What is The Shroud of Turin?

What is The Shroud of Turin?


In this article we will be taking a look at the length of linen that for centuries was purported to be the burial garment of Jesus Christ – What is The Shroud of Turin, and was it really used to wrap the body of Jesus?

Let’s take a closer look…


The Holy Shroud

The Holy Shroud (or Santa Sindone as it’s known in Italy) has been held since 1578 in Turin’s royal chapel of the cathedral of San Giovanni Battista. It is 4.3 metres long and 1.1 metres wide.

The strange, haunting cloth seems to show a pair of faint images of the back and front of a man. This man has a very gaunt look to his facial appearance and is thought to have been about 5 foot 7 inches tall.

The material and these images give the appearance that a body had been laid lengthwise along one half of it, then the other half had been folded over so that it covered the front of the man’s body.

What’s really fascinating about the images is that they seem to show the same injuries that Christ would have had, when you consider the crucifixion – thorn marks on the head, lacerations (as if from flogging) on the back, and blood stains all over the shroud.

The Holy Shroud


Geoffroi de Charnay

The Holy Shroud first popped up in historic records when the famous knight, Geoffroi de Charnay, was spotted with it in his possession. From here it is then recorded as going on exhibition in 1389…but the local bishop of Troyes branded it a joke and a fake.

However, popes from Julius II onward have all taken it’s authenticity for granted.

In 1453 Geoffroi de Charnay’s granddaughter, Marguerite, handed the Holy relic over to the house of Savoy at Chambéry. It stayed here until it was unfortunately damaged by fire, then water in 1532.

The shroud was then taken to the new Savoyard capital of Turin in 1578, where it has been exhibited on rare occasions since. A replica usually takes it place for public viewing.

Geoffroi de Charnay



So, is it authentic or not?

Was this the cloth that Jesus’s body was wrapped in?

Very hard question to answer…

In the 1970’s, tests began to find out whether or not the images were the result of paints or other pigments, even fire or scorch marks. All the results came back inconclusive.

In 1988 the Vatican provided three laboratories in different countries with tiny samples of the shroud, so that they could carry out carbon-14 dating. All three labs concluded that the shroud was dated from between 1260 and 1390. Certain experts now believe that these tests were false, and their methods used were wrong.

The Vatican still recommends that Christians continue to worship the shroud as a holy relic.

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The Fanham Wood Mill Ghost Image

The Fanham Wood Mill Ghost Image

This article will be covering the famous ghost image shot at Fanham Wood Mill in early January, 1929. Is this a true paranormal image or nothing but a clever fake?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Ghostly Image

The photograph was snapped by builder, Robert Walsh, in 1929, when he decided to take a reference shot of the staircase, for carrying out his work off-site.

Walsh later insisted that he didn’t feel anything strange when he was taking the photograph, but his trusty companion, his dog, was ‘playing up’ in the vicinity of the staircase that afternoon.

He was the only worker on-site that day.

Work at the wood mill carried on for several weeks, and no other paranormal activity was recorded.

Image Discrepancies

As with most paranormal photographs, that end up online these days, there are a number of discrepancies linked to this image.

You have to remember that it was taken in 1929, so those linked to the development and production of the photograph are long gone!

Image Discrepancies

The main dispute at the time of writing this, seems to be about the actual location the image was taken – most people believe it was snapped in America, but there are people out there who claim that it was taken in the UK!

The spelling of the location doesn’t really help matters, due to the lack of info on the photograph – some believe it is Fanham Wood Mill whilst others claim it is ‘Farnham’.

Closer inspection of the image shows a woman heading upstairs slightly looking to her right. Her hair is pinned back, in an old fashioned way, and she is wearing a period collar to cover her neck area.

So what do you think?

