been causing a stir among Ancient Alien theorists for many decades now. Many ufologists firmly believe that there is some kind of UFO included in the picture’s skyline.

But this is not the only example of antique art depicting alien life – numerous other historical paintings also include strange objects in their skyline settings. Is this proof that aliens have been visiting us for centuries?

Let’s take a closer look…

Controversy – Who Painted it?

Domenico Ghirlandaio is most often credited with painting this strange piece of art that shows the UFO…but the true painter of The Madonna with San Giovannino is still in dispute.

Jacopo del Sellaio and Sebastiano Mainardi have in the past, both been linked to the painting. Mainardi was actually the brother-in-law of Ghirlandaio who learned everything he knew about art from him.

The Madonna With Saint Giovannino

UFO or Religious Symbology?

So what is that strange flying object in the background of the picture? Why does it look so much like a UFO?

Many skeptics believe that there is a simple explanation for it’s inclusion in the picture. They believe it to be a representation of the gospel passage from the Gospel of Luke 2:8….

“Shepherds abiding in the field keeping watch over their flock by night. And lo, an angel of the Lord come upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them”

The Florentine Renaissance period offered many paintings which included some form of ‘shepherd and dog’ nativity scene – frequently looking up at the sky towards a bright shining object. More often than not these objects are simply meant to be angels or stars.

But not everyone goes along with this biblical angle…

To be brutally honest – there are no wings or body to suggest that this is meant to be some sort of angel.

Is it really a painted experience of an ancient UFO encounter?

Is it a mistake that the artist made, and couldn’t be bothered to cover up (i.e. turned it into something else?)

Or is it simply misinterpretation and a lack of understanding of religious iconography throughout art history?

It’s worth remembering that until recently, the Catholic church has gone out of it’s way to shun scientific fact and the thought of life on other planets. Why would so many painters of religious contexts opt to include something that their faith does not believe in?

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The Mystery of The Salyut 7 Angels

The Mystery of The Salyut 7 Angels

In this article we will be taking a look at the fascinating mystery of the Salyut 7 Angels. What really happened on the Salyut 7 space station in 1985?

The Orange Cloud

The six crew members on board the Soviet space station were worried – over the past week of their mission they had been experiencing numerous technological problems that never seemed to end.

Without warning, a strange orange gas-like cloud filled the entire space vessel – had the station finally caved in on them? Were they about to perish in space?

The crew desperately ran around the station looking for the source of this strange orange gas cloud.

At first they thought it was a fire that was linked to the computer problems – but they could not find the source of the cloud, no matter how hard they tried.

Suddenly the orange gas turned into a bright white light that left the astronauts blinded for several minutes.

Strange orange gas-like cloud filled the entire space vessel

They gradually regained their sight, and after the panic subsided, they noticed the light dim a little…but something was outside the space station…

The Space Angels 

The crew were amazed to find seven strange beings floating about outside the space station. There was instant panic among the astronauts…but that did not last…

These strange beings had wonderful smiling faces which seem to bring a calmness over the experience.

The crew claimed that the bodies of these ‘space angels’ were very humanoid in shape, although they stretched out well over 10 foot in length.

They had large wings spouting from their backs and it looked like they had halos floating above their heads.

The Space Angels 

The Salyut 7 team were convinced that they were in the presence of messengers from god – angels that had found them in space.

They contacted their Russian HQ and informed them about the experience.

The Russian authorities were not impressed one bit – they came to the conclusion that the crew were going nuts through isolation in space.

They decided to sweep the report under the carpet and wait until the crew returned to Earth.

About a fortnight later a new group arrived at the space station to take over the astronaut tasks.

Within a day, this new group of astronauts claimed to have been visited by the exact same entities as the initial crew.

The Report Leaks…

The Russian authorities decided that enough was enough – they ordered both sets of astronauts to go through a full examination back on Earth.

They were both found to be in excellent mental and physical health.

They tried to keep the ‘space angels’ report from the media…but somehow it got leaked.

A engineer from the Hubble Project eventually came forward to back up the astronauts claims – he said that they had been witnessing these strange beings through the telescope for quite some time.

He described them as being about 20 meters in length with a huge wingspan – at times they reached the same size as a modern jetliner.

The Hubble engineer’s backup report seemed to open the floodgates – next the SOHO Observatory came forward and claimed they had spotted these angel-like beings around the outskirts of the Sun.

Contact With Angels

Many conspiracy theorists believe that our governments have known about these space creatures for years…but have decided to cover the issue up.

A retired NASA operative came forward on July the 29th, 2008, and claimed he had seen one of these ‘angels’ having a conversation with two American astronauts, in a space shuttle payload bay.

His claims were quickly rubbished, but conspiracy theorists took note that this was a respected NASA employee – who had 34 years of service under his belt…

Why would he lie?

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Are Guardian Angels Real?

Are Guardian Angels Real?

Most of us have had that eerie yet comfortable feeling in life – the moment where we feel someone must be watching over us.

Maybe it’s a close shave with tragedy?

Maybe it’s a welcome stroke of luck?

Maybe it’s just a feeling that we are not alone?

Although the whole concept of a guardian angel watching over us has an extremely personal feel to it, for many of us, it’s actually a universal notion. In fact it’s been around for centuries – appearing in the most prominent religions known to man.

But guardian angels tend to bring more questions than answers with them – how much control do they have over our lives? Are they lost loved ones returning to protect us? Is there a way we can contact them? Are guardian angels real?

