Fox Hollow Farm

Ghost Adventures – Fox Hollow Farm

When the Graves family (no pun intended) moved into Fox Hollow Farm in Indiana they had no real idea of the horrors that were awaiting them.

In the 1990’s a serial killer named Herb Baumeister committed suicide at the property after murdering at least thirteen young men.

The bodies of his victims were buried around the farmland and the police eventually removed over 5000 different bone fragments from the property.

It wasn’t long before members of the Graves family experienced paranormal incidents along with their lodger Joe LeBlanc.

LeBlanc claims to have made contact with the spirit of Baumeister during a ghost hunting session. He put forward a recording of a strange voice repeating the phrase, “The married one.”

All of the serial killer’s victims were single so LeBlanc thinks this message must have come from Baumeister himself.

The video above covers the Ghost Adventures investigation into the haunted property…

*UPDATE: Yeah it’s happened once again – the ‘internet police’ have reported the version of the Ghost Adventures investigation we included above and YouTube have acted…and axed it! We’ve replaced it with the investigation by Michiana Paranormal at Fox Hollow Farm, Carmel, Indiana. Apologies for the confusion!