London Haunted Tube Stations

London Haunted Tube Stations

In this article we will be taking a look at the known haunted tube stations in the South London area. If you are from this area and have additional information to add to our findings please feel free to use the comment section found at the bottom of this article.

The Elephant & Castle Footsteps

The Elephant and Castle tube station is said to be haunted by ghostly phantom footsteps, tapping sounds and doors which open of their own accord.

Numerous staff members have reported the sound of unseen footsteps leading from a main platform to the booking hall area.

One particular night porter put in several reports claiming that his office door would violently swing open and then closed again throughout the night.

He would often jump out of his seat and run onto the platform believing he could catch the culprit. Whenever he got to the other side of the door the platform was eerily deserted.

Elephant & Castle Tube Station - Northbound Northern Line
Elephant & Castle Tube Station – Northbound Northern Line

More recent porter employees have reported the sound of strong footsteps walking along the platform at night. They would reach the porter office door and suddenly stop, as if someone was about to barge into the room.

One particular porter employee heard the phantom footsteps lead up to his room followed by a loud banging on the office door.

He left the job the next day telling his employers he would never work at the station again.

The Haunting of The Kennington Loop

Kennington station forms part of the Northern Line in the London underground and over the years it has received it’s fair share of paranormal phenomena.

Kennington is the terminus for the Charing Cross branch line. To prevent the need for shunting, terminating trains proceed in to what is known as the Kennington loop.

This loop is basically put in place so that trains can switch direction and return to the same platform for a return journey in the opposite direction.

Kennington Station Bank Northbound
Kennington Station Bank Northbound

The most famous Kennington paranormal incident happened one night in 1980 when a train was held at a loop signal as it waited to return to the station platform.

Only the driver and guard were on the train at this time and they both heard someone walking through the carriages loudly slamming the doors behind themselves.

The driver and guard were separated at the time so they naturally thought that the other was making his way through the train…this was not the case!

When they finally came off duty later that night they reported the incident to their bosses.

It turned out that they were not the only tube workers to have experienced this – other train crews had also experienced the opening and slamming of the carriage doors on several occasions.

The Oval and Stockwell Worker

Paul Fisher, a London Underground trainee manager, was hard at work one night in 1984 after he had been given the task of walking the line between the Oval and Stockwell stations.

Deep into the walk he exited the south Island place tunnel to find an old man working at replacing a portion of the train track.

He noticed that this elderly gentleman was using an old tilly oil lamp for work light and he asked where the man had got it from.

The elderly worker replied that he preferred to use these types of lamps and had always opted to use them.

After some further conversational pleasantries Fisher resumed his walk and ended up in his destination in Stockwell.

On arrival, his first task was to inform the line controller that there were no real problems on the train line, other than the elderly worker by the south Island place tunnel.

The controller informed Fisher that no workers were booked in to be working the track that night so they both returned to the track area to see if they could locate the man.

When they arrived there was no sign of the man or the work on the track that he had been carrying out.

Fisher was adamant that he met and talked with this elderly worker and decided to look into the matter further.

He found out that in the 1950’s, a track maintenance man, working on a noisy compressor, failed to hear a approaching train and was killed.

The driver of the train wasn’t able to stop in time before hitting the elderly worker who was carrying his trusty tilly lamp…

4 thoughts on “London Haunted Tube Stations

  1. Oh, my, god! You’ve done it again! I have the hairs on the back of my neck standing at it ends. I find it pretty amazing that the two stories I’ve read so far come from England. Is there a lot more paranormal activity in the UK? Is that because it has a longer history than places like the US or Australia?

    As I wrote that question, I recognised that both the US and Australia do have a history as long as the UK, but it’s just not documented. As I realised this, I got thinking maybe souls are staying around in the UK because they don’t have the same burial practices of the indigenous people of America and Australia. Do you think that is a possibility of why they stay? Or do you have another theory?

    1. That’s a pretty decent shout as a theory Amberlee – I quite like the idea of that and might base an article on it! I think the UK has a longer ‘civilized’ history so there tends to be more meaningful incidents there (or here – I’m from the UK).

  2. I’m always convinced that there’s paranormal activities going around us although some people do not believe in things like this as they are not scientifically proven. I had an experience while I was working at Sentosa in Singapore. There was an old abandoned warehouse used as storage in the forested area and my co workers and I had to work at 2am to shift some goods. While outside the mansion we saw some white figures flashing past us at the 2nd level, and you bet we were doubly efficient in moving the goods that night. Thanks for sharing the tales in London stations, one have to be mindful who they are speaking to at night!

    1. Hi Leo,

      Well Singapore always provides online archives with A LOT of paranormal reports – I’m not surprised you had this encounter! Did you manage to get any footage by any chance? Maybe a couple of snaps with your cell phone?

      If so we would love to see them….

      Thanks for taking the time to visit us here and leave your experience with us!

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