Different Alien Races on Earth

Different Alien Races on Earth


All through the last century, people came forward with reports involving incidents of ‘beings’ from other planets. UFO activity, Men in Black and even alien abductions – it all kinda snowballed through the 1900’s.

In this article we will be taking a look at the different alien races on Earth that have been mentioned in these reports over the years. Each has their own apparent agenda and may or may not be in collusion with another race…


Extraterrestrial Little People

Extraterrestrial Little People


Many ufologists believe that the Little People race of ET have been spotted as far back as the 18th century – reports of fairies or sprites seem to back them up. Strangely, they are not often spotted these days, and for some reason regular sightings of them have died out.

The few modern day reports linked to these extraterrestrials seem to be clustered within the Indo-China regions.

They are often reported as being no taller than two foot in height and are very human in their appearance. They are frequently seen in bright tunics or human-like uniforms.

These tiny little alien visitors are well known for being highly inquisitive and for some reason have a fascination with human timepieces. They are not really dangerous in any way, but they do like to play tricks (or test) humans.


Goblin Aliens

Goblin Aliens


The Goblin Alien race are slightly taller than the Little People, but they do not really have any sort of human characteristics. They appear with pointed ears, unusual skin tones, and sharp pointed teeth.

In South America they have been described as having extremely hairy bodies, but in Europe they are often reported as smooth skinned…and are considered ‘Trolls’.

There was a large spike in Goblin sightings during the 1950’s, but these sightings seemed to die out nearly completely by the end of the 60’s. They were frequently spotted in urban woodland areas.

They are not considered aggressive in any way.


Humanoid Aliens

Humanoid Aliens


Humanoid Aliens have many, many, different names, depending on the group of ufologists you talk to. For the sake of this article – we are just going to refer to them as ‘Humanoid’. Traditionally, they have blue eyes and blond hair with extremely striking, or even handsome features.

Humanoid Aliens are the only race where both male and female versions are often spotted. They apparently have paranormal powers which allow them to bypass any form of security and enter any home undetected.

They are also well known for alien abductions, but they are not reported to be mean captors – quite the opposite. They apparently try their best to put the abductee at ease, and even go as far as discussing environmental issues with them.


The Greys Race of Alien

The Greys Race of Alien


Probably the most well-known race of alien to have visited our planet – four foot tall with large heads and large dark almond shaped eyes.

Most reports claim that these beings don’t really have any ears or a nose, and are spindly in build. Their mouths are said to be nothing more than a lip-less slit near a pointed chin area of the head. Their skin is a greyish colour that resembles a parchment paper pattern.

They are a gender-less race that are by far the most sinister of all alien species. They are well known for abducting people at an alarming rate and even operating on these abductees.

They show no compassion or emotion.


The Nordic Alien Race

The Nordic Alien Race


Some ufologists put the Nordic race in the same category as the Humanoid aliens – they certainly look very similar!

The main difference between the two is height, with Nordic aliens being a lot taller than the humanoid versions (some reports have them as tall as seven foot!). Again, they have blue eyes and blond hair but look very Scandinavian in terms of facial features.

A lot of people that have encountered Nordic aliens claim that they are so beautiful, they have some kind of hold over you. They are not aggressive in any way, and more often than not enter in discussions with us humans.

They are known to sometimes show us the past, and then the future – trying their best to mend our dark ways and change our direction. They ALWAYS talk down about the Grey aliens, and claim that all races should stay away from them.


Different Alien Races on Earth

Have you had any encounters with the alien races we have covered in the article above?

If so, we would love to hear from you.

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The Haunting of Sallie House

The Haunting of Sallie House

In this article we will be covering the infamous haunting of Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas. The property has been covered by numerous paranormal reality shows, but what is behind the strange forces within it’s walls?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Doctor

Sallie House, one night in 1906, and it’s owner, Dr. Charles Finney is awoken by a loud banging at his front door. He tenderly creeps downstairs and peeps out of the window…to find a young mother holding her ill daughter.

The little girl looked like she was in a terrible state of health.

Finney agrees to check over the young girl and apparently finds a growth inside her stomach. He declares he needs to operate on the girl at once to save her life.

