Margam Castle Ghosts

Margam Castle Ghosts

In this article we will be taking a look at the paranormal happenings and the Margam Castle ghosts reported over the years…

Robert Scott

As a child I used to love visiting my relatives in Neath, South Wales, as I knew there was always a chance we would end up visiting the nearby Margam Park.

My uncle used to be somewhat of a paranormal enthusiast and he knew a lot about the castle that stood at Margam.

The main spirit he used to mention was that of a former gamekeeper named Robert Scott.

It is thought that Scott was murdered by a poacher many years ago and his spirit is now trapped inside the castle grounds. His apparition is often seen on the Gothic staircase leading to the Castle.

Margam Abbey
Margam Abbey

Apparently there have been numerous psychic investigators invited to the castle over the years and they all claim that Scott’s spirit is indeed real.

Most of them agree that he is still in a rage about his untimely and unjust death at the hands of a violent poacher.

The Children

On many occasions there have been visitors who have experienced the rather unsettling sound of giggling children through the long corridors and dramatic rooms of the family areas.

On several occasions there have been sightings of youngsters in Victorian dress spotted drifting in and out of doorways and mischievously moving castle objects.


Due to the high volume of paranormal reports in the castle, many psychic investigations have taken place.

Reports of cold spots and orbs in the Castle are frighteningly abundant on paranormal activity nights.

Margam Park Orangery
Margam Park Orangery

Many seances have been broken up due to the spirits becoming angry with the psychic investigators.

The violence has frequently reached the point where rocks and castle furniture is thrown at the seance members.

Many of these investigators agree that the most violent entity in the area is that of former gamekeeper Robert Scott.

The Margam Castle Ghosts

In recent years the castle’s paranormal incidents have reached as far as the Ghost Hunters International show in Los Angeles, California.

They decided to take a closer look at this beautiful building and even ended up filming a whole episode on their investigation.

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4 thoughts on “Margam Castle Ghosts

  1. I visited Margam Castle when I was on a school trip many years ago. I didn’t know back then that the place was haunted, it was never mentioned when we had a tour of the place.

    I have since emigrated to Australia, but when I return for a visit I would like to visit Margam and maybe I will have a paranormal experience.

  2. Just in time for halloween. Awesome site. I always get intrigued by things like this. Im from Hawaii and Ive experienced so many paranormal things in my life. There are so many ghost stories about the Hawaiian islands and i believe every one of them. Hearing ghost stories from my uncles back in the day was the best halloween scare.

    1. Hi there Lorenz – nice to meet you!

      I have also heard a few reports from Hawaiian islands over the years, will be including a few of them on this site in the future!

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