Room 428 in Ohio University

Room 428 in Ohio University

Mention room 428 in Ohio University to any alumni or current resident of Wilson Hall dormitory; you’re guaranteed a ghost story.

Ohio University is considered one of the most haunted schools in the world.

Built only one year after Ohio established statehood, Ohio University’s walls have witnessed plenty of tragedy.

It all started in the 1970’s when a student lost their life. Accounts differ when it comes to the gender of the student, but sources agree on the unexpected or unusual nature of the death.

Some time after that, however, a female student lived in the dorm. Those who knew the woman claimed that she studied the occult. She allegedly used the energy of the room to speak with the dead.

Forgotten over the course of decades, her name does not seem to be known. Yet, nearly every story about this woman ends in her grisly death.

It is said that she drew on the power of the room one night. She wanted to astral project or speak with the dead, but somehow this resulted in her violent and bloody death. Some stories say that she slit her wrists. However, this is not a widely circulated claim.

 An Array of Supernatural Phenomenon

After the first death in the 1970’s, students experienced an array of supernatural phenomenon. Frequently, students occupying the room alone would hear footsteps.

Other times, objects would fly across the room and shatter against the walls. And still other accounts claim to have seen the ghost of the ill-fated occult follower.

But why did the first death in Room 428 occur at all?

It is interesting to note that Wilson Hall sits in the center of five prominent cemeteries. When these sites are connected with a marker on a map, they form a pentagram.

A pentagram is not an inherently evil symbol. It symbolizes the five elements or the God and Goddess of the Wicca religion. It’s considered a talisman of strength or protection from which one may draw or amplify energy.

To be located in the center of a pentagram, as is the case with Wilson Hall, is a potent sign that the site is one of great importance. In the occult, it is similar to a building that resides upon crossing ley lines.

The Cemetery

Another fascinating theory for the paranormal activity in Room 428: Wilson Hall rests on a cemetery. Sources differ on whether this cemetery held the corpses of Native Americans or those of the Athens Mental Institute.

Regardless, everyone seems to agree that the dorm is directly atop a graveyard.

On January 9th, 1874, the Mental Medical Center (then called the Athens Lunatic Asylum) first opened its doors. All was as well as it could be in a mental ward at that time.

View of Campus, Ohio University
View of Campus, Ohio University

For many years, the patients of the institute enjoyed a peaceful atmosphere complete with fountains and gardens.

As the asylum gradually became overran with patients, the quality of the institution plummeted into the dark ages. The doctors and staff grew cold and temperamental with their charges.

Difficult or unruly patients were punished with icy cold dunks in tubs of water; electroshock therapies became the norm.

The most wild or unmanageable patients underwent a procedure called a lobotomy, permanently destroying their already broken or misfiring minds.

Room 428

All of these phenomena are said to contribute to the mysterious death of the unknown student of Room 428 in Ohio University back in the 1970’s.

Several spiritualist experts have conducted investigations of the area. They determined that the geographical layout surrounding Ohio University (such as the outlying valleys, peaks, and mountains) served to conduct spiritual energy.

The state of Ohio in general is known to be an epicenter of paranormal activity and hauntings, actually.

Ohio in general is known to be an epicenter of paranormal activity

Today, Room 428 in Ohio University is sealed off from students. This happened shortly after the death of the woman who practiced the occult.

However, the door of the room is said to depict the face of a demon, even after the entire thing is replaced. The students currently residing in Wilson Hall are curious, as expected.

Some confess that, as Halloween approaches, their RA’s allow them to “tour” the room. And when they open the door and step into Room 428, each student unanimously reports…

…a couple of dead birds. Oh, well. There’s still the constant complaints of someone walking around in the room from those living in the adjacent dorms!

6 thoughts on “Room 428 in Ohio University

  1. Wow, what an interesting story, I bet some of the movies about paranormal activities that have been released in the last 20 years were inspired by it.
    I always wondered how much of what happens or is reported to have happened depends on the sensitivity of people, and how much on self-suggestion. I do believe that some people are naturally sensitive to energy shifts and can be influenced by them, but in most cases I think that people think they felt something just because they wish so much to feel something, even when in reality there is no sign of any paranormal effect.
    What do you think?

    1. Self-suggestion is a very interesting topic when it comes to the paranormal Sergio – it’s one we plan to cover here in an extensive article at some point!

      I definitely think that the human mind can be convinced that something has just happened etc. but at the same time I’m a believer in the paranormal (obviously!).

      I think it’s down to the person as you rightly point out. Some people are more sensitive to the paranormal side of things whilst others simply convince themselves. The trick is distinguishing between the two!

  2. Give me the opportunity to fly to you and I will spend the night in this room and will prove that this is all a student’s bike.

  3. I’m sure i’m not the first to say this but your website is very interesting my friend. This is really creepy, I have tried to do astral projection before but it never resulted in anything like this.

    What a coincedence that this women ended up in the same room where the guy died. I have actually stayed in a real witches house in inverness, scotland.

    Pretty creepy and a lot of questions remain

    1. Cheers Josh – glad you enjoyed your visit here! 

      I’m wondering what the name of the location was that you stayed in Scotland????

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