Ghosts of the London Underground

Ghosts of the London Underground

In this article we will be covering the most (in)famous ghosts of the London Underground, and the areas of the system they are reported to appear…


The London Subterraneans

The London Subterraneans are entities that are based on an old urban legend – they are thought to be a group of Londoners that chose to live underground in the late nineteenth century.

Lack of sunlight and living in dark and damp conditions has apparently led to this group mutating over the years. Incidents involving the subterraneans seem to surface every couple of years. Many people believe that they now survive off the junk food discarded in the underground system.

There are also a number of rumors suggesting that these ‘creatures’ have feasted on missing night commuters…


The Faceless Woman of Beacontree Station

In 1992 a station employee at E11 (Greater London), Beacontree Station, was working alone in his office when he heard the doorknob begin to rattle. At first he thought it was a joke…but it continued to happen several times.

He eventually stood up and opened the door to find a woman standing there with long blond hair but no face. She had a smooth sort of ‘plate’ where her facial features were supposed to be.

When he later reported the incident to his superiors he discovered that numerous other underground workers had encountered the Faceless Woman over the years.


The Ghost of Sarah Blackhead

This is apparently the same ghost that haunts the Bank of England – Sarah Blackhead (The Black Nun). In life, Sarah went crazy when she realized that her brother was dead, and returned daily to his office to meet him.

She always turned up in black clothing – which is why she ended up with the nickname The Black Nun.

She has apparently been spotted on numerous occasions in EC2 (Greater London) , Bank Station, Central Line.


The Insane Rebecca Griffiths

EC2 (Greater London), Liverpool Street Station, is apparently haunted by the ghost of Rebecca Griffiths – a former resident of the Hospital of the Star of Bethlehem (a notorious insane asylum).

When she finally passed away, she was buried without the coin she spent most of her life gripping onto. Witnesses now believe that she has returned to haunt the area because she is in search of this beloved coin.


The Phantom Steam Train

During the Second World War, many locals to the Highgate High Level Station reported hearing the sounds of an invisible steam train.

The station was never actually finished, but numerous passers by reported hearing the ghostly sounds of an old fashioned train coming from the area where the track was going to be laid.

Skeptics believe that these sounds are nothing more than floating noises coming from the nearby stations which were active until the 1970.


The ‘Repeating’ Woman

Numerous commuters in NW1 (Greater London), King’s Cross Station, have encountered a distressed woman in one of the corridors leading outside. She always appears to be on her knees with her arms outstretched…crying and screaming away.

Witnesses claim that she appears like an old fashioned reel of film – repeating every couple of seconds…


The Monks

These phantom monks tend to appear around the Jubilee Line, from Westminster to Stratford, and have been reported hundreds of times since the year 2000.

They are always spotted walking along the tube tracks, silently.

Many locals believe that these monk’s grave’s were disturbed when the Jubilee line was being constructed, disturbing their peace and resulting in them roaming the underground station.


The Ghosts of the London Underground

phantoms that are spotted in the London Underground system

Now it’s over to you – these are just some of the more well-known phantoms that are spotted in the London Underground system, but have you heard of any others that would compliment this article?

If so we would love to hear from you – please leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Ghosts of the London Underground

  1. This was a delightful read with plenty of stories I’d never heard. I’m wondering if you’ve traveled to London and taken advantage of any other their various “hauntings” tours at night?  Other than freezing to death yourself, it would be an experience I’m sure you would quite enjoy!  Thanks for a really interesting read – sorry I don’t have any stories to add!

    1. That’s okay Sharon – we have plenty of stories here already! 

      I actually used to live in London, and go there frequently – but I haven’t been on any ghost tours there! 

  2. OOOOOhhhh this was a chilling read. I do not believe in ghosts but these stories must have some credibility because of the number of people testifying to their reality.   Or was it just the power of suggestion. 

    Whatever it is an intriguing topic and worth exploring further.  

    I really liked your lay out and the way you presented each story.  I will look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing. 

  3. Ooh really spooky to read, but fascinating at the same time. I tend not to really believe in ghosts, just because I haven’t seen one, but I do believe there are entities that nobody can explain, although I can’t imagine that these entities were once people. Maybe it’s the devil playing tricks with our minds, who knows?

    In any case, I love hearing the stories told, and find the history of these ghosts very interesting indeed. Funnily we only seem to hear about ghosts who lived over  seventy years ago, and no recent ones that I can think of.  

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