The Ghosts of Windsor Castle

The Ghosts of Windsor Castle

You are totally forgiven for assuming that the Queen of England has a completely happy and peaceful life…oh, yes!

From the most expensive fine pieces of jewelery the world has ever seen to some of the beautiful palaces and castles ever built by man…luxury cars to move in between them at will…you name it, she has it all!

And to top it all, she is the overall boss of 17 countries…I’m sure many political leaders in the world would kill for this kind of political power and control…the loyalty…

But wait…despite all that luxury, the Queen still remains a troubled soul.


The ghosts of Windsor Castle…!

Stories dating back to the middle ages continue to talk of the royal family ghosts that have never left the grand building that was built almost a thousand years ago during William the Conqueror’s reign.

“Did I give you a fright…? My apologies…” and then they curtsy or take a bow…that’s the picture I have in mind of these royal apparitions!

So, who are these permanent residents at the Windsor Castle?

“Mad” King George III

Sadly, King George III was bonkers…! His sporadic mental breakdowns during his reign caused a scare in the monarch that eventually saw his powers transferred to his son, the Prince of Wales, George.

The routine was normally to take him away during his mental illnesses and hide him at the Windsor Castle until the condition subsided, but the illness finally took it’s toll on the poor King and the royal family had to come to the quick decision that George his son should take over permanently.

“Mad” King George III

Now, it is believed that King George III died a lonely man. He spent countless lonely, cold, long nights away from his family tucked deep within the ancient castle walls.

So, what can you expect from such a troubled soul?

They will definitely haunt you for neglecting them…and that’s exactly what King George III has done since the Victorian era.

However, he has not been reported to be violent with anyone or in any way. In fact, those who’ve seen this ghost talk of a sad figure peering through doors and windows.

Anne Boleyn

The weeping and distressed ghost of Anne Boleyn has also been a regular sight at the Windsor Castle. She was the Queen and Wife to Henry III before her public execution by beheading in 1536 at the Tower of London after being found guilty of witchcraft, treason and adultery.

We can never be sure whether these allegations were true, but what we clearly know is that she has never rested in peace! And she’s not planning to do that anytime soon…

She has chosen the Dean’s Cloister as her main haunting location at the Windsor Castle.

Queen Victoria

It all started when Edward VIII decided it was time to make changes on Windsor Castle’s grounds, Queen Victoria didn’t like it one bit! She defended her “castle” then and she’s still doing it now.

Some workmen going around their business in 1936 allegedly had to stop dead in their tracks when a ghostly Victoria came at them waving and yelling…maybe asking them not to cut down the spruce trees she allegedly planted together with Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria

Edward VIII, who had earlier tried cutting down this particular family of trees after the demise of his father, had been coerced into this decision by Wallace Simpson, his lover.

The scheme didn’t work. Nobody knows exactly why he never succeeded, but a series of strange phenomena has always defended the Castle’s grounds against any modifications.

We can only assume this is Queen Victoria’s spirit protecting her turf.

Henry VIII

The tyrant king ruled Wales and England during the sixteenth century. He is famously remembered for breaking away from the Catholic Church and dissolving monasteries.

His ghost has been sighted within the ancient walls of the castle pacing around angrily and yelling from time to time.

He doesn’t have a favorite haunting spot…people have reported seeing this ghostly figure all over the castle’s corridors and halls.

Elizabeth I

For some funny reason, this is almost expected. Her triumph against Spanish tyranny and sparing England from a religious war are just some of the major achievements that made her an inspirational monarch.

It is said that she specifically visits her successors at the Windsor castle during times of unrest maybe to pass some wise counsel and help take England through these harsh times.

Many of her royal successors have reported being visited by a woman dressed in black. The first one, believe it or not, was crazy old “Mad” King George III.

Elizabeth I

He claims that the Queen came over for some chit-chat during his years of confinement at the Windsor Castle, where she allegedly claimed to be England’s forever bride!

The second one was Edward VII, who confided to one of his extra marital concubines that he’d encountered this ghost at the old castle.

This was almost a hundred years after Mad King George’s supernatural conference with Queen Elizabeth I. Fast forward to the 1940’s, just before the Second World War fully broke out; George VI claims to have had the old Queen visiting for eight successive nights!

Were they discussing strategy and allies? Nobody knows…but the protective monarch always seems to be interested in getting England out of trouble.

Final Word…

So there you have it, a short list of some of the ghosts of Windsor castle. Are there any more royal ghosts having a ball at the Windsor castle…?

Only time and research will tell.

