Famous Psychics From The Past

Famous Psychics From The Past

In this article we will be covering a handful of famous psychics from the past…that you probably never knew about! Twain, Tesla, Lincoln…all great historical figures…but did you know they also exhibited psychic powers?

Mark Twain 

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, or Mark Twain, experienced a precognitive dream of his brother Henry’s death. In this creepy dream he actually attended his brother’s funeral service and took note of what he saw.

In the dream experience, mourners placed an arrangement of white roses on his brother’s coffin, with a single large red rose in the middle.

Mark Twain Had Psychic Powers

Within a matter of months after the dream, Henry was involved in a tragic accident and killed.

When he attended the ‘real’ funeral it turned out to be exactly the same as the dream he had experienced, just weeks earlier…even the floral arrangements were the same!

Apparently, Twain also predicted the internet as early as 1898…

Abraham Lincoln

During the late 1800’s, it is thought that Abe Lincoln and his wife were frequently involved in the the Spiritualism movement. Apparently, they even held a few seances in The White House.

Did Abraham Lincoln Have Psychic Abilities?

Abe was known for knowing the results of battles before word was received, and he seemed to know he was going to be president at the young age of 12.

Certain reports also suggest that he had experienced visions of his death and he knew that he would be assassinated one day.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is well known today as a brilliant inventor and physicist…but did you know he was also a powerful psychic?

Those closest to him insist that he was constantly blinded by extreme flashes of light that brought visions of the future with them.

Nikola Tesla

In 1901 Tesla even managed to predict the invention of the modern smart phone – a hand-held device that could be used for communication and reproducing music.

Then, in 1926, Tesla had visions regarding yet another hand-held device – one which would allow people to see events occurring at a distance. Many people believe this to be a vision of the streaming services we receive online in modern times.

Elvis Presley

Elvis probably wasn’t the most ‘stable’ of souls at times, so when he told those closest to him that he had healing hands…you can imagine the reaction!

But…many of his relatives and close friends actually insist that they witnessed the king of rock and roll successfully performing this phenomenon.

In one reported case, Elvis and a couple of friends were on a ski trip, and one of them had a bad crash in the snow, severely injuring his knee.

The injury was so bad that the individual in question could not walk. Elvis simply crouched down and lay his hands on the injured knee…and the problem instantly vanished!

Elvis Presley Had Healing Hands

In another case, a driver with severe chest pain had pulled to the side of the road near Nashville, Tennessee, as Elvis’s tour bus was passing.

Elvis got out of the bus and wrapped his arm around the man’s shoulders, and put a hand on his heart. He then told the guy that it was all going to be okay.

The pain subsided immediately and Elvis sat with the man until a local ambulance arrived. He then simply jumped back on his bus…and carried on with the remainder of his tour.

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