Does this look and ‘feel’ like a real paranormal image?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Fanham Wood Mill ghost photograph, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Greenbrier Ghost Story

The Greenbrier Ghost Story

In this article we will be taking a look at the Greenbrier ghost story from 1897, and the dreams that surfaced after Elva Zona Shue was found dead in her West Virginia home…

The Dreams

Mary Jane Heaster began having heartbreaking dreams a month after she buried her daughter, Elva Zona Shue, in 1897. In these dreams, Zona called out to her mother and told her that her death was not from natural causes – she had been murdered.

She pinned the blame on her husband – Erasmus (Edward) Stribbling Trout Shue. She claimed that the fickle man had lost his temper and ended her life because she had not managed to provide him any meat with his dinner.

He then apparently broke his wife’s neck.

The ghost of Zona demonstrated the injury in the dream – by turning her head around 180 degrees (Exorcist style!).

greenbrier ghost west virginia

The heartbroken, and angry Mary Jane, went to the local prosecutor at once…but understandably, he did not really believe her ghostly dream story.

She was persistent though, and managed to get him to agree to exhume her daughter’s body and perform a thorough autopsy…

She was right – Zona was found to have a broken neck…she had been murdered.

The Marriage

Elva ‘Zona’ Heaster was born in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, in 1873. She had led a simple life right up to the point where she managed to get pregnant, out of wedlock, in 1895.

In those days this kind of thing was BAD news – nobody wanted to marry a ‘loose woman’ with poor morals, and a kid in tow.

However, she got lucky when a guy named Edward Stribbling Trout Shue moved into the area – he was looking for a new start in life, and didn’t really care that Zona had a child.

greenbrier ghost house

On October the 20th, 1896, the lovestruck pair were married…but Zona’s mother, Mary Jane, never really approved of Shue as a husband.

The couple seemed extremely happy in their new life – for three short months…

On January the 23rd, 1897, the body of Zona Heaster Shue was discovered at her home by a young boy running errands. She was found in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, as if she had tripped and fallen.

By the time the local doctor arrived at the house, Shue had moved his wife’s body upstairs to their bed, and had dressed her in a high-neck frock. When the doctor tried to examine the body he was continually interrupted by the sobbing Shue.

Whenever the doctor attempted to examine the head area of Zona’s body, Shue would suddenly cradle the head, and tell the doctor to leave them alone.

The doctor eventually listed her death as an ‘everlasting faint’ that was linked to childbirth…although he had no idea if the girl was indeed pregnant or not!

Edward Shue

When Mary Heaster was finally able to convince the county prosecutor to reopen the case – she was already sure in her own mind that Edward Shue had killed her daughter.

The prosecutor did a thorough job of visiting all of Zona’s neighbors and friends in the area, and they all agreed with Mary Heaster’s claims of murder.

When the exhumation was set to take place, Edward was told he would have to be present…he then knew that the game was up, and he informed the prosecutor that he was about to be arrested.

Zona was found with a broken windpipe, and deep finger marks on her neck. Her vertebrae was dislocated and the ligaments torn.

Edward Stribbling Trout Shue collapsed in a heap – he knew the game was up, and he was arrested on the spot.

greenbrier haunted
The House Where The Shue Family Lived

The later investigation found out that the mysterious Edward Stribbling Trout Shue had been married twice before he arrived in Greenbrier. His first wife had left him, due to the constant beatings he gave her…and his second wife died under mysterious circumstances.

Edward Shue was found guilty of murder on July the 11th, 1897, and sentenced to life imprisonment (he somehow managed to escape the death penalty). He was imprisoned at West Virginia State Prison where he died three years later.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Greenbrier ghost story, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Backseat Driver Ghost

The Backseat Driver Ghost

I remember first seeing this picture as a ten-year-old kid, when I was still in primary school. At the time we were allowed to take two books from the library a week, as a kind of school ‘treat’ (yeah – it was a rural school and it didn’t really have that much funding!).

Anyway, there was one book in particular that I used to go for – World’s Unexplained Mysteries (or something close to that title!).

It had a whole section on famous paranormal pictures, including The Brown Lady image and this one – The Backseat Driver Ghost.