What Are Guardian Angels?

So what kind of divine assignments do these hardworking spiritual beings fulfill? What are guardian angels and why have they been put in place to protect us?

Guardian angels are charged by god to watch over specific people during their entire lifespan on Earth.

Ancient Greek philosophy, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all believe that these spiritual entities are charged with a lifetime care of humans.

They are protectors, they pray for us and they guide us.

True Stories About Guardian Angels

This website is not here to tell you one thing is right or another is wrong – it’s not the reason behind why we set it up.

We simply want to give a voice to the opinions that are normally scoffed at in modern society.

Do I believe in the subjects myself and my writers publish to this site?

Well I’ll leave that one up to you…but writing about subjects you have no real interest in is not the way I want to spend my life…

Anyway, the results of a Baylor University survey carried out in 2008 revealed that fifty-five percent of those surveyed expressed some sort of belief in guardian angels.

In fact, they are one of the most widely believed paranormal phenomenons of the western world. Reading the stories below about real life encounters with guardian angels, it’s very easy to see why so many people believe in them…

Who Answered The Phone?

A unnamed care worker was working one weekend evening in a ‘not-so-great part of town’ visiting a patient. Once she had finished the session she remembered she hadn’t called her young son’s babysitter regarding the upcoming week’s schedule.

There was no answer on her cell phone so the mother simply left a message on her voicemail with a request to call her back. She placed her own cell phone on the passenger seat of her car and drove off into the night to pick up her son from his father’s house.

When she finally arrived home her phone rang and her babysitter was on the other end of the line – she immediately started teasing the care worker about a ‘new man in her life’.

The care worker had no idea what she was talking about and the babysitter informed her that she had phoned her back minutes after she had missed the original call.

“Who answered your phone?” she asked.

The babysitter knew she had the right number because she used the call-back feature – a man picked up and answered…

She had hesitatingly asked if the care worker was there and the man had replied “She can’t come to the phone right now.”

He had a a warm, pleasant voice and he informed the babysitter that now was not a good time to talk to her employer. He told her to call back a little later and she hung up…thoroughly confused!

Who intercepted that call on the care worker’s phone?  And why?

Nobody had been in the car with her and the phone had not rang her end.

Would she have been in danger if she’d been distracted by answering her phone? Did her guardian angel step in save her from certain danger?

The Angels Wings

This report comes from the viewpoint of a lady back in 1979 as she was driving along Alameda and Firestone in the City of South Gate, California.

As she was driving along with her two kids in the car (aged 3 and 6) the headlights suddenly failed and sparks started flying out of the muffler area of her vehicle.

She attempted to make an emergency U turn on the Firestone even after she noticed the signs reading “No Stopping Or Parking At Any Time”.

She noticed that about a half a mile back, the light signal was on red but she figured she still had enough to get the scared kids out of the parked car and line the family up along the side of the fence on the road…she was wrong!

She managed to get the kids lined up tightly against the fence but as she got out of the car herself a large brown van hit her.

As she was hit she heard a strange swishing sound above her head that seemed to block out all other noises. She suddenly looked up and realized that she was okay – not a scratch on her!

The brown van pulled up in front of her car and the driver got out – considerably shaken.

He had seen the whole thing and had no idea how his van had managed to travel straight through this lady without harming her?

To this day, the lady swears that the sound she heard was that of her guardian covering her with his wings as the van passed right through her…

An Angel Helps

The following report comes from a girl named Laura from Pictou County in Nova Scotia, Canada.

At the time of the incident Laura was 18 years of age and happily celebrating the upcoming graduation with her friends Sara and Jess.

It was kind of like a tradition in their area – every grad class would get up early one morning, all meet, and go to their teachers’ houses, where they would cook and eat breakfast!

Sara and Jess turned up about 6 in the morning to pick Laura up and they started the journey in the cold snow to meet their classmates.

They realized they would probably be a bit early so Sara suggested they visit her brother’s grave first (who had tragically died about a year before).

They drove to the nearby cemetery and parked on a steep hill – Sara’s brother was buried nearby. She got out of the car alone and went and spent 5 minutes by her brother’s grave.

Sara returned to the car and thanked Laura and Jess for going to the cemetery with her. She started up the car only to find that the wheels were stuck in the snow they had parked in.

The three girls tried for what seemed like an eternity to move the car but it was well and truly stuck in a rut. The nearest house was miles from the cemetery and it was early in the morning – there was nobody to help them.

The girls were in a bit of a panic. Sara turned towards where her brother was buried and cried “Ricky, please help us!”

Almost immediately, a man with shoulder-length blond hair and crystal-blue eyes was standing next to the car. The girls told the man that they were stuck and the car wouldn’t move and he simply replied “I know”.

Suddenly the blond man got in the car and reversed it out from it’s stuck position. The wheels did not spin and the car seemed to glide effortlessly onto the nearby pavement.

Sara enthusiastically said thank you. All he said was, “You asked for help, so I came.” And that was it.

The three girls got back into the car and just sat there for a moment, not saying a word. When they turned around the man had vanished.

They got back out of the car to see where he had gone and noticed that there were no footprints leading up to or away from the car other than Sara’s.

They drove back down the hill suspecting that it must of been the direction the man traveled in but again, no footprints.

Do Guardian Angels Exist?

We hope you have enjoyed the article we have published here today. If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject please leave them in the comment section below.

Back to Basics: Understanding the Paranormal Components

Back to Basics: Understanding the Paranormal Components

How much do you know about the supernatural and paranormal activities?