The operation turned out to be a tragic mistake, and the little girl died on the doctor’s operating table. Many people now believe that Finney was nothing more than a sadistic medical professional, that killed the girl on purpose.

Others are convinced that he was possessed by a demon residing in the house, and this demon took control of his hands…resulting in the death of the child.

A Young Girl Named Sallie

Many paranormal experts now believe that the little girl was named Sallie, and her twisted spirit now resides in the house. She only ever targets men – as a type of revenge for what the cruel doctor did to her on the operating table.

The strange paranormal events that had taken place at the Sallie House first became public by the accounts of Tony and Debra Pickman, who lived at the property with their newborn.

They firmly believe that the paranormal activity first centred itself in their baby’s bedroom. On numerous occasions they would enter the room to find soft toys lined up around the child’s bed. These soft toys had somehow been removed from a high shelf in the room.

A Young Girl Named Sallie

A Psychic Named Renae Leiker

Tony and Debra Pickman eventually had enough of the strange happenings inside their home, so they decided to contact a psychic named Renae Leiker.

When Leiker first visited the home she made sure that the Pickmans were out. As she stepped out of the car she noticed a man sitting in the window of the house, who slowly got up and walked away when she approached the front door.

Inside there was no sign of the man.

The psychic reported to the family that there was indeed a demonic entity in the home, and they were to burn off sage in an attempt to get rid of it. They followed her instructions, but the entity did it’s best to stop them. At one point Tony was apparently thrown across the room as he attempted to burn more sage.

Things Go From Bad To Worse…

The Sage incident seemed to make the entity pissed – REALLY pissed!

Tony now seemed to be the regular target of the demonic entity, constantly being scratched by invisible hands. Things got so bad that the family contacted the crew of a 90’s TV ghost show named Sightings.

The crew of the show actually managed to get some footage of the strange scratch marks on Tony’s body…but the entity started to drift out of control with their presence. They soon packed up and cut the footage short.

The Pickman Family were all spent out – they decided to move from the property.

demonic entity

The Haunting of Sallie House

Nobody knows for sure what or who the demonic spirit is within this house. Tony eventually reported seeing the ghosts of two females during his time there – one was pleasant to him…whilst the other screamed whenever she appeared to him.

Is one of these the spirit of young Sallie?

Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

The Mystery of Teresita Basa

The Mystery of Teresita Basa


In this article we will be covering the mystery of Teresita Basa – did she really manage to identify her murderer after she had been killed?

Let’s take a closer look…

Who Was Teresita Basa?

Teresita Basa was a respiratory therapist who lived and worked in Chicago, she was originally from the Philippines, where she was born in 1929.

She was a well known single woman, who was well liked and lived in a simple apartment by herself. Her body was found in her apartment block in February of 1979 by a group of firemen, who had been called into the building for an emergency.

Basa had been violently stabbed in the chest and left with a large knife sticking out of the wound. Her body was naked and had been covered on a mattress – this mattress was then set on fire by her murderer.

Who Killed Teresita Basa?

Well, nobody really had any sort of clue who had committed this crime…at first. Police didn’t even realise that some of her jewellery had been taken.

A group of suspects were brought in for questioning, but nobody was charged.

A few weeks later a hospital worker named Remy Chua, who knew Basa, decided to invite her dead friend’s spirit to visit her and tell her what had happened. Later that day, a series of frightening visions and nightmares reportedly began.

Who Killed Teresita Basa?


The Paranormal

Chua began seeing a man’s face in her dreams behind that of Basa, she even got her husband involved and let Basa speak to him through her, so he could take notes.

Dr. Chua reported that a guy named Alan Showery had gone to Basa’s apartment that night in February to fix her faulty TV set, he also worked at the same Chicago hospital.

Showery then stabbed Basa, stole her jewellery and then covered her with the mattress…then setting her body on fire. The ghost of Basa was even able to tell Dr. Chua that Showery had given the jewellery to his partner.

Alan Showery

The information was then handed over to the police…who really didn’t know what to think about it…at first!

When they eventually visited Showery’s address, they discovered his partner wearing the stolen jewellery, and they managed to get Teresita’s cousin to identify it. Alan Showery eventually broke down when being interviewed by the police, and admitted that he had killed Basa.

His was sentenced to 14 years in prison for her murder.

