Ghost Sightings by Famous People

Ghost Sightings by Famous People

In this article we will be covering a handful of ghost sightings by famous people – prominent individuals who have either claimed or been said to have had paranormal encounters…

The Joan Rivers Ghost Experience

When Joan Rivers bought a Upper East Side penthouse condo in 1988, she was looking for a bit of peace and quiet away from the cameras outside…not the ghostly niece of financier and banker J.P. Morgan.

As soon as she started adapting and renovating the property she noticed things going wrong with the heating and electrical appliances. She also had problems with her pet terrier not wanting to enter the home.

The Joan Rivers Ghost Experience

The building’s elevator operator finally informed Rivers that “Mrs. Spencer is back” – this prompted the comedian to hire the services of a New Orleans voodoo priestess.

But this cleansing did not work – the ghost remained.

Rivers eventually decided to befriend the spirit by hanging a portrait of her in the building lobby and leaving floral gifts around the property.

Apparently – it worked!

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Experiences

After Sir Arthur Conan Doyle became famous with his Sherlock Holmes series, he took on a rather obsessed interest in the paranormal.

He openly believed in ghosts, life after death and fairies – writing about each subject on numerous occasions. He even attended his fair share of seances.

In his 1930 book, The Edge of the Unknown, he covered handful of paranormal experiences that he had gone through over the years…

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Experiences

The most famous of these paranormal encounters involved Doyle waking up in the middle of the night, with the clear consciousness that there was someone in the room. But this someone…was definitely NOT from our world.

He couldn’t move a muscle in his body as he listened to footsteps tapping their way across his bedroom. He then felt the presence lean over his rigid body and whisper:

“Doyle, I come to tell you that I am sorry.”

With that, the paranormal visitor seemed to vanish, and Doyle could once again move his body.

A Sting Ghost Story

Musician Sting claims to have met a ghost when he owned a 16th century English manor house – he even went through the whole experience in a 2009 interview with BBC Radio 2.

A Sting Ghost Story

He woke at 3 a.m. to find his wife standing in the dark corner of the bedroom with one of the kids in her hands. He reached over for the bedside light and realized that his wife, Trudie, was still in bed with him.

She even woke up and witnessed the female figure herself.

When Sting finally drummed up the courage to get out of bed and approach the ghostly figure…it simply vanished into thin air!

Dan Aykroyd – The Ghostbuster

The famous Ghostbuster gave an interview to Esquire in 2013 where he came clean about his own personal paranormal experiences.

He claimed that he once lived in a Hollywood property that was also home to Cass Elliot – the musician from American folk rock group The Mamas & the Papas.

Dan Aykroyd - The Ghostbuster

He also claimed that this property was haunted by the spirit of a man who had been buried under a hillside next to the house.

A handful of has staff at the time also backed up his claims – they had witnessed common poltergeist activity and direct contact in terms of tactile touching, by an unseen hand

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