I thought it was about time I covered this famous ghost image in an article…

The Visit

Mrs. Mabel Chinnery and her husband were visiting a cemetery in back in 1959, so that she could get a few photographs of her mother’s grave (why?).

Anyway, she took a few snaps of her mother’s resting place then spun around to take a quick picture of her husband, who was waiting in the car.

Pleased with the haul of photographs she had managed to take, the pair of them then returned home.

The Backseat Ghost Image

When the negatives were finally developed, the Chinnerys got a bit of a surprise…

A backseat ‘visitor’ had somehow joined the husband in the photo that Mabel had snapped…

The Backseat Ghost Image

Apparently, Mrs. Chinnery immediately recognized the image as that of her mother whose grave was quite close to where the car was parked.

The image became quite famous in paranormal circles, within a short space of time. It was eventually handed over to a photography expert who concluded that there was no double exposure or odd reflections at play.

You can definitely see the ghostly image of someone in the back seat of the car, but if I’m honest…you really can’t tell if it is male or female (well I can’t, anyway!).

What are your thoughts on this matter?

Do you think that this is the ghostly image of Mrs. Mabel Chinnery’s mother?

Do you think that this is a photographic fault or even a clever fake?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Lord Combermere Ghost Photo

The Lord Combermere Ghost Photo

This article will be taking a look at the image snapped in Combermere Abbey Library in Cheshire, England, in 1891 – frequently referred to as the Lord Combermere ghost photo.

Has this photograph managed to capture the ghost of Combermere, who’s funeral was taking place at the time the image was taken?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Image

The now famous paranormal photograph was taken by Sybell Corbet, sister of Lady Combermere, in 1891. It shows a scene from the Combermere Abbey’s library.

Lord Combermere had died a few days before the photo was taken, when he was tragically hit and killed by a horse drawn carriage.

The Funeral

The photograph was taken when his funeral taking place several miles away. The location was near enough deserted due to his family and his servants attending the event.

His sister, Corbet, had set up the camera and took an hour long exposure.

When she finally managed to get the image developed (it took a while in those days!) she was more than surprised to see the image of an aging man sitting in the lord’s favorite chair.

 lord combermere ghost

She showed the photograph to the other family members, and Combermere’s staff…and they all agreed that the man in the chair bore an amazing resemblance to the late lord.

Skeptics immediately jumped on the case – there was apparently no way this could be a paranormal image.

Most of them put forward the theory that the image was of one of the male staff, that stayed behind to watch the property on the day of the funeral.

lord combermere audlem

This theory was instantly refuted as all the male staff were young and were also warned that the photo was being taken (i.e. they were not to enter the room!).

No it’s over to you – do you think that this is a real paranormal photograph?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Ghost Photo of Grandpa

The Ghost Photo of Grandpa

This article will be covering the paranormal image that has become known online as the ‘Photo of Grandpa’. Did this grandfather really appear in an image, behind his wife, 13 years after he had died?

Let’s take a closer look…

Assisted Living

A 94-year-old lady had just moved into an assisted living property area and was out on a picnic with her granddaughter. She had been living alone for many years but the time had come to get some sort of support, and medical backup, in case she ever needed it.

The photograph below (the right image) was taken by the granddaughter at this picnic – the elderly lady had been living in this new home for about a week at this point…

The Ghost in Assisted Living

Two photos had been taken that day, and nothing else was thought on the matter for years until Christmas Day arrived (2000). The elderly lady had passed away by this point and the family members were keen to reminisce on past memories…


As they looked at the photo of their elderly lady, they were shocked to see a bald elderly man standing right behind her – he had not been there when the photo was snapped!

The family examined this man more closely and were speechless when they realized who it was – the grandfather (the elderly lady’s husband).

There was one problem with this setup – the photo was taken shortly after the old lady moved into assisted living quarters in 1997…and her husband had died in 1984.

The remaining family members have been quizzed about this subject on numerous occasions, and they are POSITIVE this is the image of their deceased grandfather.

The two images above have been put side by side so you can make your own mind up – the resemblance is quite astonishing really.

Now it’s over to you – what do you think?

