Lady Lovibond – The Ghost Ship Mystery

Lady Lovibond – The Ghost Ship Mystery

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the strange paranormal case of the ‘ghost ship’ named Lady Lovibond. The triple-masted schooner ended up being run aground on the shifting sands at Goodwin due to feelings of love and jealousy…

But apparently, this was not it’s last voyage…

The Valentine’s Day Voyage

Captain Simon Reed arranged a trip on the Lady Lovibond in 1748 as a honeymoon gift for his new wife, a beautiful lady named Annetta. The trip was due to travel along the River Thames towards the open sea towards the sunnier climes of Portugal.

The first evening of the voyage was pretty much a full on party, with people drinking and and having fun on all levels of the ship.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and getting drunk…except for one man named John Rivers

John Rivers

John had actually served as best man at the Captain and Annetta’s wedding, and was the first mate aboard the Lady Lovibond. Rivers was apparently secretly in love with Annetta, and jealously had slowly turned into fury when he realised he could not have her.

Six miles off the Deal coast, not far from the Straits of Dover, is a geological feature known as the Goodwin Sands. This feature is known to have claimed numerous sea vessels over the centuries.

John Rivers had basically cracked – his love struck emotions turned murderous, and he decided to steer the ship into the Goodwin Sands.

The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship

Five decades on to the day of the Lady Lovibond tragedy, the skipper of another vessel, the Edenbridge, had a strange encounter with a VERY similar ship.

The captain’s name was James Westlake, and his log tells us that his ship almost collided with another vessel with a trio of masts. Apparently the schooner came so close to the Edenbridge that the captain could actually hear the celebrations of a party taking place on board.

On the 13th February and fifty years after this sighting there was another. Locals living near the Goodwin Sands noticed a ship going out of control and heading straight into the infamous Sands.

Similar reports were made in 1898 of an identical incident.

Rescue missions attended both of these strange incidents, but on both occasions, no wreckage was found!

The final report to be filed was made in 1948 by a Captain Bull Prestwick. He bumped into the ‘ghost ship’ on the seas and at first thought it was a real vessel. He did however note, that the ship gave off a strange eerie green glow.

In 1998 a load of sea vessels headed out in the hope that they would catch a glimpse of the ghost of Lady Lovibond…but for some reason it did not show up. Maybe the Lady Lovibond has finally made peace with it’s history?

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6 thoughts on “Lady Lovibond – The Ghost Ship Mystery

  1. There’s a saying that, there’s a between love and hate. See what love has caused. See what hate has caused. It’s a pity that so much loss of life and property was incurred just because some one couldn’t deal with unrequited love. 

    I am happy that the ghost ship Lady Lovibond had finally made peace with the situation and has finally stopped making appearances. 

  2. Ghost ship  story is always interesting. I can imagine how the sadness of captain Simon and Anetta turned the ship into ghost ship. Maybe they have eternal party in the ship until finally find some peace much later. It’s also interesting to note that most of the sighting occur every 50 to 60 years. Perhaps those who want to search for Lady Lovibond shouldn’t do it on 1998, but on 2008 or 2018..

  3. I love a good ghost story and this one about the Lady Lovibond Ghost Ship sure is one that has been around for a long time! It would be hard to think that since the incidents where the ship appeared again after so many years was something that people just were making up…

    The tale has a true ring to it, and although so many years between sightings, these people saw what they saw. I do believe that such things can happen and often find myself wondering what all we cannot see with the faculties that we possess as humans.

    Personally, I think that there is a lot of paranormal that may be part of other dimensions that we perhaps are not aware of or can only see glimpses of when conditions are right. That might be the case in these instances as well. Most certainly this story about a villain named John Rivers and his actions is a good one…

    Sightings since the tragedy, apparently 50 years apart, make this tale even more mysterious and fun to talk about. Perhaps John has no peace since his jealousy and actions caused such pain and agony for many others. Perhaps he and that ship are in some middle-realm that we cannot see, the story will go on, as will the sightings likely…Great story, thanks for sharing! 

    1. I do agree with you as far as conditions being correct to experience paranormal activities Dave, but I also believe that some people are just more open than others to these incidents – which is why some see things…and others don’t! 

      Cheers for reading our work Dave, and for taking the time to share your opinion with us! 

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