Jenny Groesbeck – The Voice

Jenny Groesbeck - The Voice

On the night of Friday, March the 6th, 2015, Jenny Groesbeck and her daughter, Lily, left her parent’s house in Salem and headed home for Springfield.

Tragedy struck when Jenny lost control of her vehicle and ended up in the Spanish Fork River

The Wreck

The vehicle was not discovered for a whole 14 hours – eventually a fisherman happened upon it.

He called in the emergency services who arrived thinking the car was probably an abandoned vehicle. When they managed to get closer to the wreck they then realized that there was someone inside!

The Wreck

They were in process of discussing what they were going to do with the situation, when they heard a female’s voice pleading for help.

They instantly dropped the discussion and returned to the car – they flipped the crashed vehicle and noticed there were actually two people inside it.

The Cry

The mother, Jenny Groesbeck, was dead, but her daughter Lily was still hanging on to life.

She was rushed to hospital and the emergency service workers were treated for hypothermia at the same nearby hospital.

The Cry

They later found out that Jenny had actually died on impact when the car crashed – who had been calling for help from inside the twisted wreck?

Lily was just a baby, and unconscious throughout the whole ordeal…but the rescuers stood by what they experienced – someone called for help from inside the vehicle.

A Mother’s Love

Jenny’s family are in no doubt that she somehow managed to transcend the veil between life and death to call out for help.

Her love for Lily was so strong, she would have found a way to get her to safety.

A Mother's Love

Lily spent approximately a week in the ICU while recovering, doctors were fearful that she would wake with severe brain damage after the 14 hour ordeal.

She made a full recovery.

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