Do you think this is a legitimate mistake or do you feel it is a unique and original photograph of a ghost?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Tips To Remember Your Dreams

Tips To Remember Your Dreams

In this article we will be covering a few effective tips to remember your dreams, and improve lucid dreaming levels…


To begin your journey into lucid dreaming, you must first teach yourself to recall your dreams. The ability to recognize a dream while it is happening is a process that will come more naturally once you can remember and decipher details from your dreams.

Before attempting to lucid dream, you should try to remember at least one per night.

The first step in dream recall is to allow yourself plenty of time for sleep. Being well rested will help you recall your dreams and be prepared to write them down if you wake at night.

attempting to lucid dream

Another benefit of getting adequate sleep is periods of dreaming get longer and denser as the night progresses.

The first dream period is very short, lasting for about 10 minutes. Towards the end of an 8 hour sleep, dreaming cycles lengthen to 45-60 minutes.

Everyone Dreams…

Everyone dreams, even if they do not recall their dreams. Typically we have about one dream every 90 minutes. It is possible to have more than one dream during deep sleep.

These dreams may be separated by short moments of wakefulness that we most likely forget by morning. Most dream researchers accept that dreams may not be recalled unless the sleeper wakes directly after a dream.

For this reason, the second tip in recalling your dreams is to keep a dream journal next to your bed. Any time you awaken during or after dreaming, immediately write down what you remember in your dream journal.

Everyone Dreams...

Record any details you remember, even if they are fragmented, incoherent, or incomplete. Write down any detail you can remember.

By morning the details of your dream may be gone, so it is important to write them down as soon as possible. We are built to erase our dreams, and recalling our sleep experiences is often more difficult than our daytime experiences as time goes on.

If you don’t wish to record the entire dream in detail during the night, write down at least an outline of the dream and its major plot points. Don’t forget to include any dialogue spoken in the dream.


Another tip for recalling dreams is to set your intention before going to sleep in the same way you would if there is a certain time you have to wake.

Tell yourself that your intention is to awaken after each dream and that you want total recall of all your dreams. Interfering thoughts when you wake will release your dream memory.

Ask yourself, “What was I dreaming?” as soon as you wake.

Go over the details of the dream story in your mind to solidify them before writing them down. It is very important to stay in the same position and keep your focus on your dream.

tip for recalling dreams

Do not allow thoughts of the upcoming day to intrude. Expand on any clues you can remember of your dream: thoughts, mood, feelings, colors, sounds – weave them into a dream story.

If you can only recall one scene, try recalling the scene before and then before that, moving backward through the dream.

If all you remember are certain feelings or moods present during the dream, describe these in your journal.

If you recall nothing, note your present mood and thoughts and ask yourself, “Was I dreaming about that?”

As your day progresses, you may remember more. Be prepared to jot these down in your journal as they occur.

Setting Alarms

If you are a deep sleeper and are having difficulty awakening at night to recall dreams, try setting an alarm to wake you during the time you are most likely to dream.

Since REM cycles occur about every 90 minutes, calculate the time to wake in multiples of 90.

For instance 360 minutes from the time you go to bed.

Try waking during the end of the night when dreams occur more frequently at 4.5, 6, or 7.5 hours from the time you go to bed.

The Final Step

Finally, while setting your intention at bedtime, spend some time reading your dream journal. This will help prepare you for dream recovery and solidify your intentions.

Recalling dreams may prove difficult at first, but as you continue, you will remember more of your dreams and in more vivid detail.

You may get to the point of remembering many of your dreams each night At this stage, you will probably not want to record them all.

Instead, use your dream journal to record only the most compelling and significant dreams.

As you become more familiar with your own unique style of dreaming, it will become easy to realize when you are dreaming as your are dreaming.

Then you can explore your world of dreams while you are still in the scene.

If you have any thoughts or questions about these tips to remember your dreams, please leave them in the comment section below.

Where Did Fairy Tales Originate From?

Where Did Fairy Tales Originate From?