Do you know of any other royal ghosts haunting the Windsor castle apart from the ones mentioned above?

Harry Price The Ghost Hunter

Harry Price The Ghost Hunter

Harry Price was a man who stood out as a truth seeker. As a researcher of psychic phenomena and a respected author, he pursued his investigations with passion, and is regarded today as a man who was not afraid to be criticized.

During his lifetime he wrote many books and papers on the subject of the paranormal, conducted scientific investigations and helped to publicly expose many fake mediums and paranormal hoaxers.

A Man of Many Interests

During his younger years Harry Price was a man with many varied interests, such as coin collecting, archaeology and space-telegraphy but the most fascinating was his interest in stage magic and conjuring.

He was a skilled amateur conjurer, noted for his expertise in sleight of hand.

It was this skill together with his thirst for the truth, that set him on the path to becoming a notable and famous paranormal investigator.

Exposing Frauds

In a time where spiritualists, spirit photographers and mediums were extremely popular and almost unquestioned, Harry Price set out to authenticate their claims.

Although most of his work and investigations resulted in the mediums being exposed as frauds, Harry Price did actually endorse some of spiritualists he investigated.

His knowledge as a magician helped him to set up credible tests to investigate these practitioners’ paranormal claims.

While his work was revered by some, it made him very unpopular with others.

One of his noteworthy critics was Arthur Conan Doyle who insisted that Price wrote “sewage” about mediums, and together with his friends tried to keep Price’s papers out of circulation for many years.

Although Price was a member of the Society for Psychical Research, they also became one of the biggest criticizers of his work as he continued to expose fake mediums and disprove phenomena such as ectoplasm.

The Society for Psychical Research disapproved with Prices’ practice of paying mediums to test them, and also with his opinion on the meduimship of the spiritualist Rudi Schneider.

In 1926 Harry Price formed an organization called the National Laboratory of Psychical Research to act as a rival to the Society for Psychical Research.

Price’s Methods

Price used a variety of methods to observe and test the claims of spiritualists.

These included analysis of so-called “ectoplasms” by some mediums, which were shown to actually be the regurgitation of materials such as chewed paper, egg whites and cheesecloth.

In the case of William Hope, Price secretly marked his photographic plates and gave him other plates that had a distinct etching.

When Hope produced his photographic spirit images, Price was able to prove that they were a hoax, as they did not display the etching nor the secret marks.

In the infamous case of Rudi Schneider, Price used photography himself to prove that Schneider’s claims of levitation were merely created by sleight of hand.

Price was able to discredit the meduimship of George Valiantine, who claimed that he had contacted the spirit of Italian-speaking composer Luigi Arditi.

Price studiously recorded all the phases that were credited to the composer, and on investigation he found them to be exact matches to segments in an Italian phrase-book.

A True Believer

But Harry Price did not believe that all of his encounters with the paranormal had scientific explanations.

He wrote about one such experience that he had during a private séance. A woman named Kathleen Goldney is said to have encountered Price the morning after this séance occurred, and reported that he seemed visibly shaken.

During this session Price wrote that he had applied starch powder to the floor, locked the door and taped the windows of the room in which the séance took place.

At some stage during the séance a young girl, who called herself Rosalie, had appeared in a lifelike form.

Price reported having spoken with the girl and being able to touch her.

While he was suspicious during the encounter, he found that once the séance was over none of the seals had been disturbed and there was no evidence in the starch powder that any human being had moved over the floor.

Although the Society for Psychical Research attempted to discredit him, Price was convinced that this was a true paranormal encounter.

Although his work uncovered many mediums and spiritualists as nothing more than hoaxers, Harry Price was a true pioneer in the field of psychic investigation.

The legacy he left is one that reminds that while we can, and should, believe in the paranormal we must always be weary of those who seek only to fool us.

Hampton Court Poltergeist

Hampton Court Poltergeist

The case of the Hampton Court poltergeist first came to surface back in 2003 when a security camera picked up something rather…unusual.

Hampton Court had been considered a hotbed of paranormal activity for many centuries but this footage really took the world of paranormal enthusiasts by storm!

The estate near London has been known as one of the favorite spots to throw banquets for King Henry VIII. Many famous characters linked to the former king are said to walk the long halls in the dark hours.

Before we go any further, check out the surveillance footage below…

These days the Hampton Court estate is nothing more than a typical museum which is run over strict visiting hours. There are a number of security guards on patrol over a 24 hour period.

At the time of the footage, there was no one left in the building – the museum was closed down for the remainder of the day and the estate’s watchmen were on patrol.

