Luther McCarty – A Light From Heaven

Luther McCarty Ghostly Light

This story always seems to cause a stir and people love to debate it. The strange light around Luther McCarty, was it our first proof of the light from heaven or just a strange coincidence? The Boxer The 6 foot 4 inch Luther McCarty was a talented young boxer and actually ended up making his … Read more

The Myrtles Plantation Ghosts

The Myrtles Plantation Ghosts

The legend of Myrtles Plantation ghosts has grown stronger and stronger with time. If you have ever been interested in ghost stories and haunted places, you would definitely have heard about Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in America, Myrtles Plantation is a bed and breakfast … Read more

The Missouri Monster Sightings

Missouri Monster Sightings

Bigfoot, the Yeti and Sasquatch all seem to grab the headlines when it comes to big hairy cryptids running around rural locations… But how many of you have heard about Momo? In this story, we will be taking a look at the less famous Missouri Monster sightings – which rocked the area during the early … Read more

Are Skinwalkers Real?

Are Skinwalkers Real

The world abounds with tales of supernatural or otherwise cryptic creatures, and North America is no exception. Along with the ever-elusive Sasquatch or “Bigfoot” run less well-known but even more spine-chilling stories about the Navajo skinwalker. The problem is that the skinwalker legend is rarely communicated with ‘outsiders’ of the Navajo culture. Many traditional Navajo … Read more

The Zigmund Adamski Extraterrestrial Incident

The Zigmund Adamski Incident

In this article we will be covering the bizarre UFO case of Zigmund Adamski – was he really the victim of murderous extraterrestrial visitors, and if so, why would they choose to kill a human and leave his body for all the world to see? Let’s take a closer look… The Body of Zigmund Adamski … Read more