Pawleys Island Ghost – The Gray Man

Pawleys Island Ghost - The Gray Man

In this article we will be taking a look at the paranormal reports surrounding the Pawleys Island ghost – The Gray Man.

Who is this strange specter that appears before massive storms hit the territory?

The Origin of The Gray Man

The most popular, and believable, origin of the Grey Man of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, is said to have taken place in the early 1800’s….

A young sea worker returns home to the island and arranges to meet up with his love on the other side of the island – he plans to ask for her hand in marriage.

He leaves his home with a companion, on horseback, and starts to make the journey to the other side of Pawleys Island.

The young man is eager to meet with his love, so he suggests taking a short cut across a local marsh, to his riding companion.

The companion agrees and they start their way across the tricky orange hued marsh…but something creeps out his horse.

He is thrown into the boggy marsh sand and slowly begins to sink – his companion tries his best to pull him back out…but he gets swallowed up by the deadly marshland waters.

Back at her home the young woman waits patiently but her love never arrives. She soon hears about the tragic end he has met.

Heart broken, in severe grief, she starts to walk the beach alone every night – contemplating what she has lost.

One evening while making her regular walk along the strand, she encounters a man in gray who is just standing still – looking out at the ocean.

The Origin of The Gray Man

He turns to face her and she nearly collapses – this was her lost lover…but how was he now alive?

She tried to ask him questions but he stopped her in her tracks and told her to leave – she had to gather her family and get off the island as soon as possible.

He then disappeared into thin air.

The young lady hastily returned home to tell her parents what she had just experienced – thankfully they believed their daughter’s paranormal account.

They immediately left for the mainland.

When they returned to the island they came home to complete devastation – a hurricane had destroyed every building on the island…except one…

Their family home.

The Gray Man Warnings 

Over the last two centuries, this strange solitary ghost has been spotted numerous times before devastating storms.

In 1893 a family spotted him off in the distance, waving furiously at them. They later insisted that he was not waving in greeting – but more in warning about something.

The family had heard about the Gray Man legend and decided to heed his warning – they left the island at once!

The following day the ‘Sea Islands Hurricane’ hit the land and thousands of people were killed. It seems as though the Gray man managed to save this particular family, for some unknown reason.

In 1954, a newly married couple were spending their honeymoon at a property on Pawleys Island.

Early one morning, the couple were awoken by a knocking at their door. They opened the door and were confronted by a man dressed in Gray.

The Gray Man Warnings 

He told the couple to pack up and cut their honeymoon short – a devastating storm was on it’s way and they were in severe danger.

The couple looked up at the skies and saw a bright clear day – surely this man was crazy?

They looked back to their Gray visitor to question him…but he had disappeared into thin air.

Something ate at this couple – the man had seemed otherworldly and strange…

They decided to listen to his warning, and left the islands immediately.

The following day the island was hit by Hurricane Hazel – a dreadful event that claimed many lives on the island.

The Gray Man of Pawleys Island

Now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts and opinions on the Pawleys Island ghost?

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