It’s a marvelous way to get your little bundles of joy to sleep…finally…but where did fairy tales originate from?

Let’s follow the nightmarish breadcrumb trail to the most popular tale’s gloomy origins…

The Hansel and Gretel Plot

I always found Hansel and Gretel a little bit disturbing – not exactly the perfect picture to paint a kid before you turn the lights out…

Parents decide that the only way they can avoid starvation is to abandon their children (the stepmother’s idea). Kids end up hiding in the forest where they meet a two-faced witch who fattens them up for eating.

The Hansel and Gretel Plot

At the time, this plot was not a million miles away from the nightmare of the Great Famine of 1315-1317…apparently this was the inspiration for this kid’s cannibal tale.

The Dark Red Riding Hood

When the Brothers Grimm finally got hold of Little Red Riding Hood, they actually humanized the tale so that it was more acceptable for children.

The original version, by Charles Perrault, sees the little girl actually cannibalize her grandmother by mistake!

That’s right – good old granny gets ripped to shreds by the big bad wolf and poor ‘Red’ ends up unwittingly feeding on her guts.

The Dark Red Riding Hood

Apparently, another early version of this tale sees ‘Red’ being forced to strip naked and join the wolf in bed. She goes through the motions with the wolf…who then eats her after he’s finished the job!

Not exactly the nightmare I want to put in my kid’s head before sleepy time.

The REAL Little Mermaid

Disney’s Ariel really had an easy time of it…when compared to Hans Christian Andersen’s nightmarish 1837 version…

This tale tells of a mermaid that gives up her singing voice so that she can grow legs and steal the heart of a local prince. However, the legs give her nothing but agonizing pain, and she has just one day to marry the prince, lest she be turned to sea foam.

The REAL Little Mermaid

She suffers through a tortured dance with the prince in complete pain…but he decides to marry another woman at the ball!

Ariel’s sisters provide her with a weapon to kill the prince and break the curse, but she cannot bring herself to do it…and turns into sea foam…

The Sleeping Beauty Nightmare

The original Sleeping Beauty fairy tale is based on an Italian folk tale entitled ‘Sun, Moon, and Talia’, by a poet named Giambattista Basile. It was apparently released in 1634.

The lead female character, Talia, somehow manages to get a sliver of flax lodges stuck underneath one of her finger nails causing her to appear dead to her father.

Her dad, who is completely heartbroken, cannot bring himself to bury her body…so he lays her down in a bedroom of the family home.

A few months later, a local king follows his hunting falcon into Talia’s estate and finds her asleep on the bed. When he’s unable to wake the unconscious woman, he rapes her!

The Sleeping Beauty Nightmare

Talia becomes pregnant with the king’s children, and manages to give birth to two children in her comatose state. One of these little angels then manages to suck out the flax lodges stuck underneath it’s mother’s nail, waking her in the process.

But the king has long since married, and when his new wife finds out about Talia and the children, she hatches a plan to capture the kids, cook them, then serve them to the king.

The royal cook agrees to this grizzly chore…but ducks out of it at the last minute – he serves the king lamb instead.

He then informs the king about his queen’s plan, and the king has her burned at the stake for punishment.

He then ends up marrying Talia.

Quite the horror soap opera really, isn’t it?

Where Did Fairy Tales Originate From?

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg – The Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Frog Prince and many other fairy tales are based on nightmarish visions…that should be kept well away from children.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Batmobile Complete History

Batmobile Complete History

Okay guys, I thought it was time for a bit of a change today – we’re stepping away from the paranormal for just one post and we’re taking a brisk walk through the fantasy world of DC Comics.

And why are doing this? (you may ask!)

Well, I own and run five websites and I’ve noticed that a simple change, every now and again, helps keep the domain fresh AND the visitors interested.

Besides, Batman’s awesome…and 99% of you are probably geeks like me anyway! 🙂

Check Out This Awesome Infographic! 

I came across this Batmobile complete history content image by complete accident – but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it up on one of my sites…

batmobile complete history

A Special Batman Thank You!

