Haunted Hospitals

Haunted Hospitals


In this article we will be covering five world famous haunted hospitals that have made their name through numerous paranormal incidents. Let’s take a look at some of the darkest medical facilities on the planet…


Sai Ying Pun

The Sai Ying Pun Hospital was constructed in the later years of the 1800’s and is situated in Hong Kong. In it’s early years it was primarily used as a dormitory for nurses and medical personnel.

During the Second World War rumours began to surface about the Japanese army using the building to murder a selection of hostages…we still don’t know how trustworthy these rumours actually were.

Sai Ying Pun

The first paranormal reports started surfacing in the 1970’s, and locals immediately blamed the legendary ‘murders’ of the war time years. There have been reports of disembodied voices, headless ghosts, and footsteps in empty rooms.


St Augustine Hospital

The original St. Augustine’s Royal Hope Hospital was built in Florida but ended up being brought down in the early 19th century due to age and wear. Another hospital was then quickly developed on the same spot of land.

St. Augustine’s Royal Hope Hospital

The hospital has undergone numerous building projects over the last few decades and one of these constructions managed to uncover a ancient American Indian burial site.

The paranormal activity experienced within the hospital walls in now blamed on the angry spirits from the burial site below the building.


Severalls Hospital

This English hospital building has a twisted and tragic history of alleged mistreatment of its mentally ill patients. Over the years there have been numerous reports of unnecessary and cruel procedures which involve brain surgery and electric shock treatments.

Severalls Hospital

The hospital was finally closed down and then abandoned in the middle of the 1990’s…leading to numerous trespassers and vandals submitting terrifying reports of paranormal activity witnessed in the old mortuary section of the hospital.


The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghosts

Based in in Louisville, Kentucky, this infamous building saw more than 60,000 deaths in its history due to the tuberculosis crisis.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium first opened in 1910 when the disease was at it’s peak. It saw so many deaths the owners had to create a tunnel beneath the building to remove the dead bodies without alarming the other sick patients.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghosts

The two most famous entities at the hospital are a nurse who committed suicide, and a young boy who is sometimes spotted playing with his toys in the lonely, abandoned corridors.


The Taunton State Mental Hospital

Taunton State Hospital in Massachusetts was built in the middle of the 19th century to house psychiatric patients. It is the famous workplace of the dreaded nurse Honora Kelley (1857-1938) who is thought to have murdered over 30 patients.

The hospital also saw a large number of staff members apparently using mental patients in devil worshipping rituals that were held in it’s basement area. These murdered patients, and the occult practices, are now blamed for the high number of paranormal incidents in the building.

The Taunton State Mental Hospital

Do you know of any famous haunted hospitals that we have not included in the article above?

If so we would love to hear from you!

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14 thoughts on “Haunted Hospitals

  1. I’m really interested in haunting and paranormal activities, so I had a great time reading your article. What’s interesting is that many of these hospitals were used for mental illness – do you think that has something to do with the fact they were reported as cases of paranormal activity? 

    Also, all of them are abandoned. I was wondering – is there any functional hospital where paranormal experiences were reported?

    1. Hi Ashley, 

      Well there are arguments suggesting that mental patients frequently got abused in days long gone. Not a nice thought…but maybe that’s why their spirits remain?

  2. I’m curious, have any of these hospitals been the basis of horror movies?  I’ve watched quite a number of hospital horrors with hauntings by former residents and staff.  Some of those tales are so very sad and quite quite hard to believe such dismal conditions exist in our world.

    Would love to know which movie matches up to which haunted hospital if any.

    1. Hi Cath!

      Not sure of any hospitals off-hand, but I’m pretty sure a few of these location’s reports have been used in a horror movie or two over the years!

  3. I don’t know any other haunted hospital stories, but I certainly got the heebady jeebadies reading about the Taunton State Mental Hospital! I feel that mental hospitals are always the most likely to become haunted, particularly from olden times when mental health was such an unknown and awful things were done to patients who probably had very little wrong with them, aside from people not understanding the condition they had!

    1. Yeah I’m actually with you on that one Josie – terrible things went on in asylums etc and I feel they would house more ‘powerful’ entities/spirits because of this misery. 

  4. Loved this article on haunted hospitals and the pictures you included with each story were a perfect way to add credence to them. Each one looked ominous in its own way, and I can well imagine it must be a spooky feeling if you went inside any of them.

    I do have one hospital that comes to mind from years ago that was also quite intimidating and spooky in its own way. It was called the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, and it was a site that the US military took over after the Second World War. 

    It was a big, intimidating, and sprawling complex that had underground passageways and every kind of nook and cranny you could imagine. It was said by some of the soldiers that atrocities took place in that place during the war, but I do not know how factual these stories were.

    Imagination is a wonderful thing, and there is no doubt that the hospital setting and layout made those stories very believable. Ghost stories fascinate me, and hospitals are a perfect place for cutting, slicing, and blood so if you find yourself in such a place, look out!  

    1. Hi there Dave!

      Never heard of the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, but cheers for mentioning it – we’re gonna look into it this week and see if there’s an article in it! 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for this post. Though it was a little creepy. I have never come across any post on haunted hospitals before but this is really interesting to find out. I had read some weeks ago about some haunted houses in the Chinese and Japanese countries and they seemed to be very true and scary. I wouldn’t mind if you could make some researches on them. Also, I did heard of some hospitals in the northern parts of Nigeria where the armies used as a killing ground for most hostages during their civil Wars…try look into those. Thanks

  6. Though not really an actual hospital, Fuji Q Highland theme park in Japan features a haunted house with a hospital theme. It’s based on the story of an actual hospital existed many years ago that harvested organs from unconscious patients. Not sure how true is the story, but the horror scores seem to be rated very high. Not recommended for the faint-hearted of course.

  7. Everybody loves a good ghost story every now and then but I think it’s possible to get in deeper than you planned for. These ghosts are demons.  They have learned over the years how to make objects move, make weird noises or  appear as a person for a fleeting moment.  But what they really want is possession of a human body so they can enjoy the feelings and emotions we humans have.  

     Most people just want to check out these strange phenomena, to get a good  scare just for fun but some will want more.  Seeking out these entities is like playing with fire- exciting at first but one day you will get burned. To see the other side check out Kristine McGuire’s CBN video or look up ghosts hunter Dana Emanuel.

    1. Okay, will do Les (thanks for the suggestion!). 

      But…I don’t really go along with the angle that ALL ghosts are demons…just doesn’t ride with me! 

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