Scary Phone Numbers to Call (2021 Update)

We scoured the internet and ghost clubs to find accounts of scary phone numbers to call and known cursed phone numbers. Members of our community did not disappoint and some of the voices on the other ends of these lines are downright chilling.

In case you are feeling particularly daring today, you can try ringing numbers like these to see what will happen – 646-868-1844, 408-634-2806, 978-435-0163. Attempt that at your own risk.

Note: If you’re looking for cursed phone numbers you might also want to play the Korean cursed elevator game.

Calling Numbers You Should Never Call

In the 80s and 90s, people created a lot of novelty hotlines. You could literally call Freddy Krueger, for example, and ask for a bedtime story. Of course, a lot of people did such things either for fun or to promote a film or product. But there are other kinds of phone numbers… The ones that can make chill go down your spine.

Some of these numbers we have no idea why they exist. We don’t know who started them, what purpose they serve, or who or what is on the other end. If you’re uncertain about making the call remember that ghosts can (potentially) hurt you. Whether you call these numbers or not is a personal decision.

The chances are high that you have heard stories about people calling certain numbers and then ‘accidentally’ dying a few days later.

Not only calling but also owning cursed numbers can be dangerous.

The Bulgarian number 0888 888 888, for example, had to be suspended by the phone company. It might seem hard to believe but every single person who was assigned to this number died.

Below, we will be sharing a few scary phone numbers to call. Of course, it is up to you, whether to make that call or not. After all, nothing might happen.

But is the risk worth it?

Known Cursed Phone Numbers


Cursed Phone NumbersEven in horror movies, we rarely hear a grown-up man sobbing. It’s usually someone screaming or a female crying. And that’s exactly what makes this number so scary.

If you have the gut to make a call, you’ll hear a looped message of a man crying. There is a lot of echoes and there is also something dripping in the background. So, you might think that the poor man is in a sewer or another very uncomfortable place.

Once in a while, you will hear something screech – and you can absolutely feel that it’s not a human. Are those demonic voices?


Have you ever heard of Wrinkles the Clown?

You might have seen terrifying stickers with this persona and a phone number, if you live in Naples, Florida. The skin on the clown’s face looks like old leather and he has a pair of black pits instead of the eyes.

No one knew for quite a while what would happen, in case you call the number. Usually, you will get hold of the clown’s voicemail that says that he will call you back.

Wrinkles became very popular. But even though there is a whole documentary about this clown, we know surprisingly little.

The man is a retired military veteran who is in his 60s. You can hire him to scare your kid into behavior (the clown would hide in the child’s bedroom and then wait for the little guy to wake up to scare him).

Here is video footage of, what you might have thought, Wrinkles doing his job. But the scariest thing about this clip is that…the homeowners have never heard about Wrinkles and have no idea how he got into the house.

Do you still want to make that call?


You will hear some strange bell-like tones and then plenty of garbled words that sound like satanic noises. The first part of the show ends with an answerphone tone.

Why the first part?

Because the truly terrifying things start only once you have hanged up. In a matter of seconds, you will get a text message with mysterious words.

What do these riddles mean? Is it a curse or a joke? Until this day, no one knows for sure.


You would have to prepare your ears for this one. Because you will be hearing plenty of loud noises.

At first, there is something that sounds like a car horn, then there is a buzzing sound that turns into a clanging. It feels like someone is smashing a heavy object against something.

Get ready for an unexpected burst of static and the traditional ‘We are sorry, the number is no longer in service’.

We don’t know who came up with this creepy project and why. But it’s certainly disturbing and strange.


This is the so-called “red room number”, an urban legend. But we know that every legend has something behind it, right?

They say that if you dial the number, you will hear garbled voices and scary music. Very soon a more distinct voice will deliver creepy messages to you…

If you call the ‘red room number’ or answer incoming phone calls, someone will figure out your physical location, kidnap you and then bring to (you guessed it) a red room. This is where anyone will go through torture sessions and get killed.

It looks this is one of the horror stories that was created by a game developer, but receiving a mysterious message is not what you would want in any case.

Cursed Phone Numbers from Around the World

1 (000) 000 0000

People in Asian countries believe that this is the number of the dead.

By the way, this number might call you. A creepy noise and a terrifying male voice would command you to make at least 15 other people call him. If you fail, you will die within the next 7 days.

090 4444 4444

Sadako is part of the scariest parts of Japanese folklore. This is the protagonist’s cursed line.

They say that if you dare to make a call, a tragedy will happen in your life in the next week. On the line, you will hear strange noises that will bring you the worst nightmares.


If you are in the UK, you can try dialing this scary number.

You will hear a female voice screaming in despair “Help Me! Susie’s dying!”. Sometimes it alternates to a monotone voice and there have been reports it occasionally changes to a threat:

“Help me. Susie is drowning and I’ll kill you in your sleep if you don’t help.”

Is this poor woman a real person and what happened to Susie? Some questions will never be answered.

To Wrap Up

This was our list of scary phone numbers to call. We do not recommend dialing any of those, but if you want to become part of a Stephen King’s novel, then make sure to prepare yourself for the worst.

It might seem all fun and games, but you never know what the actual consequences of your deeds might be.

You have been warned!