Paranormal Warm Spots: Ghost Hunting and Heat

When it comes to paranormal investigation and ghost hunting, cold spots are a well-known phenomenon, but have you ever heard of paranormal warm spots? These warm spots are less common than their chilly counterpart, yet they can still be clearly apparent signs of ghost activity.

A paranormal warm spot is either a spot in the home with a higher air temperature or a warm spot on floors or furniture that can’t be explained as any other source of heat. Ghost hunters may use thermal imaging to find warm spots in haunted houses, so they are easier to differentiate from the ambient temperature of the room. 

Causes of a Paranormal Increase in Temperature

There is no concrete reason known about why paranormal phenomena can cause increases or decreases in temperature, but these temperature fluctuations have been associated with the paranormal for centuries.

Ghost seekers and paranormal researchers, after countless years of study, have come up with a few theories about these hot spots and cold spots.  Known as ghost spots,  these areas of temperature change have been observed all over the world and are recognized as a common occurrence in conjunction with the paranormal.

Energy and Manifestation

The prevailing theory when it comes to ghost spots has to do with energy and manifestation. 

Modern-day ghost hunters, like those on the show Ghost Adventures, will use a variety of electronics to find evidence of a paranormal presence. Some of these delicate instruments can sense things like temperature drops in the air using thermal imaging.

The thought when it comes to detecting paranormal presence with these instruments, as well as other types of instruments that detect phenomena like electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), is that the paranormal entity uses the electronic energy provided by the instruments to manifest.

In the case of warm spots and cold spots, the ghosts or paranormal entities are instead using the natural thermal energy in the air to manifest. When there is no electronic energy available, these entities can put the heat or cold around them to work, absorbing the energy and using it to become visible or noticeable in some way to the living.

When a ghost absorbs the heat from the air around them, it leaves a deficit of heat, causing cold spots around them. On the other hand, a ghost that has absorbed a large amount of some sort of energy and is strongly manifesting can put off heat from the force of its effort to manifest. This will cause a warm spot or a hot spot.

Warm Spots on Furniture

Paranormal warm spots on furniture

The other type of warm spot that can occur is when a spot on a piece of furniture becomes warm as if something was sitting or laying on it.

These types of warm spots are even more mysterious than the ones that occur in the air because they are obvious signs of a physical presence. While drafty airflow, faulty air conditioning, or heating can all be the culprits of warm spots in the air of a room, a warm spot on a surface is much harder to explain.

Common areas to encounter these warm spots are on the favorite pieces of furniture from a loved one that has passed away.  If someone who has passed in a house had a favorite recliner, you may notice the seat of the chair is warm, even years after the person has passed.

This is a sign of a powerful manifestation since the paranormal entity has the strength to alter the temperature of a physical object.

Why Do Ghosts Change Temperature?

There a number of reasons ghosts can change temperature, but the most prevalent reason is that a change in temperature is a noticeable way of making themselves known without the aid of electrical equipment or ghost hunting devices. 

Ghosts Change TemperatureGhost spots have been described within literature for centuries, so it’s no surprise that a warm spot or cold spot in a home can lead to thoughts of a haunting.

These rapid and sometimes intense changes of temperature may be alarming but are just a way for a paranormal entity to make its presence apparent, whether from the change of temperature itself or because it is pulling energy from the air around them to become more corporeal.

As we described before, changes in temperature in a ghost or other paranormal entity are all due to energy.  A ghost may not intentionally be trying to appear warmer or colder. The change in heat or cold can be just a side effect of the energy needed to appear.

An interesting way to look at it is to refer to the second law of thermodynamics. The second law states heat can neither be created nor destroyed.  

In relation to warm spots and cold spots due to paranormal manifestation, if you follow the second law of thermodynamics, then a ghost taking heat from the air to create a cold spot must also mean there is a warm spot nearby to compensate.

So if you experience a warm spot that you suspect may be a sign of paranormal activity, inspect the rest of your room or area and see if there is a corresponding cold spot. It’s interesting when science helps prove the paranormal!

Remember This

Changes in ambient temperatures in portions of a room or house can easily be written off as a drafty window or poor insulation, but in some cases, the explanation is much more spooky.

Warm spots can be an indication of paranormal activity, whether it be because the heat has been leeched from the area to lend energy to a ghost’s manifestation, or because a ghost has returned to rest on a favorite piece of furniture, warming it with its noncorporeal body just like they did when they were alive.

If you experience temperature changes regularly that have no explanation, then it might be time to invest in more serious forms of paranormal investigation, such as the usage of ghost hunting technology.

Warm spots can be a convincing sign of the paranormal, and while less common than cold spots, they aren’t something to be ignored!