The first step towards ever getting anywhere with the truth behind many mysteries is definitely understanding the paranormal components.

What makes up the weird and the unexplained of human society?

We can begin by defining any paranormal or supernatural phenomena as a mystical manifestation or event that human beings cannot conclusively explain using all our advanced scientific knowledge and natural elements.

These include occurrences like cryptids, superhuman abilities like telekinesis and of course, ghosts and aliens.

The Paranormal Breakdown: A Foundation to the Truth

Care to find out the categories of weird we have in the world…?

It’s the only sensible way to get to the ultimate truth right?

The supernatural world has general reports of all the following mysterious phenomena…

1) Legends and Mythologies

Here you will find well-known fairy-tale creatures the likes of deities (Zeus, Ra, Apollo…), werewolves, mermaids, and demigods like Hercules, blood suckers like Dracula, the bogeyman and even trolls or gargoyles.

All the characters above were used in different societies and cultures across the world as part of their unique folklore to pass teachings and warnings and also try to explain things they could not yet begin to comprehend.

These supernatural characters were developed and preserved over centuries of passed on oral narrations from generations to generations.

2) Demons and Possessions

This falls under a branch of theology known as demonology; which is basically a study into the belief of demons and evil spirits.

Many confuse this with the study of cults but it’s far from it. However, elements of demons and their references can be found throughout all major religions and forms of belief.

Demons can either be benevolent or malevolent but many people tend to associate the name “demon” with the latter. This is because are mostly perceived as wicked and vindictive.

Controversial demonologists like Lorraine Warren have claimed to be able to talk to ghosts and demons.

Famous texts such as the Grimoire of Pope Honorius gave most of the names of demons we know of today as well as their individual functions.

Demons and Possessions

Some of these earlier religious inclined texts have met strong resistance and brushed aside as diabolical and baseless facts.

Ghost hunting groups and individuals on the other hand have stuck to the idea that demons are just pissed off ghosts that decide to act evil…

How many demons can you name in addition to Nybbas, Seraphim, Abaddon, Pharzuph, Gaap, Abdiel, Krampus, or the king of Hell’s comedy, Kobal?

Each demon is believed to control a particular element and have different influences in the material world.

The common belief of course being that these demons are merely the devil’s minions. Some even believe that demons can possess human beings or animals and influence their actions and thoughts.

3) Aliens and UFOs

The question still lingers as to whether earth has had contact with extraterrestrial beings or not.

The existence of life outside our atmosphere has always fascinated us, and efforts are still underway to make the first contact despite there being numerous claims of several UFO sightings and alien contact(s).

Aliens and UFOs

Although all these allegations about interactions with beings from other planets and possibly distant galaxies have been questionable, there have been very interesting conspiracies tied to governments such as the New Mexico Roswell UFO crash.

Other unproven stories have described vivid alien abductions that have left us torn between what to believe and not to believe about the alien/UFO controversy.

4) The Metaphysical Element

This falls under a branch of science known as pseudoscience. These are claims and concepts without any scientific legitimacy and which are better referred to as alternative or fringe science.

Some of the phenomena categorized as metaphysical include:

* Telepathy: Communication using brain waves or transmitting thoughts without verbal words.

* Chakras: Any of the 7 spiritual power points in a human being. They are scattered in different locations between the top of the head and somewhere near your mid-section around the pelvis area.

* ESP (6th sense) and Clairvoyance: This is basically the ability to perceive or experience events outside the scope covered by our natural 5 senses.

* Auras: This is the belief that a human being is surrounded by a colorful array of energy fields every now and then. Kind of like the magnetic fields depicted on a magnet.

* Telekinesis: This is where objects can be moved without any physical interference. It is believed the mind has the ability to summon this kind of power in some super-humans or supernatural beings.

* Reincarnation: This is the rebirth of a soul into another body…not necessarily a human body.

* Astrology: This is basically a study into the influences or effects that astral bodies such as planets have on the experiences of human beings. Thus the development of the Zodiac signs, their meanings, and how each is related to certain individuals in terms of influencing life events.

5) The Study of Cryptids or Cryptozoology

This side of the paranormal looks at animals not yet categorized in science; which of course goes to tell you that their existence at any point in the earth’s history is highly contentious.

The Study of Cryptids or Cryptozoology

These are studies about Bigfoot, Pegasus, the Loch Ness monster, Unicorns, Dragons, the goat sucking Chupacabra and many more.

6) Ghosts: Living Spirits of the Dead

Okay, truth be told…this is arguably the beginning of the journey into the paranormal. Stories of souls or human spirits from beyond the light visiting the land of the living go back as far back as death itself!

The fascination with death has driven man to great heights and sometimes to very, very low depths in search of the elusive answer…What happens to a person after death?

Is it all gone?

Is the soul detached from the body and promoted to a higher realm?

And what about these claims of people who died and came back? What did they really see on the other side?

Ghosts: Living Spirits of the Dead

The only way to find out the true answer to this quagmire is simple but a bitter pill to swallow because nobody wants to die…

But wait…it gets even more interesting…parapsychology seems to hold a different theory about ghosts.

Studies in this field tend to bend heavily towards the possibility of communicating with ghosts through mediums.

The twist here is that the theory also suggests that living humans disembodied through astral project can very easily appear to other people as ghosts.