The Mystery of Teresita Basa

Nobody knows for sure what really happened in this case – did the medium Remy Chua manage to contact the spirit of Teresita Basa?

Or did she know that Showery was going to Basa’s apartment, and decided to make up the medium-related episodes later on?

Unfortunately the media at the time did a pretty good job of sensationalising the whole incident…making the paranormal angle seem a lot more believable.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the mystery of Teresita Basa, please leave them in the comment section below.


The Nuremberg 1561 UFO Battle

The Nuremberg 1561 UFO Battle

In this article we will be covering the Nuremberg 1561 UFO battle that was depicted in a wood carving by a early German journalist named Hanns Glaser. Does his controversial woodcut show an actual UFO battle that has courted controversy and debate for nearly 500 years?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Nuremberg Gazette

Hanns Glaser was what is now referred to as an ‘early journalist’ in Germany. Instead of writing about the events he witnessed – he instead opted to carve the accounts out as an illustration in woodcuts.

It is thought that the Nuremberg Gazette used this particular wood carving, along with eye witness accounts, to come up with this article back in 1561…

ufo battle over nuremberg germany 1561

As you can imagine – people were scared.

These days we are all fully aware of the topic of UFOs, and the conspiracies that surround them. But back then, in the 1560’s, people had no reference to what they saw…or what they read.

What Did They Witness?

Well, the most popular explanation is the simplest one – they all witnessed a UFO fight between two alien species above Nuremberg. As you can imagine – this is the theory most ufologists cling onto (and with good reason!).

But many conspiracy theorists believe that the locals that day actually witnessed aircraft in their skies, fighting out a battle scene from the Second World War.

But how could this be?

Well, they believe that a wormhole, or time slip, caused a Allied and Nazi battle in the skies from 1940’s Nuremberg to suddenly appear back in the 1560’s. Somehow a time-travel paradox caused this war event to turn up in the skies four centuries before it actually happened!

Experts are near enough 99.9% sure that this was not a hoax – since the descriptions were so vivid.

nuremberg germany ufo

The Second Battle

A UFO battle popping up in 1560’s German skies is mad enough…but strangely enough another similar recorded event took place in the skies of the Swiss city of Basel just five years after the Nuremberg UFO incident. According to the written records of this encounter, it lasted considerably longer than the Nuremberg sightings.

This Swiss incident took place on the 7th of August, 1566, in the early hours of the morning. Eye witnesses reported seeing strange black balls dart around the skies at astonishing speeds. They seemed to be taking one another out, by just dive bombing and colliding.

So what do you think?

Did the residents of two European cities in the 1560’s actually manage to somehow witness a alien war in the skies above their cities?

Or were they actually watching Second World War battles that were yet to take place?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Haunted Hospitals

Haunted Hospitals


In this article we will be covering five world famous haunted hospitals that have made their name through numerous paranormal incidents. Let’s take a look at some of the darkest medical facilities on the planet…


Sai Ying Pun

The Sai Ying Pun Hospital was constructed in the later years of the 1800’s and is situated in Hong Kong. In it’s early years it was primarily used as a dormitory for nurses and medical personnel.

During the Second World War rumours began to surface about the Japanese army using the building to murder a selection of hostages…we still don’t know how trustworthy these rumours actually were.

Sai Ying Pun

The first paranormal reports started surfacing in the 1970’s, and locals immediately blamed the legendary ‘murders’ of the war time years. There have been reports of disembodied voices, headless ghosts, and footsteps in empty rooms.


St Augustine Hospital

The original St. Augustine’s Royal Hope Hospital was built in Florida but ended up being brought down in the early 19th century due to age and wear. Another hospital was then quickly developed on the same spot of land.

St. Augustine’s Royal Hope Hospital

The hospital has undergone numerous building projects over the last few decades and one of these constructions managed to uncover a ancient American Indian burial site.

The paranormal activity experienced within the hospital walls in now blamed on the angry spirits from the burial site below the building.


Severalls Hospital

This English hospital building has a twisted and tragic history of alleged mistreatment of its mentally ill patients. Over the years there have been numerous reports of unnecessary and cruel procedures which involve brain surgery and electric shock treatments.

