Randolph Asylum

Randolph Asylum – Living Dead Paranormal

Built in 1851, the original building that was constructed on this area of land was a home for the mentally ill – at this time is was known simply as ‘County Asylum’.

Unlike most asylums, this setup was actually run by a farmer and his wife. They used to charge their employers $500 a year to stay and look after the mentally ill tenants.

Unfortunately this setup did not last that long, because tragically, the building burned down jut two years after it opened.

All of the mentally ill patients that were trapped in the building at the time…died.

A second infirmary was built in it’s place in 1856, but the building itself was deemed as an unsafe facility for patients and was torn down. Some say this was due to the treatment methods used on the patients.

The building that stands on the site today, was built in 1899, and it was a functioning infirmary until 2008.

The Investigation

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