Hauntings: Lingering Paranormal Energies

These paranormal activities are usually connected to certain places. Contrary to what you might have believed, hauntings don’t necessarily have to be connected to ghosts according to TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society)…!

Here’s a breakdown of the kinds of hauntings you can encounter in the paranormal world…

#1 Intelligent Ghost Activity: This is basically where ghosts or unseen entities can be experienced as they struggle to make contact with the land of the living. Think messages written on a misty mirror…

#2 Poltergeist Hauntings: These are violent events such as banging doors or flying objects; total chaos and mayhem from unseen energies.

Poltergeist energies are also believed to attach themselves to individuals and cause unusual drama everywhere these people go.

More contradictory views seem to believe different about the source of poltergeists.

Parapsychologist view of the poltergeist suggest that this is the work of an oblivious living human being who in some unknown way manages to summon up and manifest some sort of psychokinetic energy.

But, why the violence and the terrifying events?

#3 Residual Haunting: This is more like “déjà vu haunting”…okay, think living through an episode of the TV series Day Break…the same event occurring over and over again at certain intervals.

Parting Shot: Searching for the Truth

The truth can only be established when we move from the known to the unknown…Working with the few paranormal facts we have brings us closer to understanding the paranormal and what goes on in realms we can’t see or we can scarcely fathom.

Hope this small guide helps you move closer to your own truth… keep the faith and have fun sharing experiences from the paranormal or supernatural world.

Man and Death: The Reincarnation of Shanti Devi

Man and Death: The Reincarnation of Shanti Devi

Man is “obsessed” with death and records dating as far back as our very own existence goes have proven this.

Stories like the reincarnation of Shanti Devi have stirred up even more complicated debates and confusion as man continues to probe into the afterlife.

Where do we go when we die?

The ever so important question without a definitive answer!

Different Sides The Same Coin

Muslims have a heaven, just like the Christians, but with slightly exaggerated perks like the 70 virgins when you die in a “Jihad” related cause.

Atheists on the other hand are a terribly divided house. Most of them believe that death is the end of everything.

However, a bigger number shares the Hindu’s belief in reincarnation.

The major difference of course being while Atheists don’t believe in the existence of an almighty supreme being, Hindus have a couple of deities; some of them like Lord Krishna being a reincarnation himself!

In fact Shanti Devi is on record saying that she saw Krishna when she died {Interview by Sushil Bose, 1939}.

So who is Shanti Devi and why is she special? Could she possibly be the answer to our deep search into the realms of death and the afterlife? Can we really get a second chance at life?


The story begins in Delhi, way back in 1926 where little Shanti is born to a normal middle class family. Everything is okay until she turns 4 and this can explain why her Gospel began in 1930.

“Do you know I have a husband and a son and my name is actually Lagdi? In fact I have a house in Mathura and I want to go back there and see my family…”.

Such an odd statement from a four year old who was before then known to stay silent by herself right?

Her parents think nothing of it until she insists on going to Mathura and back to the arms of her previous husband Kedar Nath.

Things take a surprising turn when a letter sent the address she keeps talking about is replied with all her claims confirmed.

Her parents later decide to pursue the issue and big names come into the picture. Mahatma Gandhi and half the Indian House of Representatives turn their attention to this little wonder who might hold answers to their strong reincarnation belief.

Shanti is taken to Mathura accompanied by an entourage of dignitaries who go on to confirm that indeed the little girl recalls details and people from her former hometown but this is not enough to convince the world.


A Swedish critic picks up his bags and heads to India to prove to the rest of the world that Gandhi and all the other “witnesses” might have ended up with flawed conclusions since it was clear they all shared the same views about life and religion.

It’s true that their investigation could have been biased and driven by the desperation to find elusive answers within their own religion.

But Sture Lonnerstrand later swallows his words and reports that Shanti appears to have Lagdi living inside her. Another confirmation and twist to a bizarre story…

Further Evidence

Yet more evidence is reported from several interviews and studies carried out by professionals like Dr. Ian Stevenson and relations from both families involved.

Several stories report that Kedar Nath begged to have some alone time with the 9 year old Shanti and she was able to describe their previous sexual encounters with vivid detail.

Apparently Lagdi suffered from arthritis and the couple had to become creative in the bedroom for things to work.

Shanti knew the positions they used during sex!

According to Kedar Nath, only Lagdi would have known such details since it was her who came up with the styles!

Was it okay that a grown man was allowed to discuss such intricate matters with a minor?

Well, even Gandhi thought it was fine; anything to get to the truth right….?

The above story is just one of the many afterlife accounts recorded in the history of man. The problem with getting hard proof about events that took place decades ago is the differences in versions told and the credibility of the sources.

So what do you think about the reincarnation of Shanti Devi? Fact or fiction?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Immortal Beings of The Himalayas

The Immortal Beings of the Himalayas

Tibet, the roof of the world and one of the most beautiful and untamed areas of our planet. Unspoiled by human beings, this remote region attracts not only those keen to conquer the highest mountains on Earth but those who want to find a deeper meaning for their existence.

Home to the Dalai Lama, this peaceful Buddhist nation rejects many of the trappings of the modern world, preferring instead to search within for peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Shrouded in mystery and largely inaccessible until the last century, much about Tibet remains unknown and undiscovered.

Intriguingly, over the recent years, some of the secrets of this mystical place have begun to filter into the Western World.

One such secret has caught the imagination of many, inspiring debate, inquiry, and even novels.

That secret suggests that deep within the valleys of the Tibetan Plateau, hidden from human eyes, live the immortal beings of the Himalayas.


