Villisca: A Haunting in Iowa

Throughout this investigation we are back in the more than capable hands of YouTube paranormal investigators WHIPGhostHunters. Yep, we were so impressed with their investigation of Waverly Hills (find that footage here) we decided to see what else they had on offer…

They are not what you’d call a ‘professional’ outfit as such…but the investigations they carry out are more than worthy of being included on our site (and there’s no sh#t off YouTube concerning copyright infringements etc!).

Villisca: A Haunting in Iowa

On the 10th of June, 1912, one small town in Iowa changed forever. This is the story of eight individuals, in one house, on one fateful night. They were brutally murdered without warning…apparently leaving their souls trapped within the walls of this tragic property.

I won’t go too deeply into the background of this terrible murder because I don’t really want to take anything away from the 25 minutes or so the lads at WHIPGhostHunters have put together.

Anyway, it’s safe to say that they do a great job of introducing the subject anyway!

As a heads up, it’s probably worth mentioning that we are going to be concentrating more on the amateur ghost hunting groups out there from now onward. We have been HUGELY impressed by some of their investigations over the last few months.

They also have the advantage of offering 100% copyright-safe footage which is a big bonus to us – we are sick to the back teeth of posting the more professional TV-based paranormal investigations only to find that YouTube have canned them a couple of months later!

This leaves us with a page of information and a blank video embed that won’t play – and then we receive complaints from our visitors (and rightly so!).

With all this in mind please, please, please, take the time to visit the actual video production on YouTube if you’ve enjoyed what you see here – channels really benefit from ‘thumbs up’ and subscribers etc, and it let’s the filmmakers know their hard work is appreciated.

This paranormal investigation was first posted to YouTube on Feb the 10th, 2013.