All of a sudden, a loud banging noise rang out from one side of the building – the security officers were quick to cover the whole area but found no intruders.

They all met up in the estate’s control room and decided to check the camera footage to see if they could identify any of the intruders.

The footage revealed the ghostly figure wearing a vintage costume you see in the video above. It just appears, slams a door a few times and then disappears!

This is a pretty strange one – I’ve heard calls of hoaxes and I’ve heard that the security officers involved still believe (to this day!) that this is the ‘Real McCoy’.

If it is a hoax I must congratulate the guys/gals that set this up – that is one creepy looking dude!

Keep in mind that the security officers were covering every entrance and exit to Hampton Court at the time – nobody could get in or out without being spotted…

What do you think?

Anne Boleyn Ghost Sightings

Anne Boleyn Ghost Sightings

There’s no denying that Anne Boleyn’s part in history was powerful enough to produce a ripple effect that can still be felt today. Being the first English queen to ever be publicly executed, the event of Boleyn’s unfortunate death haunts history and collective memory without there even needing to be a disembodied spirit present.

No aspect of this unfortunate queen was simple or ordinary, and even in death Anne Boleyn’s ghost sightings are unique from other spirits due to the fact that she is seen visiting far more than just one place like most ghosts.

In fact, she has at least seven different haunting venues and on some occasions is accompanied by with her own ghostly court and dressed in numerous gowns and costumes.

The Tower

Anne Boleyn spends most of her afterlife at the Tower of London. Boleyn stayed in the Tower the night before her coronation and was later imprisoned there for a brief time before she was eventually executed by decapitation on May 19, 1536.

Because the Tower was the place of her tragic death, it’s not surprising that her ghost chooses to reside there for most of the time.

One of the earliest known sightings of Boleyn at the Tower comes from an officer sometime in the 19th century.

Boleyn At The Tower

The officer claimed to had seen a light in the chapel St. Peter ad Vincula where she is buried, and when he went to investigate he witnessed Anne with a procession of ladies and knights making their way up the aisle then disappearing once arriving at the alter.

There had been numerous other sightings of Boleyn at the Tower drifting through hallways, peering out windows and visiting on duty guardsmen.

The most famous account of the ghost of Anne was in 1864 when a guard encountered the spirit. Believing it was an intruder the guard attacked it with his bayonet. When he realized that he was only hitting air and his bayonet was going through the body of the supposed intruder he fainted.

The guard faced a court martial over the incident but was spared when multiple witnesses stepped forward and testified to the ghostly encounter.

Other Sightings

Anne also tends to make appearances at numerous other places that had some kind of significance in her life such as Blickling Hall, where she was supposedly born.

She also pays visits to her childhood home of Hever Castle. Windsor Castle and Hampton Court is where Boleyn lived during her marriage to Henry VIII and apparently well after it.

According to history, while Boleyn was awaiting her execution in the Tower of London, Henry VIII was courting Jane Seymour at Marwell Hall.

Anne can now be seen wandering down Yew Tree Walk where supposedly Henry and Jane made plans for their wedding (some stories say they were actually married there on May 19), implying that it’s the deceased Boleyn who is haunted by the abandonment of her husband.

Henry VIII and Jane Seymour

Another place that you can spot Boleyn at Windsor Castle is sadly looking out the window in the Dean’s Cloister. Boleyn’s spirit comes in various shapes and forms. In some cases, her witnesses claimed that her ghost was missing it’s head, often carrying it under her arm.

There have been claims that her ghost wears a bonnet but with no head under it. When she visits Hampton Court she is known to wear a blue dress or occasionally black mourning attire with a black lace shawl. Its also been reported that she likes to occasionally wear carnations in her hair.

A Family Affair

This specter sometimes brings company. She has also been seen with her headless brother George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, and her father Sir Thomas Boleyn.

The ghost of Anne Boleyn is also known to visit places on certain holidays and dates. Every Christmas Eve Boleyn returns to Hever Castle and casually crosses a bridge on the castle grounds to sit under the very same oak tree that she was under when Henry first became flirtatious with her.

On the anniversary of her death she has been known to arrive at Blickling Hall in a carriage drawn by headless horses, while Anne is inside the carriage holding her own head on her lap. Once she arrives she is said to roam the premises until dawn.

Anne Boleyn Ghost Stories

Anne Boleyn’s ghost sightings are still reported even now, 500 years after her demise. And even though she is deceased she still prefers to be surrounded by luxury while still being highly sentimental. It seems that this sad queen insists on continuing her public appearances to keep her celebrity status intact.

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