If you are worried about where this website is going please don’t fret – this is a ‘one off post’ on my favorite comic character.

The next article I throw up here will be 100% paranormal, and 100% creepy shit!

I want to take this laid back post as an opportunity to thank you all for the support you’ve shown since this website was born – it’s popularity, and it’s power, are growing by the day!

This is all down to you – the website visitors!

The more you visit, the longer you stay AND the more you share the work I’ve published here – the more this site evolves!

Keep up the good work!

P.S. As you can see from the infographic above, it was put together by two separate websites (although I struggle to figure out their link to one another!). Anyway, if you have the time, why not check one (or both) of them out as a show of support for this wicked content image?

So, all that’s left for me to say is that I am always available for contact about any of the subjects we cover here – check out the website contact page HERE (it may not be an instant reply but I will get there in the end!).

Cheers guys – you make this site what it is! 🙂

The Bodie Ghosts

The Bodie Ghosts

Bodie is situated close to the Nevada – California border and in it’s heyday it was home to over 10,000 people (around the late 1870’s mark).

The area was discovered to be of value back in 1849 when a prospector, W.S. Bodie, and his partner, Black Turner discovered large gold deposits in the hills.

By the 1870’s New York and San Francisco decided to hit the scene and pumped large amounts of money into the town improving the mines’ harvest of gold.

In this article we will be taking a look at the Bodie Ghosts that now inhabit this deserted ghost town…

The Bodie Bulge

So, in the early 1870’s the town of Bodie bloomed due to the input of money linked to the mining industry. The booming economy revolved around thirty gold mines in the hills above the town.

Bodie’s booming economy led to many ‘perks’ popping up in the area making it a more attractive proposition to miners.

A Wells Fargo Bank, various fire companies, breweries, unions, a railroad network, a Longfellow’s Lodge…the list goes on and on…

The Undesirables

Unfortunately the majority of this thriving area was taken over by rather undesirable characters and the underbelly of the town soon become rotten to the core.

Many of the miners became rich overnight and decided to use their wealth on prostitutes, alcohol and gambling binges.

The remote location of the town also meant that it attracted seedy characters who were on the run from the law.

These desperate, violent characters brought a terrible gun fighting culture along with them causing the town’s Methodist minister, Reverend F.M. Warrington, to label Bodie as “a sea of sin, lashed by the tempests of lust and passion.”

Bodie CA

As the mines dried out and the violence grew, the population of Bodie slowly diminished and the town became nothing more than a tourist attraction by the early 1900’s.

Unfortunately the tourist side of it’s economy took a big hit in 1932 when a devastating fire destroyed 95 percent of the buildings.

It was caused by an insolent child playing with matches after an argument with his parents.

The Bodie Ghosts

Due to the violent nature of the town, there are at least twelve spirits known to be in residence there.

The most famous of these manifestations is a character named Ed who was murdered in the nearby creek.

Now, Ed was not what you’d call a ‘nice fella’ and one night a drunken rage led him to shoot his native Indian wife. One of the gunshots actually managed to completely remove one of her breasts and she died later that night in hospital.

Three rather violent Bodie characters heard about Ed’s actions and decided to take the law into their own hands. They dragged him down to the local creek and drowned him.

Bodie, California

After Ed’s spirit appeared months later to each of the three men; shaking his fist at them, each of the three killers died untimely and strange deaths.

The first killer met his end through a simple gash to the head, the second was taken out by a atrocious hemorrhage that caused his head to over-expand and the third disappeared into thin air down a local ravine!

The Curse

Bodie is also rumored to carry a curse with it’s resident spirits who feel it is their duty to keep the ghost town in order.

Apparently you are advised against taking ANY sort of souvenir from the area as the spirits will be tempted to release the curse on you.

People who take these souvenirs are fated to experience bad luck and misfortune, until they send everything they have stolen back to the rangers at Bodie.

Even now, rangers still receive letters with local objects that have been sent back, explaining how the curse had come true and apologising for their actions.