Hampton Court Poltergeist

Hampton Court Poltergeist

The case of the Hampton Court poltergeist first came to surface back in 2003 when a security camera picked up something rather…unusual.

Hampton Court had been considered a hotbed of paranormal activity for many centuries but this footage really took the world of paranormal enthusiasts by storm!

The estate near London has been known as one of the favorite spots to throw banquets for King Henry VIII. Many famous characters linked to the former king are said to walk the long halls in the dark hours.

Before we go any further, check out the surveillance footage below…

These days the Hampton Court estate is nothing more than a typical museum which is run over strict visiting hours. There are a number of security guards on patrol over a 24 hour period.

At the time of the footage, there was no one left in the building – the museum was closed down for the remainder of the day and the estate’s watchmen were on patrol.

All of a sudden, a loud banging noise rang out from one side of the building – the security officers were quick to cover the whole area but found no intruders.

They all met up in the estate’s control room and decided to check the camera footage to see if they could identify any of the intruders.

The footage revealed the ghostly figure wearing a vintage costume you see in the video above. It just appears, slams a door a few times and then disappears!

This is a pretty strange one – I’ve heard calls of hoaxes and I’ve heard that the security officers involved still believe (to this day!) that this is the ‘Real McCoy’.

If it is a hoax I must congratulate the guys/gals that set this up – that is one creepy looking dude!

Keep in mind that the security officers were covering every entrance and exit to Hampton Court at the time – nobody could get in or out without being spotted…

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Hampton Court Poltergeist

  1. wow I love paranormal activity. It is so interesting. I didn’t know about this even thank you for the nice read.
    I actually have lived in a haunted house, but I didn’t love it then though.
    Looks like you believe in a lot of “conspiracies”. so do I lol.
    Wow many of the other post you have I didn’t even know about. Pretty nice.

  2. Hi

    Wow that’s so cool, I love the supernatural and stuff like this really makes you wonder. You can clearly see in the video that the doors aren’t opened by hand.

    Was it a ghost of a king? Who can say it wasn’t, if I ever pass that place I don’t think ill be stopping in for tea haha

  3. Hey Chris Evans,

    I just read your review on the Hampton court poltergeist and I think it was an entity. The fact that we still don’t have any explanations for events like this is ridiculous. Will you do a review on the ghost car? I know its really old but its till would be cool to know what you think about the whole situation.

  4. I know it’s not your video and that you didn’t actually film it but you dont actually believe this do you?
    An actual ghost closed the door?
    Come on!!! Don’t they walk through them? Lol
    The only spirits in that museum was the ones that the security guards were drinking.It was an interesting read though.
    Keep on looking for “ghosts”

    1. LOL I like that statement – “The only spirits in that museum was the ones that the security guards were drinking” 🙂 

      Well it’s quite a famous paranormal video Matthew, check it out online! 

      As far as what I believe – I choose to sit on the fence with EVERY article we publish here…

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