Is Ghost Adventures Real or Fake?

Ghost-Hunting shows over the last couple of years have brought in a lot of new ghost hunters but some are maybe a little more reputable than others. Let’s look at one of the most popular – is Ghost Adventures real? Scripted? Worth watching?

Ghost Adventures is real. There are minor points that might have been a little more dramatic than you’d normally see in an experienced paranormal investigation group but the techniques they demonstrate are legitimate and the cast is knowledgeable.

As a paranormal investigator, I do enjoy the show myself. Sometimes they might hype things up a little (it is television after all) but what I see on screen are some real ghost hunters who get to visit interesting locations around the world and bring their sessions to us on the screen. Certainly one of the ghost hunting shows worth paying attention to.

What is Ghost Adventures?

If you haven’t watched it yet, Ghost Adventures features the ghost hunting quests of Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin. Along with their tech crew, they travel to destinations around the globe that are said to be haunted by paranormal activity.

One of the most interesting parts of the show, at least for me, is when Zak gives the history of each site before they begin their investigation. He does an excellent job of making the history of these places come alive.

Ghost Adventures is one of the Travel Channel’s most popular shows.

After the in-depth history of each place is given, the crew begins a lockdown investigation that starts at dusk and ends at dawn. They use the most up-to-date technology to document paranormal activity and record crucial evidence, to tell the truth behind each haunting.

How Real is Ghost Adventures?

Ghost Adventures ScriptedFor Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures is not only his show; it’s a part of his life. Since he was a child, Zac has felt spirits around him. It’s what inspired him to start exploring deeper into the world of ghosts.

For more than a decade, the Ghost Adventures crew has been able to capture some pretty amazing things on camera, in part due to Zac’s ability to detect the energy of spirits. Often after the team has stopped recording, the hauntings continue for the crew.

Zac says his heightened sense has helped him with the experiences. His connection with spirits is not only authentic, but it has also helped people that are dealing with the emotions of past hauntings.

Some of the experiences on the show have proved so terrifying that the crew refuses to return to them. Aside from the Eastern States Penitentiary and Poveglia Island in Italy, the Demon House in Gary, Indiana, has continued to haunt the team.

A horrifying series of demonic possessions took place there and left several crew members with vision problems.

Bagans also says that Goatman’s Bridge in Denton, Texas, and a house in Vicksburg, Mississippi, known as McRaven Mansion, were two of the most terrifying places he’s been to in his life.

Is Ghost Adventures Scripted?

According to Mora Ozzy from Phoenix’s 12 News, nothing is scripted. Everything from the tears, worries, and anxiety are all real. She met with the Ghost Adventures crew to film an episode on the Gila County Jail in Arizona.

Mora states that there are unexplained things that she still can’t understand.

Mora says she was not prepared or coached for anything that happened while at the Gila Jail. She states that the jail cells slammed on their own, and the team’s spirit box said her name and had not been programmed to do so.

Bishop James Long, an exorcist with the United States Old Catholic Church, also states that nothing is scripted.

He has appeared on the show and says that he was never given a script to follow, he has never been asked to fake evidence, and that the events he witnessed were firsthand and absolutely true.

The Bishop states that he has been asked to appear on paranormal shows that are fake and scripted. He refuses to waste any more of his time with them. But when it comes to Ghost Adventures, he stands by his word. Everything that happens is very real and very scary.

Do Ghost Adventures Use Real Technology?

The technology used by the Ghost Adventures crew is about as real as it gets. In fact, some ghost hunting equipment like the REM Pod began life on the show and spread into everyday paranormal investigators. Bagans explains that every location is different, and a specific investigation is planned for each one (which is the same as most of us do).

He has conducted hundreds of investigations while using several various tools. It would be hard to capture the things they do without them.

Zac says that they take each case seriously, and they do a decent amount of research which allows them to lay out a game plan.

The team used devices like the Polterpod, a unique device used to communicate with spirits. They also use the Ovilus device, which translates readings from the environment into words. Their EMF (electromagnetic field) detector assists the team in finding electromagnetic fields.

And in very severe cases, the team will use a good ole fashion exorcist.

Notorious Places Visited by Ghost Adventures

The crew at Ghost Adventures have visited some pretty notorious places over the years and explored some interesting urban legends and known haunted paces.

Winchester Mystery House

This historical home in California was built by the heiress of Winchester Arms Company, Sarah Winchester. She believed that she was being haunted by people who had been killed by the very weapons her company produced.

In what can best be described as a maze house, it has been a very popular place for ghost hunting. And during season 5 of Ghost Adventures, the team investigated.

Lizzie Borden House

In season 5, the crew also visited the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Lizzie Borden house was where several ax murders took place in the 1800s.

It is famous for its hauntings, and Zak and his teammates experienced severe paranormal aggression while staying there.

Kay’s Hollow

Kay’s Hollow is the sight of many urban legends and myths in Utah, also known as Kay’s Cross. It is known for its paranormal activity and was visited by the Ghost Adventures crew in the 15th season.

The team came face to face with a dark figure with red eyes, and they heard strange noises that left them terrified.

Pennhurst State School

During season 3, the team went to Pennsylvania to visit the site of a school that was once a place where the mentally and physically disabled were kept.

Pennhurst State School has a pretty big reputation for being haunted, and the crew at Ghost Adventures proved just that. They caught several EVPs, felt things touching them, and heard several unexplained noises.