Reincarnation – The Bridey Murphy Recordings

Reincarnation - The Bridey Murphy Recordings

In this article we will be taking a look at the Bridey Murphy recordings taken by Morey Bernstein – was Virginia Tighe the reincarnated soul of an Irish woman from the 19th century?

Let’s take a closer look…

A Man Called Morey

Our report starts off with a young lady named Virginia Tighe, and her close friend named Morey Bernstein, who claimed to have possibly the most powerful hypnotic powers on the planet!

One day, both Bernstein and Tighe were pretty bored, so they decided to see if the hypnotist could put his friend ‘under’ with his powers. Tighe ended up being quite a good subject – and Bernstein managed to take her back to her early adulthood, to her adolescence, and to her childhood.

Before long Bernstein realised that Tighe was probably the most susceptible subject he had ever come across.

He decided that he’d attempt to push her a little further…to see if he could take her into a pre-birth state.

The Bridey Murphy Reincarnation Case

Bernstein started to push, and without warning, Tighe began to answer his questions in a thick Irish accent. His friend disappeared and a woman named Bridey Murphy began to shine through. Apparently she had been alive in 19th century Ireland.

The Bridey Murphy Reincarnation Case

After the session Bernstein informed Tighe about the transformation and she was pretty shocked – she had never been to Ireland and she was unable to fake the accent.

They both came to the decision that Tighe should be put under again, and they should document the whole process along the way. They conducted further hypnosis sessions and used the tapes and documents to build up a character profile of this Irish lady.

Cork in 1798

Their research under hypnosis revealed that Bridey Murphy was an Irish lady who was born in Cork in 1798. When she was just seventeen, she fell madly in love with a lawyer and they married in Belfast.

She had lived an uneventful life until her death in 1864.

She also told Bernstein that she had experienced elements of the afterlife, and was able to travel out of her dead body and attend her own funeral from a distance. She then claimed that the afterlife was “neither a place of sadness nor of happiness”.

The Media and Bridey Murphy

Something slipped, and it didn’t take long for the media to pounce on the case – Cork and Belfast were instantly taken over by an army of reporters looking for more information on Bridey Murphy.

Weeks went by and the media seemed to be struggling with the case – they could not uncover any official reports linked to Bridey Murphy ever existing.

The Media and Bridey Murphy

Bernstein’s case notes had indicated that Murphy had lived in a wooden house, but the searching media had soon discovered that all the houses in this area were made of stone during the period Bridey claimed to reside there.

Some of Bridey’s memories did fit local landmarks in the area, but all in all, the media did not believe in the story any longer.

The Bridey Murphy Recordings

The media had hit a brick wall with the Bridey Murphy recordings and documentation…so they began to look into the woman behind the regression herself – Virginia Tighe.

It didn’t take them long to discover that Tighe had lived opposite a Irish woman named Bridie Murphy Corkell when she was a child…so this case was obviously a hoax…or was it?

What do you think – fact or fiction?

Was this a possible case of reincarnation, or a clever trick?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions, in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “Reincarnation – The Bridey Murphy Recordings

  1. There is no way you would read this and not find it intriguing. From the back story of how Virginia Tighe was first put under hypnosis to the resurfacing of Bridey Murphy. It seems like a hoax after all considering the bitter finding of the media about Virginia Tighe living opposite an Irish woman named Bridie Murphy Corkell while growing up. It is an interesting story, I wished had a more factual basis to it other than what has been presented already. I enjoyed the read though, Thanks

    1. Hi Samson, 

      Yeah it does seem like a hoax, but many people who were involved at the time went to their deathbeds insisting that there was truth in the story. 

      A real mystery…

  2. Such a strange story and one I had not come across before. It sounds a lot like auto-suggestion especially as she had an Irish woman living opposite her with that name, as a child. Memories are such weird things, a bit like dreams. We can’t always recall them in depth and they get scrambled.

    That is my take on it and far be it for me to say I am right.

    1. Hi there Jill!

      The subject of auto-suggestion is actually a good shout really when you think about it. As you point out, many memories are stored deep within us as kids. Good comment! 🙂

  3. It appears the hypnotist uncovered some memories that got convoluted in Virginia Tighe’s mind. The hypnotic power of suggestion and persuasion is strong, I believe, and I would be unlikely to have much faith in what someone says under hypnosis.  Also, I am sorry I can’t read the newspaper coverage.  The newsprint is not clear. I tried enlarging, to no avail.

    It is an interesting story, though.  Thanks for the telling.  I’d be interested in other stories regarding hypnosis and any sort of analysis of reliability of memories recounted during hypnosis.

    1. Yeah sorry about that mate, the newspaper image is the only one we could find and ‘borrow’ off another website – we are stuck with that I’m afraid! 

  4. People read Bridey Murphy’s story as a curiosity of cultural history, but it revealed a distinctly human truth that we are unwilling to face the idea that at death we vanish into husks and the formless ruin of oblivion.

    Based on all the information available I’m not 100% sure whether its fiction or reality. Very interesting story though and you explained it very well so thank you so much for sharing with us.

    1. Wow that’s a bit heavy Bushra – ‘we vanish into husks and the formless ruin of oblivion’. 

      Kinda ruined my day! 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the article though, thanks for taking the time to comment. 

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