How To Tell If A Spirit Is Attached To You

If you’re feeling like you can sense a negative entity around you lately, then chances are you might have spirit attachments. These are previously living human spirits which are attached to you. Attachments are generally considered negative energy.

It can be difficult to know if you have an attached spirit, but some of the most common reported symptoms are having intrusive, negative thoughts, feeling ‘not yourself’ and generally uncharacteristic, and feeling like somebody is physically close to you all the time.

This article will go into more depth about the negative energy created by spirit attachments, as well as how to spot evil spirits which may be attached to you or those you love.

Signs a Spirit Is Attached to You

There is no uniform way to discover a spirit attachment. There are different kinds of spirit attachments, and your own personality and physical body will also alter the way that dark spirits manifest themselves in their attachment.

That being said, there is a list of things commonly reported by those suffering from unwanted spirit attachments:

Sudden, Inexplicable Onset of Anxiety

Signs a Spirit Is Attached to YouHave you recently felt any seemingly random, but fairly significant, bouts of anxiety? This could be a severe panic attack at a random time of the day, such as in the grocery store, or generalized panic which you previously hadn’t experienced.

Any sudden onset anxiety that has no clear explanation in your normal life, especially if it is accompanied by dark thoughts, is a symptom experienced by many who have a spirit attachment.

Psychic Attack

If you’re in tune with your psychic abilities, you may experience a ‘psychic attack’ when a negative entity enters your auric field or even attaches itself to you.

A psychic attack is the overwhelming, and generally very sudden, feeling that there is negative energy around you.

This happens when there is are earthbound spirits in the space in which you are. They are trying to claw back into the earth realm. To do this, they are attaching their negative energies to you.

Feelings of Unease

You might not experience intense or acute anxiety, but negative symptoms of an attached spirit can include a general feeling of unease or dread.

This happens as a result of the dark entities constantly interfering with your own energy body.

You feel controlled

If you feel like you’re ‘not yourself’ and generally feel like you’re lashing out a lot, doing things you wouldn’t normally do, or having a really hard time getting in touch with your spirituality in a positive way, then you probably need to be assessed for a spirit releasement to see if you have an attached spirit as it is likely that you do.

Why Would a Spirit Attach to You

Now you know whether or not you’re experiencing spiritual attachment, you’re probably asking why a spirit would choose to attach to you in the first place.

That’s a perfectly valid question to ask, especially given how distressing it can be to learn that your entire energy system is being interfered with by a negative cling-on.


The main cause for spirits to attach to your own energy body is due to trauma. Once you have experienced any form of trauma, your energy body is left with gaps or cracks.

Certain spirits, whether outright evil or subtle, will come in and fill these cracks in order to feel closer to the physical world.

Also, if your vibrations are fairly low, this can similarly leave your energy field open to unwanted spirits trying to take advantage of a physical body.

Your vibrations might be low if you haven’t been in touch with yourself and your spirituality recently, you’ve been hating your day-to-day life, not nourishing your body, spending too much time on social media, etc.

Any negative actions that you engage in, particularly those that are self-destructive, can also lead to cracks in your energy body. Having addictions, for instance, can cause cracks that lead to attachments.

Final Thoughts

Spirit attachments are very real things that happen to almost everybody at some point in their lives, due to the fact they arrive as a result of trauma.

The good news is that these attachments don’t have to rule your life forever – with the proper help from professional psychics, you can find symptom relief and the eventual release of the spirit housed in your energy body.