Severalls Hospital

The hospital was finally closed down and then abandoned in the middle of the 1990’s…leading to numerous trespassers and vandals submitting terrifying reports of paranormal activity witnessed in the old mortuary section of the hospital.


The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghosts

Based in in Louisville, Kentucky, this infamous building saw more than 60,000 deaths in its history due to the tuberculosis crisis.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium first opened in 1910 when the disease was at it’s peak. It saw so many deaths the owners had to create a tunnel beneath the building to remove the dead bodies without alarming the other sick patients.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Ghosts

The two most famous entities at the hospital are a nurse who committed suicide, and a young boy who is sometimes spotted playing with his toys in the lonely, abandoned corridors.


The Taunton State Mental Hospital

Taunton State Hospital in Massachusetts was built in the middle of the 19th century to house psychiatric patients. It is the famous workplace of the dreaded nurse Honora Kelley (1857-1938) who is thought to have murdered over 30 patients.

The hospital also saw a large number of staff members apparently using mental patients in devil worshipping rituals that were held in it’s basement area. These murdered patients, and the occult practices, are now blamed for the high number of paranormal incidents in the building.

The Taunton State Mental Hospital

Do you know of any famous haunted hospitals that we have not included in the article above?

If so we would love to hear from you!

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Lady Lovibond – The Ghost Ship Mystery

Lady Lovibond – The Ghost Ship Mystery

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the strange paranormal case of the ‘ghost ship’ named Lady Lovibond. The triple-masted schooner ended up being run aground on the shifting sands at Goodwin due to feelings of love and jealousy…

But apparently, this was not it’s last voyage…

The Valentine’s Day Voyage

Captain Simon Reed arranged a trip on the Lady Lovibond in 1748 as a honeymoon gift for his new wife, a beautiful lady named Annetta. The trip was due to travel along the River Thames towards the open sea towards the sunnier climes of Portugal.

The first evening of the voyage was pretty much a full on party, with people drinking and and having fun on all levels of the ship.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and getting drunk…except for one man named John Rivers

John Rivers

John had actually served as best man at the Captain and Annetta’s wedding, and was the first mate aboard the Lady Lovibond. Rivers was apparently secretly in love with Annetta, and jealously had slowly turned into fury when he realised he could not have her.

Six miles off the Deal coast, not far from the Straits of Dover, is a geological feature known as the Goodwin Sands. This feature is known to have claimed numerous sea vessels over the centuries.

John Rivers had basically cracked – his love struck emotions turned murderous, and he decided to steer the ship into the Goodwin Sands.

The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship

Five decades on to the day of the Lady Lovibond tragedy, the skipper of another vessel, the Edenbridge, had a strange encounter with a VERY similar ship.

The captain’s name was James Westlake, and his log tells us that his ship almost collided with another vessel with a trio of masts. Apparently the schooner came so close to the Edenbridge that the captain could actually hear the celebrations of a party taking place on board.

On the 13th February and fifty years after this sighting there was another. Locals living near the Goodwin Sands noticed a ship going out of control and heading straight into the infamous Sands.

Similar reports were made in 1898 of an identical incident.

Rescue missions attended both of these strange incidents, but on both occasions, no wreckage was found!

The final report to be filed was made in 1948 by a Captain Bull Prestwick. He bumped into the ‘ghost ship’ on the seas and at first thought it was a real vessel. He did however note, that the ship gave off a strange eerie green glow.

In 1998 a load of sea vessels headed out in the hope that they would catch a glimpse of the ghost of Lady Lovibond…but for some reason it did not show up. Maybe the Lady Lovibond has finally made peace with it’s history?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Is The McPike Mansion Haunted?

Is The McPike Mansion Haunted?

In this article we will be covering the paranormal reports that have come in from the southwest corner of Illinois…the McPike Mansion.

Situated in Alton, a town now referred to as ‘The Most Haunted Town In Amercia’ – is the McPike Mansion haunted?

Let’s take a closer look…

The McPike Mansion

Henry McPike and his family had the three-story red brick mansion built back in 1869. McPike was a very successful local businessman who had also served as mayor of Alton for three years.

When McPike moved on, the house was purchased by a man named Paul Laichinger, who turned the property into a kind of boarding home. He rented numerous rooms out to tenants looking for somewhere to live.

This is when the first instances of paranormal activity began to seep out of the building.