The story of the Gyanganj has been told and retold in Indian and Tibetan culture for many centuries. Sometimes known as Shambhala (source of happiness), it is a city of stunning beauty hidden deep within the valleys of the Himalayas.

Arranged to resemble an eight-petaled lotus, it is surrounded by snow covered mountains. At its center stands the tree of life which unites heaven, earth, and the underworld.

For the few who have seen Gyanganj or Shambhala, it is described as a city of shimmering crystal. Its occupants are immortals who are responsible for guiding the fate of the world.

Living within this mystical kingdom they protect and nurture the spiritual teachings of all faiths and beliefs.

Imparting their wisdom to others they subtly work to influence the destiny of mankind for the good.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that at a time of great chaos in the world, the 25th ruler of this special land will appear to guide Earth to a better age.

Reaching Gyanganj

The 1933 novel The Lost Horizon by James Hilton is largely responsible for bringing the story of Gyanganj to the west.

Inspired by his time in Tibet, the book tells the story of a British man who finds love peace and fulfillment in a place called Shangri-La, a city of immortals deep in the Tibetan mountains.

Spurred on by his work a few intrepid explorers have gone in search of this enigmatic city without success. Surely if such a place did exist it would have been discovered by now.

Reaching Gyanganj

Satellite technology and modern mapping techniques mean there are very few areas of the world that remain completely hidden or undiscovered.

The answer lies in the nature of Gyanganj.

The city exists simultaneously in a material, psychic and spiritual dimension and can only be reached through, prayer, meditation and ultimately enlightenment.

Visitors to Gyanganj

The story of Gyanganj could easily be dismissed as a beautiful fable from a land far away except that there are those living among us who claim to have seen Gyanganj for themselves and returned to tell of their of their experiences.

In 1942 a British army officer, L.P. Farrel was invited to attend a picnic with the king of one of the mountainous regions in the Himalayas.

Invited along because of his strong interest in the local culture and Buddhism, he was about to undergo a life changing experience.

The picnic party pitched tents as darkness fell, intending to spend the night in the mountains. Almost as soon as he fell asleep Farrel was awoken by a supernatural being who asked him to come to a spot further up the mountain.

Terrified, the army officer remained in his tent. Throughout the night, the apparition appeared to him again. At dawn, Farrel decided to make his way to the spot where the ghostly visitor had indicated.

When he arrived he was met by an old man who he described as a sage. The sage knew Farrel’s name and seemed to glow with a strange light.

Mount Everest, Himalayas, Nuptse, Lhotse, Sagarmatha

When he touched the army officer, he seemed to be filled with electricity. The saintly man asked Farrel to vacate the place where the tents were pitched as later in the day a young man would arrive at that very spot.

This young man had a special destiny to fulfill and this would be hindered if the tents were not moved. Farrel did as he was told and the party moved their tents.

Later that day a young man arrived on the spot where the tents had previously stood. Watching, the army officer witnessed the land around him change.

A light lit up a nearby tree and the life of the young man was replayed to him like a movie at the cinema.

Around him, Farrel could see people and buildings where there had been nothing but grass and rocks before.

By the end of the experience, the boy declared that he was ready to abandon his earthly ties and enter Gyanganj.

Nobody from Farrel’s party witnessed the scenes that he and the young man saw clearly. The army officer understood that he had only seen a glimpse of Shambhala, but it was enough to change the course of his life forever.

Achieving Immortality

If we accept that there is a city somewhere on Earth that can only be reached through meditation and enlightenment, can we also accept that there are beings that will live forever?

Strangely, the idea of immortality is a concept that is becoming increasingly more popular in the scientific community.

Some scientists now suggest that death is not an inevitable part of our existence, instead it should be viewed as a disease which can be cured or prevented.

Ayurveda medicine has traditionally used herbs, spices, and fruits with powerful rejuvenating properties that encourage cell renewal.

Hormones secreted by the body often have a detrimental effect on our internal organs. Meditation has been shown to control these hormones and encourage longevity.

If science can accept that within the foreseeable future humans will live for hundreds of years, who is to say that those who immerse themselves in the deeply spiritual religions of the east haven’t discovered the secret to immortality already.


When asked to describe Gyanganj or Shambhala, the Dalai Lama explained that it is not a physical place that we can find. It is not heaven but a pure land in the human realm.

The only way to visit this land is through a karmic connection. Inhabited by the immortal beings of the Himalayas, the city, and its occupants subtly guide the destiny of the world through prayer and meditation.

Protecting the spiritual teachings of the world, of all faiths and beliefs, they work for the good of mankind.

For those of us in the west, some of the concepts and ideas are difficult to grasp, understand or even believe.

But in a world full of chaos, war, and unkindness, it is quite wonderful to imagine that somewhere on the roof of the world, people that are truly good are working to gently guide, influence and protect us.

People Who Have Seen Heaven

People Who Have Seen Heaven

The gift of life is a wonderful thing but it comes with the cruel knowledge that one day it will end. The only true certainty in our lives is that one day we will die.

Those of a more pragmatic nature suggest that the brief time we spend on Earth is the beginning and the end of our existence, while others find comfort in their faith that life is eternal.

For centuries theologians and philosophers have debated the meaning and nature of our existence. In recent years however, it is advances in medical science that may have provided a solution to this ancient enigma.

More and more people are now resuscitated and brought back to life from the brink of death.

