Ghost Orbs: Haunted Photography

Ghost Orbs

A cornerstone of paranormal investigation and paranormal photography, ghost orbs are a popular topic in the ghost hunting community. What makes these mysterious little balls of light so interesting? Ghost orbs are physical manifestations of spiritual energy in the form of an orb. These orbs show up on film most often, but can also be … Read more

Can Cats See Ghosts?

Can Cats See Spirits or Ghosts

Anyone who has cats can tell you they can be a little strange. They often stare at nothing for minutes to hours or run like they’re being chased by the devil. This erratic behavior is often shrugged off, but many propose it’s something more. Can cats see ghosts and demons? All signs point to yes: … Read more

Can Dogs See Spirits or Ghosts?

Can Dogs See Spirits or Ghosts

Have you seen a dog staring at a blank space? Watching something move across a room and you look at see nothing yourself? Can dogs see spirits or ghosts that humans can’t detect with the naked eye? In short, yes, we believe that dogs can see ghosts. It’s a phenomenon in countless stories. But we aren’t … Read more

The Shadow People Phenomenon

The Shadow People

Perhaps this sounds familiar: it’s a dark night, and little is visible save shadows cast by the light of streetlamps shining through curtains. Suddenly, it becomes clear that there is a figure in the room. A human shape, a shadowy intruder, is in the room. But is that shadowy figure your imagination, or something more? … Read more

Homemade Ghost Hunting Equipment [Hunting on a Budget]

Homemade Ghost Hunting Equipment

The popularity of ghost hunting has exploded in recent years. Professionals like Zak Bagans and Teddy Bear make it look easy with their flashy professional equipment. Can it really be done with homemade ghost hunting equipment? Absolutely. Homemade ghost hunting equipment is the best way to create an accessible ghost hunting experience for even the … Read more

Scary Phone Numbers to Call (2021 Update)

Scary Phone Numbers to Call

We scoured the internet and ghost clubs to find accounts of scary phone numbers to call and known cursed phone numbers. Members of our community did not disappoint and some of the voices on the other ends of these lines are downright chilling. In case you are feeling particularly daring today, you can try ringing numbers … Read more

Best EMF Reader for Ghost Hunting (+ My Guide)

Best EMF Reader for Ghost Hunting

Easily one of the most popular ghost hunting tools around – an EMF meter (or Electromagnetic Field Detector) is one of the easiest ghost detectors and something most ghost hunter teams will have at least one of. I’m going to cover the best ones for ghost hunting, why they’re used and how you can use them … Read more

Thermometers for Ghost Hunting (Best Picks and Full Guide)

Thermometers for Ghost Hunting

One of the original tools of paranormal investigators (before we started getting specialized equipment) was a thermometer. We’ve spotted spot cold spots and heat spikes caused by ghosts and paranormal entities and I thought I’d do a quick rundown of how to use a thermometer for ghost hunting and my suggestions for your kit. Let’s … Read more

The Dangers of Using Dowsing Rods

Dangers of Using Dowsing Rods

I’ve covered dowsing rods for ghost hunting in more detail and while they are a more spiritual tool than a scientific one (which I prefer to use for paranormal investigations) there certainly are teams out there using grave dowsing and I’ve been asked about the dangers of using them. The dangers of using dowsing rods depend … Read more

Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunting: Ultimate Guide

Dowsing Rods for Ghost Hunting

If you’re new to the world of ghost hunting and paranormal exploration, you may be wondering which ghost hunting tools are the best investments for your adventures. One of the most popular tools for paranormal exploration is dowsing rods. Dowsing rods, also commonly referred to as divining rods, are common tools used for detecting the … Read more