Many of these boarders or residents, reported strange events that could not be explained. In some cases these events included the sounds of children playing and laughing when there were no children in the area.

Laichinger died in 1945 and the premises sat vacant…before long it became a little on the derelict side.

Passers by began to reports seeing strange white faces in the windows of the once grand property.

red brick mansion


In 1994 the building was finally bought up by Sharyn and George Luedke. They purchased the location in the hope that they could turn it into a famous bed and breakfast spot for the area.

After six weeks of working on the mansion, Sharyn had her first paranormal experience when she was rooting through the main garden…

As she worked she looked up to see a strange man staring down at her from one of the windows. He near enough instantly vanished, but not before Sharyn could take note of his strange attire.

Later, while researching the history of the mansion, Mrs. Luedke was startled as she came across a photo of previous owner Paul Laichinger…who was wearing the exact same clothes as the vanishing man in the window!

Mrs. Luedke


After this incident, Sharyn Luedke and her husband decided to let in various mediums and psychics to investigate the property properly. A lot of these studies led to the paranormal experts admitting that they could feel the McPike family and other residents of the estate.

Sharyn now believes that the McPike family and one of their servant girls, named Sarah Wells, haunt the old building.

Numerous other paranormal experts have reported the feeling of being touched in the dark, and a few have even caught a few orbs in photos taken inside the property.

The building’s wine cellar seems to be the hub of the paranormal activity, with numerous reports of a strange mist that seems to follow anyone that is down there.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

Famous People Who Believe in Aliens

Famous People Who Believe in Aliens

In this article we will be covering a handful of famous people who believe in aliens. Are we alone in the universe?

These celebrities believe that we are not…

Winston Churchill

The UK’s larger than life Prime Minister, who took the country through the darkest hours of the Second World War.

Did you know that in 1939, Churchill actually wrote a piece of work in which he confronted the idea of alien civilizations?

Winston Churchill

Here’s what he had to say on the matter…

“I, for one, am not so immensely impressed by the success we are making of our civilization here that I am prepared to think we are the only spot in this immense universe which contains living, thinking creatures,” he wrote in the newly uncovered essay, “or that we are the highest type of mental and physical development which has ever appeared in the vast compass of space and time.”

This rare piece of work was apparently only recently uncovered, by a nature journal in February 2017.

Are Aliens Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

Okay, not really going to give this one so much credit…but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway!

Are Aliens Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

Khloe Kardashian posted a tweet back in 2015 where she claimed that both her and her sister (Kendall) were actually witnessing a UFO encounter. The U.S. Navy later said the unusual lights were part of a pre-planned missile test, Kardashian stuck to her guns (good for her!).

Ever since she has apparently been a die hard believer in life visiting us from other planets!

The Hillary Clinton Review Request

Good old Hillary…turns out she’s got a bit of an interest in the paranormal…and if she had got into office, she would have pursued it!

The Hillary Clinton Review Request

In 2016, during her bid to secure the Democratic nomination for president, Hillary decided to attend an offer from the Jimmy Kimmel Live radio show. When she was on the show she declared that she wanted to review files about UFOs and the mysterious Area 51 site in Nevada and make them public.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has had no problem with being as vocal as possible about her beliefs linked to life on other planets. In a 2013 interview she proudly proclaimed that:

“We’d be so stupid to believe we are the only people here.”

Ariana Grande

I take it she meant the universe…not the planet Earth…or did she???

Anyway, people close to the pop act back up the fact that she is obsessed with UFOs and alien evidence.

Ridley Scott

That’s right…The man that brought you the immortal Alien movie from 1979.

While promoting his spin off to the original film, Alien: Covenant, Scott warned that hundreds of alien species are “out there” and cautioned that humans likely won’t fare well if these cosmic interlopers ever decide to pay a visit to Earth.

Ridley Scott

He never really explained what was behind these views/opinions of his…but it’s interesting that he decided to go public with them!

The Return of Dana Scully!

Gillian Anderson is best known for playing FBI Special Agent Dana Scully on the monster TV hit The X Files. In an interview with The Guardian newspaper in 2012, she admitted that to think we were the only lifeforms out there would be stupid.

The Return of Dana Scully!