What was once a barely reported phenomenon is now publicized and examined scientifically by the medical practitioners that witness it.

Known as a near death experience or NDE, there are many common threads that run through the experiences of people who have seen heaven, not least the completely life changing transformation that many of them undergo.

Raymond Moody

Although there is evidence from as far back as biblical times of people who claimed to have died and traveled to heaven before returning to their bodies, the subject was largely taboo until recently.

It has only been in the last forty years that research into near death experiences has been conducted in earnest.

This is largely due to the work of psychologist and philosopher Raymond Moody. While he was an undergraduate, a psychiatrist Dr George Ritchie, recounted his own NDE to Moody and sparked in him a lifelong interest in the afterlife.

After hearing his story Moody began to document the experience of others who had been resuscitated after a clinical death.

As his body of work increased, he realized that near death experiences shared many common elements.

Originally published in 1975, Moody’s works opened the floodgates, with thousands across the world coming forward to recount their own journeys to heaven and back.

The Common Experiences

Forty years on and the near death experiences of thousands of people have been analysed and published. Astonishingly, they appear to share many common characteristics.

Race, creed or culture appear to have little influence over the experiences, with many, including those who don’t believe in God or the afterlife, experiencing the same profound series of events.


While not everyone who undergoes an NDE experiences every common element, it is usual to experience at least half of the following.

1) A sense of leaving one’s body after a traumatic and life threatening event. Many people can recall leaving their body and hovering above it as the emergency services or medics attempt to resuscitate them.

Accompanying this out of body experience is a feeling of disinterest. The body is viewed as an empty vessel and the person who has died has no interest or desire to return to it.

People who are resuscitated later can often recall the words and actions of people moving around them including doctors and nurses.

2) Almost immediately, people realize that they are in fact dead. There is no fear attached to this realization and people describe a feeling of well being and comfort.

3) Rapid movement along a tunnel soon begins. The tunnel is described in many different ways, but most commonly as a metal chute.

As the person travels along this tunnel at great speed they are sometimes aware that there are others travelling with them. Sometimes, the movement is accompanied by a whooshing noise, at other times by music.

4) At the end of the tunnel a bright light appears and becomes bigger and bigger as the person approaches. The light is beyond description for many people.

Many describe a compelling need to move towards the light and suggest that all that is good and loving is held within.

For people with strong religious convictions, the light is often described as a deity or person of significance within their faith.

5) At some point the person who has died encounters loved ones and friends who have passed before them. These people often appear as they did in their youth and at the peak of their physicality.

Some meet people who are not known to them. Often these people turn out to be relatives who have passed on before.

6) Senses appear to be heightened, the mind thinks clearly, beautiful colors beyond the normal spectrum can be seen and ethereal music can be heard.

During these experiences people who have been blind or deaf since birth have recorded seeing and hearing for the first time.

7) There is no sense of time as we know it with some people feeling that they have been in their disembodied state for days, when in fact they have been technically dead for just a few minutes.

8) There is often a life review, when people relive the impact their actions good and bad have had on others.

Sometimes this is accompanied by unknown beings who are often interpreted as sacred figures assisting in the judgement of a life.

9) For nearly everybody who experiences an NDE, a barrier is reached and a decision made. For some this barrier is a door or a gate, for others it is a bridge or a stream.

Beyond the barrier the person can see what is commonly described as heaven, a stunning garden, a beautiful meadow or a city of crystal towers. Almost everybody wants to cross the barrier.

Cross the barrier in the afterlife

Some are told that they must turn back as it is not their time, they have lessons to learn in life. Others are offered a choice.

Often this choice rests upon the impact their death will have on others. Reluctantly many choose to return.

10) The person who has reluctantly returned to their body describes re-entering it through their head. Their spirit or soul is described as being attached to their body by an unbroken silver thread.

11) With resuscitation comes anger and bewilderment, with many wanting to return to the peace and tranquility they have experienced.

For most people though this is replaced by a sense of thankfulness. Often people feel that their life has a purpose and that purpose is to learn and to love others. They often live their lives transformed.

12) Most people who experience an NDE are confident that their experience was real, more real than anything they have experienced in their lives before. They firmly believe that it was not a fantasy or a dream.

The Skeptics View

For many people, the idea that our bodies are host to a soul or spirit that lives on after our death is an anathema.

But with so many people now reporting the same experience as they near death and then undergo resuscitation, science has attempted to provide an explanation.

The experience of those near death is not identical for everybody and scientists point to this as evidence that the NDE is a subjective experience upon which we impose our own reality.

The feelings of well being and happiness are part of an illusory event created by the mind as it copes with the trauma of death.

There are clearly common elements to every NDE but these are merely our own attempts to make sense of what we are experiencing as our brains die.

In simple terms science suggests that one of the first effects of a lack of oxygen to the brain is in fact increased brain activity.

This activity gives rise to a brief period of heightened consciousness. It is during this period of heightened consciousness that the near death experience described by many is experienced.

If the process was to continue, life and consciousness would stop. Death, for the NDE skeptic is the end.

The Experience of Children

There are of course, a group of people in society who would find it difficult to impose their own narrative upon a near death experience.

Very young children rarely have a concept of death, yet many sadly pass away each year. So do those who are fortunate enough to be resuscitated, share any of the same experiences as adults.

The answer is a resounding yes.

Often recorded in picture form, their paintings and drawings provide a tantalizing glimpse of heaven.

As more and more children record their experiences, it is clear that the process of dying as a child is similar to that of an adult.

