Ghost Sightings at The Alamo

Ghost Sightings at The Alamo

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the paranormal incidents linked to one of Texas’s most famous landmarks – the reported ghost sightings at the Alamo…

The Six Diablos

This is the first recored tale of paranormal activity linked to the forboding San Antonio ruin.

Several weeks after the infamous 1836 battle, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was ordered by General Juan Jose de Andrade to bring down all the remaining buildings at the Alamo’s location.

The two Generals eventually came to the conclusion that the trusted Colonel Jose Juan Sanchez should lead a party of men to the site and carry out the destruction.

When the military team arrived at the Alamo, they immediately took note of the chapel – it was still standing.

Surely the generals would want this building torn down?

The group approached the building with the intent of taking it down first…but were stopped in their tracks by six spectral monks wielding flaming swords.

The soldiers scattered in all directions and headed back to tell the generals what had happened.

The Six Diablos

Naturally, their superiors thought they had all gone crazy…but there was still frustration at the chapel being left standing.

General Andrade decided to return to the Alamo himself with a band of trusted warriors – they would make sure this chapel was torn down.

When the General finally arrived at the Alamo’s chapel he was met by the same six specters – these entities warned the general that no soldier was ever allowed to go near any of the standing buildings at the location.

Goodbye Jamie

Numerous visitors to the Alamo have reported meeting the spirit of a young boy, apparently killed when his family were fighting through the battle….

When James L. Choron took his children to see the Alamo in the summer of 1990, his eldest daughter, Megan, seemed to make some sort of contact with this young lad.

As they were leaving the site, Megan looked behind her and waved, then softly and very somberly said “goodbye Jamie”.

Choron looked around the area to see who his daughter was talking to – but there was nobody there!

He asked Megan who she was talking to and she told him she was talking to a young boy named Jamie…who was standing right in front of them.

The father told Megan he must have missed him – he’s probably gone back inside…but Megan insisted that he was still standing right in front of them.

Goodbye Jamie

When questioned later that day, Megan pronounced Jamie’s name as ‘Hymie’ as in Spanish. She said he was a Mexican boy and he was about 15 years of age.

He had been wearing cotton pants, a shirt and a tall hat – he had apparently stood by her side all the way through the tour.

She also said that Jamie had told her he had been at the battle and that he’s been at the Alamo ever since…he cannot go home.

He also told Megan that he was glad he had found someone to talk to, at last.

Numerous Ghost Sightings at The Alamo

Since the late 1800’s, there have been numerous ghost sightings at the Alamo reported.

Around this time (1890+), the site of the Alamo was actually used, for a short period, as a holding prison.

Groups of inmates, and even the prison guards that looked after them, reported ghostly shapes and shadows in every corner of the famous location.

In more modern times, park rangers and unassuming tourists have also claimed to have encountered unusual ‘entities’ during their visit…

Soldiers walking straight out of brick walls, the terrible sound of battle and ghastly screams…the list goes on and on.

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