She then went on to say that “That doesn’t necessarily mean that there are aliens, but there could be. If we’re talking about an advancement of technology, that they’d be potentially further along than us is as conceivable as their existence. So I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Mulder would be so proud…

Famous People Who Believe in Aliens

Do you have any thoughts or opinions on the views of these celebrities?

Do you know of any other celebrities that share a belief in the paranormal, and/or UFOs?

If so, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Jennifer Groesbeck Call

The Jennifer Groesbeck Call

On the night of Friday, March the 6th, Jennifer Groesbeck and her daughter, Lily, left her parents house to make the drove home from Salem to Springfield. The car would never make it to it’s destination…


Jenny lost control of her vehicle and plunged into the icy Spanish Fork River located in Utah. A completely shocked fisherman stumbled across the wreckage the following day. At that point, it’s estimated that the car had been in the icy waters for about 14 hours.

The emergency services arrived and immediately figured that the car had been abandoned in the river, probably by joy riders.

When they eventually managed to get close to the car they could see that there was someone inside.

They then heard a female voice call out for help, so they all rushed to vehicle and managed to flip it over. There were two people inside.


The Call

One of the first respondents reports that he had heard a voice, and he believes one of the others responded with, “We’re trying our best to get in there.”

The adult in the car was dead, and the child looked near enough deceased itself.

They managed to get Lily out of her child seat and safely ashore. The waters were so cold, that the firefighters who had jumped into the river to save the little girl were treated for hypothermia at a nearby hospital.

To this day, none of them really know where that call for help came from.

They later found out that Jenny had actually died on impact, so there’s no way she could have been behind the cry for help. Even knowing that Jennifer couldn’t have called for help, they stand by what they heard.

Jenny’s family are in no doubt that the call they heard came from their dead daughter. She was a devoted mother and she would have found some sort of way to stay with her baby until help arrived.

Lily spent approximately a week in the ICU while recovering.

So what really happened here?

What do you believe?

Did a loving mother find some way to transcend between life and death, to keep her child alive?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion

Article By Site Contributor Frank Statler

The Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion occurred on November 22, 1987 on two Chicago television stations. The two stations were WGN-TV channel 9 and WTTW channel 11.

The First Interruption

The first on air interruption was on WGN-TV channel 9 during the 9 0’clock news. It was in the middle of the nightly sportscast when suddenly the television screens of hundreds of thousands of Chicago-land viewers became covered with static.

Then it went black for about 15 seconds and then abruptly ,without out warning, the television character named “Max Headroom” appeared on the screen. The strange figure hopped around for a little bit but did not actually do anything. Little did viewers know that this was just the appetizer for a wild main course that would play out later that night.

More Interruptions…

Around 11:15pm that same night another television program, Dr. Who on station WTTW in Chicago, was interrupted by a similar signal intrusion. The show was interrupted by television static, after which an unidentified man wearing a Max Headroom mask and sunglasses appeared, saying “That does it. He’s a fricking nerd.”

The intruder was speaking about the sportscaster “Chuck Swirsky” whom he said he was “better than”, going on to call Swirsky a “fricking liberal”. The man started to moan, scream and laugh. He continued to bellow foolishly and utter various random phrases. He advised the viewers to “Catch the wave”. Which was the slogan of a soda product called new coke.

All of this while holding a can of Pepsi in his hands (The character known as Max Headroom was promoting New Coke at the time). After holding the soda can up to the camera he tossed it to one side.

More Interruptions

He then held up a gardening glove and said, “My brother is wearing the other one.” After putting the glove on, he continued, “But it’s dirty! It’s like you got bloodstains on it!” He then removed the glove and threw it away in disgust. Then the man was shown with his trousers around his ankles and his buttocks exposed.

An unidentified accomplice wearing a french maid costume then told him to “bend over, bitch.” At this point the man on the television was having his buttocks whipped with a fly swatter and was crying out in mimicked pain.

The transmission then blacked out for a few seconds before resuming the Doctor Who episode in progress; the hijack lasted for about 90 seconds.

Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion

The most amazing thing about this strange story is that even 30+ years later the authorities have never even come close to finding the electronics genius that pulled this hilarious stunt. I personally feel that we will not find out who this outlaw is until their death. Then again maybe we will never find out.





Frank M. Statler