Beginning with an out of body experience and travelling along a tunnel to light, what should be a terrifying experience is not.

Children describe feelings of warmth, comfort and overwhelming love. Some describe being comforted and reassured by angels, others meet relatives of whom they had no previous knowledge.

Children as young as two have returned with messages for their parents from family who have passed over long ago.

All describe scenes of stunning beauty and are left with the lifetime conviction that they have visited heaven.

A Neurosurgeon’s Experience

In 2008 an American man Eben Alexander underwent an NDE that was to convince even hardened skeptics that there may indeed be life after death.

The difference between Alexander’s experience and others is that he was and still is an experienced neurosurgeon.

Before his experience he held the traditional scientific viewpoint that consciousness ended with death, after he was to take a completely different view.

Falling into a coma after contracting E Coli, Alexander was not expected to live.

At various points in the week that followed, medical tests revealed that there was no brain activity. Kept alive by a life support machine which his family refused to switch off, there was little hope for his recovery.

Eben Alexander

Remarkably though, the neurosurgeon did survive and the story he was to tell about his long period of unconsciousness was to stun those around him and provoke a debate that is still raging today.

During the time he was in a coma Alexander claims that he experienced many of the common features of an NDE. In particular he suggests that he experienced a heightened state of consciousness and awareness.

This should have been impossible as in Alexander’s case the part of the brain that deals with thought and emotion had shut down completely, a fact that was scientifically recorded.

Taken on a journey through heaven by an angelic being, Alexander awoke from his coma believing that God and the soul are real and death is not the end of life but merely the transition to another realm of existence.

Alexander now believes that science and the near death experience can be reconciled.

He spends his life writing and lecturing upon the subject hoping to convince other scientists that life and consciousness are not confined to the physical world.

Visions of Hell

For most people the near death experience is a positive experience. For some though it is truly terrifying. These people are usually those who have attempted suicide or by their own admission led a bad life.

The beginning of the process is identical to those who have a positive experience, but rather than traveling toward a loving light, they are plunged into a hellish darkness where they are tortured and tormented.

If the NDE is an illusion and the brain’s way of coping with imminent death why is it such a dreadful experience for a minority?

People who experience a negative NDE often have no religious convictions, yet after their resuscitation many turn to religion or transform their lives completely believing that they have received a last chance to atone for their mistakes.


The debate about what happens to us after our deaths will probably continue as long as human life exists.

Most scientists firmly believe that there is nothing beyond the physical world and when the brain dies consciousness ceases.

They explain the phenomenon of the near death experience as a period of heightened consciousness that peaks just before death.

Those with faith require no proof that life continues after death, their religion assures them that there is an afterlife.

For many of us who waver between the two opinions, the testimony of those people who have seen heaven during a near death experience, provides a sense of reassurance and hope.

Hope, not just that our own lives will continue on eternally, but hope that one day we will meet once more, those that we have loved and lost.

People Who Have Seen Hell

People Who Have Seen Hell

Most of us try to avoid the thought that in the afterlife we may be destined for a place down-under. There are some unfortunate people walking among us though, people who have seen hell.

If we have learned anything from Dante Alighieri and the tale of his decent into the depths of hell, experiencing the eternal torment of malevolent entities gleaning pleasure from human abasement is not something many want to experience.

For those unfortunate individuals who claim to have sojourned into the inferno our worst nightmares have become their experience, their reality…

The Other Side

Nearly all of us have heard of near death experiences. When we hear the stories of those who have had a near death experience we hear a lot of talk about light and peace, but what about the other side of the other-side?

There are some woeful people among us who have had the displeasure of standing face to face with the devil and taking a frightful trip through the pit.

Angie Fenimore, a woman who attempted suicide years ago, had such an experience. The website “Cracked” conducted an interview with Fenimore and in it she alleges that when she was momentarily pronounced clinically dead she experienced a flashback of the events of her life.

Hell - Unknown Master - Portugal

However, instead of the light we so often hear about, she was encompassed in complete darkness.

According to Angie, she was able to communicate with other souls that were aimlessly wandering the darkness and was then placed in what she could only describe as a field of wandering souls.

Jennifer Perez

One young lady, a girl of only fifteen claims that she too has had visions of hell. Jennifer Perez claims in an article on the website “Devine Revelations” that when she made her journey into the afterlife she was confronted by a great wall and was set in front of God and the angels.

In her testimony, the angel escorted her on a dark path in which she could see souls being tormented by demonic entities.

Her tale of the journey into hell ended with the angel Gabriel telling her that God was going to give her another chance at life.

Jennifer gladly accepted that chance and has been trying to live her life to the best of her abilities, trying at all cost to evade damnation again.

Matthew Botsoford

Matthew Botsoford, in comparison to the other claims, actually testified that he experienced the torture himself.

After being shot and pronounced clinically dead three times he had the uncut tour, full hell experience.

According to Matthew, he was shackled over the top of a burning pit containing a demonic figure. The smoke that billowed out of the pit contained the souls of those who had been condemned.

He explains that though he was isolated, he could hear the agonizing cries from other souls that were damned to an eternity of pain and torture.

In his testimony the demonic figures would approach him and pull the flesh from his bones and with each bite would slowly eat away at his body.

When there was no more flesh to be taken a whole new layer of flesh grew back to repeat the experience over and over.

Much of the assertions of these men and women are similar to other stories of people who have ventured the highway to hell and made it back to tell the world about it.

