Haunted Blackpool

Haunted Blackpool

As a kid I was always jealous of my mate Glyn and the summer vacations he used to take. Every year his family would pack up the car and head through mid Wales towards Blackpool.

By the time I got to see Blackpool for the first time I was already a teenager – and the battered old fashioned coast had lost it’s spark somehow.

The third day I was there I discovered a book on haunted Blackpool and I badgered my dad to purchase it for me.

This article covers a handful of the more interesting cases of paranormal activity in this famous English seaside destination.

The Grand Theater Spirits

The Victorian Grand Theater in Blackpool is home to a well known presence called Charlie.

Charlie has put in many appearances over the years ruining productions and pestering spectators.

He is thought to be the spirit of a young man who committed suicide in the theater after a young actress rejected him. He was apparently so heart broken he jumped to his death from one of the balconies.

The most famous encounter with Charlie came in 1980 when a play director sat watching proceedings from ‘Charlie’s balcony’. As he watched the rehearsal he felt a tapping on his shoulder – when he turned around there was nobody there!

The tapping continued throughout the performance yet every time the director turned around he was confronted by a row of empty seats!

Charlie is not the only spirit that walks the aisles of the Grand – former manager Thomas Sargentson has often been spotted keeping a weary eye on the newer employees.

The Village of Kilmigrol

Kilmigrol is a village off Blackpool Beach that was eaten up by the sea in the Dark Ages. Ever since it’s disappearance there have been paranormal reports linked to it’s inhabitants.

The Ghostly Kilmigrol Bells

Whenever there is a sea front storm on Blackpool beach many local residents claim to hear tolling bells and melancholy shanties. From time to time ghostly lights can be seen shimmering on the horizon.

The Ghost Train

These days, the Ghost Train is a typical attraction found in most fairgrounds, but did you know that they originated from Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

In 1936, Blackpool Pleasure Beach opened its spooky ride and a few years later its name was changed to “ghost train”. This was the first ever Ghost Train ride of it’s kind!

For many decades a worker named Cloggy used to tend to the Train’s every need until he passed away in 1970. Cloggy’s devotion to the ride seems to have carried on even after his death.

Guests would often report being grabbed and touched by some unseen presence as they took on the ride. At first these guests thought is was part of the show – a worker hiding in the shadows to freak them out maybe?

When they disembarked the ride they were told that no such worker was employed inside the ride itself!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ghost Reports

Several years ago a group of maintenance workers were carrying out a large batch of repairs on the ride when they heard terrifying moans ring out. They finished up their work as quickly as possible and turned the main lights off on the ride switchboard.

As they left the Pleasure Beach they noticed that the skull at the very top of the Ghost Train was still shining out a bright light.

They returned to the electrical switchboard and discovered that everything was shut off – the skull’s light remained on for several more hours throughout the night.

No one know’s how or why it was lit…

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7 thoughts on “Haunted Blackpool

  1. I don’t know BlackPool personally but i must say paranormal stories have always amazed me, we can’t really tell what is going on but one definetly feels sometimes in certain places things are not right. I’ve had a negative experience with something related to paranormal sightings when i was a kid and to be honest nothing ever in the world freaked me out so much up to this date , i remember walking away slowly almost paralyzed in fear. Still remember it up to this day and sometimes i wonder what would have happened if i stayed there instead of going away.
    Great post i like these kind of stories.

      1. Sure , i was 12 years old at that moment , just got back from school. I was looking for my mom to say hello to her, went to her bedroom but she was not there so i was on my way upstairs to see if i could find her.
        While i was walking throught the corridor in my house ( the one that leads to all the bedrooms basically ) i felt a weird feeling as if someone was watching me so i turned around ( i want to add it was about 4 PM so it there was still plenty of daylight ) well in the corner of the corridor like 2 meters away from me i saw a complete black shadow with red glowing eyes staring at me. That shadow seemed like it blocked the light coming from outside , i could not see any of its physical features just human shape with its red glowing eyes on top of that they were “evil looking” that thing was not friendly at all. As i moved away from it while looking backwards i couldn’t even move freely or react of even talk i was so scared at that moment it felt weird. That thing kept staring at me as i was going upstairs to tell my mom what i saw. She came with me to check , but that thing was gone. A couple days later it was already getting dark ( my house at that moment was big ) i wanted to go to the living room but i had to pass through that corridor , i knew that thing could be there again so i passed as fast as i could , then suddenly felt that something pushed me really hard and fell on the floor hurting my knee , i got up as fast as i could and ran.
        After that i really avoided that corridor as much as i could until the day my family and i moved out from that house which was not long after that incident, i couldn’t even sleep well thinking that thing might come at anytime.
        After some years out of curiosity i researched about that thing in the internet i found people who have had similar sightings they labeled these beings “Shadow People” and their description of them fits almost perfectly to what i saw.
        At least now i can say it wasn’t my imagination and it’s relieving to know that many have spotted them as it means i’m not nuts as anyone could think xD. Sorry for the long comment i explained my experienced as detailed as i could.

        1. Awesome stuff Alan! We are actually in the process of creating an article on Shadow People at the moment! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your experience here. 🙂

  2. Chris,
    I read your post about blackpool and it was very interesting. I knew it was famous for being one of the UK’s best loved tourist destinations, but I did not know that the town also had a history of paranormal and supernatural ghost activity. I think that someone should interview the staff on the ghost train and ask them more stories about what they have heard or seen. I do not know how these people can continue working there, I will be freaked out.

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Blackpool. I never knew that there were so many paranormal events that had taken place there though! Now I definitely have to go there some time.

    I love your site. I could tell you of a few paranormal experiences I’ve had myself but we’d be here all night! Another time – it’s too late for that right now haha.


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