Ouija Board Questions (and What to Avoid Asking)

Ouija Boards are one of the most well-known representations of the paranormal. If you are the new owner of one such board, you might be wondering what to do with it. So, what types of questions can you ask your Ouija Board? Here we will go over some Ouija Board questions you can ask, and some questions you should avoid at all costs.

Ouija Boards may be iconic in pop culture, but these boards are the real deal. With a little practice, you have a good chance of making contact with paranormal entities. Don’t use an Ouija Board lightly. This board game turned paranormal messenger has gotten more than one user into serious trouble. Refer to our lists before you get started!

I’ve looked at how a Ouija board works before and while they rarely make a kit list for professional paranormal investigators (you won’t find them on my ghost hunting equipment list) there are just too many cases of messages coming through the board for us to ignore it.

This also means treating it (and the spirits who communicate through it with respect).

General List of Questions to Ask an Ouija Board

A good thing to remember when you’re using an Ouija Board is that you aren’t speaking to the board itself, you’re speaking to the spirit that is speaking through the board. With this in mind, you can decide on what questions to ask. Some spirits will answer even the most complicated questions, while others will prefer to answer in Yes or No replies.

List of Questions to Ask a Ouija BoardBelow is our list of carefully curated Quija Board questions. We will start simple, and get more complicated as we go.

  • Is there anyone here with us tonight? (Use this question to open any and all sessions.)
  • Are you here alone?
  • What’s your name?
  • How old are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • Are you angry?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you an angel?
  • Are you a demon? (If the answer is YES, end the session. Demons are dangerous entities and in rare cases, can possess the living, whether it be through an Ouija Board or other means. Contact with demons should always be avoided.  Remember that an Ouija Board is a real spiritual communication device, and its use shouldn’t be taken lightly.)
  • Did you have a job?
  • Did you have a family?
  • Are any of your family here with us?
  • How many children did you have?
  • What were their names?
  • Did you have a wife or husband?
  • Did you live here when you were alive?
  • Are there other spirits in this home?
  • Are the other spirits in the home friendly?
  • Do you have any specific message you wish to communicate with us?

Once you have learned everything that you want to know about this specific spirit, you can move on to asking the spirit questions about yourself, testing it with general knowledge questions, or asking it questions about the future.

If the spirit has asserted that it is a certain relative or family member that you have been looking forward to hearing from, the questions you want to ask are going to be different and differ from person to person. That isn’t a bad thing. Asking a spirit questions that pertain to something important to them, like family, is going to make them more willing to communicate.

Here are some good questions to test a spirit and find out some exciting things that are possible in your future.

  • What is my middle name?
  • Who is my favorite author?
  • What color are my eyes?
  • What color is my shirt?
  • Have you communicated with anyone before tonight?
  • Do you have anything to tell me about my future?
  • Do you know if there is anyone that is interested in me romantically?
  • Do you know (insert spirit you wish to speak to. Maybe a departed loved one or someone famous.)?
  • Can you help me connect with (aforementioned person)?
  • Will I find love in the future?
  • Will I find a new career in the future?
  • Am I following the right path in life?
  • What changes should I make in my life?
  • Who should I trust in my life?
  • Should I take a risk on (relationship, job, big purchase, etc.)?

Finally, before you close the session, you can ask the spirit whether anyone else is with them that may want to speak. If the new spirit is reluctant, the spirit who you are currently speaking to can ask questions for them.

Here are some questions to encourage any other present spirits to speak.

  • Who else is here with you?
  • What are their names?
  • Do you know them personally?
  • Do they have any interest in me?
  • Do they want to speak with me?
  • Do they have a message for us?
  • Do they want you to ask anything for them?

If another spirit joins your session, make sure to bid farewell to your first spirit, especially if they were especially communicative and friendly. Start over from the top with the new spirit, beginning with simple questions and moving on to the more nuanced ones.

Always end your sessions with “GOODBYE”. Not closing a session can leave the connection to the spirit world wide open, with sometimes terrible consequences.

Not only that but leaving a ghost on read is never a good look. Treat your board with respect, and respect any board messages that you are lucky enough to receive. Saying “GOODBYE” is just good manners!

Evil Spirits and Demons

Whether it be an angry ghost, a vengeful spirit, or in the worst-case scenario, a demon, the possibility of reaching a less-than-friendly spirit with an Ouija Board should always be at the forefront of all board users’ minds.

Immediately close any sessions that you feel may be malevolent with a “GOODBYE”. Don’t even give these spirits room to speak. You are the leader of your Ouija session, so don’t be afraid to take control!

Contact with ghosts is always tricky, so just be prepared for all outcomes. It isn’t a terrible idea to have a sage smudge stick on hand to clear the air if a not-so-nice ghost shows up!

Ouija Board Questions Not to Ask

There are a few questions that you never want to ask your Ouija Board. Your Ouija Board session will have its own board rules depending on who is the leader, but it’s bad form to cross some lines, even if you have zero fear of ghosts.

Avoid questions that upset your spirit, like those that remind them of their demise. Also, try to avoid any morbid questions about you or those you love. If you get a disturbing or unfortunate answer, it may be something you are never able to forget.

Example Questions to Avoid

  • How did you die?
  • Did your death hurt?
  • When will I die?
  • How long will my mother live?
  • Will I ever get sick?
  • Will my wife/husband die before me?

You want your Ouija Board journey to be a positive one, so stick to questions that aren’t going to weigh on your mind for years to come.

Asking Yes or No Ouija Board Questions

Asking Yes or No Ouija Board Questions

New Ouija Board users, or those with a time crunch, may want to stick to yes or no questions. Yes or no questions are also great for less than enthusiastic spirits. They don’t have to move the planchette much at all, so they may be more likely to answer questions this way.

It’s a good idea to have some basic yes or no questions written down for reference. These can be questions you use to start all your sessions, and if you’ve got them written down you’re unlikely to lose track and start with the serious questions too early.

In Conclusion

Ouija Boards have been entertaining the masses for decades now, but in the hands of a real paranormal investigator, an Ouija Board can do more than just entertain a children’s sleepover guests.  Experienced users can really contact spirits, and get detailed answers with an Ouija Board.

Refer to our list before you begin, write down a list of questions to start, and be respectful of the boards and the spirits you are contacting, and you should have a successful Ouija session without breaking a sweat.