Mary Baxter

One woman has claimed that she experienced a journey similar to that of Dante in that she claims to have been witness to both heaven and hell.

Mary Baxter states that one night during her regular prayer routine, a blinding light entered the room. That light, according to Baxter, was Jesus Christ himself.

Her testimony is that Jesus took her on a tour of hell for three hours every night for a total of ten nights. Baxter has claimed that hell is physically located at the center of the earth, and that it is shaped like a human lying down.

Horrors of Hell

She, like the others, saw demons that were mocking her in agitation, and in addition she smelled raw sewage and felt the heat of the flames burning against her skin.

Interestingly, Baxter explains that in her vision of hell, again somewhat parallel to Dante, like were grouped with like.

By this I mean murderers were grouped with murderers etc. The type of punishment issued was dependent on the type of sin committed.

She also claims to have ascended the stairway to heaven and witnessed angels of great height, though her experiences of heaven are not as greatly detailed as her time in hell.

Many have denounced Baxter as a “witch” or a false-prophet for claiming to experience such events with a guided tour by the big man Himself.


The stories of people who have seen hell are captivating because as humans we are naturally drawn to learning about what lies ahead of us beyond this lifetime.

In our own fear and self-doubt we try to uncover what hell is and hope that the pit is not our next destination. We are wired to want to know what lies ahead, it has been so since the time humans could communicate and pontificate about the world and universe beyond it.

I leave it to your discretion to decide if you believe the testimonies of the people who claim to have been to hell up.

One thing that we can all agree on is that we don’t want to ever be making our way across the river Styx, and Dante’s Inferno is probably the closest most of us wants to get.

The Miracle of The Sun

The Miracle of The Sun

The case of the Miracle of the Sun amazed and terrified tens of thousands of spectators in Portugal, 1917. The eyewitness accounts are well-documented by photographers and journalists, and describe a completely mobile Sun swirling through the midday sky.

“Paranormal activity” was an unfamiliar phrase to the villagers in Fatima, but every soul present at the event left with a permanent impression of another world.

Three Children

Three shepherd children had reportedly seen a Marian Apparition – a visit from the Virgin Mary – who promised to return to Portugal and perform a miracle in October of 1917.

Decades before digital cameras and social media sharing, reporters, priests, professors, and citizens alike gathered to witness “O Milagro del Sol.”

On whose authority did such a throng congregate?

It is true that children are inherently closer to the paranormal, a fact that the Fatima population understood and respected.

The villagers treated the three little prophets like royalty on that Sunday in October. Incidentally, the crowd’s respect for the paranormal may have been why the Other World decided to grace the earthlings with a Miracle of the Sun.

The Day of The Sun

On the fated day, an estimated thirty thousand people gathered around the three children. The number seems big in 2016, and could rival any contemporary concert or rally.

In 1917, that number was unheard of. The crowd was somber and expectant as they followed the children’s orders that afternoon.

Lucia and her cousin wore flower crowns in their hair, and the men carried them to an open clearing, followed by the swarm of believers.

One photo of the event shows countless umbrellas covering people’s heads as far as the eye can see. Lucia reportedly commanded the crowd to shut their umbrellas.

The paranormal event that followed would come to be described as The Miracle of the Sun.

The Unexplained

Sunday, October 13th is now consecrated in history as a physically unexplainable event. Those who trust in the paranormal, of course, are more interested than shocked by the Miracle of the Sun.

So what actually happened at high noon on that fateful Sunday?

Some witnesses interpreted the event as a confirmation of their Catholic beliefs. Italian Catholic Priest John De Marchi recorded eyewitness accounts of the Miracle.

His document, still accessible to armchair researchers today, reports that most people found the Sun to be a manifestation of God’s terrible power.

YouTube’s archives shows photographs taken on that day in 1917 by the emerging field of photojournalists.

Dozens of people are captured on film staring up into the sky, paralyzed by the same vision. Keep in mind that it was not the norm in 1917 to tell people to say “Cheese!”

No, the reactions to the miracle in Fatima are organic. Each face in the crowd is focused so deeply upon the apparition because, as eyewitness accounts prove, the thing in the sky was no longer our stationary Sun, but something far more menacing.

One professor of natural science in attendance described the Sun as swirling in the sky, and deemed it a fiery force ready to “advance threateningly upon the earth.”

The professor was not the only one in the crowd to describe the event as a spinning Sun. The parallel eyewitness accounts of the outrageous solar activity explains the name of the event, “Miracle of the Sun.”

The Witnesses

The most outstanding aspect of the Miracle of the Sun is the sheer number of people who testify to its occurrence.

The Miracle was further validated by the Roman Catholic church, who declared the event an official miracle in 1930. It is not often that paranormal activities are consecrated by a Church.

Of course, because most viewers saw the event as a miracle meant for Catholic eyes, the paranormal piece of the puzzle is replaced with religious interpretation.

It was not the first time a bizarre event was interpreted with religious fervor.

Regardless of what caused the apparition, it is important to note that the throng of people shared a common belief that the event would happen.

Their treatment of the three children was one of reverence and awe, evidence that sometimes the paranormal and the physical can interact peacefully.

The population of Fatima trusted in the voice of three children to lead them to the Miracle of the Sun.

Perhaps the peoples’ honest belief in some sort of paranormal force is what ultimately allowed the Miracle of the Sun to occur.

The Universe is here to impress us with its terrifying abnormalities, if we trust ourselves to believe in its miracles.