Haunted Virginia Beach

Haunted Virginia Beach

Looking for a vacation getaway, that may include some unseen guests? Check out the haunted Virginia Beach, where it is rumored that a number of spirits continue to make their presence known to visitors…

Coors & The Cavalier Hotel

Stay the night in the historic Cavalier Hotel, where you may encounter the ghost of Mr. Adolph Coors, the founder of Coors Beer.

In June 1929, Coors fell to his untimely death from a window of the hotel. Although the death was ruled a suicide, many believe that Coors was pushed from the window, thus the reason his spirit still lingers.

Many workers and guests claim to have an uneasy feeling when they venture onto the sixth floor, and an eerie sound of something heavy hitting the pavement has been heard.

Another ghost who occupies the hotel is believed to be a former employee, who knows about other ghosts who haunt the building.

Visitors have reported seeing an African American man, dressed as a bellhop, who has warned them of venturing up to the sixth floor because “there are ghosts up there.”

A cat has also been seen by guests, wandering the halls, although countless searches by the staff have never located the animal.

The cat supposedly belonged a young girl who lived in the hotel.

One day, the cat fell into the pool and the girl went in after it, but tragically both lost their lives. Scratches, mews and sightings of the cat have been reported to the hotel staff on a frequent basis.

Whether it be cold spots, disembodied voices, elevators that run on their own or numerous other ghost sightings, the Cavalier Hotel is a haunted staple in Virginia Beach.

Elbow Road

If you have a car, be sure to travel down Elbow Road; one of the most haunted roads in America. Be careful though!

Elbow Road is known for its dense forests, sharp turns, and lack of street lights, all which have contributed to hundreds of accidents in the Virginia Beach area.

Locals have claimed to see multiple apparitions along this stretch of road over the years. A male jogger, who was hit by a car, has been seen and heard calling for his dog in the woods.

An older woman named Mrs. Woble, who was allegedly murdered, now walks through the fields alongside the road, looking for her home.

Strange lights can be seen coming from the now non-existent house Mrs. Woble used to occupy.

And a young girl, who drowned in the adjacent lake while fishing with her father, is rumored to make her presence known to those who dare to stop their car on Elbow Road at night.

According to legend, if you sit on the hood of your car, you will see the young girl’s footprints making their way towards you.

This dangerous road has seen so many fatalities in recent years, that sections are currently being renovated to prevent further accidents.

As any good ghost hunter would know though, renovations often times stir up more spirit activity!

Princess Anne Country Club

Another stop along your ghost hunting journey should be at the Princess Anne Country Club. Since this is an exclusive members only club, you’ll have to know someone to get an invitation onto the premises.

The club was built in 1916 for those who wanted to work on their athleticism. It is believed to be haunted by two spirits: a young bride and an evil man.

The beautiful bride is fairly often seen in the bar area of the country club. She will disappear into thin air, while barely causing a stir.

The evil man, on the other hand, supposedly wears a black cape and has chased employees away from the building.

Other paranormal reports include hearing the clanking of silverware in the dinning room, as if someone is setting up the tables for dinner service and 1920’s music heard wafting through the rooms, even when no one is present.

Virginia Beach

It’s no surprise that Virginia Beach is haunted. Between the long history from the first settlers who built their homes here, to the battles which raged on during the Civil War, to the countless people who have lived and died on this soil; the spirits have made themselves known.

Haunted Virginia Beach will continue to attract historians and ghost hunters alike.

4 thoughts on “Haunted Virginia Beach

  1. At the risk of sounding pretty stupid, I’m gonna go ahead and ask a totally serious question: is Virginia Beach in Virginia? I would’ve just assumed yes, but then again, Kansas City isn’t in Kansas. One of them isn’t, at least.

    Damn, all this does send a chill down my spine. Very entertaining, though. I admit, I’m not much of a ghost hunter, but historian? Yeah, I could get on that train. If I ever find my way down to Virginia Beach, I’ll make sure to have a look at some of these places. The Cavalier Hotel, especially.

    Happy trails, friend.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Yes, Virginia Beach is an independent city located in the U.S. state of Virginia – it’s not a stupid question by the way…I’ve been asked a lot worse! 🙂

    1. Hi Laura,

      Unfortunately this article was written by one of our guest writers – all the information we currently have on the area/location is in the article above!

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