Real Georgia Haunted Houses – The Spooked South

Real Georgia Haunted Houses - The Spooked South

There is just so much to talk about when it comes to Georgia haunted houses. The South was riddled with too many untimely deaths.

This is the place where approximately 13, 000 prisoners out of 45k brave Union soldiers died at the Andersonville Prison due to exposure and disease among other tormenting causes like starvation.

Can you believe they used to ship out roughly over a hundred bodies every day?

They say you can feel a chilling and strong presence of tormented souls stretching their hands out to you like they’re begging for help.

Those who’ve toured this old building have been quoted reporting to have felt too much despair and death!


From the Town Hall in Braselton, to the Warren House in Jonesboro (formerly a Civil War hospital), Georgia is full of haunted houses and ghost stories.

Stories are told of an old haunted house in Savannah, popularly known as the Kehoe House. The Kehoe ghosts here however are friendly and have nothing negative or evil about them.

This is unlike the case at the Tailor House in Oglethorpe, Macon County where the original builder and occupant of the building Col. George W. Fish, went into fits of rage and trashed the whole place just because they didn’t ask him permission to rebuild.

The house has remained “un-renovated” to date.

They’re either afraid that he’ll not like the renovations or maybe they just don’t know how to ask him after pissing him off the first time!

Waverly Hall

But really… how many of these stories can be confirmed? Some haunted house stories are quite controversial and truth be told, very confusing.

In Ms. Pitt’s house, Waverly Hall, stories have been told of her ghost appearing but the strangest part about this house’s haunting stories is the reports of laughing children.

Thorough research into the matter has revealed that Ms. Pitts died without children of her own… so who are these kids playing Casper inside this spooky residence?

Lanier Lodge

Other haunted houses in Georgia include the century old Lanier Lodge in Cumming. The story goes that a housekeeper walked in on a sad chap just before he pulled the trigger; ending his life in a tragic suicide.

This led to the immediate closure of the room from the public for several years. To this day, the guy is still walking around the building but he has never said or done anything.

Fast forward to a more recent case where the GOGPI team, short for Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations, went on a ghost hunt at a residence in the McDonough area.

They reported strange footsteps, a table being lifted off the floor by an unseen entity; some photos were taken out of the box where the owner had kept them, shadows and doors closing by themselves among other weird happenings.

At least one team member (Larry) reported being touched or feeling the sensation of a touch on the left elbow from a ghostly presence.

The question however still remains, do you believe in ghosts? Or are you a skeptic?

The Believers

Well, rumor has it that Georgia will make anyone a believer due to the abundance of haunted places especially in Savannah where a large number of haunting cases are reported.

One amazing thing that came out clear at the end of this investigation is that most of the buildings served in one way or another during the Civil War but most as hospitals.

The presence of apparitions in such locations is quite expected as many agonizing deaths must have occurred within these walls.

Another outstanding fact about most of Georgia’s ghosts is that they’re quite a friendly bunch.

Reports rarely include any violence and in many cases the ghosts just remain silent; only choosing to thump on walls and doors with occasional slaps on the face… maybe to naughty house guests?!

There are so many exciting Georgia ghost stories that we might have to cover them in a series of articles…

Judging from the few cases cited above, it goes without saying that Georgia is a hot spot for ghost hunters.

As you continue to dig deep into the Georgia haunted houses dilemma, you will discover that most cases still have a lot of “if’s” and “maybe’s” hanging around them, thus becoming a bit difficult to confirm where the truth lies.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Real Georgia Haunted Houses – The Spooked South

  1. I live in Scotland so I don’t know much about Georgia and it’s paranormal background but reading this highly interested me.

    I love everything paranormal, my favorite being abandoned hospital/asylum stories and I do firmly believe that spirits still roam our earth.

    I hope to one day travel the world and visit some haunted places and I will definitely keep your article in mind when doing so!

    1. Hi there Cherilyn!

      Where in Scotland do you live? I actually got married there years ago in Gretna Green (oh how romantic!). I’m with you girl – I firmly believe that spirits roam our planet. Thanks for taking the time to read our work and leave your opinion here.

      1. I’m in East Ayrshire, Gretna Green isn’t all too far from me! In fact, I was going to have my own wedding there.

        Of course, there has to be somewhere after death? and for those who can’t pass over in the sense of Heaven and Hell, well where else would they go? especially if they have unfinished business on earth? I have always been a huge believer in the paranormal since I was a little girl.

        It’s no problem, I have been browsing a little and I love your website.

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