Haunted Houses in Michigan

Haunted Houses in Michigan

When people plan a trip to the state of Michigan, they think of the beach, the great outdoors, shopping and in general a good time under the sun.

They don’t know that it has a dark side too, places that only the brave dare to visit, places that make your heart skip a beat or two.

There are real haunted houses in Michigan where you can come in contact with the other world, where you can feel the pain and suffering of those who inhabit these lonely places and make your blood rush with terror.

Traverse City State Hospital

One of them is the Traverse City State Hospital. Located in Grand Traverse County it was built in 1885 and for more than one hundred years served the mentally ill and others infected with diseases like typhoid, polio and tuberculosis.

It is said that anyone who stands before its classic terror movie, Gothic-style building can feel the presence of those who remain unable to cross the parlor into the next world.

Inside, doors open and close, screams and footsteps echo down the corridors and once in a while you can feel something or someone slip by you silently, leaving behind a chilly draft you will never forget.

Henderson Castle

Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo is the perfect place to visit for those non-believers wishing to prove that ghosts and haunts do not exist.

Henderson Castle is a bed and breakfast where funny things happen all the time, unplugged radios start to play music and the television set changes channels while someone pokes you on the shoulder.

Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

It gets even better, if you stay long enough you will get to see the castle’s dead owners, a little girl and her dog and a Spanish-American War soldier walking around, going through walls and all those interesting things ghosts enjoy so much.

Michigan Bell Telephone Company

Grand Rapids is another place worth visiting, especially the Michigan Bell Telephone Company. Years before the building was constructed a couple purchased the house where it now stands.

They were happy and content in their home until he lost his leg in a work accident. The leg was replaced with a wooden leg and he thumped around the house all day while his mind took a turn for the worst.

One day he decided that his wife was cheating on him and he beat her to death with the wooden leg. He cut his throat and they were found days later because of the smell that emanated from the house.

Today he walks around the Telephone Company building and employees swear that they hear screams and sometimes get a whiff of decaying meat.

The Old City Orphanage

The Old City Orphanage in Marquette is the next stop for our eerie visit to Michigan. The once called Holy Cross Orphanage was built in 1915 and was run by nuns until it was abandoned in the sixties.

The Order to which they belonged called for extreme discipline and penitence; it is said that the children were constantly subject to torture and mental abuse by the nuns.

Many of them died and all of them suffered terribly which is why today they walk the empty halls and their cries can be heard when you walk by the building on a quiet night.

The Paulding Light

Another very interesting place to visit while traveling through Michigan is the Paulding Light. It can be seen in Paulding and to date, no one has been able to identify or explain it.

This one is easy to see, it is out in the open along Route 45; there is even a sign on the side of the road so you do not get lost or miss it.

As the sun goes down and darkness sets in suddenly on the power lines that run besides the road, you get to see three round lights coming towards you.

One red, one green, and one white that swing between the lines like swaying lamps. They say it is the ghost of a railroad man who dies when trying to change the track’s direction.

He does not know that he does not work for the railroad anymore so he continues doing his job and signaling the coming trains.

Real Haunted Houses in Michigan

What better thing to do than to include a paranormal experience in your holiday plans?

These are not theme park haunted houses with plastic goblins and witches hanging from the roof; these are unexplained, real haunted houses in Michigan.

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  1. Coming from hawaii and being a filipino i always believed in spiritual and paranormal stuff. Ive experienced i wouldn’t say many but more than what most people have experienced. Ive seen things, felt things, & heard things. I used to watch ghost adventure on travel channel a lot and wished they would come here.

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